The NSA data-mining scandal is only one of dozens of strong pieces of evidence that the cabal of shadowy Power Elite are right on the brink of being publicly exposed and brought to justice — as we’ve been anticipating for years now.

Once this happens, it will soon become the most significant event in all of modern history — dwarfing 9/11 by many orders of magnitude as a game-changer.

This time, however, the game will change for the positive — not for the negative.

[Illustration courtesy of John Seymour. UPDATED with pullquotes and new synchronicities, next day.]



How does it feel to know, for a fact, that the NSA has potentially been spying on everything you think, say and do online?

How does it feel to know you are under constant surveillance — and Congress says this is “nothing new?”

How does it feel to know that all your credit card spending habits are being tracked?

How does it feel to know that every call you make is being logged for who you called, when you called them and for how long — and that’s only the part that’s public as of today?

For many people, this is coming as a complete shock. Headlines are exploding. Everything we think we know must be re-examined.

There is a monster under the bed.

For others — apparently including our members of the US Congress — they are brushing it off as “nothing new.”

I don’t think the public is going to view it that way.



I’ve known this was a fact for many years. And the truth will set us free.

When I woke up today, Friday June 7, 2013, I felt absolutely terrific.

Finally — after all these years — the evidence that this global nightmare is almost over is undeniable.

In the last six months, I wrote a 500-page book, with nearly 700 references, that boldly predicts the sequence of events that is already starting to happen.

In that same timeframe, I’ve also written and produced 21 half-hour episodes of my own television show — with six more due to tape in two weeks’ time.

It’s been very hard work — harder than I’ve ever worked in my life — but I’ve also never felt better.

In this new investigation I will systematically make the case that the nightmare is almost over — with dozens and dozens of specific data points you can check for yourself.

I have actually written up a comprehensive, chronological outline first, which is very rare for me. It’s the only way I could organize such a huge volume of information.



For years now, hecklers have written off this website and its collaborators as foolish idiots for believing in the fantasy that an international alliance is working to bring down the Power Elite.

In many cases it would appear that deeper psychological forces are motivating their resistance. No measure of factual evidence ever seems to convince them.

Oftentimes, it seems that people cannot allow it to be true in their mind, because they are so deeply afraid that their hopes will be shattered.

Some people are getting a payoff from the idea that they are embroiled in a terrific struggle against a supernatural, nearly all-powerful nemesis.

They may also be getting a payoff from the idea that they are embroiled in a terrific struggle against a supernatural, nearly all-powerful nemesis.

Nonetheless, Benjamin Fulford has been in contact with this positive alliance since his 2008 debut, and I’ve been investigating and reporting on his claims ever since he started.

I gave detailed and very timely insider testimony about the history of this alliance in Part 3 of Disclosure Endgame, which I wrote in December 2009.

Clearly, this information is even more relevant today.




Halfway down this summary page, you will read about a “tough sect of native Russian Christians” who initially overthrew the Soviet Bolsheviks in the 1970s.

You may be surprised to learn that the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was financed and supported by Wall Street. This is one of many points I make in my new book, The Synchronicity Key, which will be unleashed this August.

[By pre-ordering the book now, you will get a significantly lower price — and help ensure this mission-critical work gets the credibility it needs in order to gain mainstream attention.]

An alliance of Russian Christians has been quietly working to defeat the Cabal ever since it started in 1776 with the “Bavarian Illuminati.”

According to insider Dr. Peter David Beter, who was John F. Kennedy’s top, most trusted banker, this Christian resistance sect was “at least two centuries old” as of 1977.

This dates the alliance all the way back to when the “Illuminati” was founded in Bavaria — in 1776.

Most surprisingly, this Christian alliance worked for sixty years to eventually oust the Bolsheviks — a powerful faction of the Cabal — in the 1970s.

Several key moves were made right under their noses — including the assassination of Josef Stalin on March 5, 1953 and Khruschev’s de-Stalinization campaign in the 1960s.

The deeper cosmic context of both of these events is clearly explained in The Synchronicity Key.

The Bolsheviks had no idea what was going on until the trap sprung on them in the late 1970s. This quest for planetary freedom is still ongoing as of today.



Beter’s webmaster revealed how this alliance works in an overall summary of the website’s contents:

That [sixty-year] experience [of defeating the Cabal] has left them with very definite, vivid opinions about what does and does not work when dealing with people like the Bolsheviks and Zionists.

They also know that rapid, radical change of any type opens the door for revolution — and where there is revolution, Bolshevik-Zionist agents will be there to exploit it.


Although this alliance apparently suffered setbacks in the 1980s and again in the 1990s, Gorbachev definitely appeared to be a part of it — with his plans for total nuclear disarmament.

Furthermore, several of the insiders I know have said that Vladimir Putin is the most visible coordinating member of this alliance today.

I was personally contacted by the Asian contingent of the alliance that was working with Fulford in November 2011, after their trillion-dollar lawsuit against the Power Elite became public — and I started writing about it.

That article alone has now had over a million views.



On December 1, 2011, I began receiving an incredible volume of photographs and documents that supported the validity of the alliance and its claims.

I have since written entire books’ worth of supporting material on this site. This was considered the single most dangerous and classified subject on earth — by several different insiders I know personally.

In December 2012, the alliance appeared to have ordered the creation of two three-hour documentaries that aired on Russian national television, and were seen by millions of people.

I starred in both of these documentaries, and was told they were directly built around my written investigations — particularly Financial Tyranny.

Right after we taped the second round of shows, I began working like crazy on my new book.

I was shocked when Germany asked for 300 metric tons of its gold back from the Federal Reserve on the exact day the first of these two TV shows came out.




In order to properly set up the cosmic context of our discussion, I will share some personal information — as many of you have been asking for updates of this nature.

Writing The Synchronicity Key was brutally difficult — but ultimately very rewarding. I already miss the magic of the creative process, and am looking forward to writing the sequel.

Once I realized that no overt change had occurred on the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21, 2012, I had to step back and take a huge look at all the information I had gathered.

Over 30 different ancient cultures predicted a “Golden Age” would arise as we moved through the end of a 25,920-year earth cycle.

In The Source Field Investigations, I had clearly established that December 2012 was actually the end of a 25,920-year earth cycle.

Over 30 different ancient cultures, worldwide, had information “encoded” in their mythologies that specifically told us to study this cycle.

This clearly seemed to be the result of a unified, coordinated effort — from benevolent beings who founded all the world’s greatest spiritual teachings, including Christianity.

Not all of my research made it into the book. Very key pieces of the puzzle had to be taken out.

The deleted pages included shocking information on how this “master cycle” neatly divides into smaller units of time — where major historical events keep repeating like clockwork.



In the fall of 2010, I submitted a 700-plus-page manuscript of The Source Field Investigations to the publisher — and was told, in no uncertain terms, that 200 pages had to go.

As painful as it was, we all ended up agreeing that every page on the great cycles of time had to be eliminated.

This was about 120 pages of very dense research material that I had spent months and months developing — 14 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week.

Cutting these pages was frustrating. Horrible. This was what I’d spent most of my time working on and now I had to hack it out.

I didn’t feel smart enough, nor talented enough to write about this phenomenon in an understandable, cogent way.

I knew I was on to something spectacular — but I didn’t feel smart enough, nor talented enough to write about this phenomenon in an understandable, cogent way.

It’s very difficult to use three, four and even five-digit numbers in a narrative and not have the reader’s eyes glaze over.

It’s even more difficult to discuss specific historical events in different eras of time, and compare them so that even an eighth-grader can see the underlying unity and precision between them.

I had to let it all go. It was sad, but it was also a relief, as I knew I hadn’t solved the mystery of why these cycles of time were happening.

That solution didn’t dawn on me until August of last year — 2012 — just four months before the big Mayan Calendar end-date.



Less than two months after The Source Field Investigations came out, the trillion-dollar lawsuit against financial tyranny emerged — and I got drawn in.

My time-cycle research in 2010 had already suggested that a major act of war against the Cabal would occur in 2011, and culminate with their defeat in 2014.

Once this trillion-dollar lawsuit was filed, I realized that this could very likely be the fulfillment of a repeating cycle that predated the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth on earth by well over 100 years.

The Financial Tyranny investigation consumed the vast majority of my time from November 2011 to August 2012 — and left me feeling extremely stressed out.

In the meantime, I had promised my publisher a new book, but I had barely been able to write anything new.

I had about 120 pages of densely-packed research material on the cycles of time to start with — but as of December 2012, I had suffered a near-total writers’ block.




As I wrote in December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality, I was taken in by the “romance” that the ancient prophecies of a Golden Age would literally surprise us overnight.

Instead of a cosmic mind-gasm or even a sacred gathering of friends, I ended up badly fracturing my right big toe that very same night — December 21st, 2012.

This certainly appeared to be some kind of a “cosmic joke” — but the injury itself was no laughing matter.

The pain was very loud for the first 3 days, and since I am completely chemical-free, I never took any drugs to dull it out. 

I still can’t quite walk normally on it six months later — but it has gotten much, much better.



To me, the broken toe was a very obvious reminder that I / we are still in pain — and we were definitely not there yet in terms of a happy ending.

Breaking my toe on December 21, 2012 reminded me that we are still in pain, and have not yet reached the “happy ending” spoken of in the prophecies.

Lying there flat on my back, and hobbling around on crutches, I reflected on the “good” and the “bad”, the ups and the downs of life.

In this state of crippling pain and boredom, I finally put it all together — and saw the Big Picture.

This changed everything about how I decided to write the book — from the very first page to the very last.

The linkage between the ups and downs of global events, and the growth cycles in our own soul evolution, suddenly became clear to me.

Just as the ageless wisdom teachings have always said, everything in the Universe is sacred. Realizing and knowing this, and understanding how it works and why, is the key to your Ascension.



I had a complete vision of what I needed to do almost immediately.

This was further consolidated by reading every Amazon review of my previous book, beginning with the one-star ratings and working up to the five-star reviews.

To the best of my ability, I made sure that every salient criticism of the previous book was addressed in my design of the new one.

The most common suggestion was “less information and more discussion of what it all means” — and that’s exactly what I ended up doing.

The book was designed with the meticulous precision of a fine Swiss watch. Not a single word had to be cut from the narrative.

The first book has over 1000 academic references. This book has slightly less than 700 — and goes much deeper into discussing the implications.

I am also happy to report that I designed this with the meticulous precision of a fine Swiss watch, and except for one small section, not a single word had to be cut.

The previous book had many passages that originally were intended to help link the pieces together and were cut. Not this time. It was 500 pages, and none of them had to die.

I admit that I deliberately left that one section unfinished in the first draft so the editing team could jump in and help me shape it — and they did. It all flows very well now.



Once I started writing, I barely got more than five or six hours of sleep a night for six months. I worked fourteen or fifteen hours a day, seven days a week.

Although I really enjoyed the creative process, it also felt like I was trying to wolf down a wonderful gourmet dinner in less than 60 seconds.

During this same time, I produced 21 television episodes with Gaiam TV that are chock-full of new content.

In filling up 30 new minutes a week, I was able to say so many things I’d always wanted to cover at conferences, but never had the time.

It also utterly satisfied the complaint of “too much information, not enough discussion.”

I also delivered at least one conference a month, and updated this website as much as I possibly could. It was truly a frenzy of activity.

At the time of this writing, you can watch the first 12 episodes free for 10 days — and pay nothing if you decide to cancel within that period.

As I saw the prophecies of a worldwide defeat of the Cabal increasingly coming true, I deeply wished I could spend more time writing on this site — but the deadlines for the book were utterly immovable.

Even so, I barely made it, and this stressed the whole team. To make our deadline of an August delivery, I was supposed to shoot for a finished first draft by mid-February.

Otherwise our release would have to wait until Spring 2014 — and that would throw off the timelines the book was written around, and built to support.



As it turns out, I didn’t even send in a partial, incomplete manuscript until mid-March. It was way, way late. The first draft itself wasn’t finished until early April.

That meant I could barely change anything in the book after the first week of April. I had a couple of weeks to do other things while I waited for them to send this “first pass” back.

There were tons and tons of notes I had to go through. Almost every page had at least one or two things on it that I had to deal with. 

Every single thing I said had to be backed up with facts — even including the proof that a grocery store called Robin’s Food Warehouse had existed in New Paltz in the mid-1990s.

This rigorous verification process ended up adding at least 50 more academic references. The book became a lot stronger in several key areas as a result, and is now effectively bullet-proof.

I had another immovable deadline to send this version back — and I’m telling you, I almost killed myself to finish it — only to have to immediately do even more.



I was then sent a huge paper copy of the book — slightly over 500 pages — where all changes had to be made in red pen.

At this point I could only change a single sentence here and there, as the index was already being constructed by the team.

After six months of literally working 14-15 hours a day, seven days a week, I finally took a week off and did nothing.

Normally, you can still change up to 10 percent of the book at this stage, but since it was so last-minute, I could hardly change anything.

Otherwise, the index would be thrown off, and the reader would be looking for information and not find it on the page that was listed.

I managed to get all these tweaks done on a ridiculously tight timeline, and was up until 6AM photographing the inked pages and sending them in.

Even after that, I had other minor deadlines to wrestle with. It didn’t all actually end until about a week and a half ago.

I was so burned out by this point that my dreams suggested I take about a week to decompress, do nothing, and try to feel normal again.

I played a lot of fingerstyle guitar — and worked through all the most interesting music films in Itunes on my Apple TV.



In the midst of this crazy deadline crush in April, it was time to announce my new television show — and that went out on April 10th.

I thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response you have had to this. We’ve already broken all existing records at Gaiam TV, and my episodes are consistently in the Most Popular list!

As I said, you can now sign up for a 10-day free trial and watch 12 half-hour episodes of my show, free of charge, and pay absolutely nothing if you decide to cancel within the first 10 days.

A great deal of time and effort has gone into designing these shows. Each one of them is loaded with slides and specific information, just like a conference. 

I can and do go into a lot more detail than I have time to do at conferences, which is terrific. 

[We discovered that little buffering “hiccups” are completely eliminated in full-screen mode by closing other browser tabs and programs first.]

I’m also going through a much more systematic and in-depth treatment of the material than I can ever do at an event — because I have a lot more time.

To let you in on a little secret, this show is really an Ascension class. I’m just taking the first 25 episodes, more or less, to lay the groundwork for the heart of our discussion.



Just five days after I announced my new show, Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock, we were hit with the biggest terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9/11.

50 different scientific studies have proven that meditation can dramatically reduce wars, fatalities and terrorism.

Bombs were set off at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon — and a huge explosion detonated a fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas.

In the book, I had written about how we all ultimately share thoughts much more than we realize. 50 different scientific studies have shown that meditation can dramatically reduce wars, fatalities and terrorism.

So, I made a big call for everyone to meditate for peace in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attacks.

I clearly seemed to have intuitively anticipated the attack, as I did an entire radio show on this same subject — meditating for peace to reduce terrorism — directly before it happened.

As soon as I hung up the phone and checked the internet, the bombings had occurred.



I was still madly struggling through all the book deadlines in the last two weeks of April, shoving all social, personal and professional concerns aside, when an incredible dream crashed in on me.

This dream came in on Friday, April 19, 2013 — and it was utterly amazing.

It clearly prognosticated that a major defeat of the Cabal was imminent. You can read about it in The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit.

I was shown that there would be significantly disruptive effects for a while as this event reached its apex.

In the dream this world-transforming event appeared as an incredibly massive lightning storm — utterly wiping out everything in its path.

Please note that this was NOT a worldwide disaster. However, the central, beating heart of the Power Elite — symbolized by a castle — was in the direct path of the onrushing storm.

I was being asked to try to expose as much about the Cabal as possible before this storm actually hit.

That’s actually why I’m writing this piece now — particularly as these events are reaching critical mass.



I was clearly shown that once this storm arrives, history will have forever changed.

At that point, anything I say or do will be “after the fact”, and therefore will not carry the same gravity as it does now.

The dream revealed that a spectacular exposure and defeat of the Cabal would be seen in the very near future.

In dream-time this major defeat of the Cabal was only a half-hour away.

I certainly knew this was not a literal time estimate — but on the other hand, I obviously could see we were dealing with a mega-event that was only a few months away — at the most.

This actually fit very nicely with the cycles I had just finished writing about in the book. It seemed very difficult to believe, but I was open to the possibilities.

As of last night, when the NSA data-mining scandal went global, I knew we were getting close — and it was time to spring into action.



I’ve now been documenting and analyzing my dreams almost every morning for over 20 years.

So many accurate prophecies have happened that the burden of proof has been satisfied hundreds of times over.

This included processing 500 paid clients from 1998 until my retirement in 2005.

Every client got a dream from me that was so accurate that we had a 99-percent satisfaction rate.

There was almost a 50-50 chance that the person would burst into tears as I shared it with them.

I still have audio-cassette documentation of every one of these cases — but they were intensely personal experiences for the clients and are confidential.

All I had to do is remember my dream and repeat it back to the client when they called, and the next thing you know they’d start saying “Oh my God” over and over again, and / or crying.




I did write up “The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit” — and felt good about it.

However, on Sunday, May 12th, while I was still scrambling to perfect the book on a ridiculously tight deadline, I had another prophetic dream.

This time it was even more outrageous, and specific, than the previous one had been.

In this case I didn’t feel like jumping up and posting it right away. This time I wanted to hang back, take some time and see where it would lead.

The time estimates were so precise that I had a hard time understanding they could really be that close at hand.

With dreams, anything and everything can be encrypted with symbolism. It is not wise to take anything literally, though many inexperienced dreamers do. 

I did end up discussing the dream, in detail, during the Evolvepalooza online conference that one of my dreams had specifically asked me to participate in.

Here’s a detailed summary of what happened.



In a dream I woke up from on Sunday, May 12th, at 9:15 am Pacific time, I was walking outside my house in the driveway, in daylight.

A person walked up to me in a white outfit — and he had a very unusual, radiant quality.

A radiant man in white clothing sat me down and said, “Everything we’ve been preparing you for, all these years, is about to start happening.”

His presence immediately put me at ease. Right away, I knew that he was a wise person and he had valuable information to share with me.

Some kind of new, futuristic building was on the land, and he brought me inside through a doorway. Other people like him were working at computers inside the building. 

He sat me down in front of a normal-looking laptop computer, and sat facing me on the other side of the computer. He looked me straight in the eye and began talking.

“David, all the things we’ve been preparing you for, all these years, are about to start happening. You are actually going to see Disclosure.”

I was stunned. Speechless. I just kept listening. I was glad that finally, someone “in the know” had decided to talk to me.

He then pulled up a webpage on the laptop. “This is how it starts.”

Much to my surprise, he pulled up the front page of the Drudge Report!



Specifically, this was the front page of the Drudge Report with bold, red headlines. It appeared that some major new story of political scandal had broken.

“This will be the first sign. You will see headlines like this breaking on the Drudge Report, all in red.”

“You should see them within about a week, but it might take two weeks for you to see everything.”

This was only the beginning of the dream. I expected I might have to wait a week to see something.

I was quite shocked to see a red headline dominating the top of the Drudge Report the very next morning, Monday, May 13th — just as I had been shown:



Although the dream didn’t specifically indicate that a red headline would be seen on The Huffington Post as well, there it was:




The next surprising real-world event was a very odd synchronicity that occurred the next day — Tuesday, May 14th.

Two bald eagles — the officical mascot of the United States — got their talons entangled together and crashed to the ground — on an airport runway.

This was shocking, considering I was finishing up an entire book on synchronicity — entitled The Synchronicity Key.

Here, this seemed to be a very clear, obvious, easy-to-understand message that rival factions in the United States were now attacking each other.

This is exactly what we had just observed the day before — where the Department of Justice was tapping the phones of the American press.

Furthermore, the meta-message of this event centered around airplane crashes — such as we saw in 9/11 — since the birds crash-landed on an airport runway.



Both of the birds fell to the ground. In the course of their fighting with each other, their talons had become locked together and embedded in each other’s flesh.



This synchronicity had a happy ending. The exhausted birds accepted rescue and were brought into a pickup truck, still entwined.

One of them escaped and flew off, seemingly fine. The other bird remained behind, and accepted fluids, nutrition and rest to restore its health. It did not bite, claw or attack its rescuer.



The caption says it all, in terms of the deeper symbolic meaning of this event: “The injured eagle is expected to recover.”

Six days after this dream, on Saturday, May 18th, I discussed this and the rest of the dream in the Evolvepalooza online conference.



After I did Evolvepalooza, the initial window of “one or two weeks” with huge headlines produced even more results — nine days after I had the dream.

This time, the headlines were far more tragic — though Drudge had not put this one in red during the time I photographed it.



This was the front page of Huffington Post that same day — Tuesday, May 21st, 2013. 



This event was oddly similar to the incident I’d intuitively witnessed and published in “The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit.”

In that dream, there was a mega-storm of unprecedented destructiveness that was going to utterly wipe out the Cabal.




In the dream, my guide then went on: “These initial headlines directly set the stage for a much bigger series of events that will follow.”

These initial headlines directly set the stage for a much bigger series of events that will follow.

“These later events will also appear as headlines, all in red, on the top of the Drudge Report.”

“The key time window you need to look for is six weeks after the initial headlines appear.”

“What’s going to happen then,” I asked him?

“Disclosure will begin,” he answered. “Everything you’ve been hoping for is going to start happening.”

“Well, can you be a little more specific,” I asked? At this point he pulled up another image of the Drudge Report on the laptop.

“You will see three different major news stories all hit at the same time. Each of them will be highlighted in red at the top of Drudge Report. They will be worldwide. Everyone will be talking about them.”



I honestly did not know whether to go public with this dream — including details I will share in just a minute.

I did end up covering it in the online conference, but I needed to rest, and didn’t feel like updating the site yet. I wanted to enjoy my time off — and wait and see what happened.

However, once this story broke, my resting period was over — and here we are.

By this point, I was already gearing up to disclose the dream and write a major new piece — but this new event put it over the top.








The “six weeks” figure wasn’t entirely clear. One possibility was that it would land on Monday, June 24th — six weeks after the dream itself happened.

Another possibility was that it would happen on Monday, July 1st, six weeks after the one-week window I was given for the first round of events to take place.

However, if the tornado is supposed to be the main coordinate-point to count six weeks from, that would bring it to roughly Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013.

It is also possible that the six-week figure is symbolic, not literal — and only represents an approximate window.



In the dream, I was told that these headlines would be Disclosure-related. UFOs and ETs would break out on a major level, and be taken very seriously.

I was also shown that one of the stories seemed to involve the Atacama humanoid discussed in Amardeep Kaleka and Dr. Steven Greer’s film SIRIUS, which I am briefly featured in at the beginning and in a few other spots.

After I saw these upcoming headlines in the dream, the guide and I then stood up from the laptop workstation and walked back outside the building.



I was now looking at the security gate and fence that I’d been asked to install at the front of the driveway at the house I’m living at, roughly around this time last year.

This request had come in the form of a horrible dream where my house was broken into by a drugged-out hippie guy — and I witnessed him stealing items out of the house.

The feeling was very disjointed and terrifying.

I tried to scream at him but I had no voice. He then ran off and zoomed away in a very high-end silver sports car, like a Porsche.

“We needed you to install a security gate to keep the press out. Otherwise, they would have congregated outside your front door in a giant mob.”

It ended up taking quite a long time to get the gate actually installed, and it was definitely not cheap — but it is there now in real life.

The man I was talking to said “This is why we urged you to install the security gate. It’s not about fans stalking you. We needed it there to keep the press out.”

“Everyone is going to want to interview you once this story really breaks, and we wanted to make sure you would have privacy.”

“Otherwise, they would have congregated right outside your front door in a giant mob.”



I have had many, many dreams preparing me for massive, worldwide exposure, coinciding with the revealing and defeat of the Power Elite.

One of these dreams involved Michael Jackson.

Though this dream was simply a piece of data I received intuitively, I was reticent to discuss it for a long time, since the default attack of every skeptic is that anything like this is “ego” and nothing more.

I first mentioned the dream in a post from September 11, 2009:

Weeks before Michael Jackson died, I had a dream where I walked with him and he ended up dying of a heart attack from fear of his public.

After he was gone, his family was gathered and said how sad it was that he chose that time to leave, because if he had stayed here he would have lived to see a massive defeat of the New World Order.

I am delighted to know that some of these very major problems are going to be resolved a lot sooner than I had imagined they would be.

This was something he had wanted for a very long time, and now it was imminent.

When he actually did then die, it was a further sign to me that the forces creating my dreams can definitely see into the future.

The point was not whether I published the dream about him before it actually happened. The point was to add yet another layer of proof to convince me that this seemingly outrageous prophecy they were giving me was really in fact true.

I am delighted to know that some of these very major problems are going to be resolved a lot sooner than I had imagined they would be.

It is also a huge honor to be given this information to share with you in advance of the actual events taking place. I am humbled.



I finally revealed the full detail of this dream in a radio show I did on May 15, 2010 with Dr. Robert Pease on Co-Creator Radio Network — after a caller named Judy asked me a question.

Here is a copy of the original text, as you can read at this link:

RP: You have some questions for David?
JUDY: Yeah, in your article you said that on the dream level, they’re preparing you to do things in your life in a different phase.
I was wondering if you could elaborate what you feel your work is preparing you to go into a different phase with?
DW: Well, that’s a deliciously unpleasant question. Wouldn’t you like to know? [laughs]
RP: [laughs]
JUDY: Yeah, I would.
DW: I can’t really go into detail because if I did, I would look like an egomaniac.
RP: Oh, come on David. Come on, we don’t see you as an egomaniac. We’re all friends here. Let’s do it.
DW: All right. All right. I will give you something very controversial that I have never said before.

Michael Jackson died in my arms of a heart attack. Three weeks later, the prophecy came true. But there was much more to it than I had revealed before.

Everybody knows that I had a dream about Michael Jackson’s death about three weeks before he died.
The dream was extremely precise. In the dream he was in tears, and he died in my arms – from a heart attack.
In the dream the reason why he died was because he was so terrified of being as public as he was.
We were walking around a giant outdoor concert and there was a big commercial that showed up on the screen.
The commercial was basically showing diagrams of his nose and his plastic surgery. He just started totally freaking out and going into a panic attack.
The thing that was so sad about his death was that after he literally died in my arms, there was this giant gathering.
The gathering had many of the top luminaries in the African-American community, people that are big names, like Reverend Al Sharpton, guys like that. It wasn’t clear whether Obama was a part of this or not.
Basically what had happened was that the negative, financially corrupt forces in the world had decided to give up their control and power – obviously not willingly. They were now preparing to formally hand it over to this new group.
Michael Jackson’s family members were actually part of that new group. Obviously, it’s all analogizing to Obama as well.
So, bottom line here is that there was this massive transfer of power.
Everybody was saying, “It’s such a shame that Michael died when he did. If he lived just a little bit longer, he would have been able to see this massive change in society that’s he’s been working and hoping for all along.”
Now, I get this dream three weeks before he died, but here’s the detail that I omitted. Michael told me, “You’re going to go through the same things I went through. I hope you can handle it better than me.”
By context, it was clear this publicity increase in my own life would come about as this massive transfer of power took place in society.
I’ve had many, many dreams in which I have a highly significant level of publicity in the world.
The best way I deal with it most of the time is ignoring it, because it’s not really going to affect what I do day-by-day very much, other than to just distract me.
But the other thing that was so fascinating was a synchronicity. I was on the phone, on Internet telephone, with Henry Deacon, the top Camelot witness who actually worked with extraterrestrial humans who look just like us – at a base on Mars.
I definitely believe he’s for real. I’ve interrogated him for over 80 hours. I know what I’m talking about here.
We were on the phone that day, and we had had an amazing conversation. As soon as I got off the phone, I found out that Michael Jackson died.
He called me back on the phone, and said it was astonishing that Michael Jackson had died, and yet none of his videos were on the top of Google Video.
He felt it was almost like there was some kind of cover-up; they don’t want his videos to be seen, even though that’s got to be what people are watching.
And then he’s looking at the videos and he goes, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”

“Did you actually look at the videos on the top of Google’s list?”

I said, “What’s that?”
And he said, “Did you look at the videos?”
I had just told him the dream, in which Michael Jackson said, “You’re going to be as well known as me.
“That’s what’s going to happen to you. Hopefully, you’ll do better than I’ve done, because I admit it; I’ve had a lot of trouble with it.”
So then Henry goes, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”
“What’s that?”
“Did you actually look at what’s on the top video list?”
“No, not really.”
“Go take a look.”
2012 Enigma was the number two on Google’s most viewed at the moment that Michael Jackson died – and for a few hours after he died. And I have proof; I took screen shots.
Then I said, “Oh my God, I don’t want to publish this. People are going to eat me alive. I don’t want to make any prophecy in public about the idea that I might become pretty well known.” I guess it’s the right time.
RP: It’s part of the deal.




The anger and hate that has been directed towards me has been very difficult to take. Had I not grown into this gradually, it would have been utterly overwhelming.

I do believe that if the Power Elite are exposed and arrested, and the public learns the truth, there will be a storm of media around many different people who have covered these topics.

I am certainly not the only one who will suddenly be inundated with this type of attention — not by a longshot.

The events of this past Thursday night have really transformed my perspective on all of this. I am now seeing it as a good thing — not a bad thing.

We’ve been talking about these upcoming events for a long, long time. It’s quite amazing to see them becoming tangible realities.

In Part Two of this article series, we will go into much more detail about all the OTHER pieces of data that must be considered when putting this all together.



I am very excited by the idea that these dreams may be accurate, and we do not have long to wait.

Many other dreams have presented me with the same bottom-line conclusion — using equally grandiose and stunning metaphors.

I do know that once the truth is set free, it can never be stopped. Things are now starting to get really interesting.

No one can deny what’s going on at this point. Public indignation will quickly drive new revelations.



The pace of exposure has been excruciatingly slow — but the Alliance may well have been building up to this moment ever since the Bavarian Illuminati was first founded in 1776.

The biggest events in history, including 9/11, are all happening in regular cycles, with as little as a day or two between the events in each round… even across 2,160 years.

I had discovered that the greatest events in history, including 9/11, are all happening in regular cycles — with as little as a day or two between the events in each cycle, even across 2,160 years. 

Once I had dramatically expanded the scope of this research, combining all the best sources on it and making many new discoveries of my own, I had to look at the greater purpose for why this was happening.

Ultimately, I concluded it was all part of a much greater Divine design to awaken us to the fact that we are in a living universe — and we all share the same identity.

Consciousness is not strictly the result of neurons firing in the brain.

Once we understand, collectively, that the Universe itself is conscious — built by a Source Field that actually thinks — we will also realize how it is guiding us through an individual and planetary evolution.



Each of us, regardless of our spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, are being guided through the same spiritual curriculum — known as the Hero’s Journey archetypes.

Jesus dropped a very provocative statement in the Bible that showed he understood this, and came to embody the pattern of the Hero. These cycles undeniably appear in other religions as well.

My broken toe got me thinking about mortality — and the greater reality we all know and share in the afterlife, and beyond. That became a key part of the new book.

The whole first half of the book — 250 pages — beautifully sets up the greater reality we live in before the cycles are ever even discussed in any detail.



Synchronicity is being used to gradually awaken us to the truth of who and what we really are. Synchronicity is happening on an industrial scale in the cycles of history.

All recorded events in history, going all the way back to Sumerian times, are following precisely-repeating cyclical patterns. But why?

In fact, one Russian scientist discovered that all recorded events in history, going all the way back to Sumerian times, are following these same patterns.

They were built to be discovered.

It may be that untold billions of inhabited worlds have already come to realize the structures in time that govern their soul evolution — on an individual and collective level.

Synchronicity may be the key that unlocks the greatest mystery of all time: Who are we, why are we here, and where are we going?

History begins to look very different once we understand that all events are part of a grand, Divine design, endorsed by all the great world religions as the key to our collective awakening.

It appears that this grand moment of Triumph is finally upon us now.



Finally, after extraordinary effort, I have created what may come to be seen as the finest work of art I have ever produced.

Producing hours and hours of no-holds-barred “Disclosure Television” at the same time has been a marvelous experience.

In Part Two we will cover the breathtaking new discoveries that emerged as I synthesized this vast wealth of data together for my new book. 

We will also see a great treasure-trove of specific data that strongly suggests the Alliance is real — and is taking down the Power Elite at a slow but inevitable speed, without creating revolutions or violent upsets.

The main, basic outline and data summary of this new material is already 40 pages — and I have to start dictating the audio version of the book in the studio as of Monday.

The Synchronicity Key was written in anticipation that all of this was about to happen. It is available now for you to pre-order at a much lower price.

This is one case where you stepping up and doing this now can actually help affect the outcome. If these cycles become common knowledge, the world will be radically transformed for the positive.





Available in hardcover, audiobook and ebook formats as of August 20, 2013!

#1 Best-Seller in “New Age Divination with Prophecy” category on Amazon!




Wow. I just had quite an incredible synchronicity. I had re-read the article, just for proofreading it and enjoying it.

I got to the end and just blanked out for a minute or two. Then I heard a quiet but clear message. “Click refresh… NOW! You might get a synchronicity.”

I just did it, without even thinking about it. And this time the results were so spectacular that I said, out loud, “Oh my God!”

This was a QUINTUPLE-DIGIT hit counter synchronicity — 22,222. I immediately snapped a shot of it and went into the website to post the update.

The timing for this to work had to be incredibly precise. Just in the time it took me to make it into the editing window, the hits had jumped up to 22256.



I took a snapshot of this, very quickly, and then clicked right into the article. As soon as I did, the hit counter was showing 15 more hits, at 22271.



This clearly indicates that the margin of error was literally within fractions of a second for landing on a five-digit numerical synchronicity like this.



After I posted this update just now, I had to check it and make sure the spacings of the graphics were right.

I fixed one spot, updated it, and now I had a very clear anagram of 25920, the Master Number, with only 2 digits different.



Without even trying, the exact width of the image I just took, in its raw form, was 444 pixels.



When you consider the much deeper prophecies that this article is built around, this is all very, very exciting supporting data.

For those with eyes to see….