Sunday, February 26, 2017
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David's scientific work, thoroughly documented for free public consumption on this website, is now being realized into a feature Hollywood dramatic film, CONVERGENCE. A corresponding documentary film, with key interviews, will be released in the special features section of the DVD. We hope to have the film out soon.

We are certain that Convergence is timely, salient and of true benefit to humanity.

Our planet is undergoing extreme changes while a great portion of humanity lives in stress and anxiety. At the same time, amazing discoveries are being made that have the potential to transform our lives in a way that is nothing short of remarkable. Unfortunately, the majority of people have not received these findings, and oftentimes when they do, the information is fragmented and difficult to comprehend.

Convergence is a trilogy about the latest findings from experts, accompanied with scientific verification and graphics about the true nature of, and our direct impact upon, the universe. It presents interviews with leading scientists, physicians and researchers in the fields of physics, the mind, astronomy, ancient history and noetics.

This is a movie that not only should be made, it NEEDS to be made.

The potential for great advances are mitigated by the potential for great disasters. This movie is presented so that we may all move forward into the greatest renaissance in humanity's history: the evolution of consciousness and true peace.

David at Conference