The central, burning question for every seeker.
The one question almost everyone asks in their reading.
The question whose answer explores the very depths of your soul.

Find your purpose… and find your Self.

A Professional Audio Experience Just For You

Now you can get the closest thing to a personal reading from David, since he has become too busy to take one-on-one clients. And unlike the old client readings, David’s own brilliant meditative music sets the tone for this high-fidelity MP3 Audio of magic and exploration, recorded in crystal-clear digital quality — covering many of the most commonly answered questions.

If you are wondering whether your life has a purpose, and if so, what your purpose might be, then this is the MP3 for you. Unlike private readings (which David no longer offers due to staggering demand,) this has a great original music soundtrack, arrives immediately when you download it, and is surprisingly personal in its content! Few people have ever actually made it through the whole MP3 conscious since it has such an incredible power to blow you into a deep, Divine trance space. You’ll see, you’ll see…

This question of Purpose appears to require a very specific and personalized answer, yet almost every person who asks the question gets a similar response. Now this response has been brought to its most poetic and inspirational state of perfection, with the perfect music to match the mood, and it is yours for only seventeen US dollars and ninety-nine cents ($17.99).

It is tailor-made to be handed to an absolute beginner, someone just beginning to awaken to greater realities — but it also covers information far beyond the “entry” level, giving it ongoing usefulness on your path. The more you grow, the more you’ll understand…

MP3 Audio Features:

  • Introduction: 21-minute presentation by David Wilcock, touching on such topics as: psychic ability, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, insider NASA knowledge of reverse-engineered ET technologies, dream analysis and interpretation, the foundation of David’s channeling experiences, the Ascension, interplanetary climate change, DNA activation, the Ra Material / Law of One series, the question of purpose, whether or not you should change location / change partners / change jobs, understanding how the modern world acts as a mirror for humanity’s collective shadow side, developing intuitive awareness, and a central statement from the Law of One series about Ra’s own highest purpose.
  • Glistening, hypnotic meditative background music for the introduction section, featuring David on Native American flute and gently intertwining psychedelic sound textures
  • 45-minute psychic reading: Addresses the question of purpose, with many practical tools that can dramatically increase your self-understanding, help you to define your purpose and activate it, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of your spiritual growth. The reading teaches you how to live more and more in the present moment, helping you to avoid the hidden pitfalls and traps that ensnare many spiritual seekers who think they have long since grown past such “simple” problems — such as what David calls “Elvis-Marilyn Syndrome.” Find out what you really came here to do, and how to start doing it… today.
  • Continuous, non-intrusive, inspirational psychedelic / ambient music soundtrack throughout entire reading, creating the perfect environment for a deep, personal meditative encounter with higher intelligence. David’s music hopes to carry you to the same place that his readings come from.
  • BONUS: With the download edition, you also get a copy of ‘Meditation 1.8.4,’ David’s original 10-minute-plus ambient music piece that goes behind the entire introduction! You actually get three MP3 files – the introduction, the reading and the introductory score. The score behind the reading was never saved as a separate file, unfortunately… but the two work together so well that nothing was lost!

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