Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Friday 4/11: PLEASE NOTE: Not surprisingly, the US again refused to sign the deal to give BRICS their fair share of control of the world financial system in meetings on April 10th and 11th in Washington DC. Additionally, JP Morgan has cut off banking services for all foreign diplomats in the US. We are modifying and updating our next post in response to these major developments.

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Our Belief in Guilt

Topic: Awakenings: Our Belief in Guilt
Teaching: Awakenings: Our Belief in Guilt
Host: Larry Seyer
Copyright: © NTI

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Just because we believe we are guilty, does it make it so?

No, it does not.

In fact, our beliefs have no influence on Truth what-so-ever.

But our EXPERIENCE will be that of whatever we believe. So if we believe we are guilty, we will have the experience of being guilty. And the universe will conspire to make all that we perceive prove that our beliefs are true - because As We Believe, So It Is for us.

We are All Powerful Beings, who have forgotten Who We Are.

How long will we continue to believe the false as true? It is the same answer we get when we ask how long will we insist on being right. It is the same answer as what we get when we ask when will we be willing to be shown the Truth instead of insisting that we know what Truth is!

Truth does not care what we believe. Belief only affects our experience - it does not affect Truth!

So let us today, right now, and without hesitation, release our insistence on being right and be willing to be shown the Truth.

Today we release our guilt not only because it no longer serves us, but because it is simply not true.

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