ok, i've gotten further data on hallucinating the "x" phenomenon. i hope some
of you are still interested; my dreams are telling me that if i keep digging for
data (in a playful manner) i will eventually find a "message in a bottle" that
will dwarf me in size, a glass structure filled with many corridors through
which to traverse.

i woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak, and i felt a
little agitated. since today is sunday, that means it's the second day of the
weekend and i have already had all saturday to recuperate from the work week and
return to my truer vibration through solitude. i decided to do one of my will
activation maneuvers (castenada-style shifting of the assemblage point) by going
deep into myself, activating my will, and shift my state of mind to a more
focused and metaphysically powerful one. this does not work all the time; this
morning it did but the interesting thing is the following: i suddenly
hallucinated the "x" right after i succeeded willing a shift in my state of
mind, but instead of being below the mid-section of the cross like usual, i was
looking at the "x" from the top side, which means that i had crossed through the
portal already.

so, now let's look at card #6 from the archetypes, called the "transformation of
the mind". the card shows a man in the middle with his hands positioned so that
they form an "x". there are three people in this card, just as there were three
men in suits in my dream of the shrinking man. in session #100, ra says: "it is
to be noted that the triangular shape formed by the shoulders and crossed elbows
of consciousness is a shape to be associated with transformation." and speaking
of the two polarized ways of using the deep mind in a positive or negative
fashion: "in order for the transformation of mind to occur, one principle
governing the use of the deep mind must be abandoned." this basically means
those who have sto-polarized must abandon the negative use of mind altogether.

skipping to card #7, we have "the great way of the mind". in session #103, the
questioner asks: "there is a t with two right angles above it on the chest of
the entity on card seven. we have guessed that the lower t has to do with the
possibility of choosing either path in the transformation and the upper two
angles represent the great way of the left and the right-hand paths in the
mental transformation that makes the change from space/time into time/space, you
might say. this is difficult to express. is anything correct in this?"
ra replies: "the use of the tau and the architect s square is indeed intended to
suggest the proximity of the space/time of the great way s environment to

my visions of the "x" have indicated that being in the lower mid-section means
that one is still dealing with polarity. the above remarks suggest that seeing
myself in the upper half of the "x" means that i have become seated in
time/space. when i activated my will this morning to shift my state of mind, i
had to reach time/space in order to do so. how does one reach time/space?
through abandoning the negative path for those who are already sto-polarized,
and vice versa for sts individuals.

shifting one's state of mind is a magical way of using the will. the conscious
will normally does not reach that layer. and my thought is that it is done
through "the transdimensional aspect of what you call will" as ra describes will
when discussing the act of healing in session #66.

moving further along, the general theory then is that situating the mind in
time/space is what triggers "magical" phenomena. let us take this quote about
the precognition ability during dreaming from session #86: "...dreaming takes on
another activity. this is what may loosely be termed precognition or a knowing
which is prior to that which shall occur in physical manifestation in your
yellow-ray third-density space/time. this property of the mind depends upon its
placement, to a great extent, in time/space so that the terms of present and
future and past have no meaning."


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