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    "...every creator must experience it's own creation, and the one infinite creator experiences the full richness of creation in a self imposed state of forgetting and mystery, having split into untold trillions of parts, each part holographically being the literal fullness of the creator -- each 'part' unique and offering a unique take on reality and in this the creator creates for itself the richness of virtually infinite variety of experience. From this, it follows that the creator and all that manifests in creation is one. Inseparable in identity and actual being yet on a journey of discovery and multiple states of experiencing,..."

    "We are taught in the LOO that there is no right or wrong approach to life as the glory is in the discovery of experiencing and illumination of each lifeform,..."

    "Suffering may be seen as that which guides or cajoles life into situations of potential growth; the soul's attainment is permanent while suffering is always temporary and only ever serves to catalyst further growth."

    "So, really, it's all about learning to enjoy the ride, throwing off the shackles of fear, and learning the ways of love from one's own experience and inner guidance. The only valid instruction manual is of one's own making."

    "There is really no difference between your angels, and your own built-in faculties, as we are all one in reality. There is no separation, now or ever. It's just illusion. :P"

    "When awareness of individual identity is born in second density, it's an achievement that's yours to keep. When a dog or a tree or a parrot wakens to the recognition of its individual soul-existence, it must be a shocking and joyous epiphany of realization. There is an awakening of something of similar magnitude in store for third density beings, (us) that involves a recognition of our relationship to all else in the universe, and just as the awakened 2d being may now set about actualizing its individuality in third density, so shall each person entering fourth density begin to actualize their realization of oneness -- of one identity, which is you."

    "Each individual perhaps eventually realizes their encompassing of all creation thus becoming (one with) the creator."

    "Sometimes, it's good to just savor the big 'whodunnit', satisfied to admit that we don't know much, intuit a bit, and to accept and revel in the concept that we merely 'are'. The idea that there's no alternative to being is enough to fill my muse, tonite."

    "Now maybe the creator in it's infinite intelligence knew that it would be putting itself into a state of relativity and mystery and confusion, and by incorporating torsion energy into the fabric of the universe, designed a failsafe system by which there would always be an upward-spiraling pull back towards intelligent infinity/oneness. One might call this system many things, including love, but perhaps without this failsafe, the creator would forever entropy out into it's creation, never to return. So, now, the creator experiences the joys of experience -- all the experiences of all lifeforms are the direct experiences of the creator, for in fact every lifeform is the creator in a unique place of experiencing. Here, one may peruse the notion that the 'joy of life' journey through the densities by the many parts is reason enough for creation, an antidote to an infinity of potential with no experiencing."

    "Separation is real insofar as it facilitates the experiencing of the creator/ourselves. Without separation, there would be no experiencing."

    "Your path is perfectly becoming, as is for all. Rest assured."

    "Gentleness, knowing that people's views are sacrosanct and perfect and will offer them their road home. Patience. We'll all get there...we're all in mystery and confusion. This is the way it's supposed to be. A gentle offering, made without the strong arm or expectations."

    "It's a law of one staple that every 'part', no matter how small, is a totally necessary part of the whole, and thus none is, or possibly can be, lost. I feel it's important to consider that any perceived situation is ultimately illusory. Therefore, we need not consider that any are in any real danger."

    " intuition is telling me that, in the end, there is only service..."

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    "Forgiveness = Acceptance...Forgiveness/Acceptance is the locomotive we each and collectively ride in our journey up thru the densities. As a frail human concept, it comes closest to defining that which is most wholly responsible for any forward motion in regard to our movement into bigger and better things. To not be willing to accept an undesirable condition is to invite its persistence. To accept the condition is half the battle towards understanding what the condition is there to teach you, for everything encountered in life does appear to you in order to teach you something about yourself. The particular desirability/undesireability of a condition, as it sits with you, is always a reflection of some aspect of yourself -- and if that condition is distasteful to you, it is there to point you towards some aspect of yourself that actually detracts from a fuller, better and more aware expression of who and what you are. All there really is is awareness. This, I have come to intuit, is an absolute truism...a condition persists as long as it is useful -- your experiences are intimately tied to who you are and as Cayce said, 'Mind is the builder.' An emotionally charged condition invites you to see yourself in the condition. It illustrates exactly those aspects of your self that need attention, always."

    "Accept the world in it's becoming and you allow great light and illumination into your self and thence into the world."

    "There can't be a boundary between where one person ends and another begins because there's only one consciousness to begin with."

    "We may find that a vastly new and improved mind awaits us and it may take an age or two to figure out how to operate it to any where near its full capacity of ability!"

    "There is (as I see it) only one consciousness to begin with, and as one person can hold multiple viewpoints and still be one consciousness, so are we many various individuals just like different windows in the same house."

    " consciousness exists so do I. It couldn't be any other way. Consciousness and awareness seems to be the only undistorted reality. And all temporal issues and effects, including any concept of death, have not the level of primacy of reality necessary to impugn on your being aware. You are the creator, and any vessel you wear, soulwise or physical, or lack thereof, does not affect the universal consciousness which is you -- the creator."

    "Having existed for one moment guarantees eternal beingness."

    "As we grow, and learn to accept responsibility for all the trips of our race, we do come eventually to accept greater responsibility for the fact that there is only one creator and that creator is us personally. I don't believe that any individual, be they a fly or a germ, is any less responsible for all of creation as they move forward."

    "The one creator, wholly undivided and complete according to RA, exists as intelligent infinity. All the potential of the creation is present within the creator and the creator exists in a state of infinite potentiality yet unmoving and without experience. The alternative to being without experience is to initiate movement (or distortion) of the stillness of infinite potential without experience. if you look at this perfectly still plenum and create a disturbance (movement, or distortion) you now have moved from zero distortion to infinite distortion with the tiniest hint of a movement,...According to RA, the creator undertakes to explore manyness and so is able to experience the infinite range of potential experiencing within it's infinite intelligence."

    More coming soonish...

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    Default Upanishads

    Favorites from The Upanishads:

    The Spirit, without moving, is swifter than the mind; the senses cannot reach him: He is ever beyond them. Standing still, he overtakes those who run. To the ocean of his being, the spirit of life leads the streams of action. He moves, and he moves not. He is far, and he is near. He is within all, and he is outside all. Who sees all beings in his own Self, and his own Self is all beings, loses all fear.

    The spirit filled all with his radiance. He is incorporeal and invulnerable, pure and untouched by evil. He is the supreme seer and thinker, immanent and transcendent. He places all things in the path of Eternity.

    The face of truth remains hidden behind a circle of gold. Unveil it, O god of life, that I who love the true may see! O life-giving sun, off-spring of the Lord of creation, solitary seer of heaven! Spread thy light and withdraw they blinding splendour that I may behold they radiant form: that Spirit far away within theee is my own inmost Spirit.

    By the path of good lead us to final bliss, O fire divine thou god who knowest all ways. Deliver us from wandering evil.

    We know not, we cannot understand, how he can be explained: He is above the known and he is above the unknown.

    There is no fear in heaven: old age and death are not there. The good, beyond both, rejoice in heaven, beyond hunger and thirst and sorrow. And those in heaven attain immortality. You know, O Death, that sacred fire which leads to heaven…That fire which is the means of attaining the infinite worlds, and is also their foundation, is hidden in the sacred place of the heart.

    …mysterious is the law of life and death.

    I know that treasures pass away and that the Eternal is not reached by the transient. I have thus laid the fire of sacrifice of Nachiketas, and by burning in the transient I have reached the Eternal.

    When the wise rests his mind in contemplation on our God beyond time, who invisibly dwells in the mystery of things and in the heart of man, then he rises above pleasures and sorrow. When a man had heard and has understood and, finding the essence, reaches the Inmost, then he finds joy in the Source of joy.

    Atman, the Spirit of vision, is never born and never dies. Before him there was nothing, and he is one for evermore. Never-born and eternal, beyond times gone or to come, he does not die when the body dies…Concealed in the heart of all beings is the Atman, the Spirit, the Self; smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the vast spaces.

    The man who surrenders his human will leaves sorrows behind, and beholds the glory of the Atman by the grace of the Creator.

    When the wise realize the omnipresent Spirit, who rests invisible in the visible and permanent in the impermanent, then they go beyond sorrow.

    To his chosen the Atman reveals his glory. Not even through deep knowledge can the Atman be reached, unless evil ways are abandoned, and there is rest in the senses, concentration in the mind and peace in one’s heart.

    Who knows in truth where he is? The majesty of his power carries away priests and warriors, and death itself is carried away.

    The man whose chariot is driven by reason, who watches and holds the reins of his mind, reaches the End of the journey, the supreme everlasting Spirit.

    The Eternal in man cannot kill: the Eternal in man cannot die.

    The Atman is beyond sound and form, without touch and taste and perfume. It is eternal, unchangeable, and without beginning or end: indeed above reasoning. When consciousness of the Atman manifests itself, man becomes free from the jaws of death.

    When the wise knows that it is through the great and omnipresent Spirit in us that we are conscious in waking or in dreaming, then he goes beyond sorrow.

    Who sees the many and not the one wanders on from death to death.

    The soul dwells within us, a flame the size of a thumb. When it is known as the Lord of the past and future, then ceases all fear…Always dwelling within all beings is the Atman, the Pueshua, the Self, a little flame in the heart.

    Let one with steadiness withdraw him from the body even as an inner stem is withdrawn from its sheath.

    …in the beginning, the creator longed for the joy of creation.

    Life is the fire that burns and is the sun that gives light. Life is the wind and the rain and the thunder in the sky. Life is matter and is earth, what is and what is not, and what beyond is in Eternity. On Life all things are resting, as spokes in the centre of a wheel…

    To thee, resting with thy powers, O Life, all beings offer adoration. As Lord of Creation thou movest in the womb of the mother, thence to be reborn...Thou art Rudra, the god of protection; thou art Indra in they radiance, O Life. As the sun that wanders in heaven, thou art Lord of all heavenly lights.

    …in dreams the mind beholds its own immensity.

    …the mind sees all, since the mind is all.

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    Default Upanishads 2

    He who knows, that Eternal Spirit, incorporeal and shadowless, luminous and everlasting, attains that Eternal Spirit. He knows the All and becomes that All.

    He is beyond thought and invisible, beyond family and colour. He has neither eyes nor ears; he has neither hands nor feet. He is everlasting and omnipresent, infinite in the great and infinite in the small. He is the eternal whom the sages see as the source of all creation. Even as a spider sends forth and draws in its thread, even as plants arise from the earth and hairs from the body of man, even so the whole creation arises from the Eternal.

    …from the Creator an infinity of beings have life and to him return again…the spirit of light above form, never-born, within all, outside all, is in radiance above life and mind, and beyond this creation’s Creator.

    Far spreading before and behind and right and left, and above and below, is Brahman, the Spirit eternal. In truth Brahman is all.

    When the wise seer beholds in golden glory the Lord, the Spirit, the Creator of the god of creation, then he leaves good and evil behind and in purity he goes to the unity supreme.

    In truth who knows God becomes God.

    OM. This eternal Word is all: what was, what is and what shall be, and what beyond is in eternity. All is OM.

    …deep sleep is one of oneness, a mass of silent consciousness made of peace and enjoying peace. This silent consciousness is all-powerful, all-knowing, the inner ruler, the source of all, the beginning and end of all beings.

    By the Yoga of meditation and contemplation the wise saw the power of God, hidden in his own creation.

    In this vast Wheel of creation wherein all things live and die, wanders round the human soul like a swan in restless flying, and she thinks that God is afar. But when the love of God comes down upon her, then she finds her own immortal life… The soul of man is bound by pleasure and pain; but when she sees God she is free from all fetters.

    God upholds the oneness of this universe: the seen and the unseen, the transient and the eternal.

    Matter in time passes away, but God is forever in Eternity…

    When a man knows God, he is free: his sorrows have an end, and birth and death are no more.

    …man has all: for he is one with the one.

    Savitri, the god of inspiration, sent the mind and its powers to find truth. He saw the light of the god of fire and spread it over the earth. By the grace of god Savitri, our mind is one with him and we strive with all our power for light. Savitri gives life to our souls and then they shine in great light. He makes our mind and its powers one and leads our thoughts to heaven.

    With upright body, head, and neck lead the mind and its powers into thy heart; and the OM of Brahman will then be thy boat with which to cross the rivers of fear. And when the body is in silent steadiness, breathe rhythmically through the nostrils with a peaceful ebbing and flowing of breath. The chariot of the mind is drawn by wild horses, and those wild horses have to be tamed.

    He was, he is and forever he shall be. He is in all and he sees all.

    All this universe is in the glory of God…The heads and faces of men are his own and he is in the hearts of all.

    God is in truth the whole universe: what was, what is, and what beyond shall ever be.

    He is the god of life immortal, and of all life that lives by food. His hands and feet are everywhere, he has heads and mouths everywhere: he sees all, he hears all. He is in all and he is. The Light of consciousness comes to him through infinite powers of perception, and yet he is above these powers. He is God, the ruler of all, the infinite refuge of all.

    Without hands he holds all things, without feet he runs everywhere. Without eyes he sees all things, without ears all things he hears. He knows all, but no one knows him, the Spirit before the beginning, the Spirit Supreme everlasting. Concealed in the heart of all beings lies the Atman, the Spirit, the Self; smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the greatest spaces.

    Thou this boy, and thou this maiden; Thou this man, and thou this woman; Thou the God who appears in forms infinite. Thou the blue bird and thou the green bird; thou the cloud that conceals the lightning and thou the seasons and the oceans. Beyond beginning, thou art in thy infinity, and all the worlds had their beginning in thee.

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    Default Upanishads 3

    …the Creator of all, everliving in the mystery of his creation. In the vision of this God of love there is everlasting peace. He is the Lord of all who, hidden in the heart of things, watches over the world of time. The gods and the seers of Brahman are one with him; and when a man knows him he cuts the bonds of death. When one knows God who is hidden in the heart of all things, even as cream is hidden in milk, and in whose glory all things are, he is free from all bondage. This is the God whose work is all the worlds, the supreme Soul who dwells forever in the hearts of men. Those who know him through their hearts and their minds become immortal.

    The mind cannot grasp him above, or below, or in the space in between. With whom shall we compare him whose glory is the whole universe?

    Even as the radiance of the sun shines everywhere in space, so does the glory of God rule over all his creation.

    In the unfolding of his own nature he makes all things blossom into flower and fruit. He gives to them all their fragrance and colour. He, the one, the only God who rules the universe.

    The whole universe is in his power. He is pure consciousness, the creator of time: all-powerful, all-knowing. It is under his rule that the work of creation revolves in its evolution, and we have earth, and water, and ether, and fire and air. God ended his work and he rested, and he made a bond of love between his soul and the soul of all things. And the one became one with the one, and the two, and the three and the eight, and with time and with the subtle mystery of the human soul.

    May God who is hidden in nature, even as the silkworm is hidden in the web of silk he made, lead us to union with his own Spirit, with Brahman. He is God, hidden in all beings, their in most soul who is in all. He watches the works of creation, lives in all things, watches all things. He is pure consciousness,…the one who transforms one seed into many. Only those who see God in their soul attain the joy eternal.
    The Spirit supreme is immeasurable, inapprehensible, beyond conception, never-born, beyond reasoning, beyond thought. His vastness is the vastness of space. At the end of the worlds, all things sleep: he alone is awake in Eternity.

    Samsara, the transmigration of life, takes place in one’s own mind. Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what a man thinks that he becomes: this is a mystery of Eternity.

    A quietness of mind overcomes good and evil works, and in quietness the soul is one: then one feels the joy of Eternity.

    If men thought of God as much as they think of the world, who would not attain liberation?

    When the mind is silent, beyond weakness or non-centration, then it can enter into a world which is far beyond the mind: the highest End.

    Words cannot describe the joy of the soul whose impurities are cleansed in deep contemplation – who is one with his Atman, his own Spirit. Only those who feel this joy know what it is.

    Even as water becomes one with water, fire with fire, and air with air, so the mind becomes one with the Infinite Mind and thus attains final freedom.

    Mind is indeed the source of bondage and also the source of liberation.

    …God is truth.

    The breath of life is one…

    …it is the consciousness of life which becomes the breath of life and gives life to a body. The breath of life is the consciousness of life, and the consciousness of life is the breath of life.

    When consciousness rules speech, with speech we can speak all words. When consciousness rules breath, with inbreath we can smell all perfumes. When consciousness rules the eye, with the eye we can see all forms. When consciousness rules the ear, with the ear we can hear all sounds. When consciousness rules the tongue, with the tongue we can savour all tastes. When consciousness rules the mind, with the mind we can think all thoughts.

    Who denies God, denies himself. Who affirms God, affirms himself.

    I am that food which eats the eater of food. I have gone beyond the universe, and the light of the sun is my light.

    All beings arise from space, and into space they return: space is indeed their beginning, and space is their final end.

    Even as all leaves come from a stem, all words come from the sound OM. OM is the whole universe.

    There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the Light that shines in our heart.

    …an invisible and subtle essence is the Spirit of the whole universe. That is Reality. That is Atman. Thou art that.

    Is there anything higher than thought? Meditation is in truth higher than thought. The earth seems to rest in silent mediation; and the waters and the mountains and the sky and the heavens seem all to be in meditation.

    What you see when you look into another person’s eyes, that is the Atman, immortal, beyond fear, that is Brahman.

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    Default Upanishads 4

    When one says “I am speaking,” it is the Spirit that speaks: the voice is the organ of speech. When one says “I am hearing,” it is the Spirit that hears: the ear is the organ of hearing. And when one says “I think,” it is the Spirit that thinks: the mind is the organ of thought. It is because of the light of the Spirit that the human mind can see, and can think, and enjoy this world.

    The immortal is veiled by the real.

    When the soul is in the land of dreams, then all the worlds belong to the soul.

    Even as airy threads come from a spider, or small sparks come from a fire, so from Atman, the Spirit in man, come all the powers of life, all the worlds, all the gods: all beings. To know the Atman is to know the mystery of the Upanishads: the Truth of truth. The powers of life are truth and their Truth is Atman, the Spirit.

    …the Spirit of man is creator.

    Even as a falcon or an eagle, after soaring in the sky, folds his wings for he is weary, and flies down to his nest, even so the Spirit of man hastens to that place of rest where the soul has no desires and the Spirit sees no dreams.

    …the Spirit knows not, yet knowing not he knows. How could the Spirit not know if he is the All?...there is no duality there, nothing apart for him to know.

    The Soul is Brahman, the Eternal. It is made of consciousness and mind: it is made of life and vision. It is made of the earth and the waters: it is made of air and space. It is made of light and darkness: it is made of desire and peace. It is made of anger and love: it is made of virtue and vice. It is made of all that is near: it is made of all that is afar. It is made of all.

    …there are not many but only One.

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    "Those who speak, do not know. Those who know, do not speak." - Tao Te Ching

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    Smile THE WORDS OF GANDHI, part 1 of 3.

    “Gandhi was inevitable…We may ignore him at our own risk.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.” ~Albert Einstein

    “There is no God higher than Truth.”
    “Well, all my philosophy, if it may be called by that pretentious name, is contained in what I have said. But, you will not call it ‘Gandhism’; there is no ‘ism’ about it. And no elaborate literature or propaganda is needed about it…”
    “I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith.”
    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
    “It is because we have at the present moment everybody claiming the right of conscience without going through any discipline whatsoever that there is so much untruth being delivered to a bewildered world.”
    “I have learnt through bitter experience the one supreme lesson: to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world.”
    “Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not I the victory itself.”
    “Life is greater than all art.”
    “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”
    “The music of life is in danger of being lost in the music of the voice.”
    “Don’t be dazzled by the splendor that comes to you from the West. Do not be thrown off your feet by this passing show. The Enlightened One has you in never-to-be-forgotten words that this little span of life is but a passing shadow, a fleeting thing, and if you realize the nothingness of all that appears before your eyes, the nothingness of this material case that we see before us ever changing, then indeed there are treasures for you up above, and there is peace for you down here, peace which passeth all understanding, and happiness to which we are utter strangers. It requires an amazing faith, a divine faith and surrender of all that we see before us.”
    “In India we have 3 million people who have to be satisfied with one meal a day, and that meal consists of a chapatti containing no fat in it and a pinch of salt. You and I have no right to anything we have until these 3 million are clothed and fed better.”
    “God alone is the judge of true greatness because He knows men’s hearts.”
    “The golden rule…is resolutely to refuse to have what millions cannot…The first thing is to cultivate the mental attitude that will not have possessions or facilities denied to millions, and the next immediate thing is to rearrange our lives as fast as possible in accordance with that mentality.”
    “This is the unmistakable teaching of the Gita. He who gives up action falls.”
    “Just as one must not receive, so must one not possess anything which one does not really need. It would be a breach of tis principle to possess unnecessary foodstuffs, clothing or furniture. For instance, one must not keep a chair if one can do without it. In observing this principle one is led to a progressive simplification of one’s own life.”
    “Love is the subtlest force in the world.”
    “One many cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in any other department. Life is one indivisible whole.”
    “All of your scholarship, all your study of Shakespeare and Wordsworth would be vain if at the same time you did not build your character and attain mastery over your thoughts and your actions.”
    “Purity of life is the highest and truest art.”
    “The only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within.”

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    Default The words of gandhi, 2

    “All is well with you even though everything seems to go dead wrong, if you are square with yourself.”
    “Does not the history of the world show that there would have been no romance I life if there had been no risks?”
    “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory.”
    “To call women the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to women.”
    “Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction.”
    “Love is a rare herb that makes a friend even of a sworn enemy and this herb grows out of nonviolence.”
    “The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.”
    “I hold myself to be incapable of hating any being on earth.”
    “Absolute calm is no the law of the ocean. And it is the same with the ocean of life.”
    “It does not require money to be neat, clean and dignified.”
    “I do not believe…that an individual may gain spirituality while those who surround him suffer. I believe in advaita. I believe in the essential unity of man and for that matter, of all that lives. Therefore, I believe that if one man gains spirituality, the whole world gains with him and if one man falls the whole world falls to that extent.”
    “To a true artist only that face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul.”
    “Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state.”
    “Democracy, disciplined and enlightened, is the finest thing in the world.”
    “Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.”
    “Liberty never meant the license to do anything at will.”
    “Good travels at a snail’s pace. Those who want to do good are not selfish, they are not in a hurry, they know that to impregnate people with good requires a long time.”
    “Nonviolence and cowardice go ill together. I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward. Possession of arms implies and element of fear, if not cowardice.”
    “Nonviolence should never be used as a shield for cowardice. It is a weapon for the brave.”
    “It is no nonviolence if we merely love those that love us. It is nonviolence only when we love those that hate us. I know how difficult it is to follow this grand law of love. But are not all great and good things difficult to do? Love of the hater is the most difficult of all. But by the grace of God even this most difficult thing becomes easy to accomplish if we want to do it.”
    “The force of nonviolence is infinitely more wonderful and subtle than the material forces of nature, like electricity.”
    “Strength in numbers is the delight of the timid. The valiant in spirit glory in fighting alone.”
    “Nonviolence succeeds only when we have a real living faith in God.”
    “Nonviolence implies voluntary submission to the penalty for non-cooperation with evil.”
    “One great stumbling block is that we have neglected music. Music means rhythm, order. Its effect is electrical. It immediately soothes…”
    “Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave. He alone who is strong enough to avenge a wrong knows how to love (and forgive.)”
    “Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”
    “I believe in God, not only as a theory but as a fact more real than that of life itself.”

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    Default The words of gandhi, 3

    “If we have listening ears, God speaks to us in a our own language, whatever that language be.”
    “The Bible is as much of a book of religion with me as the Gita and the Koran.”
    “Religion is the tie that binds one to one’s Creator, and whilst the body perishes, as it has to, religion persists even after death.”
    “Religions are different roads converging upon the same point. What does it matter that we take different roads so long as we reach the same goal?”
    “To see the universal and all=pervading Spirit of Truth face to face one must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself…”
    “Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness…”
    “A man who throws himself on God ceases to fear man.”
    “’Do not worry in the least about yourself, leave all worry to God,’—this appears to be the commandment in all religions.”
    “If we will take care of today, God will take care of the morrow.”
    “The truth is that God is the force. He is the essence of life. He is pure and undefiled consciousness. He is eternal.”
    “God answers prayer in His own way, not ours.”
    “A man of faith does not bargain or stipulate with God.”
    “God alone is immortal, imperishable.”
    “Cowardice is not a sign of belief in God.”
    “What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?”
    “I believe in the fundamental truth of all great religions of the world. I believe that they are all God-given and I believe that they were necessary for the people to whom these religions were revealed. And I believe that if only we could all of us read the scriptures of the different faiths from the standpoint of the followers of these faiths, we should find that they were at the bottom all one and were all helpful to one another.”
    “A poet has sung that the way to reach God accrues only to the very brave, never to the fainthearted.”
    “Truth is God and God is Truth.”
    “The sum total of all that lives is God. We may not be God but we are of God even as a little drop of water is of the ocean.”
    “A man with a grain of faith in God never loses hope, because he ever believes in the ultimate triumph of Truth.”
    “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.”
    “Man is a social being. Without interrelation with society he cannot realize its oneness with the universe or suppress his egotism.”
    “It may be long before the law of love will be recognized in internal affairs. The machineries of governments stand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another.”
    “The knowledge of the omnipresence of God also means respect for the lives of even those who may be called opponents or goondas. This contemplated intervention is a process of stilling the fury of man when the brute in him gets the mastery over him.”
    “I have found that life persists in the midst of destruction and therefore there must be a higher law than that of destruction…”
    “Often does good come out of evil. But that is God’s, not man’s plan. Man knows that only evil can come out of evil, as good out of good.”
    “Hatred can be overcome by only love. Counter-hatred only increases the surface as well as the depth of hatred…”
    “I believe in what Max Miller said years ago, namely, that truth needed to be repeated as long as there were men who disbelieved it.”
    “I want to realize brotherhood or identity not merely with the beings called human, but I want to realize identity with all life, even with such beings as crawl on earth.”


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