Thousands of top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government are about to be arrested. Read this landmark interview transcript with “Drake” now — before it becomes front-page news!



The problems we face in today’s world are extraordinary. You may feel as if there is no way out.

There is a core group responsible for the majority of these problems. If this group is defeated, it will be much easier for us to heal our planet.

Mass arrests of this core group have been planned since at least the 1970s — according to Drake, a new whistleblower I recently interviewed.

This is the official, full transcript of that discussion — where we combined the strength of what both of us have heard independently about this plan.

Like it or not, a civilian uprising alone would never have the logistical and tactical ability to resist such a well-armed and deeply-entrenched group.

There is an absolute requirement that the military, or at least a significant majority of it, supports the will of the people in a case like this — in order for us to have a real chance at succeeding.

Despite the intrinsic paranoia and fear associated with any change of this scale, I firmly believe this will be a quantum leap in the healing of our planet. Freedom is not a pipe dream. The people demand it.



Although a certain percentage of people are not strong enough to face the truth, just yet, everyone is aware at some level that we have occult forces manipulating finance and government.

Movies like “Thrive” lay it all out for you — including the fact that these groups hope to kill billions of people, reducing Earth’s population to a size they feel would be easier to control.

Foster Gamble recently made a video announcement that Thrive will now be distributed free of charge online — as of today’s date, April 5, 2012. See for yourself — this is not a hoax:

Official Announcement that THRIVE Will Be Free


Here is the new, dedicated link to the FULL version of Thrive. When I checked it there were still only 203 hits, as it had just gone live. You can copy this, distribute this to your friends, and it will remain stable:

Official Link to Full-Length, Free Version of THRIVE Documentary


If anyone still doesn’t believe that these genocidal plots are real, send them this link and watch this movie with them — together.

They will have a lot of questions — and will probably need to pause it frequently and talk. 


It may seem impossible to believe that anyone would want to install a global dictatorship — but genuinely sociopathic people do exist.

In this case they are very well-organized, and have seized power very effectively — particularly in the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy — the G5.

My own definitive statement on this is the Financial Tyranny ebook, featured here at Divine Cosmos.


The real core of this group’s power lies in the control of the money system — through the Federal Reserve banking families and their international equivalent, the Bank for International Settlements or BIS.

This Financial Tyranny is the underlying root of a staggering number of problems on Earth.

Starvation and disease is epidemic in much of the world, and even in the modern countries there is widespread poverty and economic hardship.

The majority of the world is completely fed up with Financial Tyranny, and has formed an alliance to stop it — using as non-violent a means as possible, while still achieving the necessary results.

Drake has revealed startling new information. The plan was already developed into a five-inch-thick briefing document as of 1979.


This plan will be carried out by a 60-percent majority of heroes in the Pentagon and US military — who do NOT support Financial Tyranny, and genuinely have our best interests at heart.

There are now signs that this majority has recently become a lot more than 60 percent.

Drake just told me on the phone that he is now in direct contact with the underground on a mass level.

He is now working with every significant group having to do with freedom. The numbers are incredible. There are crushing demands on his time as a result. Everyone wants to get clear on how they can help.

His latest show, after our interview, consumed more bandwidth than every other program in the entire history of Blog Talk Radio — combined — and strangled the server.

An estimated 1.3 million listeners tuned in — live. There are already YouTube copies of my interview with Drake that have over a hundred thousand views each.

The original MP3s have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from this website as well.



Former Asia-Pacific bureau chief Benjamin Fulford was the first to break this story, as far as I am aware. He has been talking about it for at least three years now.

The complexity of an operation like this is staggering — as this cabal effectively controls the media, and uses murder, torture, blackmail and bribery to insure it is never exposed.

I became personally involved by interviewing Fulford several times now — and posting the transcripts, which have never ceased to be fascinating.

In addition, I began directly working with some of his top contacts behind the 134-nation alliance of countries ready to end Financial Tyranny — as of last November.

If these mass arrests do occur, and I very much believe they will, this will be at least as significant as 9/11 in world history — if not far more so. And in this case it will be significantly positive, not negative.

Everyone will be talking about it. There will be no possible way NOT to talk about it. The scope will be that vast — and all-encompassing.


The full details of the plan, including its origin, are classified — as some of the people involved are still alive. Any attempt to attach it to a particular time window could significantly increase the threat of exposing them.

However, in Operation Northwoods, the US government seriously considered terrorizing its own cities to provoke a war with Cuba — as of 1962.

ABC News published the details of this plan on May 1, 2001 — before 9/11.

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War with Cuba

By David Ruppe
N E W  Y O R K, May 1, 2001

In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.
Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.
The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.
America’s top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: “We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba,” and, “casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”

You can read original scans of the entire document, in all its chilling clarity, here.

The Wikipedia page on Operation Northwoods is also quite good — at least right at this time.



Kennedy turned the plan down after it was offered to him. This plan also undoubtedly caused a great deal of alarm among many top military brass.

Seeing Kennedy assassinated, in broad daylight, not long thereafter made them very aware of what they were up against.

The same types of operations detailed in the Northwoods document had now been used against their own Commander in Chief.

For those who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and its people, against all enemies — foreign and domestic — this was certainly a powerful wake-up call.

Very likely this is when the plan for mass arrests started to gain momentum and support.


When I did the interview with Drake, it occurred to me that Nixon’s planned coup, which he circulated amongst all the top military brass, undoubtedly influenced the plan for mass arrests.

I had first read about this in William T. Still’s epic work, New World Order. Here are a few excerpts from the first chapter, which spells it all out.

Excerpts from New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still

7 On about October 15, 1973, I was given a memorandum by my father, Lt. Col. William L. Still, a retired Air Force officer, one of the architects of the military’s defense communications network.
On October 3, 1973 he was approached by an acquaintance, Joe Josephson, who claimed he had connections with the White House of President Richard M. Nixon.
This acquaintance asked my father how he and his military friends would feel about a military takeover of the U.S. government….
The Watergate hearings had gone on throughout the summer and now President Nixon was refusing to comply with court orders to surrender the White House tapes as evidence….
My father was dumbfounded by the suggestion that a coup was afoot. Fortunately, he was able to conceal his shock long enough to learn some of the details from his associate, Mr. Josephson.

8 Shortly thereafter, he wrote a memorandum detailing the incident and circulated it in military intelligence and FBI channels. This startling memorandum reads as follows:
Subject: Rumor concerning planning for a Military Coup within the USA.
My name is William L. Still, Lt. Co., USAF (Ret). I am not an alarmist, and consider myself to be intelligent, objective and an analyst of above average capability. I am writing this statement only after careful consideration of its potential impact on both the country and myself…
A committee exists which is dedicated to… keeping Mr. Nixon in office by any means – INCLUDING A MILITARY COUP BY HIGH RANKING OFFICERS!
I heard this rumor on 3 October 1973. The man from whom I heard this story stated that he had recently been “sounded out” on a writing job for the committee, and that there was apparently unlimited money behind it as “price was no object” in salary discussions….
We then entered into a discussion on the tactics which could be used to execute such a coup.
During the course of the discussion, I was questioned as to the feasibility of the plan, and asked whether I thought senior military men could be enlisted for such an effort.
This next part of the story is particularly provocative in light of 9/11 — and this is much less known than Operation Northwoods.
Part of this plan to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution involved assassinating the vice president in broad daylight, and bombing American cities.
Then, the whole thing would be blamed on terrorists — and would force a declaration of martial law and the suspension of the Constitution.
Nixon’s continued power would be ensured — regardless of the public uproar over Watergate. That was part of the plan.
A mass-market paperback book entitled The Glasshouse Tapes was published by Louis Tackwood, who claimed that he was a member of a super-secret domestic intelligence unit of the Los Angeles Police Department which was working on a plan to create a chaotic domestic political situation in the U.S. that would give President Nixon the justification for declaring martial law.
Tackwood claimed that he helped set up a secret operation which would allow anti-war demonstrators to break onto the floor of the 1972 Republican convention, then scheduled to take place in San Diego, just as Vice-President Agnew began to speak.
Tackwood and his accomplices would then cause a riot on the convention floor, with the demonstrators battling police. During the resulting uproar, the vice-president would be shot on nationwide TV to gain maximum impact.
This incident would be followed by a wave of nationwide bombings, for which the revolutionary left would openly take credit.
In response, President Nixon would then have the justification to declare a state of national emergency, and essentially suspend Constitutional rights….
11 The idea in such an assassination strategy is, of course, to create a chaotic condition. This is usually considered a necessity in coup-making. At the peak of chaos, you move quickly and ruthlessly to seize power by force and kill your opposition during the turmoil….

This next set of excerpts are only two of the most powerful examples of people speaking out about what almost happened back in 1973. We are very fortunate that these plans did not take place.
Again — I believe that in the fullness of time, we will find out that the plan for mass arrests significantly accelerated as a result of these events.
12 In June, 1982 Watergate grand juror Harold Evans appeared in a segment of the ABC news magazine 20/20 and said that [Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon] Jaworski had warned the grand jury that if indicted, the president might have “surrounded the White House with armed forces.”….
13 Seymour Hersh, writing in the August 1983 edition of the Atlantic Monthly, stated: …
“The notion that Nixon could at any time resort to extraordinary steps to preserve his presidency was far more widespread in the government than the public perceived in the early days of Watergate — or perceives today.”

I’ve just shared two very powerful examples with you, each of which has been thoroughly documented, where certain high-ranking members of the military planned on attacking American cities and blaming it on terrorists.
The Nixon coup in particular made it clear that this wasn’t just to go after a commonly-perceived enemy like Cuba — it was to establish a military dictatorship in the United States, and take away all freedoms promised in the Constitution.
The most significant new data from Drake’s testimony, to me, is how these mass arrests have been planned since at least 1979 — and the briefing document was already five inches thick by then.
It is ridiculous to assume that “everybody is in on it” if they are in finance, media, government, corporations or military. That is a cartoonish, ignorant view — and actually constitutes a form of mental illness.
The reality is that most of the people working in these areas are good. Only a very small number of folks at the very top have been causing all the trouble.
Drake and I discuss many other subjects in our interview as well. Everyone would be well advised to read this and get informed.
My own insiders have told me that this plan for mass arrests has been in very high gear ever since 9/11. However, they cannot move until they have everything lined up properly — and legally. That moment has finally arrived.
Now that I have posted this transcript, I will get back to finishing its companion piece, DIVINE INTERVENTION.

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And now, without further ado, let’s launch right into the interview transcript itself.
DAVID WILCOCK (DW): Hello. This is David Wilcock. You’re listening to a Divine Cosmos audio blog. Today’s date is, let’s see … the 28th of March. It’s a Wednesday. It’s 6 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time.
I’m here with a remarkable new whistleblower who has just come forward. His name is Drake. That’s what he’s going by.
I contacted him because I have been covering this story about pending mass arrests.
You have to understand the scope of what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about 10 people, 20 people.
We’re talking about a systematic, potentially world-wide effort — although most of these conspirators are in the G5 countries, so I’ve heard.
[The G5 countries are the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France.]
This is a very wide-spread effort to effectively give us, as a planet, a massive dose of antibiotics — against an infection that has been threatening to almost completely destroy its host.
The host would be the Earth and its people; the animals, the plants, the trees and everything.
DW: Drake came along on the Internet recently. I was sent an email by him, announcing that he was going to have some radio shows.
But, when the email first passed by my desk, I didn’t quite catch the impact of what it was saying.
Up until now, the only people who have really been reporting on these pending mass arrests whatsoever have been Benjamin Fulford and myself.
In both cases, we have, together and independently, sets of contacts, some of which are deeply embedded within the Pentagon, who have reported to us that this is VERY REAL.
In fact, I had heard from an off-the-books source — this is not somebody who’s gone public at all — that this had been sparked by 9/11, to a large degree.
Many people in the military realized that they were not in the chain of need-to-know.
This was not Arabs with box cutters that caused these buildings to fall into their own footprint.
If that could happen — if kerosene can melt steel — then every kerosene heater ever built is a massive hazard; but yet they’re all sitting there just fine.
DW: Something is going on here. People know about it. They’re scared of it.
And, in what I call the Sheep Effect, they feel that if they keep their head down, then the wolf won’t know that he’s been spotted.
The sheep who’s dumb enough to look up and stare the wolf in the eye is going to make him charge. That’s the one who ends up dying.
I’m not afraid of death. Neither is Drake.
He’s here, and he has put a public face behind something that, up until now, has sounded like two guys stroking their egos — trying to say something that makes everybody feel good, but has no teeth behind it.
[to Drake] And now, here you are. I want to hear what you have to say.
Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into all this? [Sound of an elephant roar]
DRAKE (DK): [laughs] What I’d like to do … in conjunction with that is let people know what we’re not.
DW: Okay, great.
DK: This will give everybody a better idea as to what’s going on.
DW: Oh, I’m sorry, one more thing I should point out is that I called you the other night. We spoke for … 4 hours and 22 minutes is what the phone said when I hung it up.
DK: [laughs]
DW: I called you jointly with one of my very senior top insiders. You will now be able to vouch that you spoke to him, and how amazing that discussion was.
More importantly, I’ve trusted him, built it up over years, and he vetted you out.
He actually identified dozens of specific points you said that are not on public record, that you could not have known unless you are the bonafide, authentic, real deal.
I wanted to make that point first.
DK: Cool. [laughs]
DW: So, some disclaimers you said you have to give us here. What are you not?
DK: You know, uh … [takes a breath] there’s a … [sighs] a boat-load of people who would like to jump on the bandwagon and get whatever they can get in terms of snatching names or name-dropping, that sort of thing.
They post a website with a certain name, and everybody gravitates to it because of this or that. Whether it’s selling anything or not doesn’t seem to matter, basically.
I want to make this absolutely clear. There’s a thing out there [on the Internet] called nation-states.
The project we [originally] undertook falls under the definition of what a nation-state is — in terms of sovereignty.
However, there is no such thing as nation-states. It does not exist. There is nothing by that name from us. Okay?
DW: Okay.
DK: Without affiliation, there is even less.
Any of the websites out there that say nation-states is probably somebody trying to either sell a widget or build up their importance.
Or, they’ve got an ego problem — or they want to take issue with what we are about.
DK: We do not have a group. There is no group. There are several groups, but no main group.
There’s no leader. And we don’t have a database that we keep on anybody. Most of the people are anonymous, in that we do not know exactly all of the people involved in this.
Primarily, this was a project given to us — and I’ll explain the parameters of it in a minute.
The process was, at first, an accident in some ways. The information I contributed originally came over a radio show where I complained about something.
Somebody took notes, tried it and it worked. We’ll cover a little of that in just a minute.
The only basic thing that we’ve done is a notification process that was defined by the basis of lawful notification of a nation-state, its existence and the proclamation of that to the world.
DW: The idea behind doing this is ultimately for sovereignty and freedom.
DK: Exactly.
DW: For actual states in the United States, as well as for individuals in the United States.
DK: Exactly.
DW: Okay.
DK: There are several things that go into this. We’re not affiliated with the White Knights, Gate Keepers. It’s just us.
And we, as I said, don’t even know everybody involved.
DW: Neither do I. It’s funny because another contact I have was demanding that they be put in touch with this group. [DK laughs]
And I said: Look. I only have two points of contact with this group. Well, okay, three, but nobody wants to say anything.
The amount of information I’ve gotten has just been in little bitty trickles.
But nonetheless, if you add up what the trickles are saying, this is an incredible, incredible story of what’s getting ready to happen here.
Some of the things you were saying on the other radio show about how much has already been moved into position and how much is ready to go right now — it’s astonishing.
I want people to hang in there, because right now we’re going through some of the bookkeeping that has to done to build up to this.
But, once we get to the main thrust of this story, it’s absolutely amazing. So, please, go on.
DK: Okay. If somebody wants to know about what we’re doing and they would like to listen to the radio programs which are archived, they need to go to Freedom Reigns.
That’s F-R-E-E-D-O-M, just like freedom. Reigns is R-E-I-G-N-S dot US.
That website has been put up to alleviate us having to repeat ourselves, and the extraordinary glut of letters filling up the mailbox and this sort of thing — so we have time to do what we’re needing to do.
DK: There is one stipulation in this, and I want to make this absolutely clear. We do not have anything to do with R.A.P., RuSA, which is Tim Turner’s group. His people…
DW: Restore America Program [R.A.P.] is what you’re talking about, right?
DK: Uh … yeah.
DW: Okay.
DK: If you go on the website, there are exposures for that group.
DW: Yeah. I was just going to say, the name ‘Tim Turner’ seems to be popping up in my mind because I think someone wrote an expose’ on him recently, didn’t they?
DK: Yes. One of our principals has an extraordinary library of things that out the group as to what the people in charge were doing, or what they intend to do.
The ultimate goal was to literally arbitrarily create their own government — and put it in place.
Tim Turner has declared himself as a, quote: “savior,” “god,”, or whatever.
All funds collected in the country were to go to him personally — among other things.
And it gets worse from there. I’m not going to get into the details.
DW: Wouldn’t this also serve the function of owning the opposition? Flushing out the people that really want to do something, and making them think that…
DK: I’m pretty sure that that’s probably what the idea was.
DW: Okay.
DK: There’re several of these types of operations. I call it the cabal.
DW: Right. And one of the main reasons why I’m confident that you’re not one of those is I vetted you out with someone who has impeccably proven trust over years of time.
The degree to which we validated you was vast. It encompassed over four hours of discussion. So, I do not consider that you are in that group.
I have to keep my thinking cap on as you’re talking.
I have to remember that one of the epidemics we have on the Internet right now is people who think they’re smart just because they disagree with every single thing they hear.
They believe that every single thing they hear must be a lie — and must be the opposite of truth.
It’s very difficult to counteract that, because it’s a knee-jerk response that people have had due to the extent to which they’ve been lied to.
I know that you’re not lying, because … first of all, your words resonate to me as truth.
And second of all, I proved that you’re telling the truth in a multiplicity of ways in this conversation that we had.
So, please, go on.
DK: I thank you for that.
DW: Sure.
DK: I want to tell everybody who listens to this or reads it — and I understand it’s going to be transcribed — do your own research and homework, please.
Go to freedom; F-R-E-E-D-O-M. Reigns; R-E-I-G-N-S dot US. Put it in your search engine.
And the website that that contacts run through to the group and things that we get — our radio show, this sort of thing — is all there.
If you need further questions, ask the webmaster. We will see what we can do about supplying an answer to it. Now, basically this is the prelude to what exactly went on.
Uh, you want me to go into that now?
DW: Well, actually, let’s talk about underwater basket-weaving. That might be a little more interesting.
DK: [laughs] I have trouble holding my breath that long.
DW: [laughs]
DK: [laughs] Um…
DW: No. I mean, this is what we’re here for, right?
DK: Yeah.
DW: I’ve heard from my own sources that there is an absolutely vast amount of incriminating evidence that has been collected that will bring down whatever you want to call them — the New World Order, the Illuminati, et cetera.
You gave me some very specific information about how much of that evidence exists. I don’t know whether that was public or not, so I’m not going to say more right now.
You also have given much more specific information publicly than what I’ve heard privately.
You have fleshed this thing out into a three-dimensional entity that has gone way beyond the point of a speculative what-if, and into: Okay. This is a vast operation.
They’ve been building up to it for a long time. It’s extremely clever and it’s extremely intelligent how it’s been put together.
It has been calculated for maximum effect and maximum success. And there’s a great deal of coordination that will be involved.
DW: I think that probably one of the main things that needs to happen, and why they asked you to come forward, is we really need to help the public know that this is not another silly New World Order martial law takeover.
This is what, obviously, certain disinformation outlets are going to try to spin this as once it happens.
But this is in fact the saving of the planet. And it’s the military, as you were saying, not following unlawful orders — and actually living up to their Oath of Enlistment.
It says right in the Oath that every soldier has to swear to, before God, that he will defend and protect the United States against all enemies — foreign and domestic.
DK: That’s the United States Constitution.
DW: The Constitution. That’s right.
DK: You are right about this.
DK: I came up above the radar by accident. But, nobody else was putting out any of the basis of the plans involved, nor the level at which this is actually coming from.
Consequently, I felt it my patriotic duty to at least lay out some of the basics.
Now, some detail I cannot go into, and won’t go into.
If we reach a certain level, I’ll say: No. We can’t talk about that.
And we can go on to another subject.
DK: The basis for this is that I learned how to walk point in Vietnam. So, shooting at me does not do a lot of good — other than to really upset me.
This is for the simple fact that in Vietnam, every time we sat to eat, we’d get shot at.
Scooping your food off of the ground ain’t no fun. It’s crunchy, among other things. [DW laughs]
It really does things to me when somebody shoots at me. So that’s not something I recommend.
DW: My father voluntarily enlisted in the Army Reserve and served our country in Vietnam. He was actually one of the only journalists over there reporting on, among other things, the rock-and-roll movement and Woodstock.
So, he was sort of like one of the Good Morning Vietnam people. [DK laughs]
He did get PTSD. I had kind of a rough childhood because, in a way, it was like having a drill sergeant for a father. [DK laughs]
That’s sort of the aftermath of how Vietnam has impacted me. I just turned 39 years old.
I have every degree of respect and admiration for your service. I thank you for serving this country.
DK: You are very welcome.
DK: The basis of this is two-fold. I learned how to walk point. And now, my goodies are above the radar. So, I got put in the open for two reasons.
One, I felt it my patriotic duty to try to inform the people as to what is really going on — so that they don’t have to listen to a bunch of idiots on the Internet spouting off whatever kind of imaginary stuff they come up with.
People do not need to listen to those bad dreams. That’s primarily what they are.
Most of it is propaganda, and most people don’t know what the word propaganda means. In Spanish, they put it on trash cans, because that’s where it goes.
DW: [laughs]
DK: Everybody needs to get their heads wrapped around this.
DW: I call it fear porn.
DK: Yeah.
DW: I coined that term because I believe that people read this and get addicted to it, because it physiologically stimulates you in the same way that sexual material does.
It actually makes your heart rate go up; your breathing rate goes up. You get a high off of being terrified.
DW: Unfortunately, the Powers That Were, as I like to call them… [DK chuckles] …have very effectively manipulated that human response.
You have entire outlets of alternative news that, as you just said, have built themselves and have profited extensively off of the undeniably pessimistic view they keep having.
It’s almost impossible to listen to them.
When folks like you get on there, who have a positive message, you just come against this incredible wall of negativity and fear, and just … absolute denial that anything good could be coming out of all this stuff that’s going on in the world.
I do believe that good people have seen what’s going on. They’re rising up and they’re not going to take it anymore.
DK: Well, that pretty much sums it up. I’m going to reiterate this again: Do your own research and homework.
It’s not the responsibility of somebody to teach you the basic English language in order to read a website.
Most people have the capability; they just refuse to do so, and would rather go off in gaga land in front of the TV, or play video games, or they’re busy texting their friends and playing with themselves.
The ideology is this — we’re coming up against the wall.
Now, most people — and I don’t care who reads this — most people with any kind of common sense at all knows that.
There are some real serious things going on in the economy. The lack of jobs, the amount of foreclosures [and] the separation of families because of economic problems, okay?
These are some of the basis of the fear that these people who originate it, live on.
DK: I’m going to lay the basic[s] of how I found this. It was an accident, quite honestly.
DW: Okay.
DK: I’ve been studying and been involved in freedom movements and all that stuff for years.
I’ve tried, in every way, shape or form, to get somebody to put the beer down and get up off the couch, and do a little something — go talk to the neighbor, anything.
DW: Yeah, but what if it’s really good beer?
DK: Well, yeah. But the problem is, you sit on the couch and all you do is you consume the beer and you yak about stuff that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
[to David] You probably would have a good conversation, but… [DW laughs] most people are talking: Ooh, look at that guy shoot that ball at the hoop, or whatever.
I’m going to tell you — that’s superficial. That’s one of the distractions.
DW: Absolutely.
DK: Just like texting. Just like a lot of phone conversation, and the things that do not stay on target.
DK: Within all this, I’ve also studied a lot of what’s called freedom efforts. This includes freedom philosophers and their type.
This man got on a radio show and was spouting off all kinds of half-way measures that would get somebody put in jail if they did them.
DW: You’re saying he was encouraging people to grab their guns and just … Oh, Now is It! You gotta go out there and start shooting!
DK: No. This was even more basic than that.
DW: Oh.
DK: This was like being able to argue a traffic ticket out of court. Real simple stuff.
DW: Oh, right, right.
DK: Well, the only problem is that you can get up to six months for playing games with the judge if you do not know how to do this.
This guy was leaving out critical information that would almost guarantee that you got the six months, because you were giving the finger to the judge.
There are some things you do not do.
DW: Yeah.
DK: The guy basically had upset me.
DW: You don’t want to get a Vietnam vet grumpy; that can be a big problem.
DK: Well, yeah. But the deal was this, okay? I needed to know. And everybody had told me: You can’t do this and you can’t do that — okay?
DK: Then you have things like the Texas Freedom School or Freedom School of Texas — I forget which it is — that does have some good information, but it is kind of fragmented.
DW: Okay.
DK: Some of it is not complete, even though people would like you to think they are. But for $9.95, you can get the book that explains it all just right.
Well, I’m not willing to pay for freedom.
That’s not what it says anywhere about freedom at all, as far as I can find it.
DK: I decided to do my own research and my own homework.
I had looked at this stuff. I tried to get people up off the couch and that didn’t work. So, I didn’t have much to do except the research.
I started looking at the basis of law, where it comes from. I’m talking about way back in the woods of history.
Some of the places I went required me to have anything that I was intending to copy or borrow a copy of electronically, approved before they would release it.
DW: Hmmm.
DK: Some of this stuff is not for consumption by the general public. They make sure of that.
After two-and-a-half years, I figured out pretty much what everything said.
DW: I’m sorry. Can an ordinary civilian gain access to these documents? Or was this because you had some sort of classified access?
DK: No. It depends on whether or not you’re as nasty as a junkyard dog and tenacious as a bulldog… [DW chuckles]
You refuse to take no for an answer, and you bother somebody until they decide to allow you to do something — simply because they don’t want to fool with you anymore.
DW: I gotcha.
DK: That basically does research, and it covers all of it. Those people who won’t listen, they eventually do when you get a hold of them every day.
DW: Right.
DK: When you just send them 50 emails a day, one every minute or something, it bugs them enough — it’s like mom. [laughs]
When you used to want to get something from mom, if you bug her enough, she’ll say: Confound it, leave me alone!
And it works, okay? [DW chuckles]
So, the song, I believe, was: You Get Your Way by Insisting, okay? [DW laughs]
I insisted, so I got the information.
DK: I studied this over about two-and-a-half years. And, believe me, it is intricate.
It is extraordinary. What it told me was a simplistic, basic way to step outside of the normal controls of what people consider as “laws.”
You have limitations, supposedly, between a citizen of one country and a citizen of another.
Those two, legally, are supposedly separated. That’s not quite true. Little things of that nature were what I was after to learn.
I had studied this stuff for about two-and-a-half years. I finally took a break from it because my head was beginning to hurt.
I decided to listen to a little Internet radio and play a little cards on the machine.
And, lo and behold, here comes this friggin’ idiot — he’s one of these freedom philosophers.
This is somebody that thinks they know what they’re doing when they are missing several critical points that will get your butt put in jail — but they want you to try it.
You know: Oh, I’ve done this. Yeah, right.
DW: This is the guy that would teach you how to beat a traffic ticket, but you could go to jail for six months?
DK: Yeah.
DW: Right.
DK: That sort of thing. Real simple.
DW: Okay.
DK: If you’d go about it correctly, it works fine. Okay? But if you don’t, you end up actually opposing the judge.
DW: Right.
DK: That’s a big no-no. What you do is, you allow the law to oppose the judge — then the judge has to rule in a succinct manner. Plus, you’re not standing in a land-mine field.
That is not a nice place to stand, believe me, I’ve been in one.
So, this thing gets on there and decides to mouth off about this stuff. All he did was to almost instantly make me mad.
DK: So, I snatch the phone and I call in, and I said: Hey.
And he said: Hi.
And I said: According to what you just put out, most of that belongs in the toilet because you’re going to get people in trouble.
[in a lower voice] What do you mean?
I said: Your information is not total, is not complete, and you’re going to get people in trouble by espousing this, by saying that: ‘You know, if you do this, you can get away … you can tell the judge what to do.’
Well, no, that ain’t part of this and you know it. And if you don’t … I’ve been giving you a lot more credit than you deserve, so why don’t you shut up and listen?
Well, about this time, the host of the show comes on and says: Hey, come on now. You’re going to have to watch it.
And I said: Hey, look. Did you realize that you can be held liable if somebody gets in trouble for what this guy’s saying onto your show?
DW: Hmm!
DK: Really?
I said: Yeah! Now you want me to clear this mess up?
DK: Then the guy comes back with this “sovereignty” routine.
I got upset for the second time, and told him to shut up and listen, and maybe he would learn something; that he might want to learn how to read at the same time.
DK: I laid out the primary basis for what is required in order to declare any area.
Let’s say you got an area somewhere in the middle of Timbuktu-land, but it’s yours and it’s registered in terms of the boundaries, basically.
Or, you have at least real definitive markings as to so you can tell where it is, what it is and how big it is.
You can then declare that area sovereign.
And by doing so, you actually create your own nation-state.
DW: Well, if I declared my toilet a sovereign zone, then I could drop waste into it and be pretty much like the government.
DK: Well, so long as it stays within your area, yes.
By that I mean you should declare the whole yard — and use a finger system if you’re going to do something of that nature. [DW laughs]
That way you’re protected legally.
DW: Right on.
DK: But I’m saying, there are little bits of information. It can get squirrely, and it’s a lot of fun to deal with, but …
I laid this process out. Basically what we did, and the way the process worked, happened, as I said, by accident.
While I’m telling this guy how this works, somebody in the great State of Pennsylvania took notes.
DW: Oh wow.
DK: I didn’t have any idea anybody would even be listening, other than to shut this turkey up that didn’t know what he was talking about.
DW: Right. So, obviously, a state itself could be a “sovereign zone” or declared as such – and those who govern the state could get wind of what you’ve figured out from your extensive research and implement that research.
DK: Yes.
DW: Wow.
DK: That’s basically what happened in Pennsylvania.
DK: The person that took the notes was fairly knowledgeable in the real sovereign legalities and lawfulness.
This person took that knowledge, in combination with what I had put together, got with some other people, and they said: Well yeah, let’s see what happens.
So, they put together a Process of Notification and they sent it off to the International Court of the Hague.
DW: Oh my God.
DK: This is the Civilian Division, as I understand it, or Civil Division. And they, of course, sent a reply back when they received it, that they had received that package.
The rest of it was a receipt of the intent of the package. They had made a copy of what they had sent, a Certified Copy of the original, that sort of thing.
Now they’re sitting on a package there, and the Hague’s got one in their records.
DW: Right. So now you have a complete paper trail.
DK: Exactly.
DW: This might be like a Subpoena, where the simple fact that the Hague accepted the paperwork by definition locks them into some sort of binding arrangement.
DK: No. No.
DW: Oh, okay.
DK: No. This is exactly and only a Notification Process. I want to make that perfectly clear.
DW: Okay.
DK: What happens through receipt of the paperwork is that it goes into the Hague Record.
In that manner, the Notification then is a Publication, like you’d use in a newspaper to advertise: I’m not responsible for my debts any further.
DW: Okay.
DK: Well, this thing says: We are now a sovereign nation-state.
DW: Wow. Gotcha.
DK: It’s very similar to that, only this is an ‘international newspaper’, in effect.
We have, basically by sending one pack — one little pack like that — created a sovereign, independent nation-state.
DW: Wow.
DK: Okay. As soon as that got a receipt that this thing had been delivered, they got a call from a higher-up in the Pentagon.
DW: Mmm.
DK: And that person says: I understand you guys have been doing some Notification internationally?
I understand that you seem to find this process as being rather simple?
The next thing was: Do you think you can replicate or reproduce that sucker?
And the person went: I don’t know.
DW: Mmm.
DK: What you got right then was: I have no idea, quite simply. We can see what’s available; we can try and find out.
The guy — the person at the Pentagon … I’m not going to say it’s a ‘guy’ because I’m not going to put gender on it; simply that, you know, it could be a female [laughs].
The man — the people at the Pentagon — said: Go for it. Let’s see what happens.
And they said: Okay, we’ll give it a shot.
Now, these people are involved in freedom, just like I was.
They wanted to be able to do something that was real, proactive, didn’t get anybody in trouble and yet was something that could also be used in other ways.
Okay, they didn’t know at the time what that little simplistic package for that one state did.
They didn’t find out until after they started researching it.
DW: What’s the time window we’re talking about right now?
DK: In terms of the…
DW: When this all happened.
DK: This started in about October of last year [2011].
DW: Okay, okay.
DK: This is not an exact date. As of November, we decided that we were going to move on this.
I got involved because I knew one of the people that had been involved with these people before anyway.
I was requested, you know: Hey, would you like to be involved in this?
And I said: Sounds good to me. It’s better than anything else I’ve seen.
And then when they hit me with the idea of what it contained, I said: Now wait a minute. I was on a radio show, and I explained to them what happened.
And they said: Really?!
DK: Okay, so here you go.
You got somebody getting upset because some idiot gets on a radio show; he [Drake] tells them what they can do with themselves, and how to do it for real instead of playing games with things.
Somebody takes notes, they do it.
Then, all of a sudden, officials from the government and the military are interested: Can you do it again?
Along with that, there’s a combination of other people involved with their own shows at different times during the week.
I met those people, and got involved sort of indirectly with them.
DW: Right. I was going to say, it would seem that each state is going to have squirrelly barriers to go through, different from Pennsylvania, in order to get this all off the ground.
DK: Well, it depends on whether or not you’re a part of the original Thirteen Colonies…
DW: Oh.
DK: …and/or whether or not your constitution is de jure, which is lawful, by Common Law…
DW: Uh-huh.
DK: …or de facto, which is the corporate government. There is a difference.
DW: Okay, gotcha.
DK: I hate those key words simply because people … everyone … people hear it.
They turn the frigging TV on; they don’t want to hear that.
Well, I’m sorry, but you do need to pay attention to the difference.
DW: Right.
DK: At any rate, we start boogieing with this: Okay; we’ll take the project and we’ll run with it.
We were able to receive Notice on about the end of February of this year [2012] that the package, the whole package, of a majority of the states had been received by The Hague.
DW: Oh, wow.
DK: In other words, each little nation-state package went into a big box.
The big box was delivered to The Hague, and we got Notification of the entire package.
DW: Let me ask you this.
DK: Yes?
DW: Let’s say the military, in its Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against domestic enemies, gets word of a civilian-based initiative which demonstrates that the states wish to have their sovereignty returned to them.
Doesn’t that legally give them the right to move forward on this — and enforce the will of the majority of the states?
DK: Well, that’s part of the process I’m coming to.
DW: Okay, great.
DK: This is not just a simplistic process of sending a newspaper clipping overseas with the receipt that it got to where it was going.
DW: Oh, I get that.
DK: So, the basic premise of a nation-state is this:
What most people used was either their own constitution or they wrote one. It had to agree with the 1787 United States Constitution, to include the 13th.
And I mean the Original Thirteenth Amendment — where certain people are not allowed to hold foreign offices here in the states.
The Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation, and that real cool document called the Declaration of Independence.
DW: Mmm.
DK: By declaring our sovereignty and our disengagement, or our effort to remove ourself — ourselves; ourself meaning individual states — from the corporate United States government, what this did was to re-birth the Declaration of Independence…
DW: Mmm.
DK: …which states on page two that when the government gets out of whack, you got the right to take care of the problem.
DW: Absolutely.
DK: Now, here’s the other part of this.
The manner and format of using those documents, the original founding documents, in conjunction with a meeting by representative residents of a state, gives those people the right to make the Declaration.
DW: Mmm.
DK: This then gives legal authority, by the civilian authority, to the military to take actions as necessary to back up the civilian action.
DW: That’s what I thought. Okay. Perfect.
DK: It’s kind of convoluted, and I know it’s not real simple. But simply, we sent off Notification. The military gave us a gold star; they just loved it, okay?
DW: I’m assuming that, just so people get clear on this, you’re not talking about just a group of ordinary folks who are like surfing the Net and listening to ‘truth radio.’
These are actually people who have some degree of influence in these states that you were networking with.
DK: No. As a matter of fact, some of them are not very well educated. I’m going to make this perfectly clear: You don’t need influence in order to take certain actions.
DW: I see. So, the simple fact that we are all American citizens — everyone whom you’re speaking about, myself included — any citizen has the right to do this.
DK: Yes, basically.
DW: Okay. Perfect.
DK: Now, the premise is this.
In term of declaring your state as free of the United States government — and I’m talking about the corporate government and all of its affiliates — what happens is that each state becomes, according to the Notification Process, its own sovereign nation.
DW: Mmm.
DK: So, this is where the “nation-states” handle comes from.
DW: I see.
DK: It’s just a plurality of what individual states did. You have to have a certain number of people who reside in each state in order to accomplish the process.
It’s not difficult. We do have backup and assistance for that if somebody has problems.
DK: In our effort, we got enough of a majority of the states to have a cushion — in case there was some problem with some of the paperwork.
This was along with a fair group of Indian nations, who also submitted paperwork in such a fashion that the basis is this:
The [de jure] United States has been set free from the corporate [de facto] governmentliterally, on a lawful basis, as recognized internationally.
DW: I just … I can hear the howling laughter of skeptics who are already stroking their egos and saying:
Oh sure, you know, he can say whatever he wants, but if it ever even made it up to the Supreme Court, they would just knock it down, just like they appointed Bush in the whole election debacle between Bush and Gore.
DK: Not exactly.
DW: Okay.
DK: As I stated, I went back to the origins of law, and the origins of law come from the origins of law as written on Cuneiform tablets by the ancient Sumerians.
DW: Mmm.
DK: The tablet that I was privileged to get a copy of comes from somewhere in the neighborhood of 11,000 BC.
DW: Wow.
DK: Okay, from that tablet you’ve got Ecclesiastic Law. From Ecclesiastic Law, you’ve got Canon Law. From the combination of Ecclesiastic and Canon Law, you have all of your statutes and regulations that are considered law, under Common Law. 
[EDITOR: Common Law predates Admiralty law (which is the corporate “law,” legal fiction “law” and under the UCC Code), which is the basis of all the current statutes, regulations, etc, that currently “govern” the US.
It’s all color of law, which means that it’s a mere imitation, an imposture of the Substantive Law that is the Organic Constitution for the United States of America, as Lawfully amended.

Color of law has its origins in Common Law, but it does not operate within the Common Law.

Common Law is like clear water; color of law is like petro oil — the former supports life, the latter destroys.  Note that I underlined “for” above. The two links below will explain why I underlined the “for”: — This is the Organic Constitution of 1787, as Lawfully Amended. — The corporate version. “Of” means “owned” by the “United States” that is a corporation that was incorporated in 1871. This corporation functions outside of the Common Law and entirely within the color-of-law system. The current US “government” is NOT YOUR government!
This is explained very well by this link:]


DK: Now, Common Law was developed basically in England, so that the poor serf — and this is the hired hand that works the land and tries to feed his family and make money for their boss — would have some form of protection.
DW: Right.
DK: In case some dude they were working for decided to go crazy and kick him off the land, he could object. That’s where Common Law comes in.
The basis and premise of Common Law is simple. It contains two basic things. One is, no injured party; and [two] no property damage — and it’s property of any kind — no crime. Just that simple. 
DW: Mmm.
DK: This is the basis for much of the legal documentation that we used. It’s also some of the basis for which we used the process.
DK: The neat thing about this is that the manner of the process steps outside of both Ecclesiastic-based Law and Canon Law.
Any formal statute, be that local, state, national, or international [that operates under color of law – ED.] And it protects itself, because it does not state anything other than the simple Notification Process.
[EDITOR: I inserted the above comment to make sure that people understand that the “formal statute” mentioned is under color of law, which is the corporate, Admiralty “laws” that currently dominate the entire G5 nation structure.]
DW: Mmm.
DK: It stays within the system, but also is set in such a fashion that it’s outside of any challenge. This is the idea that I was trying to find out about…
[EDITOR: If the Notification Process arises anywhere in the color-of-law system, it can be challenged by any color-of-law entity/agency, hence the critical need to stay within the Common Law system.
The value of the Notification Process is that it is recognized by an existing legal authority — the International Court of Justice in the Hague — hence any color-of-law authority automatically has no standing, no power of law over anything within Common Law.
Color-of-law is inferior to Common Law, because Common Law is real and substantive by being based on the land, the will of the People, the Organic Constitution and being in a group of sovereign nation-states united by a Declaration of Independence.]
DW: Well, these occult governments obviously don’t want people knowing about this. That appears to be why you had so much trouble getting those documents.
DK: That’s pretty much a part of it. Now, the rest of it is that they found out about the process we were using, and interfered with that as much as possible.
DW: Mmm.
DK: The Notary seals were challenged. Certain Secretary of State offices refused apostillian documentation, and a whole bunch of things.
DK: However, in spite of all the fun and games, we did get it done; it has been delivered.
The copy — and I’m talking about the real copy; this is not something you run off a copy machine, but something that is traditionally accepted as a de jure copy of the legal documents.
The copy was submitted to the correct people in the military, who were just delighted to find this.
DK: I’m going to go back to something else. Back in the day, I was involved with nuclear defense of the country.
I had some rather high Security Clearances, et cetera.
Due to that fact, I was allowed at a later date — now this was after the Security Clearances and whatnot.
I had proved that I was trustworthy, because there was nothing I let out that was classified.
There was nothing that was of a sensitive nature that I would divulge, even though I knew it.
And I’ve talked with a couple of people about this.
DK: Eventually, this certain person wanted to know about me.
I got interviewed a couple times by some Colonels and whatnot.
And finally, one of them showed up in a staff car — and said: Somebody wants to see you. Can you come with me?
And I said: I ain’t going to be, you know, put in the trunk, am I?
He laughed, and we took a ride over to this certain level officer’s house…
DW: What time window are we in right now?
DK: Um, ’79? [intentionally in a questioning tone]
DW: Okay, so ’79 is when this event that you’re speaking of happened.
DK: Basically…
DW: Okay.
DK: …in that area. I’m not going to give exact dates because…
DW: That’s fine.
DK: …I don’t want to have to.
DW: I just wanted a window, that’s all.
DK: Let me express this real clearly. If somebody finds out who these people are, they’re dead.
DW: Oh, I know that.
DK: So are their families. They get to stand there and watch their families be tortured to death.
And I’m not going to put anybody through that by outing them.
So, I’m going to say arbitrarily, ’79, give or take.
DW: Okay, great.
DK: In that process, this officer invited me into his home.
I asked him what I was doing there, because I had no idea. Now, this is after I’m out of the military.
The officer said: I’ve got something I need you to read.
And I said: Why me?
Then he said: Because I feel I can trust you, and I want your opinion.
He put a stack of papers — it was about five inches thick, in a binder — on the table.
DW: Five inches thick!?
DK: Yeah. I don’t know how many pages; I didn’t bother … [laughs]
I didn’t even get to read it all. I spent about four hours reading, and I went through about, give or take, three quarters of it.
DW: Okay.
DK: I didn’t read the whole thing. I got tired of reading and it was like 4:30, 5:00 in the morning.
DW: Mmm.
DK: And I wanted … I had to have more than just the coffee he was offering, and preferably some kind of a soft place to lay down on. [DW laughs]
DK: So I said: Well, what is it — what kind of opinion do you want?
He said: What do you think of it?
I said: Well, it says: ‘The Plan.’
I said: Where’d this come from?
He wouldn’t really answer. He said it had been in the works for quite a while.
I said: Give me a date. And he did.
And I thought: Well, that’s interesting.
I said: So in other words, certain people took issue with what was going on at the time, and figured that the ship of state was going to head in the wrong direction.
They decided to start putting this plan together so that you guys would have some form of guidance in terms of what the general outcomes would be.
He said: Exactly.
I said I liked what I read.
DW: You might have told this story a lot. You didn’t say anything about what the document said.
I’m assuming [Drake laughs] this is something about rescuing America from these Illuminati people?
DK: At the beginning it discussed how the ship of state was screwing up badly.
DW: Okay.
DK: And to keep it from sinking, they actually implemented the general plan real quick. That was probably the first interest of the documentation.
They did it in such a manner that the people in the military could cause influence to happen to people outside the military, who had the capability of changing some simple things.
DW: Well, it must have been frustrating to see Watergate come and go. But then, basically, after a little slap on the wrist, it’s all business as usual.
DK: Well, you have to realize what was really going on. Tricky Dick was trying to become a dictator…
DW: Sure. [This can be corroborated in the first chapter of New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still, as we shared in the introduction.
Still features a detailed expose’ of how Nixon circulated a memo asking the military to surround the White House with tanks and troops so he could avoid losing power from the Watergate scandal.
The plan also included assassinating the Vice President during the Republican national convention and bombing cities nationwide, then blaming it on terrorists. This would in turn lead to martial law and a suspension of the Constitution.]
DK: He could not pull the power correctly. So that’s what happened basically, yeah. Somebody got a little slap on the wrist, and nothing really came out of it.
DW: Sure.
DK: Now they did not want to out the fact that they had been involved.
This is the other reason that you saw only a slap on the wrist — and you saw nobody in high office involved in it much one way or the other.
There are a couple of people that were used as scapegoats, but other than that, nobody of significance. That’s exactly part of The Plan.
DW: Right.
DK: However, they could put these people in a real, uh, sticky situation with a lot of pressure — if at any time they decided they didn’t want to comply with the next portion of The Plan, which starts after about an inch of this.
So, you’re going through these things one at a time. And, as this is going, you’re also increasing the scope of The Plan.
DK: Now, The Plan basically started with the idea of a military coup; I’m not going to lie to you.
They were that fed up at that point.
They felt endangered enough at that point that they actually considered it.
Each and every last person involved signed a pseudonym name — it’s a code name. Each one of them has got one.
They disagreed with the idea and said it is not the way to go, because it disagrees with the basis or premise of Posse Comitatus.
This is the law that the military does not have authority over the civilian population — and are not to engage them.
So, there were enough old-timers that disagreed that convinced everybody that it was not cool — so they decided no.
DK: So, over the years, this plan built up and it got more convoluted. It got more complicated.
DW: And this is all in the five-inch document you saw in ’79?
DK: Yeah.
DW: Okay.
DK: In ’79 they didn’t really know which way things were going to go because, if you remember, from about ’75 on, after the fall of Vietnam, there was kind of a dead space.
Nobody did any real serious actions of any kind, anywhere — not in politics, militarily, or anything. During that particular time is where the rest of the document came about.
These people were working 24/7 in order to make sure that The Plan encompassed everything they could think of that could possibly come up, okay?
It’s been added to. I guarantee you that. But the dead zone lasted until about ’85, ’86, when things started happening again.
People were taking definitive action; you had a lot of combinational, political, and military, and financial things going on at that time.
DW: People must have realized, among other things, that the escalating war rhetoric between the U.S. and the Soviet Union could annihilate the planet.
You’re not going to stand by and watch the planet be killed, and not attempt to do something to stop it — if it’s within your means to do so.
DK: Exactly. The threat of total annihilation was one that was unacceptable to any of the military powers, no matter what the politicians told them.
DW: Right.
DK: If the Commander in Chief during those times had stated quite clearly: We’re going to start World War III — shoot your nukes.
The military would have told him to go take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut: No, we ain’t doing that [DW laughs] for that reason.
DK: To go on with this … okay, you’ve got these periods of build-ups. Now, I saw that document way back when. I thought that it probably was a dead duck.
I can tell you right now it’s not only NOT a dead duck, but it’s something that they’ve been following rather religiously.
The thing laid out certain premise[s] — certain areas of concern. Some of those things have changed, so this is why I say that the document itself has been added to and modified.
But the basic premise of it is simply this:
They also, just like me, were extraordinarily frustrated by freakazoids such as the Hare Krishnas, or whomever, who were dancing in California at the time.
They didn’t want those people running the country; they didn’t think they’d really do that great of a job.
DW: I don’t understand how Hare Krishnas could run the country.
DK: Exactly. And that’s what they thought too, and that’s how come they’re not.
DW: Are they saying that these people were socially active and wanted to take over the government, or something?
DK: They would have liked to have found somebody that would stand up as a group and actually do something in terms of freedom.
They’ve been trying ever since the Hare Krishnas, and whomever; war protesters, you name it.
Nobody as a group — collectively, nationwide — would stand up and do anything.
It’s the same problem I’ve had. It’s the same problem everybody that I know in the freedom areas has had.
Trying to pry somebody off the couch. It ain’t easy.
DW: Right.
DK: So, they’re kind of bumping along, going: Boy, I hope the end of the world don’t come.
What are we going to do? We don’t have any civilian authority to do anything.
DW: The amount of secrecy that would have to be observed in order to preserve this plan is vast.
DK: Yes.
DW: I mean, one weak link in the chain and the whole damned load falls and breaks apart.
DK: Well, they weren’t so concerned with that, but they were concerned with the fact that there were certain code names in it that would out people that were seriously interested in implementing The Plan.
DW: Right.
DK: The Plan was simple. The military was willing to back, with civilian authority, a resurrection of what we started out with, originally, in terms of [de jure] government.
The idea that a politician has control over a battlefield is totally averse to the idea of even being on a battlefield.
DW: That’s true.
DK: My recommendation to them was to quietly sneak up — it would take some Navy SEALs or somebody that’s really good — and pick one of them politicians that’s got a big mouth.
You snatch that doe, put him on the battlefield, not necessarily in danger, but get him close enough so that it becomes a personal deal.
And then, when it’s time to leave, again put him back. I’ll guarantee you there’d be a whole bunch of attitude changes.
Well, they wouldn’t do it. That was my suggestion a long time ago. [DW laughs]
DK: Anyway, so, we’re bumping along with this.
I’ve tried everything I could. I’ve had a combination of contacts and whatnot.
I’ve had a combination of political dealings in conjunction with a whole lot of people.
DW: I’m sorry, let me just take one moment here to try to track this in terms of a timeline. [Drake laughs]
DK: You can’t get an exact timeline because that will expose people.
DW: I understand, but I just want to give a very vague overview. So, you encountered this five-inch monster document in ’79…
DK: Basically, in that area.
DW: And you mentioned … you mentioned that you still had contact with this insider network, circa ’86.
DK: Yep.
DW: So, these people stayed in some degree of contact with you and continued to spitball about what group you could actually contact that would be able to back you on this.
You kept coming up short, because none of these groups were sufficient in terms of the motive and the intent to actually carry through with this plan.
DK: Not only that, but there was no national grouping of any kind.
You cannot take a group from one state and infuse it into another one from another state.
All they want to do is argue about who’s in charge, or whatever — and it is a righteous mess trying to do so.
DW: Understood.
DK: It doesn’t matter what group it is. Believe me, I used to get lists: Here, try these guys. Here, here’s some more. You know?
I must have gone through, I don’t know, I’d say a few thousand groups.
Somebody would have a website on the Internet, I’d contact them. I tried everything that I could think of.
I tried being nasty. I tried actually putting pictures of politicians out visiting whorehouses. You name it, I’ve tried it. [laughs]
I couldn’t … I didn’t even get the politician to get mad. [DW laughs]
I mean, he wouldn’t address it because he didn’t have to, you know: It was just somebody, some idiot; he probably made the picture up, duh-duh-duh-duh.
DK: And so, we’re bumping along. I’m bumping along and I’m beginning to get tired of it. Quite honestly, I was even at the point of quitting.
I just thought, you know: Well, I got my gun. Hopefully I’m still able to shoot it if they decide to break down the front door. I was giving up.
And, lo and behold, along comes this crazy person in Pennsylvania, who takes notes on a radio show.
And this was back mid of last year, give or take, actually probably around May — May / June area — that I got on that radio show.
These people took notes, and all of a sudden, they did it. And then, all of a sudden, they contact some of the people that I’m in contact with.
I’m just kind of playing around, seeing what’s out there.
And they say: Hey — we’ve got a possible project!
I said: What’s that?
They explained it to me.
I said: Now, wait a minute. I put that out over a radio show just not too long ago.
And: Well, somebody not only took notes, but they did it.
I said: You’re kidding me. You mean somebody got off the couch?
DW: Wow. After all those years. It’s just incredible.
DK: Well, so over the period of time from about the 20th of February this year [2012], since that day, we have had a free country.
DK: Now, The Plan is this.
The military will back [the civilians]… and believe me, you’ve got to have the military involved. Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t make a difference.
Now, there’s a difference. You do have good guys and bad guys, no matter where you go. There are more good guys than there are bad guys in the military.
I have found very few that are actually really evil, even in the bad guys. Some of them ain’t too cool to be around, but most of them are pretty great people.
As a veteran, I fully support our troops. Period. So does everybody in this movement.
DW: I would say that people join the military to pledge their lives to defend and protect the Constitution — and the people.
DK: Yeah, exactly.
DW: They’re not out there to enhance the lifestyles and comfort of the rich and famous, or those who don’t wish to be famous, but who are oligarchs who basically are living off of everyone else.
DK: Yes. That’s true.
DW: That’s not what they did it for.
DW: All you have to do is watch a few of these Illuminati propaganda films to realize that if you do work for these people, they will stab you in the back — almost as a law of nature.
Anybody who thinks that working with them is a good move — wait until what happens when you’re no longer useful.
See how quickly they’ll torture and kill you and everyone you care about. Nobody is immune from that.
DK: It’s even actually worse than that. The onion that makes up what we’re talking about has basically four levels to it.
The outer level was notified, on the same day that our package landed in the International Court, that they were no longer under their protection.
Over a period of a few months there have been several thousand resignations, house arrests.
There have been tons of banks closed, or closed for a couple days and reopened. You name it.
This is not just bankers; this is also financiers, your exchange people, everything.
DW: Oh yeah! I cover it on my website. There’re 358 resignations [actually 450 at the time I did this interview] documented by somebody going under the anonymous name American Kabuki.
There’s a link for every single one of them — and they’re all in chronological order.
This includes, on February 29th, the resignation of James Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s son, from the Executive Chairman position of News International Corporation, which is Fox.
DK: Yeah, that’s basically called a protection move.
It wasn’t a question of them protecting him as much as it was his own protection, because he didn’t have that much to do in terms of the illegalities that Dad pulled.
DW: Right.
DK: He’s just … actually he’s not all that bad one way or the other, in comparison to some of them.
DW: But to get to the deeper grain of what you’re saying, if I’m hearing you correctly.
I’m getting that you had this package delivered to The Hague.
That was the critical moment in which those on the inside were aware that these mass arrests — that have been planned ever since the five-inch document you saw in 1979 — could actually move forward.
This could be done by the will of the civilians in terms of Common Law, going back to the Code of Hammurabi and 11,000-year-old documents.
DK: Exactly.
DW: Okay. Great.
DK: When they received it and it got past their agents who worked at The Hague, they knew that it had arrived because that person was made aware.
There was nothing they could do about it.
So consequently, their protection evaporated. This is like steam on a hot highway. The sun comes out, and poof — it’s gone.
DW: [laughs]
DK: Okay. Well, there are thousands of resignations in Europe to date. Now in one week, and I’m talking last week, there were 450 resignations, retirements and this stuff — and 200 arrests.
DW: That’s a staggering number.
DK: That’s 650 people involved in finance. Now, here’s the difference.
DK: Those people under house arrest or who have been taken into custody, or who retired and are staying at home, are considered not very important, one way or the other — they are primarily figureheads and not much more.
DW: Right.
DK: The difference is those who were arrested, those who are being arrested and those who are going to be arrested — that’s the second layer of the onion, in other words…
DW: This is why we’re not seeing a lot of newspaper and website articles about this.
There’s no accountability of these people getting arrested in the outside world, because they don’t have a public position.
DK: Well, not only that, but the mainstream media’s controlled by them.
DW: Exactly.
DK: Therefore, you’re not going to hear this.
DW: I documented that extensively in my investigation, Financial Tyranny. It goes back to Operation Mockingbird…
DK: Yeah.
DW: …and traceable information regarding the Masonic Order and guys who, in 1826, were saying: Yeah, we own the press, we own the judiciary, we own the police and we own the government. F you if you don’t like it.
DK: Yeah. Basically, there’s nothing you can do about it.
People have alluded to the fact that there’s something out there everybody’s afraid of in terms of industrialists, people of power. This is basically what they were afraid of.
DW: That’s Woodrow Wilson’s quote in his book, The New Freedom. Yes, a very important quote.
DK: Exactly.
DK: What people didn’t realize was the limitation of … you mentioned the G5, I’m going to say the G20.
DW: Okay.
DK: And the reason I say the G20 is that some of these nations have not quite come to the light yet that they have got a real serious problem, or how serious it is — and they’re not fully under the control, or fully beholding to, or involved with the G5.
DW: I understand.
DK: They’re kind of on the edge, and they could go either way.
The basis of this is very simple.
DK: Several things have happened.
Number one — we convinced enough people to abide by documentation, done the correct way.
We submitted it to The Hague in terms of a majority of states.
This basically set a precedent for being free, and for military/civilian action.
The military backs us up by way of federal Marshals [U.S. Marshals], who contact local law enforcement.
Local law enforcement actually makes the arrests.
DW: I’m sorry, just so that people understand, are federal Marshals members of the Army National Guard or the Air Force? Or what are federal Marshals?
DK: [laughs] federal Marshals are federal law enforcement officers, basically.
DW: Okay.
DK: The definition, though, is: by present authority, which puts them in the trick bag of having to follow the edict of what we’ve done in terms of the will of the people to go along with the military plan.
[EDITOR: I’m going to not capitalize “federal” because that’s not part of the official name like “Marshal”; if Drake had said “US Marshals,” then I would have capitalized “US,” of course.
What’s great about US Marshals is that they date all the way back to the original Republic, so their source of power PREDATES their conversion into a “Service” that supports the current, corporate form of government.
The reactivation of the Declaration of Independence reactivates not only the Republic, but any Lawful police-related offices that the Republic had on all levels – County, State, etc, including the US Marshals acting under the Organic Constitution.
Another important thing to understand is that the local County (de jure County, not the corporate county) Sheriff is THE #1 Lawful Officer in the de jure County.
He has the full power to apply the necessary police action to protect the fledgling, born-again Republic within the County.
His power supersedes ANYONE acting under color of law, be it county, state and federal. A sheriff can order the CIA, FBI, FEMA to leave. Period.]
DW: If you wanted to meet a federal Marshal, what offices would you go to? I mean, are they FBI? Are they CIA? Are they Homeland Security?
DK: They’re on their own.
DW: Okay.
DK: That’s the nice thing about a federal Marshal; he’s relatively independent of most things, okay?
There are some that say: I’m in charge of them. They’re liable to get a strong argument that that only depends on the situation.
In some situations a citizen is in charge of the FBI or the CIA, depending on the situation, and it varies.
But basically, a federal Marshal is between; he’s a federal employee of the current power.
DW: Okay.
DK: Okay.
So, the Notification Process authorized the military to contact the federal Marshals, who then contact the local authorities to actually take the actions of arrest.
DW: Okay. This might piss some people off but I really want to clear this up. [DK laughs] Do these Marshals exist in different offices?
I mean, how would you find one? What kind of offices would they be employed by?
DK: National Security Administration would probably be the end office if you wanted to really look them up in that relationship.
DW: Okay.
[EDITOR: Drake is one man and it’s OK that he doesn’t know everything about this. That shows he’s the real thing.
It turns out that the US Marshals predate the NSA.
Thus, the Republic-based aspect of the US Marshals is superior in lawful power to anyone in the NSA.
The NSA is a color-of-law agency that derives its power wholly outside of the Common Law / Constitution.]
DK: They are primarily tasked in such a way that a federal Marshal can go across the border — when the border is common to the country he comes from.
So you could go from, say Arizona or New Mexico, into Mexico if need be, and you would have law enforcement authority there, okay?
DW: Would these Marshals potentially be employed in a police station? Would they be at the police station?
DK: No, they have their own offices, federal Marshals offices. There’s a variety of them.
DW: Okay.
DK: They have a combination of different duties.
DW: I don’t mean to sound like an idiot. I’m just cautious to make sure that people don’t think that you invented the term “federal Marshal
I don’t want them to think that it’s just some guy on the Internet…[Drake laughs] reading websites and: Oh yeah, I’m a Marshal and here’s the little badge that I made.
DK: [laughs] Yeah. I bought one of those yesterday down at the Dollar Store. I understand what you’re saying.
DW: [laughs] This is real. These guys are federally employed.
DK: Well, they’re … You’ve heard of Federal Air Marshals?
DW: Yeah, yeah, they’re on the airplane.
DK: He is a federal Marshal. He just simply is on air duty.
DW: Okay. Got it.
DK: That’s all the difference there is.
[EDITOR: I don’t mean to undermine Drake’s info here, but the Fed Air Marshals seem to be a part of TSA, not of the US Marshal Service.
I’ve searched through the US Marshal site and see nothing related to any air service, other than prisoner / alien (human) transport in jets.
Federal Air Marshals were started by Kennedy; it was later absorbed into the monster of the TSA, which in turn is part of the DHS.]
DK: There are a lot these guys out there. They’re very well trained, they’re very knowledgeable and they’re extraordinarily professional.
DW: And they’re not soldiers?
DK: No. That’s the neat part about this. They’re in between the civilian and the military.
DW: Right.
DK: Okay. Now, you’ve got those three entities: the military, the federal Marshal and the local law enforcement.
What our paperwork did was to give the military civilian authority to contact the federal Marshals, to contact local law enforcement — and have a BIG party for all these arrests.
DW: Wow.
[EDITOR: If I may add another note here, “Law Enforcement Officers” is the term for the corporate-service cops.
“Peace Officers” is the term for police officers who serve the Republic.
There are many cops within the current color-of-law framework who would not hesitate to support the police action to bust the color-of-law conspirators – and support the re-creation of our beloved Republic.]
DK: This does not include any military coup. It does not include any military action, and it does not include martial law.
None of that is going to happen.
What is going to happen is you will see federal Marshals backing up local law enforcement, taking people into custody.
There may be a stand of troops — in case they need extra bodies to snatch somebody that decides to run.
Or, let’s say there’s a whole bunch of people in a building, and they didn’t know there were 7,000 of them in there.
You’re going to need an extra hand in order to incarcerate all these people, put them on the bus and send them wherever they need to go.
So the military will act in a backup fashion, in some ways.
DW: Does that violate Posse Comitatus?
DK: No, because the military is not acting as a police force directly.
DW: They are assisting a police action.
DK: Exactly.
DW: Okay, got it.
DK: And the police action is one of control of and/or prevention of rioting or general civil disobedience that would call for a police situation.
You have to look all this stuff up.
A regular protest of citizenry basically can be met with a general police force.
The people that called out the National Guard on several occasions during things that were a problem have found that they acted illegally.
They were told: Don’t ever do that again.
There were a lot of people who were informed that this is a no-no, [that] is ok, and don’t you cross that line.
DW: Sure.
DK: Ok, so you’ve got these three entities. Now back to The Plan. The Plan stipulates several things.
One — you’re not going to have a police state. You’re not going to have the military in control.
It’s not martial law. They’re not going to come in the house and snatch you up. That ain’t happening.
DK: What’s happening is this — the intent and purpose of this plan was to minimize the chaos involved in the action.
Now, when you arrest several thousand people in a city, it’s going to create a little bit of a hubbub.
People are going to see the military. They’re going to see a lot of policemen doing their jobs — and this will be on video.
I mean you’re going to have CNN and all the local news people. Everybody is going to have some kind of video of this stuff.
DW: And I assume these policemen will probably be in riot gear, which will have black uniforms and scary-looking stuff.
DK: Maybe. That depends on whether or not they expect problems with who they’re dealing with. Generally no, because it’s not a riot situation.
DW: Okay.
DK: It could turn that way. They’ll bring the gear. I mean, it’ll be in the trunk, most likely.
Most of your people that have been responsible for the problems are office-type people.
They’re not necessarily physically active or capable.
And, to go along with that, they’re not going to torture them, or say “Oh, he fell down 14 flights of stairs” — or any of that.
DW: I’ve heard from my own insider that there are an astonishing number of very deeply embedded moles who are much closer to these people than they ever thought anybody would get — and actually not have been outed.
DK: Exactly.
DK: There’re a couple of things in this. First of all, the gist of The Plan is to not create chaos. In other words, you’re going to have public announcements.

People such as yourself and myself will be notified approximately a day ahead of schedule — in terms of putting this on the Internet so it can go viral.
DW: Okay.
DK: I would imagine, doing this interview, this is going to get kind of viral-like.
DW: Very much so. Some of my videos have millions of views. This will be distributed throughout hundreds, if not thousands of different blogs, and re-posted.
And if we let people know that there’s going to be a one-day window of notification, you can absolutely guarantee that there will be a massive tidal wave of publicity once this moment arrives.
DK: Well, that moment arrives when we are given the green light to notify our people — the ones that we have contact with.
At that point, then, it is to go viral on the Internet. We have been asked to try to access as much mainstream media — be that AM radio or whatever, it doesn’t matter — but as much as we can.
DW: I would imagine that the oligarchs, who are the bad guys, are going to be hearing this and getting their soldiers and their mercenaries to listen to this and say:
You gotta get these SOBs, because they’re trying to overthrow the government.
DK: No. What we are doing, in terms of the action that’s going to be taken — and I’m not talking about us or our actions — our actions are only a part of The Plan.
The Plan, basically, is to arrest these people. No destruction. No firefights. No gunplay or any kind of violence, if possible.
The idea of this is — no chaos, no violence, AND a legal way to do it — a lawful manner in which to conduct the operation.
This has been coming since George Washington made federal districts out of our innocent group of Thirteen Colonies. So, [laughs] uh …
DK: The Plan also offers protections of keeping the lights on, making sure the Internet works, that the phone works, you can flush the toilet, you can go to work and not have to worry about it.
DW: Right. We’ve heard from other insiders — in fact, it was from the one you met on the phone with me.
These people, since the ’80s, (and I mean the conspirators now, the bad guys) have elaborate plans to blow up a whole bunch of bridges, wipe out power, wipe out sewage and wipe out water, in the event that anything like this were to happen to them.
And I also know, however, that there are so many moles and so many people who will not stand by and let this happen, that if they think they’re going to be able to do this, they’re sorely mistaken.
But they may try, and there may be certain levels of disruption that will need to be prevented, as you’re saying.
DK: Right now, tactical positioning is going on. And I mean right this minute. The tactical positioning is being done in such a manner that nobody’s going to be the wiser.
DW: Right.
DK: These are regular people they see every day. They have no idea that that person happens to be an agent for the good guys, as you say, moles or however you want to look at that, okay?
DK: Irrespective as to what the fear mongers will tell you, the bad guys have lost enough funds, lost enough support and there are enough people that are upset with them that their powers have been curtailed tremendously.
DW: Well, look, Drake. They wouldn’t have done those bailouts if they could have possibly avoided it.
DK: Right.
DW: That was an astonishing move [DK laughs] that really showed that they are just absolutely grasping at straws.
It’s like Wile E. Coyote when he’s paddling in the air and he hasn’t realized he’s falling yet.
DK: [laughs] Exactly.
DK: To give you an example of how desperate they are, they just had a couple of executive orders from their main lackey in the White House saying that they got rights to everything.
DW: I’m well aware of that, and it’s utterly astonishing.
The only thing I can think of is this.
These guys are so desperate and they’re so lacking in common sense that they think that even at this late stage in the game, they can be in this poker-bluff.
They think they can actually get people to believe that they could have the boots on the ground to enforce these ridiculous, ridiculous executive orders.
DK: Well, then you’ve got the NDAA, which didn’t help. Basically, as you’re saying, the idea is to foster fear within the freedom movement — and primarily within the citizenry. 
DW: Well, it’s working very well.
DK: I’m glad to see people stand up and start taking these things to task, at least.
DW: Yeah.
DK: That shows that there are some people out there that do have some guts.
DK: Primarily though, you have to remember that these are last-gasp efforts.
The only thing they’ve got left is, at this point, mostly control of the press — and they’re losing their grips on that.
They are doing this sort of shake-the-bush-to-see-if-the-rabbit-comes-out maneuver right now.
DW: As I was saying, you have to have people to hold the guns.
DK: For anybody who wants to listen to it, I addressed the troops. That’s active duty, reserve, retired and disabled.
That is again, on the website,
DK: The basic thing I have heard from active duty troops is that they have two things that concern them.
The first one is that if they disobey orders — it doesn’t matter whether it’s lawful or not — but they’re going to be kicked out of the military.
Well, there ain’t any jobs out there, and if these guys ain’t got skills, they’re screwed — and they realize this.
They’re a little bit fearful of that.
DK: The other part is that if somebody decides to declare martial law, 80-some, 90% of them, give or take, are going to go AWOL.
And they’re taking their equipment with them and going home.
DW: NINETY percent?
DK: Well, somewhere between eighty and ninety percent are saying: No. That ain’t happening.
DW: Wow.
DK: We’re not going to go after somebody’s grandma with a combat weapon. That’s stupid, okay? That’s ridiculous.
DK: What you have to remember is that there’s a difference between lawful and unlawful orders or directives.
The unlawful order or directive will tell you to go against what you know to be the truth — according to the Constitution.
Posse Comitatus says that you are not a police force.
Therefore, you are not to go in and extract people from houses.
That ain’t cool. And it’s not to happen.
And you will receive counter-orders, possibly, that tell you: Nah, forget that — and arrest that officer.
That’s liable to happen if somebody ordered it.
So, the lawful order is going to be something that is going to be in operation that can be carried out lawfully.
DW: I’ve heard some people say, “Oh, the U.S. government is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations or NATO.”
What if they tried to make the soldier have a NATO badge that he’s operating under?
DK: Okay.
DW: Is that a lawful order?
DK: Well, okay. That gets into the issue of being in uniform.
You are not allowed to carry out your service duties when you’re out of uniform.
You take your shirt off, leave it off, go to formation in your T-shirt, and you’ll find out how that feels.
DW: Hmm.
DK: The basis of this goes to the fact that you are in the United States military. And I don’t care which branch it is — doesn’t matter.
You have to have, to be in uniform, the stars and bars above any other service emblem — to include your insignia patch. That includes the United Nations and NATO.
DK: Now, the problem is that we made agreements in 1933 and 1945, which primarily started with the North American Treaty Organization, known as NATO.
These agreements also deal with the United Nations, where basically, the group known as the United Nations and/or NATO, or an authorized group of nations that are our allies, can request or require our presence militarily — and we are required to comply.
DW: Okay.
DK: The reason for this is that our representatives could rescind this, but don’t have the guts to do so. Basically that and that alone.
When they do so, then you come out from under it.
DK: Now, there are some other things in this process people are not aware of. And that is that our documents supersede anything past the date of the [Original] Thirteenth Amendment.
And what it does is, at the point of action, all of the executive orders, all the horse hockey and other garbage that has been perpetrated upon the people illegally after the point of the [Original] Thirteenth Amendment — that’s 1812.
Remember that date and think about what’s gone on since then.
Anything that disagrees with the Constitution, first of all, is null and void of any legal or lawful impact.
EDITOR: This is the best site on the Internet, bar none, for accurate and transparent information about the differences between the Organic, Lawful Constitution of 1787 and the corporate constitution that has been unlawfully in effect since the 1800s.]
Further, anything that disagrees with the Constitution, basically, is to be stricken if it is a law, rule or regulation.
DW: How well did ‘I was just following orders’ hold up at the Nuremberg Trials?
DK: It didn’t. Everybody that did that got convicted.
This is not considered a plausible defense, simply because you know the difference between torturing somebody and not.
The Field Manual states that you’re not to engage civilians. That means you’re not supposed to step on them, et cetera. All of this has been covered.
DK: I’m going to give you an example from Vietnam called the My Lai Massacre, okay? There was not too much done with that, but the problem was that several people came up with that exact defense.
And the court-martial said: No. That don’t fly. Period.
Now, they lucked out — and I mean this literally. They lucked out because a court-martial that deals with the taking of civilian life also carries the death penalty.
DW: Oh, my gosh. Yeah.
DK: They were lucky they didn’t get executed. And I mean all of them — because everybody that was involved is up for the death penalty under those conditions.
And it’s not up to me. That’s military code.
And I agree with that, primarily.
DK: Torturing people and that sort of thing is not necessary. You’re not going to get good information anyway.
Now, if you make somebody think that you might torture them, you talk to them and say: Well, do you really want me to do that?
And they’ll say: No!
And you say: Well then, tell me what you know.
And off you go down the road, and they’ll tell you. Okay?
You wait a little while. You treat them correctly, you know, give them a little something, a little water to drink, maybe a little food to eat.
You come back and ask them a second time: Look. That was all B.S. We’re not going to do anything to you. Can you talk to me about what’s going on?
Yeah, man. You know?
And then you get the real information. But torturing somebody? You will tell them anything to make it quit.
DW: Right. You’ll make up whatever is going to stop it.
DK: It’s about as accurate as somebody’s imagination. Just that simple.
DW: Let’s say a soldier in the United States military has a commanding officer with the bulging earthworm on his forehead, screaming with both of sets of teeth, the top and bottom of the iris, screaming in his face: You have to obey this order!
If he does so — he’s liable for federal court-martial?
DK: Exactly.
DW: It might be easier, you think, to say yes when somebody’s screaming in your face. [DK laughs]
You’re also describing a majority of the United States military that already supports these mass arrests.
And so, if you were on the losing side, you’re in the minority.
If this mass arrest works, which it very much looks like it will, then you’re going to be held accountable.
DK: Exactly. You may have a few opposing forces, but there shouldn’t be many.
DK: The situation is simple.
I know of an incident in Vietnam, where a unit was told to wipe out a friendly village. And it was called, back then in the day, a search-and-destroy mission.
Search and destroy means that you go through a village at several levels. We were told go through at Level 1.
A Level 1 search and destroy means you kill everything that lives.
You burn, mangle and torture whatever kind of physical structures you find, to include statues or anything. You leave a burnt spot, basically, with dead bodies laying around.
DW: Wow.
DK: Well, the problem was that I was involved in this. I knew some of those people — and so did a lot of the other troops.
And we told the captain: No.
And he said: Yes, you will.
And that’s when we pointed our guns at him.
Some of the guys — there were a few — who decided: Well yeah, I guess, you know, killing gooks. That’s what we’re here for, so let’s go.
And we pointed our guns at them and said: No you ain’t.
DW: Wow.
DK: It only took a few minutes.
Are you going to really shoot me? The Captain’s asking these guys.
Well, are we going to go down here and shoot people that are friendlies?
And he said: Well, I’m not sure. Hold on a minute.
A couple minutes later, the orders changed. [DW laughs] The incident was never reported.
DW: Wow. And you were there. You witnessed this.
DK: Yes, this happened a lot in a lot of cases, simply because it ain’t cool to do this.
DK: Once you get to know somebody and you find out they are real people, irrespective as to the differences….
You’re talking a Third World country where there’re dirt floors and that’s about it, basically. Thatched huts, or thatched houses, whatever you want to call them. We called it a hooch.
It’s basically a one room, maybe a one-room-and-a-half. These people make their living by wading in leech-infested rice-paddy water, planting and harvesting rice.
They use their water buffalo a little bit in some cases for some of the heavier work, and they harvest the rice in order to have something to eat.
Now a rice diet is not the greatest thing in the world, but there are also a lot of streams around.
So, you end up with a combination of fish and rice, primarily, as a base diet.
You can add to that some leaves of plants that are good to eat.
Sometimes you can get bananas.
It varies a little bit, but [it’s] an extraordinarily and I mean extremely poor place.
DK: When you get to know these people, I mean, they’re working 20 hours a day if they can, daylight to dark.
Every chance they get they’re doing something — and this includes little kids. They are actually given tasks to do.
When you see somebody working like that just simply to survive, and you’ve got an extra can of beans, you make sure that they got it.  
DW: Right.
DK: That’s just how it is.
You actually look at that and go: Man, you know, that little kid’s hungry. You open a can of beans and you make sure … and even sometimes you stop and you sit down and you make sure that they eat it. [laughs]
Sure, you can use the can for a landmine later, yeah. Well, collect the can and take it with you.
But, you see people that are, you know, little kids that are bony. I mean their bones are sticking out because they haven’t had enough to eat. The reason is they got fish heads and rice to eat — maybe.
That messes with you. You remember these things.
DK: So, I don’t see it as a right.
Now, here we are. We are extraordinarily wealthy. We’ve got the best weapons in the world. We’re going to take automatic weapons, M16s, grenades, go through and kill everybody?
You give me a good reason and I’ll consider that. If somebody’s shooting at me, that’s different.
These people not only didn’t have any weapons but they would actually come in the night and they would even come up to our position, certain positions, and say: Hey, man.
Yeah, who is it?
And they’d tell you their name, and you’d say: Okay.
And you’d ask them a question. If they’d answer the question correctly, you knew you were talking to the right person. If they didn’t answer the question correctly, you pulled the trigger. 
DW: Right.
DK: They would tell, you know: Hey, you got a bunch of them coming over, coming at you from the other side over that way in that little gully. Nine times out of ten, it was correct.
DK: And this one little village … and these villages were all over, friendly villages, and we made sure they had plenty to eat.
We made sure any kind of needs they had were taken care of; we give them medical care, you name it.
I mean this was an asset to us, because unless you’ve been in the jungle, or … [laughs] another example would be in the sand. Unless you’ve been in a condition of that nature, you’ve got no clue.
So, this was my reason for wanting to abscond with a politician, bring him over there and run him through a couple of rice paddies, get him a couple of good sets of leeches going on his butt, and put him back [laughs] — give him some kind of firsthand taste. 
DW: And these people you’re describing are the ones that you were given the category one [Level 1] seek-and-destroy orders against?
DK: Yes and we told them: no.
Most of the people in our unit knew for a fact that these were friendlies.
We had dealt with them. They would invite us in and would feed us when they didn’t have any food, hardly.
DW: And what was the reasoning? Did you guys try to understand why they would want this done? I mean, what could possibly…?
DK: Never did find out the reason for the order.
DW: Right.
DK: The orders were arbitrary in a lot of cases.
DW: Right.
DK: There’s a book about Vietnam called The Bright and Shining Lie. I suggest everybody get a hold of a copy of it and it will give you a good idea as to what kind of a mess that was.
DK: Now, what we’re dealing with here is something a little different.
A lot of people say: Ooh, insurrectionists!
No, because you’re not trying to infiltrate a government and take it over. You’re not an invader.
You’re not trying to bring a bunch of people in — unlike certain people in certain agencies that like to play games with guns across the border down South.
Unlike those people, you’re not trying to do any of that.
It’s not illegal because it’s a Notification Process only. But it does give the military the authority, in terms of civilian authority under the Constitution, to take action according to the betterment of our way of life.
This restores the American dream of mom and apple pie, being able to be peaceful, and not have to worry about a whole lot of things.
DW: I would assume that the majority of retired personnel from the military, active personnel from the military, Special Forces and Black Operations guys are going to realize that if something like this starts to happen, they want to be involved.
But, right now they’re feeling like they’ve been given the mushroom treatment. [DK laughs] They’re sitting in the dark – and being fed a lot of BS.
Let’s assume that most of these people want to get involved. They want to know what to do once the time comes. What do you tell them? 
DK: Look at it in terms of following the Constitutional premise of a lawful order.
A lawful order will not put you into a police situation. It does not call for roadblocks.
It does not call for martial law.
It does not in any way interfere directly with the civilian population and its operations.
What a lawful order does is it allows you stay out of those areas in such a fashion that you can carry out whatever duty it is — and it could be any kind of a thing.
It could be playing war games or whatever, maneuvers. You might go down and assist somebody with logs. You never know.
It could be strictly a preparedness or ready training thing: Well, we’ve got to get these guys ready, see how quick they can get their gear, put them in the truck, take them over here and can you hump up over that hill? How long does that take?
These kinds of things are lawful orders.
DK: If there were to be an invasion — and I understand that that’s been offered and turned down.
The difference there is you’re going to have people trying to come across the border — for the strict purpose of taking you out.
That’s different.
DK: I was requested to contact as many of the underground as I could … to include militias, to include freedom groups.
This also included the people by themselves that just happen to have a gun, or are kind of like me — too much hillbilly, too red of the neck, I’ve got too many guns and live in the woods. 
DW: [laughs]
DK: The premise for my contacting those people was to tell them to get ready — because this is coming. It’s not going to be stopped. And it’s coming a lot sooner than people think.
DK: And the other part of it is — don’t, under any circumstances — engage our military.
That’s not what this is about. You find out from them, you know: What’s up?
Oh, we’re just going down here.
Oh, okay. 
Sometimes, some of these people will be contacted to assist them.
In other words, this is going to be an all-out effort in this country, and it’s going to take a lot of people.
DK: There are [laughs] a considerable number who need to be removed from office or their responsibilities: contained, retained and arrested.
Now my understanding is they’re planning to populate the FEMA camps with all these dinks. And I feel that’s appropriate. They built them for us. Now you can go take a camping trip in them. [laughs]
DW: Karma is a bitch.
DK: Yeah, so I’m looking at that. Okay.
DK: Doing this is not, to me, as extraordinarily anxiety-producing as a lot of people would think. I’m not as concerned with this part of it as I am [of] what comes after. There is going to be some interruption.
In other words, you need to get some extra toilet paper and a few extra cans of canned goods.
And I’m talking about have enough for, say, a month or two. That should basically cover the lapse in time.
Not all the trucks are going to be running, so those groceries get cleaned out when everybody thinks that the world’s gone mad — or a little like they do during a hurricane.
DW: Right.
DK: Then, you know, if it doesn’t get resupplied, what are you going to do?
Well, this is why we got extra food. This is why a lot of people up here do. This is why people up here raise their own gardens.
Simply, you can [as in canning food] stuff and you put it up.
Having that extra not only is less expensive than going to the grocery, but just in case something does screw up real bad.
It’s coming for, say, ten days.
DK: I don’t know how many people consider the importance of this, but to me, being civilized does equate to the use of certain hygienic items.
One of those that I know of that, to me, is extraordinarily important is simple, plain ‘ol toilet paper. [laughs]
It might behoove people to think about not being able to go down to the grocery when you run out and get some more.
And I’m going to tell you, newspaper doesn’t make it. It’s hard on certain things that you don’t want to rough up…[laughs] 
DW: [Laughs]
DK: You know. Very simply, I mean, you know, you have to think in terms of what do you use, okay?
And what do you use commonly? And what are the convenience items that might not be part of a shipment that does make it through, okay?
Or does get to you that’s not considered a survival-level item? Toilet paper, simple tissues for your nose, sanitary napkins for ladies …
DW: People can subsist on simple rice and beans, you know. All these elaborate products that a lot of these freedom sites are selling are not really necessary.
I mean, it might make you more comfortable, but if somebody’s really at poverty level, you can get by with just buying some kidney beans, some brown rice and just keep that in your pantry.
DK: Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t take a lot. The idea is this, okay? Yeah, lay up some extra toilet paper. If you’re lucky, you can find it on sale, go at it that way.
If you find something that you know really tastes extraordinarily good, but it’s $1.49 and they got the other ones two for a dollar, take the two for a dollar.
It’s not that much different and you can make out just fine on it. Add a little bit of spices to it and you’re good.
DK: Anyway, the survival part I don’t think is going to be all that critical, and I’ll tell you why.
The Plan itself reiterates many times — the portion that I read — that this is to be a non-interruptive, non-chaotic [and] peaceful — meaning non-shooting type of an action.
That is an extraordinary difference between all these people out here saying: Oh boy, rosin up your gun, get your bullets out.
You know: Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition — they’re comin’.
Well, yeah – in fact, the military is going down the road because they need to go over and secure the power plant that the bad guys would like to blow up.
DW: I would also encourage people [to relax.]
As I said, there are many people out there who are playing a game. The game is that everything they hear must not be true.
So they’re going to say every single thing this guy, Drake, is saying is not true — and this is all a pretext for martial law, and for a New World Order.
So, I would say to them — and you can address them as well — but I want to say something first.
Let’s realistically consider that if arrests start to be made and evidence is provided — that is progress, no matter what.
Even if it is ultimately — and that might be as far as they could think of it in their own minds — one negative faction against another negative faction.
The fact is, let’s be honest. How many bankers went to jail during the bailout?
How many people have ever been held accountable for anything? If we start seeing real accountability, by God, that’s progress.
Regardless of what you may think, you’ve got to be able to see that it’s a step forward, no matter what.
If you start seeing mass arrests, something has changed. It breaks out of that policy that goes back to the Masons, which is: Everybody who’s in on it gets a free pass.
DK: Exactly. [laughs]
DK: My suggestion is to, yes, be ready, but also relax.
Be calm, cool, collected and slow to pull the trigger — unless somebody acts unfriendly toward you; I wouldn’t necessarily take any aggressive action toward them. Wait and see. 
DW: Sure.
DK: Yeah, you can let them [US military, etc] just walk right up to you. It doesn’t matter.
DK: As I said, this plan calls for a combination of the things that our original documents call for.
The basis of this is to officially remove those people who tax you to death for no good reason — other than to put it in their pockets.
This is to remove the private central banking system.
This is to remove a whole load of regulations and regulatory agencies that don’t serve any purpose other than control.
In other words, this is the freedom.
Now with that freedom come the responsibility of being what you’re supposed to be to everybody that you come across.
This is contained in the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.
Say Hi to somebody. Wouldn’t you like somebody to say Hi and wave at you? It feels good, okay?
DW: Let me also point out that in my book, The Source Field Investigations, I quote from the Federation of American Scientists, which says that there’s been over 5,000 patents that were classified for ‘national security’.
Any patent that gets above 70% efficiency in converting energy is automatically classified.
What that means is if anybody invents anything that could challenge oil, you will never see it. 
DK: Well…
DW: All that stuff needs to be released.
I know that that’s part of what you all are planning on doing here.
DK: Well, that’s part of The Plan, but some of that is already coming out, too.
DW: Right.
DK: The bad guys, I’ll say, have lost a considerable amount of a combination of things. One of those is their power base.
They can’t say: Well, I’m the mucky muck, do so, and have it done.
The other part is they don’t have the cash on hand, the finances, to pay the bad guys that work for them.
DW: Yeah. Mercenaries don’t work if you don’t pay their salary.
DK: Exactly. You’ve got a situation where they have lost most of their power; they’re beginning to lose most of the finance.
DK: I wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest with you, to wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the nation had been clamped down.
That clamp-down is complete.
The satellite systems will not work.
You will not be allowed to make international calls.
There’s going to be no traffic in or out of the United States — period.
DW: Hang on, Drake. You said that it would be a court-martialing offense and unlawful orders if any soldiers would block roads.
Now you’re saying that air traffic is going to be blocked? How do those two things line up? 
DK: Hold on and listen.
DW: Okay.
DK: [laughs] This is a neat one.
DK: The closure of our national borders does come under the military auspices of control. They are allowed to do so in the event of extraordinary circumstances.
This extraordinary circumstance deals with the freedom of our country, and the crooks who would take every last dime in this country with them when they decided to run for the hills.  
DW: Well, yeah. The average person has now heard about “Muppetgate,” where this guy Greg Smith, who was an executive chairman at Goldman Sachs, comes forward and says that he saw internal memos.
He said that the prevailing climate there was toxic and destructive.
He said that the only thing they cared about was sucking as much money out of their clients as they could.
They called them “muppets,” which is a British slang term that means a stupid, ignorant person. 
DK: If you want to get down to the crux of it, I rather imagine most people remember the great fall of the stock market back in ’07, ’08.
DW: Yeah, sure.
DK: Okay. We were lucky. One of the reasons it went as deep as it did was that trillions of dollars were automatically sent electronically out of the country.
This was noticed because there are people that watch such things, called Stock Watch, uh, Money Followers, things of that nature.
It automatically set off an alarm, which a guy noticed — and their communications got cut. 
DW: Hmm.
DK: Otherwise it would have been a 1933 all over again. They did save us that much.
DW: You’re saying trillions, with a “T”, were flying out of the country?
DK: Yes — and this happened within a matter of about seven minutes.
DW: Jesus.
DK: The reason the satellites are going to be turned off is to protect us from that.
DW: I see.
DK: The reason for no international travel is to keep the bankers from loading up a Learjet and taking off. If they do so, they will be shot down.
This is going to be a complete, total clamp-down for a period of 72 hours, if need be.
Now, it should take about 24 hours for the sweep necessary to do the mass arrests, and all this stuff.
A secondary sweep will probably take another 5 or 6 days — to make sure they get all the records necessary to convict these people.
DK: There are certain areas that are sensitive that may contain explosive charges of varying kinds in order to blow up a record.
You’ve seen a lot of these movies lately where they blow things up — and there’re big balls of fire.
DW: Absolutely.
DK: That sort of explosive takes out records like you wouldn’t believe, okay?
So, in order to protect against that — this is the reason for the closure.
DK: Now, this is a limited operation.
At the time that they know that it is cleared, that the military portion of the action has been culminated, then — and I say military — the military backs the federal Marshals, who use the local police, et cetera.
After that action is taken, we are going to have about a day’s time to make sure that this goes viral on the Internet: Hey, guess what, look at this.
And there will be some video supplied, as I understand it. I didn’t know about this until just the other day. 
DW: I may be talking out of school here, but I think you’re underestimating when you say the word “some.
I have been informed that there are DVDs upon DVDs worth of productions — some of which involve some very famous names that people would immediately recognize — narrating these documentaries.
And these productions will be apparently airing on television, nothing else, for 5 days running.
It’s going to be wall to wall.
They’re going to be educating people about everything they need to know.
That’s what I heard.
DK: There’s another aspect to this.
DW: Okay.
DK: They’re going to have what’s called a Specific Education Channel.
That channel’s going to run specifics as to the origins of these guys, the manner in which they accomplished what they did, and how the bad guys got in charge, basically.
DW: Wow.
DK: The DVDs you’re talking about are similar, but this is a direct education thing, I understand. It could be.
And it’s not going to be limited to 5 days.
This is going to run for several months.
What it’s going to do is out this in terms of the bad guys and their structure, how they took over, and how to prevent it.
DK: After that, then you get into what’s called County Projects, which lead to State Projects, which lead to National Projects.
You’re going to have enough people vacating from office that there’s going to be an extraordinary, immediate need for people who can step up temporarily.
Now I want to make this clear — temporarily — to fill offices, so that we can keep the function of the structure we have, basically.
That way you don’t have a train wreck, so to speak, in terms of the economy.
You don’t have everything going in the toilet all at once, or services interrupted, et cetera.
You’re going to have some people appointed temporarily, and it will be specifically stated: temporarily.
DK: Now, as I understand it, at the end of the 72-hour period — if it takes that long — at the end of the period of time necessary, 72 hours or less, a public announcement will be made from the press room at the White House.
That’s according to The Plan.
The Plan has become fluid a little bit, because there’s been some different things going on that weren’t even available in terms of materials, in terms of the types of things that are available now, back when The Plan was originally written — or basically completed.
So, it is basically something that is totally awesome, to be a part of something that deals with the rebirth of a country.
I feel like I ought to have a musket and some kind of funny-looking hat, you know, on me, running around in the woods hollering: Yahoo!
DW: I’m thrilled by this.
The whole reason why I wanted to conduct this interview was specifically to talk to you, as you have all of a sudden popped out publicly, and backed up something that I was almost the only person talking about.
I do want to make it clear that despite the fact that there’s all this hate about me on the Internet — and I am primarily a guy who writes about UFOs — the reason why I was trusted with this information is very simple.
I’m not anonymous. It’s my real name. I’m out there.
I’m brave enough to talk about this stuff and risk whatever could come my way.
All it takes is for people to step up and do that. I happened to do that.
So I’m sorry if people wanted somebody else, but this is what you got. I’m the one that they told. And now you’ve come forward, and I really appreciate that.
DW: I also want to just kick in one very important point here.
As I wrote in FINANCIAL TYRANNY, the Illuminati was revealed when documents from the original group, founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, were seized after an Illuminati henchman was struck by lightning on his horse.
Then the Bavarian government officials found these Illuminati charter documents in his breast pocket of his blazer.
It was from that point onward, and a series of other arrests that have happened since then, that they found that one of the key areas these people want to control and completely dominate is science.
And so in my book, Source Field Investigations, I have presented information regarding the truth of science — and the truth that has been suppressed.
DW: It’s very important to understand that human health does not require the products of the pharmaceutical companies.
There is an aspect of human health that is related to consciousness.
There is an aspect of human health that is related to good diet.
There are aspects of human health that are strictly energetic — and I’m talking about cures that require nothing but energy.
That energy, believe it or not, can be harnessed by building a pyramid. It appears that the ancients who did this were much more knowledgeable than we gave them credit for.
DK: [laughs]
DW: [laughs] My point in bringing this up is that scientific suppression is vast.
It includes a variety of information about the idea that our DNA’s primary function is to store photons. There are about a thousand photons per DNA molecule.
When you have an area of your body that’s sick, it loses those photons — and your DNA doesn’t have those photons in them anymore. That’s how you can measure where sickness is.
A guy by the name of Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp studied cancer and found that the only commonality between carcinogens is that they scramble light that comes in at 380-nanometer wavelengths, which is ultraviolet.
What does that mean?
Cancer is when cells run out of control in your body. The ultraviolet light is being stored by your DNA to send control messages to the cell — telling it to stop reproducing.
DW: This is one of a vast variety of things that all leads into my main point.
It appears that we are going through some sort of evolutionary stimulus to the energetic portion of our DNA.
This is not a random speculation.
This is actually based, for example, on the work of Dr. John Hawks, an anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin, who has studied the last 5,000 years of mummies and grave sites that he could dig up and analyze the DNA.
He’s concluded that our DNA has changed structurally by a whopping 7% in the last 5,000 years. That means that human evolution has already rapidly sped up on a genetic, measurable level. You can trace it in the DNA.
In the last 100 years there’s also something called the Flynn Effect, which is that IQ scores have had to be readjusted every decade — because people keep getting smarter and smarter and smarter.
DW: All of this leads back to ancient knowledge about the times that we’re now in.
This knowledge was inherited by these Illuminati New World Order people. I make a very compelling case that they are well aware of these ancient cycles.
They know that the cycles end in 2012.
They believed that this would result in some sort of catastrophic Earth change.
This is a misunderstanding.
I want to make that point very clear if I bring this up at all.
DW: The origins of these ancient prophecies can be traced back to two ancient civilizations.
One of them was in Antarctica, which we call Atlantis; the other was in what’s now Siberia.
The Earth’s position did shift at that time. According to a variety of credible threads of evidence that I’ve tied together, it was actually the result of nuclear weapons being used.
People don’t realize that the Earth was home to very advanced civilizations that lost their technology — because 90 to 95% of beachfront property, which is where everybody wanted to live, was inundated.
These people had very advanced knowledge. That knowledge was passed down from the Siberian strain to Iran, in the form of Zoroastrianism; to India, in the form of Hinduism; and on into Europe.
You have to go back to Zoroaster and Hindu prophecy. What did they say about what was going to happen in the times that we are now in?
Because everything else — and that includes Hebrew prophecy, Christian prophecy, Islamic prophecy, you name it — all traces back to these original seed teachings.
When you read the original seed teachings, the Zoroastrians say that we’re going to go into a period they call frashokereti — which is where time changes.
Something very intrinsic happens that changes the nature of our reality.
It’s always been a mystery as to what exactly do they mean by that. The same thing with Egyptian prophecy, the same thing with ancient Greek prophecy that they inherited.
It all keeps going back to — the Hindus said this, too — the coming of a Golden Age.
It’s been widely misconstrued that this was going to lead to some sort of catastrophic disaster.
What it really says, if you go back to the Hindu prophecy, for example, is that great saviors would come to the planet.
They didn’t specify exactly what that was, but they did say that it would turn things around in such a dramatic fashion that evil would be completely wiped out.
And if you go back to the Zoroastrian prophecy, the time of frashokereti I was speaking of, it says that evil actually withers away due to the concentrated and focused efforts of the Just.
DW: What I believe is that here we are, talking on this radio program, we’re doing our own humble best to do what’s right for the planet.
And, in some greater incomprehensible framework that we may not be able to fully understand, our ancient mothers and fathers squirreled away these prophecies for us today.
They wanted to let us know that things are going to be OK, that we can do this, and what will happen once we uncork the bottle of the suppressed science which has been deliberately held down.
The benefits that we gain at that point are so much different than the society we have right now, that it is literally equivalent to a dimensional shift.
It is literally a coming Golden Age once the technologies are set free — and once people have such a massive awakening about the level of wrong that’s been done.
DW: I believe that there will be a wave of compassion and a wave of sentience that people will have where they say: My God! You know, Hitler was just a footnote.
Everybody says: Oh my God, the Nazis, the Nazis, the Nazis!
Well, that’s just like one little bitty line item in the contract that happened to squirt out by accident — compared to what’s really there.
And I think once people realize that, and once they see what’s been suppressed, they’re not going to want to be living in ignorance anymore.
They’re not going to want to perpetuate these lies and these hatreds that have been so prevalent.
I just wanted to squeeze that in. My perspective is that I’m very much optimistic. I believe these prophecies are speaking directly about what you’re saying.
I think that this action you’re referring to is fulfilling prophecies that have been in writing for six or seven thousand years, or more.
We’re actually watching now how they’re going to be fulfilled. For me, that’s extremely exciting.
DK: As we progress with this process — and I’m saying we collectively, Americans, everybody that lives here — my understanding is that all of these things that have been hidden for so long are going to be exposed very publicly.
These things that have not been taught are going to be taught, and that sort of thing. Imagine, now, a nation without secrets!
Imagine not having to worry about somebody doing something funny in the dark, in the closet, where you can’t see them. Pretty simple.
I’ve also done research in areas you’re talking about — and I found this to be extraordinarily interesting.
The tablet that goes next to the law tablet of the Sumerians that they took from — they said, antiquity — also covers what you just said in terms of what is to come.
DW: Wow.
DK: That was the part that I … I left that out, simply. I don’t deal with a lot of the things that you do. That’s not what I do.
DK: I have a tendency to be able to open doors. I don’t know how that works. I guess God’s doing that, or something beyond what I can understand.
And, to be able to be a part, like I said, of setting a nation free again, I’m thinking about when I was around in the 1950s.
I’m thinking about how much fun we could have back then, and not have to worry about being in serious trouble.
Teenagers today get felony arrests for stuff we used to do all the time.
The police would get real upset with us, take us home and mom and dad would definitely — I’d rather have a felony arrest then have what my mom and dad really wanted to do to me. [laughs] It’s quite that simple. [DW laughs]
The ideology of morality can be contained very simply. How would you want to be treated in a situation? How do you act?
DK: People are going to want to know what to do. The secret to it is locally. You go down to the local level, get to know your neighbors.
You get to know what’s going on in the small town that’s close to you where you go buy groceries. You find out what the problems are.
If there’s something you can do to solve a problem, go ahead and take care of it. You’d be amazed how many people appreciate it. They may not know you did it.
You don’t have to worry about it; you know you took care of something and this can grow into anything.
This is what’s called a County Project. This is listed on Oath Keepers; this is listed on [ ] our website. And it gives you the information necessary to be able to be the person you really know you can be.
And, you know, think about not having to have guns anymore because you don’t have to worry about it.
DK: Now, there might be a problem. I don’t know, David, how far the research has gone in terms of what our relationship to the animals are going to be.
I’ve had at least one mountain lion out here that decided to take exception and thought I was lunch [DW laughs].
So I took a shot in his direction and he decided that wasn’t a good idea (or she) and everything’s fine.
I got hissed at a few days later when it was out there and I happened to walk out on the porch.
So it knows who I am and knows that I’m not something necessarily that’s on the menu anymore.
DW: Wow.
DK: You know, other than that, I don’t have any concerns.
I LOVE nature! I wouldn’t live in the woods if I didn’t. So, you know, these are just a few ideas, but think of something where you don’t have these secrets.
DK: And David mentioned the sciences. I’m going to suggest that it goes even further than the sciences.
It’s going to require rebuilding a lot of the basic manufacturing so we can build these machines that treat people for diseases, and take care of them.
We’re going to need farming.
DK: Whether the ascension, as a lot of people refer to it, or change in dimension, or whatever this great change that’s supposed to be so great and beneficial does, I don’t know.
I have not been given that information.
But the Golden Age is there. It’s mentioned in the Sumerian tablets and that’s, like, 11,000 years ago.
If they knew about it back then and the Maya picked it up and did a calendar that actually supersedes time, uh, these guys are ‘unwashed savages’, and they knew about this?
Okay, that tells me that somebody was a really, really good scientist.
And out comes the knowledge — and away we go.
DW: Yeah, in my book, I also explain how every level of cycle of the Mayan calendar is tethered to super-cycles that underlie the planetary orbits.
That wasn’t even discovered until the 1980s by an Australian scientist. It wasn’t even published until after the year 2000. And yet, how did they know?
DK: [laughs] Somebody had to tell ’em!
DW: There you go!
DW: Another thing I just want to say here because we’re on two hours now, and I want to honor people’s time…
DK: Go for it.
DW: You’re probably used to speaking on shows that are essentially Americentric. They’re speaking to the patriots and the people who are wanting to defend freedom in America.
DK: Yes.
DW: We haven’t talked about the fact that there is a G20, and there are other countries in which there are plenty of cabal conspirators involved in this whole thing.
Have you been given any information as to this operation outside the continental United States?
DK: Yes, I got some interesting information, uh, well, let’s see, I’d say over the last two weeks.
One of the things that’s been going on is that the small nations of the world are tired — or are getting tired — of the bad guys that are operating out of the United States.
They come in and snatch up everything of value, then disappear and leave them in the dirt. Consequently, they got together and decided that that was not cool.
DK: The other thing that they have is financial backing that is ancient. Now, by that I mean the original Chinese rulers, people in Taiwan, people in Viet Nam. They’re all throughout the Eastern areas.
This deals with the extraordinary accounts called Global Settlement Accounts, and things of that nature, as well as a funding organization. Benjamin Fulford has mentioned this extremely well. 
One of the things that took place recently — and this is something that I was really following closely.
I found a couple of places that note world financial changes.
One of those changes is that the unallied nations finally formulated an agreement — and the agreement was that they would have their own financial system.
That basically started last Thursday, in terms of being operational. They actually turned it on for the first time to see that everything worked.
Friday they tested it. Saturday they tested it for real, in terms of transfers of small amounts of money back and forth so nobody would notice.
And Sunday they gave the thing a rest, put it on standby. They turned it on Monday morning.
And I thought this was really neat — they didn’t say anything to anybody! 
DK: There are about 200 nations, give or take, out there.
As I understand it, the non-allied nations that are participating in this, they number like 130 or 140, something along in there.
DW: Right.
DK: They have stepped outside of the financial control of the G5, G20.
They are outside of that — and offer an immunity to the capability of these bad guys to get a hold of any finance.
This is the reason that the Eurozone is having such troubles. This is the reason that the United States is looking real “iffy”, and it goes on from there.
DW: Well, the US dollar is the global reserve currency, as per the Bretton Woods Agreement — and the US dollar is a Federal Reserve Note. 
DK: There is going to be a change from what I understand, from what we have now, which is called a “debt instrument,” to an “equity instrument“.
In other words, there’s been enough dollars printed lately [laughs] to probably sink something.
I don’t know the volume of the money that’s been printed, but I DO know that as a world reserve currency, there’s a large load of dollars out there.
DW: Right.
DK: The number of dollars in relation to this new currency is such that a revaluation, or refunding of, or exchange of that number of dollars for this agreed-to currency supposedly puts us in a position of a basic one-to-one type of ratio of exchange for the little guy.
It does not include the big guys, from what I understand.
DK: I heard today that JP Morgan, Citi, and Bank of America are just about to collapse.
Now, I don’t know how true that is. We’ll find out in the next few days.
DW: I put up something on my website right literally before I called you. Then as soon as I’m done with this interview, we’re going to process it and get it up in that article.
This was regarding the public admission by JP Morgan that they are divorcing the Vatican, saying that the Vatican bank was using JP Morgan bank accounts to pass funds through — as sort of like just a very temporary holding facility.
The funds didn’t stay in JP Morgan; they just were shooting through it.
DK: Yep.
DW: And they’ve completely closed that door and it will be fully closed as of March 30th, 2012. They only made the announcement on March 19th, 2012.
That’s a very, very interesting thing when you understand that these are two warring factions that used to be all working together.
DK: You’re going to have that kind of separation now. I’m not going to say that JP Morgan/Chase, uh, is as innocent as they’d like to make themselves out to be.
DW: Sure.
DK: Then you want to take it the step further. I’m going to suggest that it may be a reversal of fortune.
You do have the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as two basic principals.
You can add minor people that call a lot of the shots, such as Bush, and et cetera.
DK: The thing that I’m seeing is that you have a separation between the United States and the European Union simply for the idea of preservation.
I was told, from a couple of different people that I listen to that know what’s going on, that the European Union is very close to collapse in terms of the euro.
As the euro goes, so goes the dollar in terms of our economy.
The other part of this is that you got about a two-week span before it starts hitting here.
DK: The other part of what our plan entails is finance.
There are old funds held by patriotic entities here in this country who have enough money — or valued assets, however you want to look at that — to pay our national debt some four times over. 
DW: Wow.
DK: That would be sufficient funding to take care of pretty much anybody’s needs for quite some time.
Now, this is not one of the collateral accounts; this is private accounting.
DW: Wow.
DK: That’s a big difference than what a lot of people have been talking about, to include Benjamin Fulford. And I respect that man highly.
DK: Okay. There’ve also been a couple of splits that are coming up in some of these secret organizations that are extraordinarily large AND directly financial.
And you’re dealing with extraordinary amounts of money or valuation, again.
You’re going to have a bunch of things running around loose that should take care of things for us.
DK: You want a Golden Age? [laughs] Think about not having to use gas anymore or not having to pay taxes. Think about not having to worry about having food to eat.
They do have — and I can tell you this from personal experience.
There was a sci-fi series called Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry was connected to some people who were basically foretelling future events.
DW: Hmm.
DK: Some of the things you saw on there, to include transporters, which are referred to today as stargates — this stuff’s real. It’s been being used for years.
The idea of a food replicator has been around for a long time, but they’ve also been in use for a long time. So, you’re talking about extraordinary, major and fantastic changes.
You want a Golden Age? How about if somebody’s hungry or you’re thirsty, you go punch in … you know, it shows you a picture and it says drink and you punch that and it says, you know, what flavor do you like?
Bingo, you got something to drink.
Or if you want a, you know, a steak, it makes it out of matter. You don’t have to slice up cows anymore. [laughs]
DW: You just mentioned something that I have heard and I’ve never gone public with. I refer to that technology as a materializer.
I think that’s probably a better-sounding word. The classified term I heard is called a constructor
DK: Yeah.
DW: I’ve heard that those are very real. It also works with your mind, so it’s not like you speak the command.
DK: Yeah.
DW: You literally visualize what you want to eat, and it will then scan and do the best possible job that it can.
This includes the fact that the food cleans your mouth as you eat it — and it actually turns into pure nutrition as you digest it.
DK: Well, now you want to take this a step further. There was something else in that twenty-fifth century, 2500 AD, sci-fi series, and that was that there is an economy running.
Everybody’s running around doing stuff. People are getting food and et cetera. They got clothes, a place to live.
DW: Yep.
DK: And you might note one thing, and this was something that wasn’t taken into consideration in terms of getting into details, but it was a moneyless society.
DW: That’s right. Somebody’s in Ten Forward and they want a drink. They’re not plunking down coins to get it.
DK: Exactly. And that extraordinary change, as I understand, is down the road after we complete a whole bunch of this stuff.
DK: The basis for this is that the United States has been looked at as the bastion of freedom.
The crux of that relies upon our founding documents, the original intent of how things were structured, and the idea that the People, not somebody else, is in charge.
Like I said, the military will install certain people that they have in mind that they know can do certain jobs for a temporary period of time — and under limited powers.
DW: This means that the bills will be paid, the lights will stay on and there will be continuity of the goods and services that people need for their basic livelihood.
DK: As much as possible. There’s going to be some interruptions. That’s just a given; that’s going to happen.
But it shouldn’t be anything extraordinary.
It’s not going to be the end of the world, it’s not going to be martial law and, you know, the whole thing is not going to go in the toilet.
DW: Just to briefly loop back to my previous question, since we have a huge international audience. We have a massive audience in Australia, and a massive audience in Europe.
I have my own intuition and intel on this, but do you personally have knowledge of there being a coordination in which the mass arrests in the United States will correlate with similar police actions in other countries as well?
DK: That CAN happen, but it’s not absolutely necessary. The reason for that is that when you close the borders, you don’t lose anybody that way.
DW: I see.
DK: And if you take down portions of it at differing times, it’s not going to make that much difference.
It would be nice, and probably to some extent simpler, to do it all at once.
You have to realize the extraordinary amount of tactical problems that you come across — the manpower involved, and whether or not … if you look at this, we’ve got a pretty massive job here, okay?
Maybe somebody else might in another country need some assistance from us in order to accomplish the same goal, or we may need assistance from people outside; it could be INTERPOL, it could be anybody — who knows?
DW: Right, Drake.
DW: I also want to make it clear that most of the world media that is propaganda-based is all based from American corporations — which are now syndicated throughout television networks all over the planet.
Therefore, when you break the back of the leviathan in this country… We’re already seeing, right now, much more truth being told in the British press and in the news media of many other countries.
I would bet dollars to donuts that once this mass uprising occurs in the US, the people are going to realize the lies that have been told.
Those in other countries who have been part of the problem, who probably will be named when this happens, are going to have to scoot very quickly, and find themselves a very, very distant hiding place — because they’re not going to be able to operate publicly.
They’re not going to be able to stay in their homes, because people are going to be really pissed when they find out what’s been done to them. 
DK: That’s part of it, but what you have to remember is that there are two ways that these people operate.
One is covert or under the covers and out of sight, that sort of thing. And one is out in the open. The European portion of this has been more out in the open.
DK: I don’t know if everybody has noticed or not, but there’s been a large load of resignations, retirements, and arrests.
I thought it was interesting to find out from one source that supposedly the people here are running for cover, too. The only problem is I hadn’t heard anything about it.
So, I did a little investigation of my own and asked a couple of people I know personally, and, lo and behold, what’s happening is that they’re not resigning and they’re not surrendering.
What they’re doing is they are taking permanent foreign vacations.
DW: Hmm.
DK: They’re just simply walking out, collecting the family, with a bag full of money and going.
DK: Now, the problem with that is the agreements that, as I understand it, are in place, is that we are allowed to go get them wherever they go.
DW: Wow.
DK: Shame on anybody that’s in the way.
I do not know a country on the planet who could withstand the full force of the United States military, especially when you got the whole civilian population screaming for blood.
So yeah, there’s going to be … I would imagine there’s going to be hangings; you’ll have people jumping out of windows here and there; you’ll probably have some gun fights.
DK: I do not want to see the riotous lynch mob attitude from anybody.
DW: Neither do I.
DK: The idea of tearing up your neighborhood because somebody told you that you were black is ludicrous and stupid.
You’ve got people in the neighborhood who have lived there for years, as they make a living out of that store, and you’re going to screw it up for them?
That’s real intelligent. I wonder what you’re going to do with the people that normally would work there? I mean, you know, you’re screwing the whole thing up.
The idea is to keep cool, calm and collected because everything will be sorted out over a period of time — and I do mean everything!
DK: The idea of the police state is not going to exist as it does now. Common Law doesn’t allow for that.
This is going to be the new basis. This is going to be the new responsibility ideology.
If you’re not going to be responsible, somebody is liable to snatch you up and confine you or something.
Or, they might put you to work someplace possibly doing something, or being some place you don’t want to be — or doing something you don’t like.
Cleaning outhouses ain’t cool. So, it’s going to be reoriented to the old-fashioned basis in the ’50s.
Some things you didn’t do because you knew mom and daddy would kill you if you did it, and you knew that it wasn’t right anyway.
So you didn’t do it. But you could go out and scream, holler, jump, run, roll in the grass, ride your bike at 5,000 miles an hour, whatever you wanted to do and you didn’t get in trouble for it, okay?
DK: The kids today don’t get to do that because of the load of information, and it’s mostly not correct, that’s being put out by the education system — that they’ve got to learn something that doesn’t fit with them.
It disagrees with the idea of memorizing certain things because it’s false. 
Lies do not fit well within the brain, period.
And these people have changed the history books and a whole bunch of other stuff and lied to you terribly. This is why this stuff don’t go in your head well.
Your brain is made by God, not by man.
God knows the difference between right and wrong, and consequently, so do you.
That little voice, conscience, tells you what’s what … you know, to do this, don’t do [that], okay?
Real simply — the lies don’t fit. That’s why they’re so hard to cram in your head. 
DW: Thankfully, the Founding Fathers — I learned this from my own legal research — put provisions in the United States Constitution that stipulate that conscience supersedes the written law.
In other words, if conscience is very clear about something, then what’s written cannot go against that. And that’s in the Constitution. It’s not something most people talk about but it’s definitely in there.
DK: Exactly. But the inference of what I’m saying is the reason why the education is so difficult, the reason it’s so hard to learn stuff is simply because it ain’t right! [with emphasis]
DW: Yes.
DK: It’s like eating something that’s going to upset your stomach. You get a steady diet of that and you’re going to have some problems.
This is basically what the difference between real education and what they’re giving out now. That’s the difference between it.
This is why everybody is having such a problem.
You don’t need to do all of what’s being done, in terms of information overload, in order to accomplish the goals that we have set before us.
DK: You’re going to have to be smarter than you think you are — and that comes with the territory.
But, you can, and I have found this to be true, anybody who really decides they’re going to do it, there’s not too much that a person can’t do. 
DK: The education system’s changing, the tax system’s changing, the money system changes — the government’s going to flip itself on its head.
These are not little, simple changes.
Everybody needs to pay attention to that fact and realize that it’s serious — and it’s already on its way.
There’s nothing nobody can do to stop it.
The United States can’t pay its debt; therefore, the currency is going in the toilet.
It’s going to be replaced with something of equitable value, rather than a debt instrument, which is what you have now in the way of money.
That’s a given. You have to do that.
There’s going to be barter and trade. There’re a lot of things that are going to change.
DW: What about national sovereignty? One of the other things everybody’s so paranoid about is: Oh, New World Order, they want to take away my country and just merge us all into some gigantic octopus.
DK: No. That was what the bad guys had in mind for us. That’s what the FEMA camps were built for. They were going to reduce the population and all this other happy stuff.
DK: What’s going to happen is that, yes, we’re going to become world-conscious.
This means that you’re going to be aware of the Chinese, Japanese, whomever you’re dealing with, the Russians, whoever. They will also have to be conscious of us.
There will be much more friendly compliance in terms of trying to accomplish things than has ever happened before for this … for one simple fact: sovereignty, yes; war, no.
Now, nobody… [laughs] War is good for absolutely nothing, just like the song says!
DW: [Laughs]
DK: The idea of war has been stepped on. People don’t believe in ETs, but I’m going to tell you something — there is a thing called the Law of Averages.
Any gambler knows that trying to pull a royal flush in a five card draw game is extraordinarily difficult.
You cannot have more than, on average, 10 out of 100 guns that won’t fire at the same time. And yet, there’s been whole armies and groups of troops that have had all misfires.
You put a battalion on line, you aim at the enemy and pull the trigger and it goes clink? That’s not possible. I’m sorry. Somebody’s screwed with something.
DW: Right.
DK: I don’t know what it was, don’t care. I’m just glad that it worked.
It’s sort of like um … The Day the Earth Stood Still. That movie is excellent. All he did was turn the electricity off for about 10 minutes and it screwed everybody’s mind up!
DW: Yep!
DK: And these are the kind of things, of proof, that are going to be readily available in the very near future. This is not very far down the road.
DK: The thing that’s going on now is tactical positioning. They’re getting ready to do this — and I’m hoping that it happens sooner than later.
I wish it was last week, but I’m not in charge.
So, you know, I don’t really know, but I listen to some people that do deal with these things. That’s how come I know what I know.
DW: Yeah, there are windows that already came and went for when they were considering possibly doing this.
DW: What I’ve heard is that they’re not giving out specific dates now because they don’t want something else to come along that changes the window and then have everybody get disappointed.
DK: Well, not only that, but the bad guys are liable to put a road block in or…
DW: Of course.
DK: …you know, roll a landmine up under your truck, or something, while you’re driving down the road. That’s not fun either.
DW: They’re really pushing the envelope, too. They’re trying to get away with as much as they can, because they know the window is very narrow of how much time they’ve got.
So they’re passing executive orders and doing all this crazy stuff in this last gasp, which is ironic, because the more of this kind of stuff they do, the faster they bring about their own demise.
DK: Exactly, because what they’re doing is spending their ammunition. You want to make sure you don’t run out of bullets when you’ve got bad guys coming at you.
DW: Right.
DK: When they’re shooting at you, you need to be able to shoot back. If you don’t, you got a problem!
The ammunition, you have to look at the ammunition they’re shooting.
In some cases they have done a lot of different things, but lately the ammunition has been simply press, or hollow, or without meaning.
DW: Right.
DK: And that’s a big difference. That’s like shooting a blank.
DW: Yeah, it’s a psy-op.
DK: Yeah.
DW: It doesn’t have any tactical advantage other than the psychological advantage.
DK: Yeah. They want to psych everybody up and make people real nervous and scared and this and that, and…
DW: You know, if we go back in military history and we look at how Hitler was defeated, basically his communications had been secretly tapped. He didn’t realize this.
Winston Churchill had to make the terrible decision of allowing his own family to be bombed in London, knowing that if he gave it away, they wouldn’t be able to win the war.
They tweaked Hitler’s ego to such an extent that they got him to march on Stalingrad, Russia — in the winter! [DK laughs]
Then the slash and burn policy was used so that his soldiers couldn’t find any homes to plunder, any people to rob, or any food to get…
DK: Exactly!
DW: …and they perished in the winter…
DK: Exactly!
DW: …and it wiped out his army.
DW: And so, the lesson of history is that when people get desperate, when they get angry, they get really stupid.
Ultimately it was Hitler’s narcissism, his ego, his pride and his vanity that brought him down.
It was him starting to get stupid in the heat of battle and making dumb moves.
He wasn’t thinking like a chess player. He wasn’t thinking five moves ahead.
I think that there is such a lack of central command right now that they can’t think far enough ahead.
They’re making these knee-jerk decisions out of fear — and that’s what’s bringing them down.
They’re getting stupid, they’re getting sloppy, and you’re seeing more and more evidence of this right out in the open on the headlines of the news.
DK: Exactly.
DK: Now I understand one of the key points that they’re going to take is control of all of news media.
So, you’re going to have a full channel. All of the news media, to include all the other channels, are going to carry the information for a time.
They’ll return back to movie channels and things of that nature afterwards.
DW: Right.
DK: All of your news channels then will be free to actually report some news.
I’m going to give you guys an example real quick.
Look at the news during the day. And I’m going to tell you, if you look at it closely, you’ll find that there isn’t any news. They’re not reporting squat.
The reason is, they don’t want you to know what’s going on for real.
That’s the difference between them and us, and the reality of this program as it’s been laid out.
The Plan is very simple — and it’s being followed to the letter.
DW: I remember back when I was working on my music album Wanderer Awakening, I was staying at my friend Larry Seyer’s house in Austin, Texas.
For about nine months we were working on this album. It’s fifty songs — so it took a long time. [Laughs]
I’m not going to say which one it was, but there was this one channel when he was flipping through the channels on TV and we called it the “Caylee Channel.”
Every single time we went to this channel, day or night, they were talking about this very cute missing little girl, presumed dead.
How can that generate enough news to feed an entire channel — day in and day out?
But that’s what was happening. All the talking heads on this channel, all they talked about – Caylee, Caylee, Caylee — all day long. It was crazy!
[DW: This became a running joke in the studio. I don’t normally watch any TV, but when Larry wanted to, I would say “Let’s go see how Caylee is doing.”]
DK: If you want to update that, I would suggest you look at the deal with the Supreme Court right now. The only thing you’re hearing about is Obamacare.
DW: Right.
DK: What happened to Syria? What’s happening in the Middle East?
DW: Right.
DK: What is going on with the other countries such as China and Russia, who are major players on the world stage?
Nothing’s going on in any of these places, according to what you hear on the news; it’s only us.
DW: Right.
DK: Even your usual news from Great Britain is not coming through like it used to.
It’s beginning to become bland, pointless and actually newsless, okay?
Like I said, they’ve lost the capability to influence people the way they’d like.
And, through various means, they’re getting ready to take the last or final plunge.
From what I’ve heard, the tactic’s getting ready to happen. So, everybody can look for a nice bright sunny day right down the road.
DW: That’s very exciting. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your valuable schedule to speak with us today.
DW: Please let us know when this window starts to come, so that we can do the viral maneuvers necessary.
I want to be clear that just about everyone listening to this is going to want to help in some way.
If you’re not a soldier or retired military, for the majority of the people listening, what really is going to help the most is you simply letting other people know that this is real.
This is not an Internet conspiracy theory. This is not Chicken-Little, sky-is-falling speculation.
This is a plan that, as you said, Drake, was already a five-inch-thick document in 1979.
They’ve been building up to this for a long time. Action is going to be taken. It’s too late to be reversed.
It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when.
It will be swift. It will be dramatic. It will be probably the most significant moment in any recorded modern human history.
DW: There is going to be a massive worldwide panic attack in the early stages of it; it’s inevitable.
People are going to freak out because they’ve had their heads in the sand; they didn’t want to see that there was something bad going on.
For everybody who is hearing this — you’re the ones who now have the charge.
You know about this in advance. You have the insider knowledge of what’s coming.
It’s really important to help other people get prepared so that they know when this occurs, it’s not all of their doom and gloom fears coming true.
It’s not a coup. It’s not martial law. It’s not New World Order. These people who are doing this are valiantly defending our freedom — and they can be trusted.
[DW: It’s also very important to focus on the extreme positives this will create — massive prosperity, clean energy and real peace — rather than opening up with alarming statements about stocking up on toilet paper.]
DW: At the very, very least, even if you don’t trust it, stand by and just watch and see what happens — because I’ll tell you something.
Let’s say we uncork the bottle of secrecy.
Let’s say all these people that have been fed a lie a day, or ten lies a day, or a hundred lies a day — from every corner, from every magazine, from every television network — find out that all that stuff isn’t true.
At that point, how in the world can you ever put the genie back in the bottle?!
This is something I think all the fear-mongers fail to realize. Once you break the secrecy, once you break the back of the leviathan, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.
Corruption will never be able to fester again — because the truth is a weapon that subdues this cabal.
They don’t want the truth to come out. Period.
Therefore, when the truth does start coming out, that’s your sign that they are no longer running the show — and that positive changes are happening.
Would you agree with that, Drake?
DK: Absolutely!
DK: Something to remember is — don’t freak out, no matter what’s going on.
Just sit there, kinda watch out the window and see what’s happening.
You probably won’t notice any difference between one day and another, other than that the news will probably go ballistic…
DW: Right. Think 9/11, but on a bigger scale — because the news is there to make people freak out.
DW: When 9/11 happened to me, I’d already been accustomed to having very intense things happen in my life.
I was perfectly calm.
I drove home — and I proceeded to write articles the whole rest of the night about how I had been publishing dreams that had predicted all this stuff well in advance.
The dreams phrased it in very specific terms — including airplanes, economic collapse, all kinds of specific details I already had on my website.
[DW: I have also now had dozens and dozens of dreams discussing these imminent mass arrests, urging me to get involved, and saying this is a very positive step that will free us from Financial Tyranny.]
DK: The media tries to make you think that you’re in danger; that you’re in fear, that there’s a threat going on.
When they realize what’s going on, and that these things that have been talked about in advance, such as what you and I are doing, are coming to pass….
Nobody wants to be that guy on the Nuremberg Trials who said: [with a German accent] I vas just folloving ordahs — and that includes the media!
DK: [laughs] A lot of the media is going to be replaced, it’s that simple. It’s a little too far gone to keep them.
So, you know: Sorry about that, but you’re going to be adjudicated.
DK: One of the things I want to say here is that you’ve got a lot of bad guys — some of them worse than others — some have done things that human beings shouldn’t do at all, okay?
The level of what they did is the way I would suggest how they be judged.
It’s going to be up to us to figure out exactly how nasty we want to get with these guys.
However, you might want to consider keeping a few of them around, simply so that they can show you what they did, and how they did it.
We make sure it don’t happen or can’t happen again — and we can find that little closet they had specially built into the house where the record boxes are at.
There’re a lot of advantages to treating people a certain way.
DW: I also want to make it clear that Hitler’s actions against the Jews were felt justified by the people, because the Jews were blamed for everything that was wrong.
DK: Exactly.
DW: In a lot of cases, what you’re dealing with when you talk about Illuminati — in truth — is a vast, multinational secret combination of a huge number of different corporate entities, military entities, governmental entities, everything.
DK: Mm hm.
DW: And there are many, many levels of that hierarchy of people who would be killed if they tried to get out.
In my view, probably the greatest travesty of all in this whole situation is that all these folks on the Internet who are into the conspiracy stuff think that everybody who can have this label put on them is equally culpable — and equally evil.
In fact, as a whistleblower named Svali has said from the Illuminati perspective, the majority of these people don’t want to be in it.
They hate what’s going on. They hate doing their jobs. They would do anything to get out. But, they know they would be killed and tortured — and have everyone they love killed and tortured — if they did.
You’d better believe that there are going to be a lot of people who are brave patriots — who deserve to be given amnesty and given a chance to testify to what happened — in exchange for some degree of clemency.
Then they can help fish out who the real problems are — and be given a chance to reform.
I think that it’s a fatal mistake for us to embrace a genocidal mindset and slap the word Illuminati on people, and think that means they should be put to death — just like the Germans slapped the word Jews on somebody and put them to death.
DK: I’m going to give a real simple illustration that everybody should think about. I’m sure everybody’s heard about the IRS. I’m sure that everybody has heard about the massive record keeping process that goes on.
DW: Sure.
DK: Now, somebody that sets the precedent of: Let’s go take this guy’s house just because we can — that turkey needs to be dealt with rather harshly.
Now, the guy that works for him — the clerk, the person that files, the person that answers the phone — might know how things work well enough that we can more quickly unwind the mess that’s been made, and at the same time exonerate what their actions were.
I mean, you got to eat, so you got to have a job.
And the only job I can get is the one at the IRS, even though I got a degree — but at least I can eat, and I can feed my family, so I’m going to be a clerk. And what I’m going to do, I will eventually end up being a senior file clerk.
All he’s doing is putting papers in a drawer? I can’t say that he’s the evil mother that came out and foreclosed on houses or put tax liens up somebody’s whatever. That was the boss — those are the people that we’re after.
And a lot of them are going to turn too; because they don’t want to … they do not want to bear the brunt of being strung up in a tree.
It’s just that simple.
And in Germany [laughs] there were a whole bunch of people got strung up and left in the public parks, strung up in trees.
I don’t advocate that.
DK: I don’t like violence, never have. But I’m not beyond pulling the trigger on somebody if I need to, to protect me or my wife.
I don’t necessarily feel that it’s a good idea to go into, say, JP Morgan / Chase and go after them with loaded guns — because some idiot is liable to pull the trigger, even by accident, and do something … and cause something they don’t want to happen.
You have to take the responsibility and the position that: Well, we already got them, we can decide later if they need to be shot, or hung, or whatever happens to them.
Some of them, I’m going to say right now, even though I don’t advocate violence, there are some of them that need to be chopped up into little pieces before they’re executed!
DW: [nervous chuckle]
DK: I’m serious. I know that you have the capability of looking in somebody’s eyes and getting a reasonable feel for the condition of that person’s soul or spirit.
I have looked into some of the eyes of some people — it’s blank, it’s dark and they look back at you like you’re on the menu!
DW: Right.
DK: I personally am not going to put up with that — period.
That person is either going to be executed or put away permanently by itself. Whether it’s male or female doesn’t make any difference. They will be kept that way until they pass away or are executed for crimes, or whatever.
DW: I think that if you go back to that Sumerian Common Law you were referring to earlier, it’s essentially something that I would argue is actually a Universal Principle.
And that is that we don’t harm other people.
If someone has done massive, massive harm to others — and that includes torturing people, killing people in large numbers, doing it with a sadistic glee and with people who are innocent — then we, as a society, do have the right to issue a death penalty.
Now, some people are going to disagree with me on that — and say the death penalty should never, ever, ever be done.
It’s going to be difficult to argue, otherwise, with the number of people who are going to be upset — and who are going to want to see some degree of justice occur.
[DW: Some people have taken strong offense to my having said this. I do believe the death penalty should only be used in extreme circumstances, if at all — and I absolutely do not condone any form of torture whatsoever.]
DW: But all that being said, I think it’s really important that we not be quick to do this, and that we don’t start making assumptions.
I think that people have a right to a trial by jury.
I think that doing a bunch of shooting at the beginning is a terrible mistake.
It makes us no better than the people that we’re attempting to supersede.
I think that these people do have a right to defend themselves, just as our law stipulates.
DK: I’m inclined to agree with that. But, like I said, I don’t advocate torture and I don’t like violence, but some people do need to be executed.
DW: Right.
DK: That’s just how it is.
DW: If you look at, for example, the South African Truth and Reconciliation Committee, some of that did happen, but it happened in context of public hearings.
DK: Yeah.
DW: Right.
DK: I think we’ve pretty much covered it. I don’t know of anything to add to this.
DW: I feel we’ve done a terrific job.
DW: About the only other thing I would add is just to second what you said about this bizarre situation that’s happening with guns jamming on the battlefield. It’s a pretty big issue.
It’s the main subject of the article I’m writing right now. There’s been over forty of these types of events that I’m aware of in just the last few months.
I’m going to be detailing many of them in my article called DIVINE INTERVENTION, which is on
These are crazy events.
And from what I’ve heard, and apparently now you’re hearing the same thing, everybody in the Pentagon, good guys and bad guys, is aware that this is being done.
They know that these actions are not singling out any one nation — they’re actually going against anybody committing an act of aggression.
DW: You’re absolutely right about The Day the Earth Stood Still as an excellent point of comparison for that.
It is a teaching that seems to have been sort of like a time capsule of truth.
We wouldn’t realize exactly how prophetic it was until these moments actually started to happen for real. That movie was a documentary; it was not fiction!
DK: [Laughs]
DW: [Laughs]
DW: A series of very compelling pieces of evidence are coming out. One is the Iran drone scandal, in which our best RQ-170 Sentinel Drone was flying over Iran.
Somehow, they gained control of it and landed it.
And landed it intact; they published the pictures of it on the Internet, and everybody can see that.
The thing is, what people may not realize is that the RQ-170 Sentinel Drone uses a communication system that is quintuple encrypted, and was believed completely impossible to be hacked.
It is the most advanced communication system in any of the classified assets that we have, including all the stuff that comes out of Area 51, Lockheed Skunk Works.
Nothing that we have in the Black Ops community has a communication system and a guidance system more advanced than what was on the RQ-170.
Therefore, the fact that that could be overtaken and grounded means that nothing in our possession, nothing in our arsenal, is free from potentially being over-ridden.
This is one of a variety of things you can look at in the mainstream media right now.
DW: You can see when this came out and in fact the US Government, in an astonishing act of humility, pretty much begged Iran to give it back!
DK: [Laughs] I can’t blame them!
DW: It’s unbelievable that they actually acknowledged that it was real, acknowledged that it was taken and said: Would you please give it back?!  [DW laughs]
DK: They’re very expensive!
DW: [Laughs] I want people to stop and think about that — and realize that’s probably the most traceable of these events so far, where you can read all about it on the Internet and see something that actually happened.
A very classified piece of technology was downed for reasons that shouldn’t ever have been able to happen!
DW: What I’m hearing is, from the insiders, that there are cruise missiles that won’t fire. There are bunker-buster bombs that won’t go off. There are tanks that won’t start!
DK: [Laughs]
DW: And, it goes on and on and on. It’s unbelievable, the scope of what’s happening.
That leads me to believe that we are actually dealing with a joint operation in which the boys from topside, as some like to call them, are making darn sure that this plan you’re talking about right now will succeed.
DK: [laughs] I’ve heard a description that I thought was pretty funny, but does fit.
As I understand it, these guys were described as: “tree-hugging hippies from space” had a “primary directive of non-interference — and what are you doing zapping me into ga ga land?” That’s a quote from somebody on a security thing!
If somebody wants to know about us as much as can be, and wants to hear recordings — — that’s all I got to say!
DW: Terrific. Drake, I thank you and I encourage everyone … in this case, let’s not worry about copyright; let’s distribute this.
You can re-post it, you can put it on the Internet and put it under your own name, break it up into a thousand different ten-minute sections — whatever you want to do.
We need to get the word out. Nobody’s trying to profit off of this, so just spread the word.
[DW: As stated in the beginning, we may need to update this post as events continue to occur. So you can post anything up to very long excerpts, but please link your readers back to the full, complete original version here so they don’t miss anything.]
We’re going to get the transcript done as soon as we can, and let people know — because this is going to be the most significant event in history when it happens.
And your role, you listening to this, is going to be to help calm people down, get them educated so that they’re not going to freak out — and this can happen in as orderly a fashion as possible.
DK: Well, David, I appreciate you having me on, I really do.
DW: Thank you, Drake, it’s been my pleasure. And to everyone out there, God bless you and keep up the good work! Thanks so much.



This interview is a subset of a greater body of data that will follow in the final version of DIVINE INTERVENTION.

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Freedom is at hand. The people are taking the power back. This is a very exciting time to be alive on Earth!

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