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Thread: Poll: What level of ET contact have you had in your life?

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    Default Poll: What level of ET contact have you had in your life?

    given the nature of so many wanderers coming together on this forum, i'm really curious to know what level of contact this group has had with extra terrestrials.

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    Default Well...

    ...although i have not had any contact in the waking physical reality, though i have seen one fast-moving object (a light in the far distance in a dark sky) that might have been a ufo, i certainly did have close contact with seven ufos landing on a curved florida beach (or some place in the caribbean) in a very lucid dream that i had many years ago.

    it was an awesome dream. i had asked an entity at a channeling session soon afterwards and she said that i was in an alternate reality with a guide and was allowed to go see the ufos landing because i had requested for an experience with ufos, so i was granted one in dreamtime.

    it was an unforgettable experience. i was in a little truck (exactly like the one that i had at that time) as a passenger and we crested a hill with a sudden view of seven ufos hovering above a beautiful, curved beach with sparkling, crystal-white sand. the ufos were scattered along the beach, but not landed. each one had a beautiful, shiny metallic-blue/silvery look to them with a bright, glowing light below each ship. the night was moon-lit, cloudless and the seas were calm.

    the next thing i knew i was standing on the beach some 50 feet from the closest one and i was just awestruck with the whole scene. some girl (there were a few other people there witnessing this along with me) wanted to move closer, but i had told her while trying to hold her back that there was radiation exposure risks if one stood right below a hovering ufo, so she stayed back.

    i didn't see any entities come out, nor did i board any of the ships--it was just a close-up visual contact that was unforgettable. i really regretted waking up from that and wanted to go back immediately, but i was grateful for the experience just the same.

    someday i look forward to sight-seeing/traveling in antigravity ships which i'd be at the controls and would be able to go anywhere, anytime. i'd be everywhere viewing nature in her full glory while hovering, flying and landed with frequent stops to go fishing/hiking/exploring and experiencing nature close-up with my little ship parked nearby. i imagine that such kinds of antigravity discs would be the perfect traveling device that would enable one to experience nature close at hand without leaving any marks or damage of any kind, nor creating any nature-scattering noise. maybe that can finally happen in 4-d? i'd want to see everything--storms, cloud formations, sunsets/rises, rainbows, calm weather, animal movements--you name it, i want to see it! and i'm tired of waiting, waiting for this to happen.
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    after digging into scott mandelker's writings recently (universal vision, and from elsewhere), i feel i can safely say that i am an et.

    sometime before adolescence i had a dream in which a ball of light flew up to me and hovered in front of me, telepathically asking me if i wanted to merge with it. in the brief instant in which i made my decision, i registered the consequences of passing up on this opportunity, then saying with my whole being, "yes". i floated into the glowing sphere and dissolved into its warmth of love and light with a great sense of well-being. from then on, my life increasingly took on the shape and form of a difficult anddeeply transformative spiritual adventure.

    at 22, while studying existential philosophy and deep in the grip of my spiritual search, i discovered the ra material through a coworker at a cafe, who loaned me her copy after i expressed genuine curiosity in what she was reading. i was highly skeptical of anything smacking of new age material, but kept this to myself: i wanted to understand this person i was working with better. playfully challenging my own highbrow standards, i took her copy home and gave it a read. i soon found myself transported into a different quality of experience altogether.

    reading the book alone and out of the way of my housemates and girlfriend, i would feel a living presence of energy emerge above my head, showering me gently with some kind of essential, nonverbal information. this shocked me. had i not found the experience to be pleasant, i would have given my co-worker back her book immediately.

    at that time my dreams became heightened and alive in a completely different way than normal. in one dream, i was taken on a tour through an underground city deep beneath the earth somewhere, one populated by a network of benign planetary human servants working together with great urgency in preparation for the future. in the dream, people were walking swiftly through tunnels carved underground, tunnels that were embedded with giant computer screens that had maps of the earth on them, which were being monitored around the clock with a great sense of urgency. a soothing electronic wash of sound permeated this environment, synchronizing and soothing the intense activities engaged by this network of unusual human beings. only last year upon re-reading the ra material did i come across a reference by ra to the presence of such benign confederation workers under the planet, complete with computers!

    i had other unusual dreams as well, one in which i was gathered with representatives from every spiritual tradition on earth, all of us sitting before an empty chair in a room. a woman to my side approached me and asked me point blank, "what are you?" as with the ball of light many years before, i felt a great intensity in the instant following her question, as if something depended upon my answer. spontaneously i said, "a lover of god." end of dream.

    most recently, i had a dream vision in which i beheld millions of benign et ships hovering around the planet. in the dream, as i turn around to walk "home", i feel a convergence of benign violet light beams from many of these ships focused on my heart, resulting in a upwelling of indescribable love in my body. i understand in that moment that i am here to release this influx into the planet itself, and share it with others as moved.

    mandelker's books have been extremely useful in helping me recognize how and why the above experiences denote my own et status as a wanderer. far from being an ego-glamorizing self-image, this recognition is one that makes a quantum difference in my ability to stand in self-acceptance in a way i've not been able to do before, despite years of therapy and a rich spiritual practice.

    recognition of being "from elsewhere" helps me appreciate things that have never made much sense to me before, such as being born into a family circumstance packed to the gills with entrenched emotional tragedy (multiple suicides, addictions, abuse, etc.), yet emerging from all of that relatively whole, while actively participating today in the ongoing healing among many of my family members, with wonderful results over time. yet, all the while, i now know that this family is not my true family. it is one of my family's along the way, but it is not my true family of origin.

    more poignantly, recognition of being an et allows me to now appreciate how my life to date has been an exercise in actively and systematically hiding from this aspect of my own nature, partly out of an instinct for self-preservation, and partly because i have always wanted to simply be an ordinary human being. the most painful part of this lifelong self-rejection of my own wanderer nature is the self-hatred that has developed in relation to feeling just how weird a being i really am: a true planetary misfit. scott mandelker discusses the rage that can inform such buried self-rejection in this regard, which has long been true of me.

    in coming to terms with what it means to be a wanderer, really for the first time now (even after 20 years of meditation stabilizing into a realization of the felt unity of being), i am finally able to really let myself be this weird being i am, and consciously value that weirdness for what it is: an ontological fact.

    coming out of the cosmic closet is proving to be a powerful experience this way. by standing in my own open identity as a wanderer, i can actively communicate deep self-acceptance to others in the same way i am doing in myself. this just never made any sense to me before, therapy and meditation be damned! it has been my own version of "the missing piece" falling into place, resulting in a newfound peace.

    i don't think i would have come to this kind of conscious clarity had i not read the ra material directly; nor do i think i would have really done so without the work of david wilcock and scott mandelker helping to translate ra's archane lingo into a vernacular i can relate to in an everyday way. now i do not underestimate the real empowerment that is available through sharing our experiences with each other -- of this kind of self-validation and self-acceptance -- at such an otherwordly level. it can make a big difference in what it means to be here as a human being.

    objectively speaking, it's worth noting that being et (a wanderer or a walk-in) is no big thing. it's not a status symbol of any kind. it's simply a category of identity that, when it is identified as real for yourself, can allow for a quality of self-acceptance that can simply allow us to be here and do what we're here to do that much more. it's deeply freeing that way.

    thanks for the question! i hope to meet and interface with other's for whom being et is a felt reality -- alongside anyone else around here who cares about aiding the planet in this critical moment of its -- and our -- emerging and unprecedented transformation.



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    Default ET contact

    hello! it seems et's really like arizona for some reason. back in 1989-1994 when i lived there, i had a few unexplainable experiences. first time i was walking across a parade field (i was in the army) around 11 at night, by myself. i was about half-way across when i heard an unidentifiable noise above, close enough that i should have been able to see what was making it, but saw nothing. i heard a sound much like something with very large wings hovering over me (i jokingly expected to see a huge dragon hovering above). not like a helicopter, the sound was low frequency and slow. about a year later i had a series of dreams that had me in a very large ship. i was being shown around by a little guy (about 5 feet tall) w/a big head, large eyes (that were kinda like ours but way bigger w/no lashes), little mouth and i don't remember seeing much of a nose. he had a light grey and orange one piece suit on. he did not communicate w/me verbally, was friendly but unemotional. there were a group of little kids chasing each other around that had a sparse coating of hair on their heads, and i somehow knew that they were all mine. i also knew that was why i was there. what's really weird, i actually did turn up pregnant at that time, but had a miscarriage. i went in one week and the doctor confirmed the pregnancy via ultrasound, then i went in when i started to spot and another ultrasound revealed an empty gestational sac. the doctor seemed very awkward. before i had the miscarriage, i had another dream of being back on the ship, in a long rectangular looking room lying on what seemed like a hospital bed. a group came in dressed in some kind of protective gear, and piece of equipment attached to the ceiling was pulled closer to where i was. i started to panic and decided i didn't want to experience that piece of equipment. a human looking older woman was next to me and tried to offer support. it didn't work, and the next thing i knew i was in this strange twighlight kind of awareness. i was aware, but not aware of what was going on around me. then i felt myself being lowered somehow and felt my right leg hanging off of what ever was lowering me. when i "woke up" from this my eyes were already open and i just kind of floated back into normal awareness. about a week later, i miscarried. what's even stranger is how similar what i experienced is to the abduction case of travis walton. not the fire in the sky movie, but his actual accounts (which were very different from the movie). i only recently read of his experience so it did not influence the dreams i had. i did not feel any fear (other than the big hoopajoop attached to the ceiling) and felt familiar with the little guy in charge of my stay. i was also shown a huge room with an even bigger tank w/a killer whale swimming around in it. must have been a big ship. to this day i do not feel any anxiety over those experiences. i really did not feel threatened in any way. they seemed to have intentions that were friendly, albeit unemotional. lot's of l & l, krista

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    if you have not yet responded to this poll, please take a moment to do so.
    thank you.

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    starting a few years ago, i began to experience strange sensations on the top of my head and forehead. these were pleasant sensations, similar to being caressed in some fashion, but with a bit more tingly feeling associated with it. sometimes there is the feeling of "someone" standing near my left shoulder or behind me. no communication, just the feeling. it was also pleasant and felt sort of warm. these don't occur often, but i always enjoy when they do.

    have had photos of strange things floating above my head. wish i still had those. they were interesting.

    multiple dreams throughout the past few years, ever since i moved to canada. i've dreamed of battling with some strange short beings, in a war setting. then a "friend" told me to run away with him, and we ended up on a ship. next thing i knew in the dream, we were passing by galaxies and some planets. the view was breathtaking and quite enjoyable.

    had another dream last year of falling rocks from the sky. these rocks fell and landed in a square square shape, almost as if they were extruded from some sort of mold. as the rocks fell, the ground would move like waves in water. i yelled at everyone around me to take cover. i did as well and ended up underneath a very large boulder and watched the other rocks fall around me. then a bi-plane (single propellor) landed in the driveway! there were two passengers. the one in the front looked like a beastly form of a man, but wearing what seemed like bear skins or something to that effect as a coat. i attempted to hide further in the rock, but this "man" saw me, and approached me. he bent over, reaching for my hand, but i refused. a struggle ensued and he ended up grabbing my left hand and proceeded to inject something into it, like a syringe filled with who knows what.

    another dream some beings landed and began to search for humans. the humans were terrified of these beings, but the beings didn't seem to hurt anyone, at least from my perspective. i, too, was terribly frightened and hid. i could hear them walk around outside the home, but never saw anything. was too fearful to look.

    had multiple dreams of seeing mass et ships in the night sky, and then turning around to everyone that was near, saying "look! i told you so!" these dreams varied a great deal with the types of craft that were in the sky. some had amazon military style women come out after landing and proceeded to attack people. others were tiny metallic spheres that never landed, while others looked like a combination of nasa craft and something out of star trek moving in and out of some sort of energy field.

    i've never seen a ufo in waking reality, but tons of them in the dream state. don't know what to make of these dreams, but they are my only connection to anything et as far as i am aware.

    when i was a small child, i recall a deep male voice that seemed to come through my bedroom wall. memories of the past are very cloudy and so i don't remember the discussions. but i felt this voice was a friend. no clue what that was all about. i wish i could recall.

    anyhow, those are my experiences. nothing really 3d concrete, but the experiences make for a good story when sharing dreams.

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    even so i understand myself as an angelic wanderer, with one incarnation on this planet, i could not say that i see myself as what is understood as et.
    i would rather see myself as part of a being that made partly the choice and partly was assigned here to help.

    regards detlef
    rah nam

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    Cool Good encounters............

    it seems "et's" have been instructing my family for generations. i've read mostly negative scenarios. there is an abundance of "fear" with most material out there..

    i don't talk about my experiences much because of the negativity associated with et "abductions", but i feel comfortable expressing some of my experiences here. my encounters are all good.

    i've been taken aboard "ships" several times. i've been trained by the "entities" i've encountered to heal a planet, among other things.

    in the early 90's there was an earthquake in japan. (i understand there is a major fault/opening in the earth's crust under the ocean.)
    i was "beamed" aboard a "ship" with other "humans" like me. we were standing on an observation deck overlooking the pacific/japan.

    et entities were there to assist us "humans" in a ratio of 1 to 1. the et's had trained us how to shoot universal/unconditional love energy from our "heart" chakras. simultaieously, each et put their right hand on "our" right shoulders. with the touch came a voice in my mind, "we've taught you how to heal this planet and the time is now!"

    with that "command" bright white light energy shot out of our chests in unison, like the visual image of "star trek photon torpedos" into the open fault near japan.

    it was as if the "proceedure" was meant to "cauterise" the "wound" in the planet's crust.

    then it was done. i had the feeling that the "proceedure" was a success. i was "beamed" back to my bed.

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    anyone not of african decent is an et...
    I am evolving. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator.

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    just in the last few weeks, i've been seeing an abundance of ufo's. many have been "satellite" looking bright specs of light moving across the sky, one was orange and low in the atmosphere. one i saw a few weeks ago (the first one i've seen, i suppose) was a big, bright pulsating light, fixed in the sky, that disappeared in an instant, leaving me quite awestruck and filled with questions of what i had just witnessed. it's funny that i firmly believe "they're here", yet i doubt my own eyes when i see strange anomolies in sky, coming up with any form of plausible excuse, just like your every day skeptic.

    the whole ufo/et subject never even mattered to me one way or the other until a couple years ago, when all of a sudded i became obsessed with wanting to know the truth of this matter. this new awareness of/need to know about this subject seemed to come out of nowhere and has been needleing my brain ever since. i've never really considered if i could be of et origin (that might still be a little much for me to consider, but maybe not. truth has proven stranger than fiction many times over these past few years). i am most definately a "black sheep" in my family and circle of friends. i find that the more i can understand others, the less i can really relate to them (paradox), and i feel the need for isolation most of the time. maybe i'll order one of those books mentioned above and read with an open mind.


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