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[Note: This chapter, and all others in this book, are excerpted from The End of Our Century by Francois Masson, written in 1979-80. It was transcribed from French into English by David Michael Steinberg in 1981 and a publisher was never found. It was finally edited, updated and published on the Internet by David Wilcock in 2001.]

The knowledge of perfect numbers goes back to the mists of antiquity. It was used in Chaldea and very early Egypt.

The definite writings on this subject date from Thales, who lived from 640 to 547 B.C. His pupil Pythagoras (580-500 B.C.), the author of famous theorems, traveled to Egypt where this education was completed by the priests of Ra at Heliopolis and Memphis.

These heirs to the greatest sacred mysteries taught him the value of the Sirius cycle. According to this theory, not only celestial phenomena but all terrestrial events repeat themselves in the same order every 1461 years.

The man who made the theory famous and gave it all its value was Plato, for he set the true golden number at 25920 years; and this number, as we shall see, contains all the others. These 25920 years correspond to the complete precessional cycle which we discussed earlier.

[Note: As we have often stated in The Shift of the Ages and other writings, this precession is a slow wobble in the Earth's orbit that also repeats itself in cycles on the Sun. We now have reason to believe that this movement is due to the structured energy harmonics that exist as we move through the galaxy, exhibiting discrete changes in human behavior and celestial bodies. (DW)]

So events do repeat cyclically, but it is never the repeating of the same events but more like an ascending spiral; the similar events manifest in an entirely new context, but their deep roots are identical.

In France, Michel Helmer was the first to reinstate and successfully apply this ancient theory, aided by his discovery of the number Phi, (which equals approximately 1.616,) whose use enables him to locate the peak times within each cycle.

[Note: As we have explained in The Shift of the Ages chapter 18, the work of Bradley Cowan has shown this effect in the financial markets.

Based on the fact that three-dimensional geometric structures in time are at work, (as a consequence of the natural vibrational pattern of a fluidlike medium that constantly creates all of space and matter,) we should expect that the other geometric ratios of square root of two, three and five would also indicate peak times in cycles as well.

In this sense Cowan's science is already more refined, though it only predicts market movement. However, Helmer's method is far more specific, as we shall soon see. (DW)]

M.E. Bindel, math professor at the Waldorfschule in Stuttgart, published in 1958 his book, The Spiritual Elements of Numbers and he had no hesitation in writing:

Nowadays, we have nearly forgotten the questions about perfect numbers; they are not studied in schools nor in the scientific fields. At the most, the history of mathematics mentions them as a curiosity.

One can judge from these facts the fate of these ideas and the role they have played in human thought from ancient times to the present.

Throughout antiquity, Numbers were considered as logical members of a Unity. There was a regular cult of Unity; One was considered the mother of all numbers and therefore superior to them.

In fact, some went so far as to say that, being above all numbers, One was not a number. Our present way of thinking about numbers and the way we handle One would have seemed barbaric to the ancients.

Their attitude gave them a great wisdom about numbers, which it would be hard to explain to us now. What has not been known all this time cannot be understood today.

It is hard for modern man to believe that numbers have a meaning much more important than he thinks, that they are not merely a means of counting and measuring sense objects but that they also express a spiritual essence which they create and control. The ancient Hebrews called this spiritual essence the ten holy "Sephirot."


The author, in a monograph about the relation of perfect numbers to Astrology, wrote in 1969:

"In the Cahiers Astrologiques (magazine) of 1960, M. Helmer presented his theory on the cyclic repetition of events, a cycle based mainly on using the Ideal pre-eminent Number 25920 and its factors. Applying his theory enabled him to make many exact predictions both economic and political.

"In his account, he gave a special place to the Ideal number, 25920 years. Here is an excerpt of his thesis. He begins by saying:

Each of the three astrological phenomena that we know are signs in the sky of coordinates of three Space-Times:

a)      The Earth's rotation on its axis equals the Space-Time of the houses (in worldly Astrology, themes of nations, regimes, political leaders), these themes being like the second hand of the cosmic clock.

b)      The Earth's revolution around the Sun equals the Space-Time of the heavy planetary cycles. It is like the minute hand of the cosmic clock.

c)       Finally, the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has 25920 as its symbolic number. The numerological rhythms of this number give us the hour hand of the cosmic clock."

[Note: We now have reason to believe that the 12 signs of the zodiac, occurring over the course of one year, are due to Earth's movement through a 12-fold spiraling energy wave in the Solar System similar to the much larger energy wave in the Galaxy that marks the precession.

Both are natural consequences of the vibrating "aether" medium in free space. The following crop formation of Bringhurst 2000 seems to show this Solar System wave very clearly. (DW)]

There are many cycles which have been used by various civilizations: the Manvantara and the Yuga of the ancient Hindus, the cycle of Daniel, the polar or ternary cycle and the Biblical cycle of seven times 77 years. But every one of these is found in the perfect number, 25920 years, by simple division or multiplication.

Here are the various basic cycles obtained by this method:

25920 / 2 = 12960. 12960 x 5 = 64800 years, the Manvantara cycle.

25920 / 10 = 2592 years. The Daniel cycle.

25920 / 6 = 4320 years or Yuga cycle in the tradition of India.

25920 / 12 = 2160 years, cycle of a civilization or a religion and corresponding to the precessional passage from one constellation of the Zodiac to the next.

25920 / 12 = 2160 and 2160 / 2 = 1080 years, cycle of opposition to what was created at the start of the 2160-year cycle.

2160 / 3 = 720 years, so-called polar phase or ternary division pointed out by Rev. Father Poucel.


The first phase of 720 years is the prophetic period of every religion. The second is the "clerical phase" and the third, that of the supremacy of the temporal power over the spiritual power.

For example: from the Christ's teaching to the years 720-750 corresponds the mystical epoch of Christianity.

From AD 720-750 to 1440-1470, the times changed and it was the epoch of the mastery of the ecclesiastical hierarchy over peoples and governments.

1440-1770, we're getting into the time of great changes. 1440 is the start of the Renaissance, whose knowledge spread throughout Europe with the arrival of the Byzantine savants after the fall of Constantinople.

This was also the time of John Hus in Bohemia, the first to protest and challenge the Church hierarchy, which treacherously put him to death. But the seed he planted bore fruit in Hussite revolts and the teaching of Martin Luther.

From 1440-1470, we see then the supremacy of temporal powers over spiritual and over the churches, Protestant as well as Catholic, their gradual weakening with the birth of a new religion at the end of the 2160-year period and the cycle begins again at a new level of the helix.

2160 / 4 = 540 years:

This cycle is surely the most important of those whose scope we can comprehend: it is the turning point of the basic cycles of a civilization. It corresponds to the Biblical cycle of 7 x 77 years = 539 years.

The latter naturally is derived from the basic human cycle, which is 11 years and 11 x 7 = 77 years. 77 years and 11 years are indeed the cycles of Man.

This fundamental cycle of 539 or 540 years, that of the mass movements of peoples (see Fig. 1) enabled Michel Helmer to foresee in 1960 and to predict in 1964 the world events of 1968, especially those he expected to occur in France and which really did happen there.

Helmer chose as his starting point the year 1429, when the tide turned against the English in the Hundred Years' War; this affected the whole history of Europe. Indeed, after her reverses on the Continent, England turned to the sea, her real vocation.

So that year 1429 witnessed the quasi-miraculous intervention of Joan of Arc, the 19-year-old girl to whom King Charles VII entrusted his army, which succeeded in beating the English Talbot and raising the siege of Orleans; this was from April 29 to May 8, 1429.

539 years later, practically to the day, the French youth, on another level of the spiral, brought about the shift and incredible destruction of a whole state of mind belonging to the past, the end of the University mandarins and the repeal of many taboos.

Since that year 1968, which saw the same youth movement throughout the world, in France, Crechoslovakia, the USA, Mexico, Japan, West Germany, etc., no one can depend on his title to be obeyed, but must prove his abilities.

This basic change is still spreading, although in keeping with the 11-year cycle, it is now in its opposite phase; when the full 22-year cycle is over, toward the fateful years 1990-91 corresponding to the end of Marxism in Russia according to Nostradamus, the ideas of 1968 will win out and a new religion, more fraternal, more just, will be born there, based on the mystique of 1968.

[Note: What Masson didn't see was the connection with an additional 22-year cycle that signals the precessional time ending of Dec. 2012 as heralding the most significant change.

Of course, as we continually call attention to throughout this book, remember that Masson wrote this back in 1980 and used this science to correctly predict the demise of the USSR. (DW)]


2160 / 6 = 360 years, cycles of changes of regime and internal ideology.2160 / 12 = 180 years, cycle of political change of regimes.


1249, constitution of the first Parliament of Paris;

(+180 =) 1429, Joan of Arc, the King is consecrated at Reims;

(+360 =) 1789, start of the French Revolution;

(+180 =) 1968-69, age of the world youth movement, indicating the absorption of the French cycle in the world cycle.

1979-80 marks the peak of the resistance to change by the traditional structures of society.

The changes taking shape in this world will pass the point of no return by 1990-91.



To show the importance of numbers, we will take for example the US, which Michel Helmer and many other observers consider the new Rome: the same spirit of enterprise, the same general morality, the same kind of laws as republican Rome.

The first Punic War that Rome waged against Carthage was from 264 to 241 B.C., which corresponds 2160 years later to 1896-1919.

One can say that in 1896-97 an economic war began between the US and Europe*, especially Germany, a struggle made concrete by the Dingley Tariff and which ended in 1918-19 by Germany's defeat, thanks to the decisive American support in 1917.

[*The Spanish-American War surely belongs to this cycle: geographically, economically, politically and militarily it is a perfect parallel. Translator's note.]

Furthermore, the USA's world economic supremacy dates from 1919, all the European states having emerged weakened from the War.

The second Punic War, the gravest and most dangerous for Rome, started in 218 B.C. and ended in 201 B.C., which leads us 2160 years later to 1941-42 to 1959.

[Note: This obviously ties in with absolute precision to the start of World War II and encompasses far more, as stated in the next paragraph. (DW)]


Let us point out, along with the historians, that if the (Roman) Punic Wars were political, their origins were certainly economic -- and this applies especially to the third.

All these wars affected the existence of Rome as a great nation, and the second brought Rome within a hairs-breadth of destruction, as was the case with the US at the end of 1941 against Japan and Nazi Germany.

These wars were followed by the cold (and hot) war against the USSR, grown all-powerful after her victories with the periods of 1947, the Berlin blockade, and 1950-53 in Korea.

Corresponding to our historical Roman cycle, all these wars ended temporarily by Khrushchev's 1959 visit to the US, bringing China into conflict with the USSR.

But the very next year in 200 B.C. began the Macedonian War, which ended in 106 B.C. So shortly after the respite due to the end of the Second Punic War, Rome was forced into war with Macedonia and its King Philip V.

2160 years later was 1960 to 1964, the Kennedy administration and the Cuban missile crisis. We can sum up the events of that time as follows:

After a disagreement between China and Russia with a brusque departure of the Russian technicians from China, Khrushchev -- the cycle equivalent of Phillip V? -- balances that political defeat by an increased support of Cuba, going so far as to install missiles in that island.

In 1962, from October 22 to 28, came the crisis -- a brush with the possibility of war, which ended by the withdrawal of Russian missiles and the arrival of Mikoyan in the USA to settle the case. Now:

2160 years earlier, in 198-97 B.C., occurred the Roman victory of Cynocephalus, which ended the Macedonian War.


From 192 to 188 B.C. there were wars against the Oriental King Antiochus III, wars that correspond -- 2160 years later, from 1958 to 1972 -- to the Vietnam War.

What do the cycles point to next?

First, from 181-174 B.C., the first Celtiberic war during which Rome had to face a serious rebellion in her Spanish possessions. Then from 172 to 168 B.C. occurred the second Macedonian War, against Perseus, the preferred son of Philip V.

Cyclically the first Celtiberic War corresponds 2160 years later, (1979-1985) to a rebellion against US domination, probably in Latin America, lands colonized by Spain, or maybe in Africa, with Cuban troops?

[Note: At the time of this final edit we are rushing the book to print and do not have time to check on this. Contributions are welcomed and will be included here. (DW)]

This second Macedonian War could correspond cyclically to 1988-1992 when a direct USA-USSR confrontation would take place, as during the Cuban affair of 1962.

[Note: Obviously this correlates to the scalar-wave attack by rogue Soviet elements that destroyed the Space Shuttle Challenger, according to Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, followed by the subsequent economic collapse of the Soviet Union.

The one mistake that Helmer made was in not realizing that the outer face of the Soviet Union, seen in Gorbachev, would be actively campaigning for peace and the actual dissolution of the USSR would come from within, not by war.

Nevertheless, the collapse did occur right on time, and this is one of the most dramatic future prophecies in Helmer's work. (DW)]

History relates that Perseus succeeded Philip V in 179 B.C., and immediately mobilized his nation in anticipation of a war with Rome, which finally broke out after Rome had pacified Iberia.

It seems likely, therefore, that after the guerrilla war in South America and Africa, the US will have to face the USSR.

Considering the means of total destruction available on both sides, modern wars are usually waged through buffer states and are played out like a chess game as with Cuba in 1962. Let us pray that it will be similar this time and that mankind will not rush into mutual suicide.

The peculiar value of the basic 2160-year cycle and its relation to the history of the USA, the new Rome, lies in the astonishing parallels between the lives of certain ancient Roman statesmen and some living Americans.


In 187 B.C., Scipio Africanus, who defeated Antiochus, was being tried, and:

2160 years later in 1973 it was the Watergate scandal that forced Nixon, who had honorably terminated the Vietnam War, to resign and retire to his estate, just as Scipio had done 2160 years earlier.

In 184 B.C. the famous Cato, called the Censor, was elected, and 2160 years later, in 1976. J. Carter was elected.

[Note: The reader should immediately note the immense similarities between the two names. The first three letters of "Cato" are seen in the first four letters of "Carter." When "Carter" is pronounced with a Southern accent, the "r" at the end is softened, making both names end with a vowel sound. (DW)]

For the sake of comparison, let us review Cato's life: he came from a family of plebeian farmers and always remained a rustic. Upon his father's death Cato quit the armed forces and cultivated his land, as did Carter.

Cato came up through the ranks from private to military Tribune and served in the Roman wars. In 198 B.C. he was elected plebeian edile and proved merciless toward usurers when he was governor of Sardinia.

In 187 B.C. he demanded that Scipio turn over his records and accounts, which Scipio refused to do. The historian adds that the details of the trial were confused, but that Scipio was forced to give up his offices and retire to his estate.

The life and acts of J. Carter so far strongly resemble that archetype. He is first and foremost a man of the soil. He was a sailor and Navy officer, a follower and disciple of Admiral Rickover when the latter pushed through the launching of atomic submarines, a practically absolute weapon which led to a long American supremacy.

He, too, quit the service upon his father's death to take care of the family farm. The author is not well-versed enough in American political secrets to affirm that Carter was behind the Watergate affair which led to Nixon's resignation, but he must have played an important part in it.

To return to the future: Cato, during his government, his "censorship," tried to bring Rome back to the pristine morality of the first Romans, in opposition to the moral laxity of Hellenistic culture.

[*Indeed, by cyclology, ancient Greece, the cradle of democracy but divided into rival states constantly fighting, is the counterpart of today's Europe, and the cycles prove it. -- Translator's Note.]


To this end Cato issued several decrees on the economy and life style of the Romans and a famous decree on women's luxuries.

Carter, 2160 years later, follows the same route with his economic measures on big cars and their excessive consumption, and his famous remark about the underwear of the western settlers to combat the cold.

[Note: Though we did not find this quote, one can assume that at some point Carter wanted to lower the temperature of a particular building -- perhaps the White House. When people complained, he suggested they wear long underwear like the settlers of the West.

It is a known fact that the first thing Reagan did, upon taking the presidency, was to remove Carter's solar water heaters and install oil-burning heaters instead. (DW)]


Let us add, however, that Cato only achieved partial results but he fought all his life for his ideal of a return to the strict moral standards of the early Roman Republic.

Cato is also famous for the words that invariably ended his speeches when he was again a simple Senator; the classic "Carthage delenda est (Carthage is to be destroyed)."

In fact, Rome's century-old enemy was destroyed, from 149 to 146 B.C.

Any reader can look up more details on the life and work of that Roman statesman; he will be even more impressed by the strange similarity in the destinies of Cato and Carter, at least up to now (1980).

But remember the spiral, or more precisely the helical principle, even if sometimes the cyclical facts repeat identically. As a general rule the repetition is only approximate because the context is quite different.

It is likely, by the way, that the grand cycle of 25920 years and the half-cycle of 12950 years correspond to geologic convulsions; some of the Cayce readings (315-4 and 5750-1) place around 10800 B.C. the final disappearance of Poseidia and what was left of Old Atlantis after the first cataclysms.

Now 12960 minus 10800 gives us 2160 A.D., a possible date for the end of the convulsions, which will probably begin in the last years of our century. Besides, Cayce announced that some changes will be gradual.

[Note: However, the Mayans and other sources including the Ra Material say that once the precessional cycle ends in 2012, it is the end of third-density time, and therefore all other cycles are automatically "attracted" together at the end. (DW)]


As we mentioned at the head of this chapter, the ancient civilizations knew quite well the importance of numbers. We should not be surprised that Israel counted from 720 / 721 B.C., when the Assyrian captivity began, in figuring its cyclic chronology.

The cyclic correlation of that date with crucial phases of human history proves its validity. Joachim de Flore, the great mystic (1130-1202), established a theologico-historic theory based on the reign of the Holy Ghost coming after the reign of the Son, and his system takes 900 B.C. as a starting date.

That is 2160 / 12 or 180 years before the Hebrew date, 720 B.C., so it fits neatly, but leaves us ignorant of the exact date of our entry into the Aquarian Age, when we will have direct knowledge of the nature of God.

The author will take Israel's date, 720 B.C., as his starting point, and the reader will see that by adding the cyclic intervals of 1080, 720, 540 and 180 years we will find the main events and turning points of our age:

( Fig. 1:)


720 BC: Cycle begins

Israel in captivity


(1080 YEARS)


(720 YEARS)


(540 YEARS)


(180 YEARS)

-360 Accession of Philip of Macedon

-720+539 / 540 = 180 BC

-11= -191


+11= -169

Under pressure from the Huns, movement of peoples toward the West and toward China. The Bastarns and other German tribes push toward the Danube but are stopped.

-11 = -191 Scipio, Cato, Perseus



+11 = -169 Gracchi

-720 + 720 years =

Year 0


-11 = 169
Marcus Aurelius repulses the first Germanic invasions

+ 180

+11 = 191

Plague in the Empire

Final invasions of the Occident by the Germanic tribes, pressed by the Huns. End of the Western Roman Empire.

-180 + 540 = 360

Again, under pressure from the Huns, mass migration, and conquest of the Western Empire by the barbarians.
-11 = 349


+11 = 371
The Franks in Campine. Permanent invasion of the Western Empire.

The Huns at the Don.

Atilla invades the Occident and is thrown back by Aetius and the Visigoths. He turns towards Italy. His death.


Byzantium retakes southern Italy. The Goths are checked.

-11 = 619

Mohammed at Mecca


+11 = 641
Expansion of Islam into Mossoul and Egypt

Iconoclasm. First major crisis of the Catholic Church. End of the apostolic and mystical period.

-11 = 709
Arabs in Spain invade France.


+11 = 731/732
Charles Martel defeats the Arabs at Poitiers.

360 + 539/540 =

899 / 900
Mass migrations all over Europe: Vikings, Arabs, Hungarians. In 899 movement reaches a climax. Mongols invade China.
-11 = 889
Mass invasions of Vikings and Arabs.

First resistance.

+11 = 911

Treaty of St. Clair-sur-Epte settling and assimilating the Vikings in Normandy.


Accession of new dynasties in Europe

Struggle between the Germanic Emperors and the Papacy

Genghis Khan and Salah-ed-Din

-11 = 1249
Alexander Nevsky overcome by the Mongols


+11 = 1271
In 1271 Mongols possess 2 / 3 of the known world

-11 = 1339
Start of the Hundred Years War


+11 = 1361


Beginning of the Renaissance. Final thrust of Islamic Arabs at the Eastern Roman Empire; birth of Russia, claiming to be the successor of Byzantium.

The Renaissance. John Hus first protestant against the Papacy. End of the temporal power of the popes after 70 years of antipopes and crises.

-11 = 1429

1439 / 1440

+11 = 1451
Final movement of Arab peoples. End of Byzantium in 1453: end of schism of the Occident. End of the Hundred Years War. Arabs & Islamic invasion of Balkans as far as Austria.
-11 = 1429
Joan of Arc

Turning point of the War


End of the Hundred Years War

+11 = 1451
End of the Eastern Roman Empire

-11 = 1518 / 1519

Martin Luther; Cortez in Mexico

Anglican Church; beginning of religious wars

+11 = 1541
Calvin; Ivan the Terrible

-11 = 1609

Founding of Canada

The Mayflower

+11 = 1631
Battle of White Mountain

Start of the Thirty Years War

-11 = 1699
Peter the Great. Poitava.


+11 = 1721

Peace of Nystad. Freemasonry.

-11 = 1789
French Revolution; Napoleon takes power.


+11 = 1811 / 12
Russian campaign, near end of Napoleonic period

-11 = 1879


+11 = 1901
Greatest extent of imperialism and white man's domination of the world. Beginning of decline.

-11 = 1968/69
New kind of people's movement, uprising of youth throughout the world.

1979 / 1980

+11 = 1990 / 91
New ideology or religion. A surge from Russia, China, Mongolia? (We now know that this was the collapse of the USSR, and that it did not involve direct warfare.)

-11 = 1968 / 69
Worldwide youth movement. Ideological dictatorship nears its end.


+11 = 1991
The new religion? (Massive surge in public UFO awareness and interest in New Age / spiritual movement. Explosion of metaphysical topics in major media. Collapse of Soviet Union heralded an end to nuclear fear and subconsciously inspired new hope.)



Official inauguration of a new civilization and religion

New life style in the world. New form of government.


From this chronological table it turns out that every 539/540 years, or every "7 x 77" Biblical years, or 2160/4 years, humanity enters a period of mutation, often accompanied by a mass migration of peoples.

Now, 539 years after the mutation of 1429-1451, we are again in such a period, but this time the change will be deeper because it falls on a major cycle of 2160 years signaling the opening of the Aquarian Age. The change of religion and morals will therefore be a radical one and will eventually affect the whole world.

The reader will notice that each period of mutation extends over 180 years and is divided into two periods of maximum activity. The first is the time of creation of the movement which is spread over 22 years or 2 x 11 years.

Then follows a 180-year period of slow progress and gradual inroads, and finally the decisive struggle which lasts 22 years, until the movement definitely succeeds or fails.

Since 1968-69, we have gone into the decisive phase of the movement born in 1789. The struggle threatens to be bitter; in fact the ideologies have found a new battleground. In keeping with the Christ's words we are in the phase of wars of nation against nation and tribe against tribe.

Now we see the Systems using ancestral hates and tribal feuds as a lever to bring about complete changes of rule. We can see the tactical application in Africa, Ethiopia vs. Eritrea, Zaire vs. Katanga.

In Asia, Vietnam vs. Cambodia, although they subscribe to the same system. But one is sponsored by the USSR, the other by China; and it's probably not over yet. Most likely this new thrust will also spread to southern Europe, but will eventually be contained.

It will also reach toward China. Will the USSR confront China directly because of old enmities that will make them fall into their own trap? Or will they both again provoke schism in neighboring lands, as in Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam or elsewhere? Wait and see!

[Note: This certainly seems to bear out with the ongoing North Korea-South Korea conflict (North Korea having nuclear weapons from China) and the conflict between China and Taiwan. (DW)]

But finally toward 1990-91, Nostradamus' date for the end of the New Babylon, the philosophical and religious change will come from the depths of Russia herself.

This may result from political and military defeats, after which the Russian masses and youth, which all observers state are becoming more spiritual, will cause a complete political and ideological change and a return to the Christ's original teaching.

But first, says Nostradamus, before the new religion can develop fully it will have a desperate fight with the First Antichrist, who will rally the orthodox Marxists, Russians, Chinese or others to his cause, and will only be defeated by the Holy Spirit just before the great solar eclipse.

Thus the predictions of Nostradamus and Cayce about our era will come true, even by cyclology.

[Note: These prophecies obviously have been not yet fulfilled and / or overturned in their severity at present. (DW)]


371-349 B.C.: Beginning of Macedonian expansion, subjugation of Greece, then of the Orient.

180 years later, 191-169 B-C.: Movement of peoples pushed by the Huns; blocked in the west by the Roman Empire; turns toward China which is invaded by the Huns and ravaged until 130 B.C.

In the west the Romans put an end to Macedonian power in two wars, 200-197 and 172-168 B.C. At the same time, great religious strife in Rome, vainly opposed by Cato's censure. The movement checked in the Occident.

539 / 540 years later, another two-stage mass movement: 169-191 A.D.: First major invasions of the Roman Empire. First plague.

180 years later: 349-371 A.D.: The whole Western Roman Empire is overrun for 90 years until Attila in 450; the last Emperor vanishes in 476. Total success of the movement.

539/540 years later, a new mass movement in two main thrusts: 709-732: First big Arab invasions in Europe: Spain, Italy, then France, until they were beaten and driven out by the Franks at Poitiers.

180 years later: 889-911: From 812 on the Arab invasions were joined by the Vikings on the West and, much later, the Hungarians in the East. In 889 the invaders began to lose and in 911, led by their chief, Rollo, the Normans converted to Catholicism and were assimilated. Movement stopped.

539/540 years later, resurgence of a popular movement with a religious or ideological base: 1339-1361: Thrust of the Ottoman Turks toward the Eastern Roman Empire; they arrive at the Bosphorus. Start of Tamerlaine's expansion. In Europe, outbreak of the Hundred Years' War between France and England. Schism in the Catholic Church. The Black Death.

180 years later: 1429-1451: The Turkish Mussulman incursion reaches its apogee; gradually the whole Eastern Roman Empire has been occupied and in 1453 Byzantium-Constantinople is taken. Thus vanishes, about 2160 years after its inception, the last surviving remnant of the immense Roman Empire.

In Europe 1429-1430 marks the reversal of the trend: the English are beaten by Joan of Arc. 22 years later the Hundred Years' War ends and all Europe enters the Renaissance period with its revolutions in beliefs and behavior. Total success of the Arab movement; new era for Christendom.

Again 539/540 years later: Political movements causing territorial expansion -- which will occur in two stages?

1789-1811: The French Revolution and its revolutionary influence in Europe. Napoleon's 1812 Russian defeat. Period of stagnation.

Beginning in 1830, expansion of white Europeans throughout the world: colonization of Africa and Indonesia, exploitation of China. Russia grabs all the land north of the Amur.

Then in 1905 the first setback for the white man, who destroys himself in the War of 1914-1918 as Marxism takes power in Russia, the largest country in the world and launches a victorious political campaign in the whole world.


180 years later:

1968-1991: In 1968 a youth movement suddenly erupts all over the world, of which the most significant part was the 'Prague spring' with a whole nation sincerely seeking a freer, more humane socialism.

Although few people understood what was going on, that year marks the end of intellectual submission to Marxist dogma. The almost mystical quest for a new philosophy and a new religion is obvious. This search, said Cayce, will result in a true fraternity and liberty for all.

For, with the changes that will be wrought, Americanism--the ism--with the universal thought that is expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man into group thought, as expressed by the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world.

Not that the world is to become a Masonic order, but the principles that are embraced in same will be the basis upon which the new order of peace is to be established in '44 and '45. (1152-11; 13 August 1941)

From 1968-69 to 1990-91, a defeat for Marxism, a return to the ideals of 1789, inspired by the Encyclopedists and the Freemasons, and on the religious plane, a return to the Christ's original teaching? Once again, wait and see.

[Note: Again, this correlates with the unprecedented surge in the popularity and media acceptance of the UFO phenomenon and metaphysics / esoterica in general, which certainly is a fundamental Masonic tenet. At the start of this new decade, the beliefs of the mainstream are in a much different place than they were in 1991; "The Sixth Sense" having been the top-grossing movie of 2000. (DW)]

The years 1968-69 to 1990-91 are decisive. They match Nostradamus' predictions, and we will see farther on that they are corroborated by other indirect proofs, such as the secret of the Great Pyramid, the sunspot cycle and the effects of the new trans-Plutonian planet.




As explained in Chapter 2, this parallel is based on the simple time proportion between the main acts and long-term choices of the French and Soviet revolutions. To see this we merely count 1 year of French Revolution for 7 years of Russian Revolution.

[Note: This ratio is certainly harmonic and corresponds to the "master formula" for the solar system and galaxy's movements.

As we revealed in The Shift of the Ages, the vibrations between the numbers seven and six (as 70 multiplied seven times by 60) give a value, in seconds, that is a "common denominator" for the orbits of every object in our Solar System.

We have also extended this model out to the whole orbit of the Galaxy in seconds as .7 multiplied nine times by 60, to 223,544,814.9201 years, very close to the commonly cited 225 million. (DW)]

The most striking example, but by no means the only one, is the fate of Robespierre and that of Stalin. In fact, Robespierre's downfall and execution occurred on July 28, 1794 or 5 years and 14 days after July 14, 1789 (Bastille Day).

Now 5 years 44 days times 7 gives 35 years 3 months 8 days; adding this to the November 14, 1917 date of the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Revolution, we get February 22, 1953 or within 9 days of Stalin's death.

[Note: As the translator pointed out earlier, Stalin may have been in a coma before death, thus making this an even closer match. (DW)]

Robespierre had established the infamous Reign of Terror in France and was overthrown by a group of politicians threatened by the guillotine.

Similarly, Stalin's death was probably brought on by the tough opposition of Politburo leaders who saw in the "Doctors' Plot" frame-up, the preparation for another bloody purge.

And just as the execution of Robespierre, his brother and a few close followers put an end to the Terror, so the execution of Beria put a stop to the liquidation of Soviet leaders.

Now, there is no a priori relation between this 1:7 ratio and the cycle of 25920 years with its subcycle of 2160 years, presented at the beginning of this chapter -- except for the fact that the French Revolution of 1789 ended in December 1799, and applying the ratio tells us that the Soviet regime will end in late 1990 or early 1991 -- and these three dates show up on the chart of the precessional cycle marking the start and finish of mass movements.

This date 1990 / 91 also comes out of Nostradamus' figure of 73 years 7 months for the Russian revolution -- a duration very close to the 73 years 1 month 7 days that our ratio yields.* (*Adoption of the Year VIII Constituion 25 Dec. 1799, 10 years 5 months 11 days (after 14 July 1789) x 7 = 73 years 1 month 7 days.)

Since the precessional Golden Number 25920 contains in its permutations all the outstanding dates of human history, there must be a closer cyclic relationship, but the author has not yet found any. One point worth noting: the parallel is much more accurate for political facts than for military actions.

[Note: Bradley Cowan, in his "Four-Dimensional Stock Market Cycle Analysis" technique, has indeed shown that these cycles can occur in much shorter bursts of time.

Another very essential element, which Masson and Helmer did not know about, is that these harmonic numbers also correspond to geometric structures in time.

These structures are created by the "standing waves" of vibration that occur in the zero-point energy or aether as the Earth moves through it. As indicated in The Shift of the Ages, the work of Dr. Hans Jenny proved that the simple vibrations of a fluid will produce the Platonic Solids. (DW)]


After the French Revolution of 1789 the new regime takes root. French foreign policy begins in 1792 with armed intervention against Old Regime (feudal) states.

After a few setbacks, the Revolution wins. But from 1793 on the first alliance forms around England uniting all European monarchies against France. This coalition lasts from September 1793 to October 1797 and is ended, after the gradual desertion of the allies, by the Campo-Formio treaty, 18 October 1797.

But this pact settles nothing: France widens its control, creating sister republics in Italy, Switzerland and Holland, and launching an overt attack in Egypt.

In reaction to that, a second coalition is formed from July to Dec. 1798, grouped around England, joined in turn by Russia, Austria and the Two Sicilies. This new alliance lasts until 1801 and is victorious from March to August 1799.

After this series of losses and his defeat at St. Jean d'Acre, Napoleon returns to France, pulls off a coup d'etat 10 Nov. 1799 and seizes absolute power, putting an end to the French Revolution.

In 1936-37 the USSR emerges from its shell militarily, intervening in the Spanish War. In Aug. 1939 by the Russo-German treaty she gives the go-ahead to World War II.

From 1946-47 Soviet expansion provokes the formation of NATO, an alliance sponsored by the USA, which after some defensive victories -- Berlin, Korea, the Cuban crisis -- meets with a series of reverses caused by American blunders and hesitations, leading to the checkmate in Vietnam and Watergate.

Peaceful co-existence, offered by the Soviet Union, increases. NATO crumbles and the Helsinki treaty is signed August 2, 1975, reflecting Campo-Formio exactly by the 1:7 ratio. But Helsinki solves nothing: the USSR by left-wing intermediaries seizes Angola, Ethiopia, etc.

Her underground action in Iran and the occupying of Afghanistan must, from 1980 to 1983, provoke a new alliance against the deadly danger to Soviet neighbors, who, from China to Japan, including Europe and the conservative Arab countries, will join the USA in that fight.

This coalition will be victorious after 1984-85 with rebellion in the satellite nations and even in the USSR. In 1990-91 a coup d'etat in the heart of the Marxist bloc will put an end to it and bring in a new Napoleon.
This new Napoleon will be the Antichrist foretold by Nostradamus. He will be on the point of winning a final victory, making him master of the world when an intervention by the Holy Spirit will destroy him and finally bring peace.

The social ideals will have spread to the whole world during that long period and the peoples will succeed in reconciling Socialist ideas with the Christ's teaching.

[Note: It is interesting to point out that the Clinton regime gained widespread public support for trying to push forward many directly Socialist ideas, such as universal healthcare. (DW)]

As you recall, Nostradamus, Cayce and Fatima all state that this new piety and this synthesis will come to us from Russia.



August-September 1792: war with Prussia, victory at Valmy

August 1939: German-Soviet pact, partition of Poland, war with Finland

October-December 1793: Robespierre establishes the Terror after risks of internal dissolution.

June/July 1947 to 1949: Stalin regains control of the country by terror in the USSR and satellites. Series of purges and trials.

October 1793-June 1754: French victories at Waltignies, Fleurus, etc.

August 1947 to 1953: absorption of Eastern lands by the USSR; wars with the West; Berlin, Korea.

28 July 1794: Robespierre's downfall and execution.

3 March 1953: Stalin's death.

24 December 1794: abolition of the Law of the Maximum, liberalization of the Revolution.

14 Feb. 1956: Khrushchev denounces Stalinism at the XXth Congress, liberalization of the Soviet regime.

2 Dec. 1795: Franco-Austrian armistice after a period of losses by the French.

22-28 Oct. 1962: Cuban crisis, followed by de facto truce between USA and USSR.

10 March 1796: England offers peace terms to France.

July 1964: US offers peace terms to the Soviet Union (?)

20 March 1796: France rejects peace terms.

15 Oct. 1964: Rejection of US peace terms, downfall of Khrushchev, Russian policy takes a hard line.

18 April 1797: truce of Leoben puts an end to Continental war.

12 March 1972: Preliminary peace talks and agreement on Vietnam.

18 October 1797: Campo-Formio treaty halts the war of the first coalition against revolutionary France who had won on all fronts.

2 August 1975: Helsinki treaty apparently ends conflict between USSR and the West plus the USA after the latter had quit Vietnam and suffered the Watergate crisis.

11 May 1798: coup d'etat of 22 Floreal, hardening of the Revolution's foreign policy.

About 23 August 1979: probable secret change in Soviet leadership, causing an aggressive foreign policy.

19 May 1798: launching of Egyptian campaign under Bonaparte, the purpose being to sever England's life-line to India, cutting her supply and trade route while abetting the rebellion in Tipo-Sahib.

22 Oct. 1979: Shah arrives in New York, 6 Nov.: hostages imprisoned in US embassy as well as that of Pakistan; attack on holy Kaaba in Mecca. Coordinated left-wing revolutionary acts to cut off the West's oil supply and create pro-Soviet regimes in Islamic lands.

[NOTE: From this point forward, Masson documents known French history on the left of the graph as before, coupled with his own speculations as to world history from 1980 to 1991.

We welcome the submissions of any researchers who would like to attempt to correlate the French events with our known history in order to produce an updated chart. Of course, we already know that the collapse of the USSR fits perfectly with the end of the graph in 1990-91. (DW)]

11 June-23 July 1798: a string of victories for Bonaparte at Malta, Cairo and Alexandria.

Late March 1980-Jan. 1981: a series of Soviet victories, by subversive action or direct occupation.

[Note: Freeing of hostages shortly after Reagan's election, now known to be politically inspired to discredit Carter. (DW)]

21-23 July 1798: Egypt occupied. (Translator's Note)

3-17 Jan. 1981: Resolution of Persian Gulf crisis and Polish unrest. (Translator's Note)

August 1798: Nelson destroys French fleet at Aboukir, imprisoning Napoleon Bonaparte in his conquered territory.

March 1981: first US victory -- by eliminating the leftist communications media? By a move in outer space? Or, by a new energy source replacing Petroleum?

July-December 1796: second anti-French alliance; England joined successively by Turkey, Russia, the Two Sicilies and Austria.

Late 1980 to late 1983: a bloc forms around the USA, joined in turn by the traditional Islamic countries, China, and western Europe.

22 August-9 Sept. 1798: French attempt to aid the Wolfe Tone revolt in Ireland. Failure due to weakness of the French fleet.

August-December 1981: attempt by leftists to support a revolt against US domination. Latin America? Quebec? Europe? Failure due to insufficient means.

9 September, Turkey declares war on France; 29 Sept., the Czar sends troops into Italy.

Dec. 1981: traditional Arab countries wage war on progressives; April/May 1982: Chinese troops in Balkans? Africa? Persian Gulf?


22 Nov. 1798: first reaction of the coalition-Neapolitans attack the republic in Rome. After initial success they are repulsed; the French occupy the Piedmont and take Naples 23 January 1799.

May 1983-July 1984: there may be premature acts by Italian counter-revolutionaries, but after temporary gains, the ultimate effect will be the complete dominance of the progressives in Italy.

29 Nov. 1798: Alliance of the Czar with the British and military cooperation.

Late February 1984: Military cooperation between the USA and China?

21 March-late Sept.1799: Russians in Italy, Austrians in Bavaria beat and rout French; Napoleon stopped at the Syrian border at St. Jean d'Acre.

Beginning in September 1985: victories by the Occidentals and their allies over the progressive forces in southern Europe and elsewhere, continuing until early in 1989.

[Note: This could certainly have a relation to the growing economic dominance of the US over Europe. (DW)]

18 June 1799: coup d'etat of Praitrial; the radical revolutionaries regain power. Peace talks of Rastatt broken off. Law of hostages in France.

Late Dec. 1986: military defeats cause change in Soviet leadership, return to Stalinist terror. Law of hostages. Breaking off of all diplomatic relations remaining from Helsinki.

End of Sept. 1799: French regain the advantage by the victory of Zurich. In Holland the Russians and English are decimated after the bursting of the dykes, constant rain and an epidemic or typhus.

February-March 1989: the leftists will manage to retake the advantage -- because of geologic disturbances?

10/11 Nov. 1799: Napoleon becomes ruler of France by coup d'etat of 18 Brumaire. Constitution of Year VIII put into effect 25 December 1799.

Around the first of March 1990, coup d'etat in the non-European part of the USSR, putting an end to the Bolshevik revolution. Inauguration of a new regime January 1991?

[Note: Of course, Masson was accurate on this point. (DW)]

End of the convergence. One year of French revolution for seven years of Russian revolution. Advent of a new Napoleon, the Antichrist announced by Nostradamus?

[Note: As we have just seen, this chapter of Francois Masson's book from 1980 provides undeniable, irrefutable evidence that historical events are precisely mirrored in the future, organized by exact, harmonic intervals of the Precessional Cycle of 25,920 years.

Since this book was published, we have painstakingly proven that the effect of the Precessional Cycle is caused by moving through natural, cyclic variances in the aetheric density of space in our galaxy.

These variances have extremely precise effects on consciousness, and as we can see, they are repetitive. This lends tremendous credibility to the idea that as we move through these areas of energetic stress in the galaxy, there are undeniable changes in consciousness that are created and that affect the entire world.

The world transformation surrounding 2012 will be the ultimate change of consciousness, when what amounts to a dimensional shift occurs on Earth. (DW)]

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Do You Really Love Me had me bawling like a baby. Its the Original Wound all over again. There is so little real love in this world but a-HA, THAT is why WE are here!

Comments (4)   

0 #4 Bernardo 2014-08-29 04:51
I have a date to add: 1492 + 539 = 2031, from the so-called Discovery of the Americas, it indeed changed the world as military potent nations invaded and destroyed millenia-old cultures... What will happen circa 2031?
0 #3 Cheryl Jones 2014-02-11 21:28
I follow the reasoning, and while this deals with macro political/histo rical events, the question in my mind this fatalism? And what about on the personal level? If things are slated to repeat then how do we attain, either individually, or nationally, or world-wide, a redemption from repeating the same mistakes? Is there no way to take a quantum leap and not have to go through the same lesson, howebeit at a higher level? We've all seen/heard stories of individuals who started out at a low level and were transformed somehow and became much more than anyone expected. How is this possible, or how does this fit in, if the mathematics predisposes, whether individuals or nations, to the same mathematical "slot" in life or history, so to speak. Then it becomes "what will be, will be"? Another way to look at it, if we are repeating, what if one person breaks out, say, as on "The Greatest Loser". If all are repeating players in the same play, what happens when one goes free?

[Moderator: While some souls pass through third density curriculum faster than others, all do proceed at their own pace. Life lessons are divinely formatted and tailored to the individual so that they may spiral up rather than endlessly looping. I'd recommend a reading of the Law of One material, (available at L/L Research) for further clarification.]
0 #2 Conrado 2013-01-21 22:29
In the beginning of the text it's mentioned the Phi number which is 1.618 and NOT 1.1616 as written. I hope this error does not go to printers.
+1 #1 the dude 2013-01-19 16:44
Would be interesting to keep running the numbers now we've gone past 2012

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