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See David LIVE in February! (New Video!)

Friday 1/11/08

Here's your big chance to catch David live and in person... coming up very soon! Read more, watch the latest video and get involved!


What are you doing Saturday, February 9th through Monday, February 11th... yes, just a month from today?

Get yourself to Los Angeles and you'll be in for the ride of your life... a rare opportunity to see David speak live -- in FIVE different full-length events -- at the remarkable Conscious Life Expo!

On Friday, February 29th, David will also be delivering a single lecture at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada -- at the Aquarius hotel.

These are the biggest, best spiritual and UFO expos out there... and they attract quite an amazingly diverse gathering of souls! Don't miss your chance!

If for some reason you can't come along, read on anyway... as we've loaded this article up with new 2012 goodies and a new video on the man behind the legacy!



What if the world you take to be 'reality' is just a dream?

An elaborate, outrageous illusion?

What if the deeper truth were far more mind-blowing and fantastic than you could ever even imagine?

Some people are just starting to wake up to this greater reality that surrounds us. It doesn't take much effort to see the incredible changes going on in our society at this time -- they are everywhere!

Watch the pathetic attempts of the controlled media to give you Playboy bunnies -- complete with the tail in the second picture -- to confidently assure you that everything is perfectly normal in the "Heartland":


Image Image


Are you convinced? Good. Neither are we. David's work takes you from the very first "what if" stages, out to the farthest reaches of the Cosmos and back. As it turns out, our entire Solar System is experiencing massive, irreversible changes... not just the Earth.

You've probably already tasted some of the nectar by now if you've heard one of our free radio shows, watched a free video or taken the plunge and downloaded The Science of Peace and our other products.






We rarely mention the obvious connection between David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce... it's still not easy for us to talk about. We spend most of our time and energy doing the very best we can to live up to the legacy, dramatically expanding the scope of what was done before.

With nothing more than a name and address of a client, along with a promise that they'd be home at the time of the reading, Edgar Cayce was able to go into a totally unconscious trance state, visit them out-of-body, diagnose their medical conditions and prescribe unique and effective treatments.

Cayce's readings are in a class of their own -- over 14,000 examples of this process documented in writing, with an estimated accuracy rating approaching 99 percent.

Much like the disappointing effects of "vote fixing" and suppression of candidates in certain national elections, (ahem)...



...the Cayce legacy has been completely eliminated from any mainstream discussion.

Only recently was a full television special finally devoted to Cayce's work... and in a minute you're going to get to see it yourself!

One would think that such a phenomenal ability, demonstrated so repetitively for so many years, would have had huge effects on our society, especially when you consider who got readings:

Woodrow Wilson, sitting US president, had a Cayce reading... helping him design the League of Nations charter of peace.

Thomas Edison was coached on health issues, technology and career.

Nikola Tesla received technical advice on a free-energy machine he was developing.

Marilyn Monroe gained valuable beauty tips.

Harry Houdini was unable to 'debunk' Cayce's ability... nor was the F.B.I.

And Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, got the entire "12 Steps" downloaded to him in a single reading... with no edits or alterations necessary. Untold millions have used these Steps to heal their lives.



We just discovered that the classic, full-hour History Channel show on Edgar Cayce, the "Modern Nostradamus," is now completely free to watch online! We highly recommend you watch this to help get a feel for the scope and historical importance of this man and his work... as we are very much interconnected:


Link to Google Video:



Everything that was done in Cayce's time was a preliminary step... all leading up to the times we're now in. Cayce's influence is almost single-handedly responsible for the creation of the New Age and alternative health movement, as many authors assert.

Also, if you count the over 600 books written about him in the 20th century, he is the most influential spiritual / religious figure in modern times -- even surpassing Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church; Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science; and Ellen White, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventists.

Again... everything Cayce did in his lifetime was intended to lay the groundwork for the "shift" that is now taking place. Cayce's readings also predicted his own return in these times, saying that he would have more in common with an ancient Atlantean incarnation known as "Ra-Ta" -- allegedly one of the key designers of the Great Pyramid and a pivotal human-ET liaison -- than he did as his then-present persona.

David not only has a near-identical facial and astrological similarity to Cayce, he also was able to regain the ability to give psychic readings... accessing information not available to our normal five senses in linear time.



Cayce came and went, demonstrating this ability repeatedly... but society changed much less than it could have, all things considered. Simply demonstrating these 'readings' repeatedly was not enough to change anything in a lasting fashion.

To this day, the largest criticism of Cayce's work is that there is "no scientific evidence" that such abilities could occur. Therefore, even though Cayce did such a rigorous job of serving humanity and documenting his progress, our scientific community buries its head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

As a result, David's 'mission' involved bridging the intuitive work back into the practical and scientific. After seven years of offering paid client readings with a 99-percent satisfaction rate, David retired from one-on-one work to focus solely on how to best serve the greatest numbers of people at this time.

However, this does not just involve the creation of a unified model of science and spirit... this model is used to explain a fantastic shift that is already underway in the present, and reaching its culmination in our very near future!



We are now within five years of the Mayan Calendar end-date. Cayce's readings did not specifically mention the year 2012, but they very much indicated that we were heading into a period of great change and spiritual transformation.

Consider reading 294-185:

"These changes on Earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half-times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments.

For how hath He given? 'The righteous shall inherit the earth.'"

As we explained in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, the "time, times and half-times" reference means 1 + 2 + 1/2, for a total of 3 1/2.

Since the reading says this time of being at "three and a half" is ending, it refers to the crossing point between "third density" and "fourth density" -- the tipping point where the Earth fully makes the shift from one density to another. (A density is somewhat akin to a dimensional level or plane of existence, as defined in the Law of One series.)

We are already seeing the "readjustments" taking place now as we move through this shift -- exactly as this and other Cayce readings indicated.

Perhaps the most enigmatic Cayce passage is in 282-5, where the Ascension prophecies in the Book of Revelation are referred to as if they were quite literal. Please excuse the gender-specific references to the One Creator, as it was a bias of the channel:

"Seeking His face, know ye not that He shall give His angels charge concerning thee, that they shall bear thee up?

Believest thou? Or art thou just wondering?"

The passage from Revelations about angels bearing people up -- beginning at 11:11, incidentally -- also features this mention of three and a half... in that case as being the end of a period of three and a half days:




If the "angels" are real entities, such as those we see in UFOs, then the idea of them "bearing up" people certainly sounds like some kind of mass landing and / or mass boarding.

We don't want you to get too hung up on Revelations, as we do NOT support the idea that only a small number of "chosen people" will be going. All of this is the result of endless distortions that have resulted from the biases of the channel and the revisions of the manuscript.

The fact is that many, many ancient spiritual traditions described the times we're now in, and said it would pave the way for a Golden Age on earth... a true Utopian paradise.

Getting back to the current day's prophecies, the first Project Camelot video was with a UFO whistleblower calling himself "Mr. X." As you're about to see, this testimony is very much of interest to us.

Mr. X mentioned several very unique data points that we'd come across independently, from separate witnesses, but had never published:


In the 1980s, Mr. X saw documents, apparently going back to the 1950s, in which ETs told our governments that they would not interfere with our history in any noticeable way... up until the end of 2012.

At that pivotal time, there would be a mass appearance in our skies... and this was the one issue that they said was not negotiable:


B: Was there anything that you read at that time in the 1980s that pertained to what then was in the future?

X: Yes. There was talk about them, what was described as a mass landing, in 2012 at the end of the year.

B: At the end of 2012?

X: A mass landing.

K: And was that going to be something that the aliens were telling the Americans was going to happen? Or was it ...

X: Well, they were telling them it was going to happen regardless of whether they wanted it to or not.

K: And was there a reason why they were choosing that year?

X: For a long time, I just think there were a lot of civilizations that were on this planet, maybe still are, but some that were and are not any more, that knew of that day and why it was so important.


So, we have an event that will take place at the end of 2012, which many ET civilizations know about. Furthermore, they feel this event to be so important that they have already stated, in no uncertain terms, that they will perform a "mass landing" at this time... regardless of whether our governments want them to or not.

Given how heavily the positive ETs focus on the preservation of our free will, we can see how pivotally important this time must be -- as this will very much be a full intervention and revelation of their presence.

The plot thickens as we pick up from this same place in the transcript... it is already known on the inside as an 'inevitable future'.

Notice also that Mr. X is convinced the ETs do not have any animosity towards us -- the worst problem is how our governments are choosing to handle, or not to handle this:

B: So there's a sense of an inevitable future ...

X: Yes.

B... that will be approaching.

X: Yes.

B: And this is documented. And right now we're not very many years away from there.

X: No, we're not. [chuckles]

B: How does that make you think and feel, given the experiences that you've had?

X: I welcome it because I don't think there's any animosity toward us.

I think what's going to be more disturbing is how the government handles it, and how it handles citizens that maybe want to know more.

B: Do you have any observations or thoughts about how it's being handled at the moment?

X: Yeah. Very poorly.



As we have continually indicated over the years, the Law of One series was the ultimate successor to the Cayce legacy -- vastly expanding humanity's knowledge base on many topics the Cayce Readings only hinted at.




Before any of the Mayan Calendar analyses of 2012 had been made public, the Law of One series, in 1981-83, had already fingered this exact same date -- specifically a time window of 2011-2013!

Vastly more detail was given in terms of what this event would entail... the literal graduation of our entire planet, as a mass sentient organism, into "fourth density". We were repeatedly admonished NOT to focus on doom and gloom.

It was very clearly stated that this would be a profound spiritual evolution-point for humanity, that everyone would go through it, and that if you focus on doom you are totally missing the point.

We are aware, from your letters, that Project Camelot has recently been investigating testimonies of those who present an intensely doom-and-gloom-oriented perspective about our future... including Henry Deacon and the Norwegian government whistleblower.

Be advised that people in 'black ops' only see one side of the story... and the Law of One series has made it very clear that the ETs our governments cut their deals with are from the negative or service-to-self polarity. The more data comes in about the ETs our governments are working with, the more it validates the Law of One perspective... and this is an area of continuing investigation.

Therefore, the civilizations exchanging technology and making pacts with our governments can only be trusted to lie, distort and contort facts to suit their own agendas. This includes the inevitable focus on doom and fear that has been placed around 2012.

The positive forces do not choose to hide behind a cloak of national security and top-secret projects. They have put out their best material freely and widely. They have no interest in trying to promote themselves, or make a big neon sign in the sky saying "Read the Law of One series".

Nonetheless, we continue to act as ambassadors for this galactic outreach project. And now, we've decided to go public... so let's get on with the details, as we want to see you there!




You may have realized that we did not do a single public appearance in 2007, except for a five-minute speech at Richard Hoagland's last conference in LA. Building the perfect spiritual film is by no means a simple process, and we've been very, very focused on that goal.

However, when the biggest spiritual event and the biggest UFO event in America both come to you and request your presence, it's time to stand up... and that's what happened with the Conscious Life Expo, scheduled for February 8-11, 2008 in Los Angeles, and the International UFO Congress, February 23rd through March 1st in Laughlin, Nevada.





The best event you can hit to see David in action will definitely be the Conscious Life Expo. Every time we've been to the Expo it has been quite an experience. The LAX Hilton is an enormous hotel and conference center, and on this weekend it is literally overrun with as many as 20,000 people attending the various events!




It's hard to describe it if you haven't seen it yourself. The sheer number of vendors who show up is astonishing -- and their products and services are as diverse as anything you'll ever see, including the healthiest, best-tasting food choices you'll ever find at any event.

Then you have multiple events running contemporaneously, so that there is no end of interesting choices if you get involved... and on this particular weekend, David will be very busy! We know of no one else at the entire Expo who will be featured in fully FIVE different events!

The first, most important thing you should do... as soon as you decide you're going... is get your hotel room. There are many other hotels in the area besides just the LAX Hilton, but nothing beats being there on-site for the event itself!

Conference participants can get a discounted rate of $119 per night. David's events begin on Saturday at 2PM and continue through Monday, so at the very least you should nail down Saturday and Sunday night, requesting a late check-out for Monday so you can be all packed up by the time David starts at 1PM. You can reserve a room here online.



Our earliest event is radio sensation George Noory's 2012 "Dream Team" Panel, entitled "2012: The Great Convergence."




This definitive panel runs on Saturday from 2-4 pm and features a veritable Who's Who of the most popular guests probing this enigma on Coast to Coast AM and elsewhere:

"This panel will focus on how physics and metaphysics, ancient wisdom and current events are converging and colliding in a brilliant, incandescent cascade of enlightenment against the backdrop of a world in seeming chaos.

What is going to happen in 2012? Join George Noory as he hosts what is sure to be the event of the Expo with the superstars: author William Henry, scientist Richard Hoagland, adventurer Dannion Brinkley, futurist Sean David Morton and the enigmatic David Wilcock.

These modern-day seers are some of Coast‘s most popular speakers. Each of them bring their own brand of insight, science, prophecy, wisdom and outrageous humor to what is guaranteed to be the best event of the show!" -- Bettye Binder, Segment Producer

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the website -- $10 dollars in advance or $20 at the door. You can read more about it here.



The 2012 panel will certainly have been interesting, but there's no doubt you'll be left wanting more.




On Sunday we deliver the first of two responses: a one and a half-hour, hard-hitting Power Point presentation going into David's most comprehensive, groundbreaking investigations of the 2012 Enigma:

Economic turbulence, government corruption, social upheaval, mega Earth Changes and ever-increasing UFO and paranormal reports. Could all these things have a single explanation? And if so, how could we make it into a scientific case?

Explore the hard evidence that our Solar System is moving into a more energetic region of the galaxy. This affects social behavior, human consciousness, the evolution of our DNA and of space/time itself. The key to unlock the mystery is the astonishing discoveries of consciousness as an intelligent energy field -- underlying mind, matter and spirit.

Those who think 2012 will be a major cataclysm are misinformed :

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Jon (Starborne)

Im listening to Wanderer Awakening right now. Im on the 4th track, and Im in awe. :) I can hardly believe the incredible quality you guys achieved here! I was just about moved to tears on track 2. Im still somewhat speechless

Comments (51)   

#51 kara eastman 2012-02-06 02:34
:DDavid I cannot tell you how much I believe in you and your cause for all humanity, I have shown your lectures to so many people and slowly but surely we are all awakening, and it is in part mostly from your well spoken and articulated way of making things so complex, so easy to understand, Peace and love to all humanity, We can all do this together.
#50 Nikos 2011-06-18 04:33
My brother David,

I have followed your work for over 2 years now, have read almost all of your online books (The Convergence series changed my life by the way, along with the Law of One material), I've seen just about every conference that is online, listened to many of your radio appearances, purchased the Access Your Higher Self videos and even pre ordered Source Field Investigations!

I truly thank you for your intensely hard work, integrity and sincerity. I only have a few friends who are awake to this stuff and we all think the same things (Although they're a bit lazier than me and I keep prodding them to READ the books!) and believe you are an emissary of truth and we are better for you being here on earth at this time.

I had planned to go to the LA Ancient Origins conference but became ill, I was extremely bummed but luckily have been working on my dreaming and got to meet you in one of them, haha.

My question is, besides the videos on divinecosmos, where can I find some of your other newer conferences? I know PC has the teleconference but I would really love to see something like Ancient Origins, I really hope at least that one becomes available, even if you have to charge a small fee...note the word small David =), I am doing heavy research on many of the same subjects as you and I desperately need your insights and commentary on these subjects.

Please let me (us) know when and where these things will be made available, you simply can not keep them from us, we need spiritual food to survive.

Keep up the good work, sir.

Your brother in the game,
Nikos from So Cal.

P.S. I absolutely believe you are who you say you are (Cayce, Ra-Ta, etc.)!
#49 Konata 2011-04-22 02:29
Hotep David

Your message is quite potent and your work is absolutely necessary for this time. Stay focussed my brother. As Bob Marley once said in a song, " Nuttin weh dem duh, cyaah stop di time." Meaning, nothing that they do, can stop the time.
I send you more love, light and energy.
Konata Om Shanti
#48 Lynda Flowers 2011-01-26 09:42
I read you were coming to Atlanta but no one in Atlanta is aware of an appearance by you regarding Convergence. We, in Georgia, NEED you desperately to enlighten us or everyone I know is going to Hell in a handbasket and that is no joke. PLEASE PLEASE help.

[Moderator: We refuse to go to hell in a handbasket : ) there is a link on our facebook page for a $99 ticket]
#47 Ashok Sharma 2011-01-07 11:26
Namaste David !

Thank you for building this all up with the Higher Knowledge that Universe has handed over to you.

I am writing you this note from india and believe it is our continuous ascend
and refinement rom lower forms to attaining Higher Consciousness by transcending
levels (Chakras in human body perhaps denote to the levels where one is) the True Matrix behind this Holographic universe, what Tantra and Science of Consciousness and Kundalini says ( Gopi Krishna)is the Reality behind this Universe.

We appreciate how you are creating the Bridges !

With loveful Regards

#46 hans 2010-12-17 06:53
Hi David,

It is true what you say in your video`s. It is all about the higher conciousnes, lot of it is also written in the bible. As the Christ said, the flesh is not important, but it is the spirit (cosmic energy) that gives life.

He also spoke about the waters above us. Water in the bible means always Life. He said, there is so much water above us, one of you can not comprehend it. Conciousnes was given in the story of the apple. But parts of humankind lost it because tey follow the path of the corrupt one.

It was the corrupt one who brought the money in the world, as an instrument to control the society. Money still rules the world. The day Human Kind will wake up, is the day that money won`t control the world. We are children of the Universe, no less than the stars and the trees.

Everybody has the write to be here. Wake up my friends, wake up, as David is all about the Divine Spirit, our conciousnes. The more you get aware about your being, the more you understand where you came from, and where you going to. Never be afraid, never feel fear, because if you do.....the corrupt one won. And here is another hind, don`t be afraid of death. It`s only a transition.

We love you David. You will succeed!
#45 robinson david martinez 2010-12-06 07:09
please upload the video from the history channel again if you can. it is unavailable. thank you for your work david and all of you who help him.
#44 Hayden AUS 2010-09-12 20:13
Hi just thought that i would just comment on the way that my life has changed since thinking positive.

I find that by being positive around negative people can actually rub of on them and find they go from frowning to having a smile on their face.

It's just amazing how powerful positivity is.

Thank. :-*
#43 zauzi 2010-09-07 23:27
The 4th density: peace and prosperity for all
#42 Is 2010-05-16 23:27
Hey david ive been followung your work very closely and im a bit dissapointed icant find anything recent...

what you been up too lately ?

Let me tell you it takes a lot of nerve for someone to step up and talk about this as openly as you r.....
#41 happymom 2010-04-13 22:07
Hi David, God bless you. I am a hindu divotee and always believed in my religion but somehow there was a corner in my heart that new all along that the religions in the world are manmade.

Reading your thoughts made my belief even stronger that we are all connected and searching for the one and only PARMATMA(The Creator).

Keep doing what you are doing, even if nothing happens in 2012 your work has opened my inner eye forever.
#40 liulihong 2010-04-05 01:54
:-)Hi David,very glad to know you.I'm a chinese.I want to know how to improve myself.Thank you.
Liu li hong
4.6 2010
#39 Richard Levasseur 2010-03-08 15:09
Hello Mr.Wilcock! I go and read on your site.Quite a bit and I like.What you have to say.I admire you a great deal.For connecting with your higher self and getting.Informa tion from your dreams.I appoligise for putting you.On a pedistal but I look forward.To hearing and seeing you.On internet radio and videos.Your messages to humanity.Have made me reconsider.My belief in God.I would like to ask.You a question instead.Of asking you for a reading.What is the spiritually significance?Of someone suffering from Schizophrenia?W ho also believes in UFO's and ET's?Well thank you for your contributions and take care.Of yourself now and the near future.Goodbye from cyberspace signed a fan named Richard!
#38 RonaldFrederik 2010-02-25 11:06
So many are Awakening from a deep sleep!!!

Its time , to know to open inside your self

Be in the Joy and love
#37 kenny maloney 2010-02-25 06:47
Dear david I am a big fan dont get mad if people dont understand you.I have only one problem with all that is going on if nobody stands up and tell everyone when to fight back and how we will be just sitting here while thier plans are carried out.

I don't want to sit back and watch everyone I love die.My friends and family don't even under stand my concerns but we need a plan,we need to all stand up at once and say thats it no more.

That I think is the biggest problem we have.Thanks for all you do for we people it is not going unseen your friend kenny.
#36 Silvia 2010-01-18 02:15
The machine it sais that "the comment it's too short"
There's not need of words, just indeep smile for you, David, and every one in all universe
#35 Gregory Volz 2009-10-17 08:02
Community based non-profit centers can deliver the message that we both know we are in touch with. My dream would be to build a church like community center that can deliver the message based upon how you so eloquently hit each topic ie: RA, Tortion Physics, Illuminati, Symbolism, UFO, ETC.... This community based center would collect donation to help fund your cause. We could cookie cut and put this in every major city and deliver tremendous impact to the lives of others. I saw all this after listening to the Oct, 10th 2009 Audio Video Blog. Also I believe we are related and I also had a vision of prophecy that Congressman Alan Grayson will lead us with the North American Euro based on a return to the GOLD standard. Anyway I LOVE YOU for everything you do and would absolutely love to get involved to help in any way that I can. My resources are limited but through some sort of gift I believe I can build and sustain this community center in Puyallup Washington. Greg
#34 Yo! 2009-02-13 01:18
:D Great!1
#33 Yo! 2009-02-13 01:18
:D Great!1
#32 Written by Max. 2008-03-14 15:45
David, thank you soo much for all of the info you provide to Humanity. We are all waiting for you Film with impatience! Love and Peace!

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