Wanderer Awakening - (Gold) : Divine Cosmos

Wanderer Awakening - (Gold)

This is basic "Wanderer Awakening" story told in four parts. The 'Gold' version of "Wanderer Awakening" is zipped into four easily down-loadable sections and contains over 2 HOURS of high quality MP3 audio material. It also contains the entire written story in multiple text formats for easy reading along while you listen. The "Wanderer Story" can be read alone without music on your favorite reading device if you choose. The text comes in 'Plain Text', 'MS-Word', 'PDF', and 'HTML' versions and can be read in any e-reader or browser.

This is the two hour musical event that David and Larry perform selections from when they do live conference events together. It tells the complete "Wanderer Story" from start to finish. There are 50 (fifty) songs in this product.

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