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Thread: North American "Ley Lines"

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    Default North American "Ley Lines"

    hey all,

    i wanted to see if anyone out there knew of "ley lines" in north america? just one tiny "side venture" i'm looking into...

    my limited research so far reveals that asheville, nc falls along a ley line extending from burmuda to somewhere northwest (sorry i forgot!).

    anyway, my limited research led to me to a site that catalouged "sacred cherokee indian" sites in my immediate area (asheville, nc is about an hour away - often called the new age mecca - bob reidel and i would like to try to pull together a shindig next spring here...) alot of the descriptions would say something about "light falling from the sky". needless to say, with these mountains within an hour drive from my house, i look forward to checking it out and "reporting" back to ya'll.

    anyway, if any of you know something about this, please gimme a reply - again, there's alot of misinformation out there and i'm kinda cheating/looking for shortcuts... :d


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    Default The Dove

    art--i don't if this is relevant, but i, too was interested in north american ley lines. we had a man show up in bowman, nd who had been in south africa (if i remember correctly) and he spoke of the "native american pyramid of the dove." he'd done something of a personal intuitive test to find the hot spots in north america that he personally wanted to visit--north carolina and our little town in sw north dakota showed up for him--thus our fortune in having him.

    in a search this dove covers ground from canada to central america--it's supposed to take the place of the eagle. i came across one site called "the initiation of the pyramid of the dove." there are other maps out there which i've heard are more clear, but i didn't find them personally.

    also, i seem to connect a great deal with the cherokee--got a bit in my ancestry so please keep me posted if you find any new things to check out.

    it's wonderful to see all these sacred sites in distant places, but i have a profound sense that north america holds many such places, as well--they just haven't been noticed yet.


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    Default Ley Lines and Sacred Power Points of North Carolina

    hi all.

    well, art, i've been looking into ley lines and power spots in the north georgia/western nc area as well. my wife and i have vacationed around asheville, black mountain, boone and really enjoy the area, both the scenery and its vibrations.

    the info i found may echo some of what you've already found, but for what it's worth, here's what i've discovered so far:

    according to an article entitled "volcanoes and planetary ley-lines" on, authored by zuerrnnovahh-starr livingstonee, asheville, nc is the midway point between steamboat springs and bermuda, along a primary ley line. this article has other info on ley lines in north america and discusses what the author calls "hot spots". if interested, hopefully the above link will take you directly to the article. i've had some delays finding it again. if you have any problems look for the link there called "zs livingstone" or maybe just google " asheville". i directly linked to the article doing this.

    i also found a list of sacred power points at i point this site out since it lists places in your general "neck of the woods", art.

    here is yet another link you may find
    here are some of the sacred power points i found listed there:

    creek indian mounds, near mt. gilead, nc

    st. mary's and holy trinity, nc

    the devil's tramping ground, nc

    rattlesnake mountain, nc, near cherokee
    (cherokee) atsilawo-i : "where the fire comes down"

    shining rock, nc
    (cherokee) datsuna-laskuh-i : "where the tracks are"
    this location is in haywood co, nc

    jadaculla rock, nc
    apparently this mountain is in both jackson and transylvania counties and is said to have pictographs that predate the cherokee

    the forum at also has quotes from seth concerning power points and lines.

    art, please keep us posted about any upcoming shindigs in the asheville area! thanks

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    i once saw a video that listed the original american cities as built upon ley lines extending to stonehenge... let me see...

    ley lines

    why is this huge, expensive monument located in the tiny town of elberton, georgia, population 5,000? because it is on a ley line. this site was considered “sacred” to native americans and was called “the center of the world” by the cherokees.

    ley lines, or leys, are supposed mystical lines that circle the earth and are considered by new agers and believers in the occult to be “lines of power” that link “prehistoric sites,” including the pagan worship site, stonehenge. they hearken back to the druids, who worshipped pagan gods and believed in human sacrifice. the leys are thought to follow lines of “cosmic energy” in the earth and can be detected using dowsing rods.

    these ley lines were designated as such, by linking up the occultic sites throughout the world.

    it might be a shock to those who believe that america was settled by christians, that washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york and boston are all on the same ley line. in fact, they are all on the same ley line as stonehenge! this shows the occultic, illuminati/freemason origin of these american cities.

    hope this helped...

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    well this is exciting and cool! :d

    i live right near hot springs national park in arkansas.

    my question is - what can i do with this information?

    my experience with ley lines in literature has been of a mostly alchemical and magical nature, conjuring up images of crowley. how can a worker of the light use these?

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    Default Ashville

    wow. i totally was noticing how ashville has been mentioned in more than one place for "out there" stuff recently! coooool.

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    Default North American "Ley Lines"

    dear art, frank,doug...

    and everyone,

    in 2012 databank ,thread " the 2007 crop circles enfolding", mentioned work of richard leviton (signs on the earth). prolific writer w/many titles available. you may want to see
    and read back cover from his "the emerald modem:a user's guide to earth's interactive energy body". out in 2004, described as "this is the first book to synthesize all the fragments of geomantic perception(sacred sites, energy points, vortexes, etc.) into a global interactive model that ties human consciousness directly to it."
    "the galaxy on earth: a traveler"s guide to the planet"s visionary geography"(2002) offers more. fr bk cover leviton relays,
    "we live, he says, on a planet where gods and myths are alive in the landscape, and visions of the spiritual world and mystic experience are abundant. it's all part of earth's multi-layered spiritual body."

    why do i feel that he is one of the brightest lights on the planet?
    he wrote, "the imagination of pentecost:rudolf steiner & contemporay spirituality".
    fred allen wolf, ph.d "leviton's book peels away the often misleading media attempts to cover up the "new age" and comes up with an intelligent, clearly written vison of modern spirituality and rudolf stienr's contribution to it. it is one fo the most complete comparative studies of anthroposophy to emerge in a long time. it covers nearly everything you want to know about your soul, cosmic intelligence, the holy ghost, lucifer, the mystery schools, and much, much, more.
    his book , "physician:medicine and the unsuspected battle for human freedom" is equally enlightening, fr bk cover:"in an impassioned argument that is at once metaphyscial and practical, philosophical, and therapeutic. physicianoutlines the fundamental differences between conventional and alternative medicine, explaining how each approach fosters an attitude about consciousness and the environment, about the body and the world. in meticulous detail, physician shows how alternative medicine works with the intricate energy connections linking our thoughts with our body and our body with the natural world, and how consciousness can heal and change the world- all of which conventional medicine denies."
    people on this list want the kind of clarity he offers.
    theologian richard drummond described steiner and cayce as the two most significant contributions to spirituality/religious thought in the twentieth century.
    edgar cayce reading 2376-3
    "be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world. these are indicated, and these are part of thy experience. be happy of it and give thanks daily for it." nina

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    hi all..

    here is a link to some articles by richard leviton. i intuit that he has a profoundly evolved understanding of the energy body of earth, and this sense increases as i read through his articles.

    designing your pilgrimage - what you need to bring
    ©richard leviton

    "my sword i give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage, and my courage and skill to him that can get it." the english christian allegorist john bunyan wrote that in his famous inspirational text, the pilgrim's progress in 1678. certainly i found it inspiring. many was the night as a child when i read it furtively by flashlight under the bed covers when my parents were expecting me to be asleep. the idea of a pilgrimage-starting from your own front door, moving through all sorts of obstacles, delusions, and terrors, always confronted with danger yet somehow always protected, then finally arriving at the majestic heavenly city-this was too irresistibly intriguing to pass over in favor of mundane sleep. sleep! i didn't want to sleep; i wanted to wake up, get some answers, understand a few things, solve a certain mystery that wouldn't go away, even at that supposedly innocent age. what is my life all about?
    enjoy, mark

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    Default American Ley Lines

    dear mark and everyone,
    thanks for that golden link!
    leviton's own website offers more articles:
    [please email for urll]

    also for those who want to read excerpts fr "imagination of pentecost" please see:
    [this link did not work, so nina can edit later and add the correct one]

    find these articles remarkable in same way was "overjoyed" to read david's own client reading shared as "the hero's journey" and all that he is doing and all that we have before us for our consideration on this list.
    the client had written many songs."one of these songs was specifically about a dragon that guarded an emerald city, and a classic sword-wielding hero who finally had to become the dragon in order to slay it. this is the first time readings have ever mentioned an 'emerald city'."

    so much light-filled wisdom...
    how blessed we are to have these teachers...nina

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    Default North American Ley Lines

    re- imagination of pentecost ,
    please google for richard leviton, go to p2, top link(can read book pages),
    with chapters on:
    cognitive expansion(indications of living on threshold of supersensible world)
    the consciousness soul(evolutionary spiritual agenda for our time)
    cosmic intelligence(michaelic preparation)
    redemption of sophia(anthroposphical rigor of true clairvoyance)
    "what we need today, said steiner, is a conscious spirituality, a state of enhanced consciousness that is reflexively aware of itself engaged in cognitive activities, not the half-conscious or unconscious mind that characterized humanity in the older time of the mysteries and long before the christ event. everyday waking consciousness is the proper threshold for entering the supersensible - not trance, somnambulism, mediumistic abstraction, or spirit possession."

    (other chapters on theosophy and mediumship and (yes) "occult politics")
    "human",the holy ghost caught in time(ambivalence of lucifer and ahriman across the threshold)
    zurvan's progeny(cosmic battle of lucifer and ahriman in humanity)
    the virgin sophia(restoration of imaginative force through inner schooling)
    sophia's syzygy(trinity of michael, sophia, and lucifer)
    great human ideal on earth(encountering the guardian of the threshold)
    giving speech to sophia(imagination of pentecost in the house of speech)

    see leviton as one who has done his homework and developed his soul capacities.he writes elsewhere of his connection with higher angelic family. he does not incorporate his own experiences in "imagination". he does mention carla as an example of the sleeping prophet channel. also, speaks of jane roberts, kevin ryerson, couse in miracles, david spangler and ken carey(among others).
    can speak as someone who considers cayce the single most powerful influence in her life. "imagination" is solid scholarship and would welcome "law of one" students familiarity with it, as, in my opinion, enrichment reading for what steiner defines as epoch of "the consciousness soul", which leviton elaborates:

    p.47 "the year 1413 a.d. marked the beginning of a 2,160 year long manifestation of the human consciousness soul, a process that will culminate around the year 3573 a.d. steiner called each of these 2,160 year phases a post-atlantean cultural epoch, as a way of dating recent history from the collapse of the atlantean civilizaton, which, incidentally, was for him, a fact. the specificity of the number 2,160 for each cultural epoch is not arbitrary but is a direct correlation with a cosmic cycle."
    book has helped my grasp of the progression/understanding of "law of one".
    need small steps. can't exactly keep up with david. still on his last incarnation, with recognition of its vast contribution. nina

    and also on rl google p2, see globalresonance network for more excerpts like this one...
    (27)"the cosmos becomes aware of itself through an awakening humanity, recognizing its spiritual elements.our cognition of the cosmic constituency of the human being is itself an act of cosmic self-awareness in which the inherent self-reflexivity of the logos becomes activiated."


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