Wed. 11 / 19 / 08

(UPDATED) Join David on Myth or Logic Radio for another comprehensive, far-reaching exploration of the place where science and spirit meet!



As soon as I drove back home from Pier 93, after my one-week cruise on the Sapphire Princess, I saw Biblical-level smoke clouds in the air over Los Angeles and knew right away it was going to be rough.

As I continued down the road I realized the blaze was to the east of where I was, so I wasn’t in any danger of loss of property. My heart goes out to all those affected by this major disaster.

The smoke stayed in high altitudes and thus got into my house, since our windows don’t hold air in very well — and I had no choice but to breathe it, unless I was going to evacuate. The toxicity got me into a state of illness by the very next morning and I’m still fighting it off now, even though we’ve had clear air for the last two days.

However, in the midst of all of this upheaval I have had some very positive growth developments which I’ll probably mention on the radio show. This conference really changed my attitude about public speaking in a good way, as there was a wonderful sense of community and friendship that was formed.

Often in the past I’d get sick after a conference and then blame the conference, whereas in this case I was in excellent health until I started breathing the smoke. There has been a wonderful opportunity to look over my life and see things in a more positive framework as I prepare to head out this weekend for the Secrets conference in Phoenix.

I had an important dream about President-elect Obama this morning. It’s the longest ‘conversation’ I’ve had with whatever aspect represents him in the dream plane, and I learned some interesting new points I’ll share tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ll post a direct link to download tomorrow’s radio show once we get it online, so check back here for more updates! I’m still not fully recovered but am certainly healthy enough to do the show — and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll feel even better.

I also have a really cool synchronicity photograph to post in here, probably before the show tomorrow, so check for that!





Thank you for all your positive wishes of support. I have been dutifully fighting off the toxicity and just today realized I still had a full bottle of Wild Indian Cherry Bark Syrup in stock, and it’s got a whole cocktail of great detoxifiers in it, so I’ve been taking that in addition to the Olive Leaf Extract and Ester-C tablets.

You couldn’t really tell on the show but I’ve still not been my best — coughing and runny nose, et cetera. I fly out to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon and thankfully it’s only an hour in the air. I hope the AC will not be a problem in my hotel room — I want to get rid of this hack!

During the show I had a complete disruption in my train of thought, lost track of what I was saying and had to ask Tom what his question had been. What I didn’t say is I had a friend listening to my show on the other line, three feet away from me, and she stepped out of the room right before I lost it.

In a very real sense the show was a combination of her energy, Tom’s energy and then everyone listening live — and I hadn’t instructed her about the protocol of how co-creative the process is. There’s real telepathy going on, and such a small little disruption was enough to completely derail what I was saying.



Nonetheless, I feel really good about this show. It may be one of my best enunciations of the material on the ‘time field’ yet — and what I failed to say is that we all have the ability to speed up or slow down the time field as it moves through us.

I definitely sped up the time field running through my body in a big way by doing this show. It shows up, among other things, as a substantial increase in body temperature, a decrease in hydration and increase in the need to urinate.

I was very hot, to the point of sweating, when I got done with the show and it wasn’t from being sick — it hasn’t happened any other time during this detox process, but is common when I really get the ‘pineal gland’ fired up, so to speak. I asked my friend if it was too hot in the house and it wasn’t — it was just me.

The entire body is actually running at a much faster speed, because the time field itself is running through every cell faster. In this heightened awareness I have lots of time to string words together coherently, and it comes out sounding nicely composed and at a very smooth, fast speed. For me it’s not unusual — it’s a skill I developed just like learning to play the piano. 

Exercise involving explosive, vigorous muscle contractions is one of the best ways to get more fluid with the time field. In those vigorous exercises time naturally speeds up as an adaptive response from the body to be able to have enough time to react to whatever is going on. 

Yoga and smooth muscle exercises are also important for the oxygenation of the blood, et cetera, but I have noticed that since I’ve been doing more weightlifting exercises it’s gotten even easier to do this kind of work… so that is worth mentioning.

Diet, of course, is also very important. There are lots of things that can retard your ability to slow down or speed up the time field. Refined sugar, most dairy, processed foods, fried foods and white flour, white pasta, white rice and potatoes are all big factors that keep you from having more intuitive flexibility.

Of course, caffeine, smoking, alcohol and drugs also have the same dulling effect. Some drugs make your time perceptions change while you’re on them, but then you become much less able to alter that flow when you are not using. 



It does seem that the pineal gland, and perhaps certain nearby others like the thalamus, function as a hyperdimensional choke-point that determines the rate of passage of the time field. Ultimately it’s a field function that moves through every cell in your body, and is therefore generated in your energy body as it interfaces with your physical body, through the medium of the DNA. Nonetheless the pineal gland does appear to have a regulating factor in this flow.

When you first start getting intuitive data coming in during that mind awake / body asleep state, it happens really fast. It takes time and practice to slow down the time field enough, from the astral body, to be able to get that data to be coherent.

Ironically, the faster your perception of time is in space-time, the slower your data comes in from the astral body, which is in time-space. When you speed up the passage of the time field through you, the subjective experience you have is of things slowing down.

<sniff> I will talk more about the positive changes I’ve been through next week, but right for now it’s 1:11 am and I have to get ready for tomorrow’s flight!