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The Law of One Study Guide

The Law of One Study Guide


Don Elkins, Ph.D., Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarty


Study Guide compiled by Bob Childers, Ph.D. Web formatting, editing and additional compilation by David Wilcock

Dedicated to Carla Rueckert whose joyful service allowed the words of Ra to speak to humanity, despite the nearly fatal tolls and hardships endured by the physical body complex.

Ra’s words, brought through in 1981, are arguably the ultimate source of accurate ET information to have emerged in modern history. This study guide gives a wonderful overview of the main philosophies, concepts and practices of the Law of One, predominantly through excerpts. Let’s put it this way — this is the ONLY work that has attempted to summarize Ra’s worldview in one streamlined form. It is invaluable to all seekers of Truth, Wisdom and Compassion.



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