Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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David Wilcock: Subject, Founder and Writer


CONVERGENCE is poised to become the definitive statement in this new genre, setting a new standard from which all others will be compared.

It is the product of a lifetime worth of research by known metaphysical personality David Wilcock, who has been a Coast-to-Coast guest on multiple occasions. David's public presence is unique in the worldwide metaphysical community, including Coast-to-Coast, due to the fact that he covers all three major areas that the best New Age speakers invariably fall into, with full proficiency in each:

  1. Groundbreaking new scientific research into UFOlogy, ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy, and an engaging, humorous, easy-to-understand, non-egotistical means of teaching these concepts: David is able to speak knowledgeably on almost any topic that Coast guests normally cover in this area, as well as presenting information that even astute scholars of metaphysics are dazzled by, making him the "scholar's scholar" for many advanced seekers. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed three-volume Convergence series, published freely on his website, which a surprising number of credible researchers consider to be the definitive scientific treatise on New Age metaphysics and spirituality, given the number of breakthrough, never-before seen discoveries synthesized within it.
  2. Documented, highly accurate psychic prophecies and uplifting, inspiring spiritual teachings in the form of deep-trance channeling: David began actively researching and practicing ESP techniques beginning at age 7, and began documenting and studying his dreams on a daily basis beginning at age 19. At age 23, David began doing deep-trance channeling work that produced remarkable results; a voice distinctly unlike his own provided spiritual guidance as well as a variety of accurate future prophecies. Since 1998, David has earned a proven track record of over 500 paying clients with above 99-percent satisfaction ratings, and a variety of prophecies that were documented on his website before they actually came true, including 9/11 and the 2000 election crisis between Gore and Bush. David is also the subject of "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?," which is the third-best-selling title in Frog Books' catalog, and he has a startling facial and astrological similarity to renowned American psychic Edgar Cayce, which is an ongoing source of fascination and novelty to the metaphysical community and the Coast audience, whether true or false.
  3. Profound but practical insights into repetitive patterns of failure in people's lives and relationships, and the tools to heal them: David can provide simple, sensible and rewarding solutions to any psychological issue he is presented with -- solutions that can be put to immediate use -- in the style of "Dr. Phil," Gary Zukav or other, similar guests on television shows like Oprah. His new insights into the "Original Wound" or the root of all human suffering, the identification and healing of codependency, the enunciation of the Hero's Journey archetype, the further exploration of dream analysis in the Jungian tradition, the revelation of the nature and extent of problems of human projection, and the discovery and fulfillment of each person's True Purpose are generally considered on par with the discoveries of history's finest psychological scholars.

David has amassed critical acclaim apart from who he may have been, or whether or not he is an intuitive. This includes earning a full research partnership with Richard C. Hoagland, who brought David on Coast with him and featured him in one of his slots at the 2004 Bay Area UFO Expo. Hoagland is widely considered to be the most popular, in-demand, longest-lasting guest on Coast; on a program with David and Richard together in August 2004, host George Noory said that Hoagland was "the best" of the Coast guests. Hoagland's wholehearted endorsement of David -- strictly on his scientific merits -- puts David in a category of people that can be counted on two hands, and David is referred to on a first-name basis at least once a month, on average, on Coast, according to several regular listeners we are in contact with.

David has written or co-written at least five different books, composed music for his own CDs of his channeling, co-produced a three-CD word-and-music series entitled "The Science of Peace" with nine-time Grammy award winning musician Larry Seyer, has led multiple lectures, cruises and tours around the world, including Japan, Egypt and the Caribbean, and has appeared on television and multiple talk radio programs. Especially with the astonishing enigma of the Cayce connection, David's proven marketability already exists. David built an entire career off of his scientific work without publicizing his connection to Edgar Cayce; in fact the Cayce book was not published until fully six years after David first learned of this connection.

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Daniel, from Mexico

Words cannot describe Wanderer Awakening. For me, it was the conclusion of an internal struggle between my heart and the muddy resentment that was covering everything like buried treasure. I had no idea you could create such a spiritual slap in the face such as this. I've accepted now that self love is ultimately the greatest destiny. It is also very inspiring to see someone like you can sing that good. You made me cry more than Susan Boyle ever did! Hahahaha!Thank you so much, for all that you have done and are still doing. :)

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#2 Natolie A Bester 2016-09-30 17:13
David, I've been honored to have been enjoying your lastest book, Ascension Mysteries. Thank you for barring it all, in every accept possible. I appreciate all you do to help enlighten us and my family hopes to meet you one day!
#1 Debbi 2014-04-29 17:33
Recently stumbled upon David and his work on Gaiam TV. I am intrigued by his messages and continue to follow his episodes "Wisdom Teachings". Fascinating stuff :-)

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