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Thread: One Step Beyond! A Multi-Dimensionl Journey

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    Default One Step Beyond! A Multi-Dimensionl Journey

    dear friends,

    be well, be love.


    harry oldfield's amazing imaging technologies
    the revolutionary imaging systems developed by biologist dr harry oldfield offer practitioners a means of seeing the condition of a patient's
    bio-energetic field prior to diagnosis and treatment.

    extracted from nexus magazine, volume 14, number 3 (april - may 2007)
    po box 30, mapleton qld 4560 australia.
    telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381
    from our web page at:

    by by evy king 2007
    managing director
    oldfield systems limited
    box 38, porthmadog ll49 0ab, uk
    telephone: +44 (0)1766 771855

    one step beyond! a multi-dimensional journey
    in 2006, the international society for the study of subtle energies and energy medicine (issseem) awarded dr harry oldfield the alyce and elmer green award for innovation for his work, noting that it "allows us to experience our multidimensional existence through his extraordinary images".
    harry oldfield, british biologist turned energy-field researcher, developed his imaging system, polycontrast interference photography (pip), in the 1980s. he perfected this application after many years of research into kirlian photography, which captures changing patterns of light energy emanating from all living things (including humans, animals and plants) and even from crystals.

    his original research with kirlian photography focused on the phantom leaf effect: a leaf from a tree or bush is set up for kirlian photography, but a portion of the leaf is removed. in more than 50 per cent of cases, the energy outline showed the whole leaf, i.e., including the portion removed. thus the kirlian system shows a natural energy field corresponding to the physical structure and molecules of the leaf. using his pip technology, oldfield subsequently found that this effect occurs with people, e.g., with arm, hand or finger amputees. in rare examples, phantom legs have been observed. in his pip scans of people with missing limbs, there have been images showing a phantom limb. pip images have also shown a phantom arm and hand-not visible to the naked eye-associated with a spiritual healer.

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    Default Methods of Experiencing Multi Dimensional Reality


    whatever method one choose to use, i am finding that experiencing multidimensional realities is such an awesome experience!

    like all experiences, once one decides to "let go" of the labels and just be the journey continues...


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    Default Amazing Technology

    recently a friend of mine returned from a trip to istanbul and shared with me the story of how this same kirlian type technology was used in india to photograph a book known as the knowledge book [not to be confused with the book of knowledge]. photos were taken that showed an extraordinary energy that emerged from or surrounded the book with an incredible array of exquisite colors. people in india wanted to sell the photos as confirmation of the books power, but they were not allowed by those who are the guardians of the book which is not to be worshiped in any shape or form.

    in the future, as this technology evolves,of course, it will enable us to see so much more and understand so much more, but as we evolve, won't we be able to dispense with such technology and see these energies through connection with our higher selves? connecting with the etheric body of a person with a limb missing will enable us to see the complete body as it is in its original state; connecting with the "etheric body" [does everything have an etheric body?] would then allow us to see the entire leaf rather than the broken leaf or the complete chair rather than the chair with half a leg broken of, right?

    jo anne


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