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Wanderer Awakening - (Select)

The (Select) version of "Wanderer Awakening" contains 17 songs hand picked from the musical by David. These songs tell an abbreviated version of the "Wanderer" story and the listener is required to 'fill in the blanks' of the story line that happen in between the songs. This version was made for people who are looking to 'get their feet wet' with the "Wanderer" story.

After purchasing this item you would like to upgrade to the entire full length version of the work, your full purchase price that you paid for this (Select) version can be applied towards an upgrade. There is a unique coupon code made for you that is displayed in the download area of the (Select) version of "Wanderer Awakening" that allows you to receive a $17.99 credit towards the purchase of any of the other "Wanderer Awakening" versions.

The (Select) version is zipped into 2 easily down-loadable sections and contains over 1 HOUR of MP3 audio material. There are a total of 17 songs in this product.

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