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Thread: Physics, Quanta, String Theory and more

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    Physicist Nassim Harriman has many videos on youtube. His theories are more along the lines
    of TSFI than Higgs's glue-on bosons.

    The “Schwarzschild Proton” theory states that a proton is a miniature black hole.

    He posits a Fractal Universe (no glue or color force required) based on the tours.

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    I wanted to celebrate the genuine hard work of two well-deserving Nobel laureates, Serge Haroche and David Wineland today by sharing my thoughts with everyone regarding their work. This is very relevant to this forum because their work also happens to reflect some very interesting observations in Chapter 13 of David Wilcock's Source Field Investigation, titled 'What's the Matter'.

    Only a few days ago, I had pored over this quantum physics material and was stumped by what David Wilcock meant when he said, "...the space we see around us, the Known Universe, isn't stritcly real at all. The parallel reality of time-space isn't actually real either. The only thing that does genuinely exist is the THREE REAL DIMENSIONS that they both are a part of.". I was amazed and thrilled when I read the news today about the Nobel prize for physics that was going to clarify and quantify that very same concept.

    If you want to be a god (or a wizard, take your pick), you have to be able to manipulate reality at the quantum level. You can levitate, annihilate, generate, and manipulate any and all forms of matter. When you can control particles while they are in-between states of existences, you have uncracked the code of reality in time-space.

    As David Wilcock noted in his book, “…the motion inside the atom is already going at the speed of light, or very close to it—so it doesn’t take much to finish the job.” This is what the two scientists have successfully been able to do.

    David stated several times throughout his book that when matter is cooled, it gains coherency and retains its particle-like nature---likewise, when it heats up, it loses coherency and retains its wave-like nature. Since we live in the ‘particle’ world, we have to cool the ion down a bit so that it stays on our side of reality long enough for us to manipulate it. Dr. Wineland isolated the ion by suppressing its thermal motion by cooling it down. Then, he used a carefully tuned laser pulse to nudge it into 'place'. Once in that midway point region, because it exists in both dimensions simultaneously, he could then measure and quantify its existence.

    The ‘place’ we are talking about is precisely the half-way point between space-time and time-space, where the particle exists both as a wave and as a particle*. I created this image and labeled it so we could visualize where this midway region exists.

    Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System of the three real dimensions, where t = time, s = space, and v = velocity* shows that time-space is represented by t/s and space-time is represented by s/t. Velocity (or what David points out is actually energy) is represented as thus: t/s x s/t = t/s. The product of mass and the second power of speed is t/s x s/t = t/s, which is energy. The conjunction where these dimensions overlap is the midway point where all parts become one.

    In truth, there is only that one point. This point is then refracted so that it gives off many illusions of itself as various aspects of multi-layered holograms. What we see of the world around us is just a sliver of that refracted light, coming through to our side of space-time, from that single point, which exists in the 'three real dimensions'.

    This midway point has been a huge source of contention between many scientists because it has heretofore been so elusive and impossible to pin down. When it occupies two different energy levels simultaneously, we can look at it, and it won’t change states on us and it won’t disappear. It would then be quantifiable.

    Serge Haroche used a different method to calculate the same effect. Instead of trapping the ion so that it stays in between the two realms, he used velocity to isolate the photons by bouncing them between two mirrors. This single photon bounces back and forth between the two mirrors at a speed of 40,000 kilometers per tenth of a second. At this speed, the photon could circle around the earth at a tenth of a second. If we look at the chart, Haroche utilized the velocity/energy side to reach the ion.

    So what does this have to do with us ordinary people on this side of space-time? One word. Qubit. It is coming in the very near future. This is how it works.

    Our classical computer uses bits that have a value of either 0 or 1. A quantum bit (or qubit), on the other hand, can be both 0 and 1 at the same time. Two quantum bits can take on the simultaneous values of 00, 01, 10, and 11. Each additional qubit doubles the amount of possible states such that a quantum computer of only 300 qubits could hold a 2 to the 300 power of values simultaneously, which is more than the number of atoms in the universe. **

    This speed and power of computing will change how we live in this world. That 'Star Trek' future is not far from coming. I, for one, cannot wait for it to arrive.
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    The experiment described is a painstaking and expensive perpetual motion machine.

    If someone wants to teach their kids about perpetual motion they can just make a Leedskalnin perpetual motion machine in their garage.

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