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Thread: Global Warming

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    Default Global Warming

    found an interesting article today about global warming and the supreme court... thought i would share.

    here is the article link:

    here is some of the article:

    for the first time in its history, the u.s. supreme court has waded into the political debate on global warming.

    under the bush administration, the environmental protection agency or epa has argued that carbon dioxide and the like aren't pollutants under the clean air act, and therefore, the agency has no power to regulate them.

    in a sweeping 5-4 decision released monday, the supreme court rejected that position, declaring that clean air act gives the environmental protection agency the authority to regulate the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from cars.

    supreme court justice john paul stevens wrote the majority opinion, and was joined by justices anthony kennedy, david souter, ruth bader ginsburg and stephen breyer.

    the supreme court majority decided us motor-vehicle emissions make a "meaningful contribution to greenhouse gas concentrations" and hence, to global warming.

    the automotive industry, which stands to be affected the most by any change in government regulation, reacted favorably today, arguing the ruling may be good for automakers in the long run.


    dissenters of the supreme court decision included some of the more conservative justices, including justices scalia, clarence thomas, samuel alito and chief justice john roberts.


    the supreme court had three questions before it: do states have the right to sue the epa to challenge its decision? does the clean air act give epa the authority to regulate tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gases? does epa have the discretion not to regulate those emissions?

    the court said 'yes' to the first two questions and, on the third, it ordered epa to re-evaluate its contention it has the discretion not to regulate tailpipe emissions.

    the court said the agency has so far provided a "laundry list'" of reasons that include foreign policy considerations and added that the epa must tie its rationale more closely to the clean air act.
    As with all of my posts made here, these are my personal beliefs and opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions of David Wilcock, the Law of One series nor do they necessarily represent core values meant to be presented on this website.

    May Total Peace encompass all of your awareness.

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    i just saw this one myself, earlier today... it gives us even more leverage when we finish off the upcoming "global warming" piece. now it's a legal fact, at the highest court level in the us, that climate change is real. this is a valuable step in helping break people's incredible denial that "nothing much has changed" on earth other than the "global war on terror" after 9/11...

    oh, wait, now that term can't be used either...

    it's still going to get a lot more interesting. now that iran has freed the 15 hostages, any pending attack on them will have to be called off to save political face. you may not like 'em but you've got to admit it's a good thing they did it... we definitely do not need another major war right now.

    - david

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    isn't it crazy that the agency that has "protect" and "environment" in their name has to be forced to enact greenhouse emissions standards?

    when the auto industry is begging for regulation you know things have gone too far.


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    in regards to what i just wrote above, i found this very interesting, as it was posted on april 2nd:

    "we have israeli liaison officers here who still are hoping that bush will attack iran but it won’t happen in spite of the flood of “leaked” propaganda about “massing troops” and other such childish lies. we haven’t got the manpower and the iranians have all kinds of deadly russian missiles. if we moved a naval task force into the gulf, they would pick our carriers off like a cat in a cage. much threatening about attacks because of the captured brits but we all know the iranians will eventually release them, unharmed, when they make their point. were they in iranian waters? no one knows as borders are so screwed up that anything is possible."

    this is yet another case where tbrnews' sources were proven right... and i'm happy because i just found my missing sock behind the ironing board! </nonsequitur>

    - david

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    Default Aha! That's THE reason that the US/UK would...

    Quote Originally Posted by david wilcock View Post
    and i'm happy because i just found my missing sock behind the ironing board! </nonsequitur>

    - david

    ...go to war with iran--to retrieve the one stolen sock that the wacky iranians stole from each of the 15 british solders. yup, that's the reason. ya know how mad people get when they can't find a missing sock.

    i find it interesting that this "hostage" scenario lasted 13 days of captivity. hmmm, stage-managing, i think. i've seen pictures of ahmadinejad holding up the index finger and the pinky fingers on both hands in the classic illoonynaughties' symbolism (as well as the shrub, as well as nearly every other "leader" of the world's countries); the odds are very high that he's just following the orders of the illoonynaughties.

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    Default Global Warming Hits Mars Too

    dear friends,

    be well, be love.


    global warming hits mars too: study discussion at physorgforum

    global warming could be heating mars four times faster than earth due to a mutually reinforcing interplay of wind-swept dust and changes in reflected heat from the sun, according a study released wednesday.

    scientists have long observed a correlation on mars between its fluctuating temperatures -- which range from -87 c to - 5 c (-125 f to 23 f) depending on the season and the location -- and the darkening or lightening of swathes of the planet's surface.

    the explanation is in the dirt.

    glistening martian dust lying on the ground reflects the sun's light -- and its heat -- back into space, a phenomenon called albedo.

    but when this reddish dust is churned up by violent winds, the storm-ravaged surface loses its reflective qualities and more of the sun's heat is absorbed into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise.

    the study, published on thursday by the british journal nature, shows for the first time that these variations not only result from the storms but help cause them too.

    it also suggests that short-term climate change is currently occurring on mars and at a much faster rate than on earth.

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    yes, i saw this and intend to use it as a recent update in the hoagland article. they're trying to blame the warming on 'dark matter,' if you will, but that still can't fully account for it.

    i'm starting to think we need a "new science" category so general discussions can remain more... well, general. i don't know if we can move posts to a different category once we've created it, but this would be something we could do now before it gets a lot bigger.

    the david's blogs can be discussed in divine cosmos, we have the law of one forum, the 2012 databank, we create new science, and that should cover us... larry?

    - david

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    well, just because of my own personal inclinations, i think we'd also do well with a astrology/myth/gnosticism/dream section... as these things don't seem to fit particularly well into any of the other categories. i'm not sure if there would be a lot of people interested in them or not, but do realize that you, at least, do write a lot about this type of thing already, such as in your comparisons of the crashing website with christ.

    on a related note, i've had a few realizations lately, one of particular strength that i've had is the realization of how amazingly well the cardinal/fixed/mutable signs go along with the father/son/holy spirit. anybody who knows about the qualities in astrology should immediately realize how strong a connection there is when pointed this out... and, from the perspective of "numeronomy", three is usually a divine number. four is usually considered a number of earth, considering it is of the earthly elements. 3+4 a very common way to show the union of earth/heaven, is seven.

    this, and i've been reading about gnosticism. i have a particularly strong connection with the gospel of thomas, and i feel that the quote from it,

    "7. jesus said, "lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. and foul is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human.""

    has something to do with astrology, as the lion is obviously leo, and the human is aquarius... although it may be simply that leo=culture and the human=invention or individuality (a theory suggested by some, by analyzing symbolism of the time) which are the symbolism of the signs, anyhow...


    "19. jesus said, "congratulations to the one who came into being before coming into being.

    if you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings, these stones will serve you.

    for there are five trees in paradise for you; they do not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall. whoever knows them will not taste death.""

    makes me wonder what the five trees are... i've looked this up but really not gotten any good answers.

    there are many other quotes from this gospel that interest me too, but i don't want to crowd up this post any more than it already is.

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    Default Planet-by-planet solar system warming


    not often does anybody beat light eye in posting the latest scientific articles, so forgive me if i missed any post (i checked the posting log) with this interesting article...

    ...that describes the on-going (and accelerating) global warming that is happening, not only on the planets of our solar system, but on many moons of a number of our planets as well. it's exciting information to get all warmed-up over.

    any suvs on any of those planets?


    [mod: this appears to be the article from prison planet, which is already in the upcoming article for hoagland's website. unfortunately, we never got credit in this article for being first...]

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    Red face

    i chose to moderate a few posts this morning and now i've stepped in it... actually this is a new piece of research! well done... good find!

    this is the first person outside prison planet and the national geographic article to start pointing out interplanetary climate change. it's still fairly lightweight compared to what i did with hoagland, but nonetheless it shows progress.

    very soon we need to get the interplanetary climate change databank up on this site... so each time a new finding comes out, we can update it in real time, and have everything all in one central location.

    - david


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