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    'light switch' flips genes on and off
    turning a gene on or off is usually a lot more difficult than just flipping a light switch. but a team of swiss scientists has engineered cells that come pretty close: only when they are bathed in blue light do the cells express a gene that has been inserted into them.

    the feat is the latest trick in a rapidly growing discipline known as optogenetics, where light is used to control activities within cells. the new technique, described online today in science,

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    Exclamation Perception & Beliefs Changes Your DNA. Embrace LOVE not FEAR to be HEALTHY!


    bruce lipton, research scientist and biologists explains how we program dna through our perceptions & belief systems.
    ultimately by understanding this, reducing stress in our lives and embracing love, we can control our health and live longer.

    bruce lipton (research scientist & biologist) says:

    we are all infinitely more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to know.
    if you don't like the way your life is going, change your beliefs.
    pay attention to your thoughts and analyze them. realize that you are not only
    creating with them your self, but you are sending them out and they are affecting
    others. psychologists say over 70% of our thoughts are negative and redundant.
    the secret of life is to watch your thoughts. because once you realize what is really going on,
    you can make new ones, which will create your reality anew.

    "you are more powerful beyond anything you have ever imagined.
    but then you have to recognize responsibility.
    you are personally responsible for everything in your life....... once you become
    aware that....... you are personally responsible for everything in your life!

    he works with dna. after he destroys dna in the cells, the cells still has a life and still has behaviour. the question is: what is controlling the cell?


    beliefs from science to public introduces outdated assumptions:

    * genetic defects effect about 5% of the population. the other 95% that are genetically healthy still experience diseases, early death, etc. -
    the truth is that genes are selected and rewritten by our belief systems.

    we are powerful but alteration in how we perceive ourselves, by accepting the below assumptions disempower us.

    incorrect outdated science assumptions:

    assumption 1: biological processes employ newtonian physics
    according to the newtonian world/ vision, the universe is a machine made up of physical parts. if you understand of the physical parts interact, you can understand the machine. by the belief in newtonian physics, medicine does not entertain the notion that energy is involved in the healing process.
    newtonian physics is outdated by 75 years because we entered the quantum year in 1925, yet medicine is still stuck in biological newtonian phase.

    assumption 2: genes "control" biological expression
    absolute chemical truth: genes "cannot "control" biological expression because genes cannot turn themselves on or off. so the genes are not controlling themselves, they cannot control anything else either.

    assumption 3: darwinian evolution provides for biological diversity
    it's actually more of a "lamarckian" process, which says that organisms match their
    environment and they adapt to the environment. genes will adapt to belief.

    watch bruce lipton seminar - the new biology – where mind and matter meet
    dr bruce lipton -where mind and matter meet 1


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    Red face Perception & Beliefs Changes Your DNA. Embrace LOVE not FEAR to be HEALTHY!


    since protein is controlled through perception or belief, this is showing that dna can be controlled through perception and belief.
    dna <=> rna <=> protein <- belief

    "energy healing is real because energy is more effective at controlling biology than molecules are."

    even though we have 100,000 gene programs minimum, they can all be divided into 2 groups.
    1. those genes that provide for growth, rebuilding and reproduction.
    2. those genes that provide protection and exorcize protection programs.
    a simple point is this. the cells of your body can either be in growth or protection.

    love is the maximum nourishment for growth. it attracts life to you.
    fear is the maximum movement into protection. it walls you off from life.

    problems arise when we are chronically stressed because our growth systems & immune systems are constricted or shut down.

    when the "self" receptor antenna in a cell is removed, it becomes generic
    bruce says the memory is coming about through the "identity receptor antenna" of the cells and that "we" are not even in our bodies. so when a person receives a transplant organ, they are receiving some of the identity of the deceased person through the identity receptors of that organ. these identity receptors are actually called "self" receptors.
    the implication is that if a cell has "self" receptors to recognize when signals are related to self or not, that it gets it's identity through
    the self receptor signals that it receives.
    this means that the "self" is in the environment!
    we are not our bodies. when "self" receptors/transmitters are cut off from a cell, the cell becomes generic
    and can be transplanted to anyone without being rejected. they can even be put in a chicken and work.

    how the brain works
    the brain is a device, a transducer if you will, that converts input experience into output awareness.
    all the experiential senses come into the brain but come out as biological electromagnetic vibrations that connect throughout the body
    and become awareness.
    the brain also records everything that comes in as experience. it converts light coming into the eyes as a picture in the brain
    but also records it in the form of memory. so if you play back the memory or "recording," you have the experience again.
    not exactly, but dependent upon your level and depth of awareness, you have more or less in your conscious memory to play back or recall.

    read more here

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    new information on viktor grebbenikov


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    A beautiful vid which I would highly recommend to those who seek to link scientific inquiry with the spiritual, a very well spent hour which come as an unexpected and very welcome surprise!

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    Default 'Quadruple helix' DNA seen in human cells

    Cambridge University scientists say they have seen four-stranded DNA at work in human cells for the first time. Here is the BBC's report, published 20th January 2013...

    ...meanwhile, the onion continues to peel...
    Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think - Heisenberg

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