Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Friday 4/11: PLEASE NOTE: Not surprisingly, the US again refused to sign the deal to give BRICS their fair share of control of the world financial system in meetings on April 10th and 11th in Washington DC. Additionally, JP Morgan has cut off banking services for all foreign diplomats in the US. We are modifying and updating our next post in response to these major developments.

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Topic: Pomplamoose
Teaching: Awakenings: Pomplamoose
Host: Larry Seyer
Copyright: © A Course in Miracles - NTI

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Sometimes it is better not to say anything at all.

So today, I remove myself from the equation and instead let someone else speak for me.

Inspiration (that which comes from being in 'Spirit') sometimes is best expressed through music.

Today, I let music teach and guide - remembering that it is not lyrics but the notes and sounds that are teaching.

Pomplamoose is a pair of musicians that inspire me right now... and their music is of the highest quality both in terms of musicianship and interpretation.

In addition, their videos ( which can all be found on YouTube at ) are some of the most creative endeavors I have ever seen.

So with that, I keep my mouth shut and listen to someone else teach.

Thank you Pomplamoose!

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