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November 9th - 11th, 2012: Tempe Convergence


Available for purchase on this website only and limited to 200 people, attendees receive a full weekend conference schedule - 16 hours with David Wilcock, from Friday November 09, 2012 - Sunday November 11, 2012.

Please Note:
If you want to purchase more than one ticket, complete the first order and print that ticket. Then click on "Logout" and order the 2nd ticket using the other person's name. You can use the same email and credit card, but you need to create a separate username and password for each ticket holder so that the name badges are printed for each person.

Hotel is booked separately, and the details are as follows:

Embassy Suites Phoenix-Tempe

4400 S. Rural Road
Tempe, AZ. 85282
Phone: 480-897-7444

Rooms are $124 a night for single or double occupancy. To reserve a room at our discounted rate:


1-800-EMBASSY (1-800-362-2779) and use the group code DCO to reserve your room.

Note: Be sure to mention Divine Cosmos Convergence Conference. Call by Oct. 10th, 2012 to be guaranteed the discounted rate and be sure to mention the code DCO.

Check in: 03:00 PM Check out: 12:00 PM

All accommodations include complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast each day, complimentary beverage reception each evening and free parking at the hotel.

Also included is complimentary shuttle service to and from Phoenix-Sky Harbor International Airport from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm daily. Call the hotel number upon your arrival at the airport to be picked up.

The conference begins at 7:00 pm on Friday and ends at 5:00 pm on Sunday.

The price for this event is $295

Click here to reserve your seat!

Have a look at the Conference Schedule for more details.

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A simple -Thank You- for actually putting up this website is all I want you to know.

Comments (9)   

#9 Johnathan Doe 2012-11-10 04:07
This set up looks nice! I don't see anything on the site covering an analysis of the selection 2012 process that just occurred.

It would be nice to hear Wilcock's view!
#8 Nickolas 2012-11-05 05:42
I am going to try to save up as much money as I can to go this november! I have been trying to go for a while.

I had many 9/11 syncs, first negative, then positive, and I had a dream of 2 shiny blue towers in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hopefully I will see your lights in Tempe.

#7 Linda 2012-10-27 12:53
Hope to attend the Tempe conference in November, but will be going by bus from Metro Center area. I am wondering if
there might be someone who could give me a ride home on Friday and Saturday as the buses do not run that late. Thanks
#6 Joshua Kocses 2012-09-24 23:28
I always have more questions after listening to your talks than before. Wish we had some time to discuss things in greater detail.

#5 Guillermo Palomo 2012-09-16 09:34
Question: How many attendees go single? Would it be awkward for me to attend by myself? My wife is not into it. Thanks.

[Moderator: Many people come alone... prob only 30% of people come with someone else. We also encourage interaction with other participants.]
#4 Anthony Palombo, DC 2012-09-11 22:06
David, I've read The Source Field Investigations and have been reporting on it through my blog over the last few months. I just got Wynn Free's book and have scanned through chapters that jump out at me. I'm doing a series in my blog on "Pyramid Power" as I feel drawn to the topic, as I do toward your book. Can't be in Phoenix in November but will be close with you in spirit. In my book Sacred Anatomy, released in 2005, I write of Uranda's work with attunement through what he calls "pneumaplasm" or spirit substance. This is the same substance you describe as the Source Field. I think you visited me in Lake Charles, Louisiana while I was publishing my book. You were consumed with a passion to explore pathways in the brain through which we could do interdimentiona l travel. I was exploring the Pineal Body in my writings as our connection with our true divine angelic identity/presen ce/ incarnation. Uranda, my spiritual guru, was here at the same time you were incarnated as Edgar Cayce. He was ahead of his time in his teachings. Lloyd Arthur Meeker was his outer name and he founded Emissaries of Divine Light in Loveland, Colorado back in the 1930's. He ministered for several years in Southern California at Riverside. He may well have been a reincarnated John the Beloved of the Book of Revelation in the Bible. I will continue writing about you and your work in my blog HealingTones.or g. Looking forward to hearing about the Phoenix gathering. Blessings, Anthony
#3 Fede Mastino 2012-08-29 12:00
;-)Grcias amigo x tu servicio.... Intentare ejercer lo mejor pocible el mio!;-)
#2 Matthew A 2012-07-11 01:57
Dear David,

It was by chance I found your site while looking for information on the banking cabal. I just moved to Phoenix from Los Angeles. I have been on an intense spiritual journey the past 5 years... I have researched and read countless books, joined the Rosicrucians etc. I tend to have some prophetic dreams... I dreamt of planes falling out of the sky intentionally 3 days before 9/11 as well as TWA flight 800 in 1996 which had many students (I was on the same flight exactly 1 year prior for a high school trip.)

I graduated from ASU in Tempe in 2000. The reason I write you, I have no connection to you at all but I had a VERY vivid dream in which I met you in Tempe. You had cut your hair short and dyed it dark as if in disguise. I spoke to you and do not remember what I said, but I remember clear as day that you said you were David and had been given something very special that was found here in Arizona. You proceeded to pull out a black cloth bag, opened it, I saw a flash of light and woke up immediately in a panic.

Could just be a weird dream... But I rarely remember my dreams, when I do, they tend to manifest in someway in my life. Thought I would share as I had no idea you were coming to Tempe until I just read this and I felt I must share. I feel you may have some sort of "breakthrough" here.

#1 Shannon Powers 2012-07-08 07:59
I can't wait for November! I'm looking foward to a fantastic weekend.:-)

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