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Why would a movie like this be successful?

Why would a movie like this be successful?   Apart from its obvious spiritual implications for humanity, the viability and massive success potential of this plan is almost without question. The first film to have created this heretofore-unexplored genre, a metaphysical documentary film featuring fourteen physicists, neurochemists, physicians and metaphysicians entitled What the Bleep Do We Know?!, has: (figures extracted from press kit) Grossed over 12 million in the US box office; Become the 3rd most successful US documentary ever; Been released in 11 countries with more openings every month; Topped one million national DVD shipments in less than 2 months; Surfed Amazon.com’s Top 10 DVD best-seller list for 4 months, ahead of “The Incredibles” and “National Treasure;” Beaten all FOX distribution records for multiple-copy DVD purchases worldwide, even surpassing Mel Gibson’s blockbuster, “Passion of the Christ.” As of October 8, 2005, the day this synopsis was written, this film was listed as the #1 “Early Adopter” film – a category said to be “the newest and coolest products our customers of video are buying” – on Amazon.com. The list is updated daily. An offshoot product, The Little Book of Bleeps, is now ranked as the fifth largest New Age trade paperback in the US. A second book is planned for release in November 2005. Six different three-day Bleep conferences have drawn thousands of participants, and a sequel film...

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David Wilcock: Subject, Founder and Writer

CONVERGENCE is poised to become the definitive statement in this new genre, setting a new standard from which all others will be compared. It is the product of a lifetime worth of research by known metaphysical personality David Wilcock, who has been a Coast-to-Coast guest on multiple occasions. David’s public presence is unique in the worldwide metaphysical community, including Coast-to-Coast, due to the fact that he covers all three major areas that the best New Age speakers invariably fall into, with full proficiency in each: Groundbreaking new scientific research into UFOlogy, ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of...

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  • We have nothing but terrible air and smoke here in the Colorado mountains. I am restoring Week One of The Disclosure to a MUCH higher level than the original. Should be done and uploaded today, then right into the final tweaks on Michael Prophecies! Hang in there.
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