hi makram,

your question about feedback pertaining to seeing an x really caught
my attention. in esoteric teachings, it is a sacred symbol. it is
the meeting of polarities, and i have noticed it in many navajo
designs. did you ever read the davinci code where there is a
mysterious reference to the louvre museum having two pyramids, one
pointing down and the other pointing up? when they meet, apex to
apex, they form an x. and when they interpenetrate each other, they
form an octahedron.

dw has much information about platonic solids and in particular, the
octahedron, in his free ebooks on the divine cosmos website.
apparently, the shape of the physical universe looks like
octahedrons attached together, and he refers to it like an egg-
carton design. he has included in his information a picture of a
beautiful crop circle which refers to this pattern.

i have been practicing a meditation for several years now in which i
create an octahedron that i call the vortex. the octahedron, being
a platonic solid, has a still point at the center which is
penetrated by the golden mean spiral. dw talks about how the
different platonic solids each represent specific dimensions, and
the octahedron represents 3d. all of nature, our physical bodies
included, is formed using a sacred geometric ratio called the golden
mean. if you haven't heard of sacred geometry, it's a fascinating
subject and fun to learn about.

whatever i place in the vortex (person, place, thing, situation,
etc.), receives energies from 5d and beyond that ride the golden
mean spiral and are applied to whatever is placed there. in order
to manifest the optimal outcome, i always ask for the highest good
for all and place no attachment on a specific outcome.

the meditation involves breathing, toning, visualization, and hand
position (mudras). if you have read the ra material, this falls
under the category of white magic because you are basically working
directly with your higher self during the meditation.

this meditation involves 9 sacred directions, the first four being
the four cardinal directions. there is a great deal of esoteric
teaching that talk about the four directions, but suffice it to say
that they represent the primal forces that create the physical
world. then the remaining sacred directions are above, below, and
within, which consists of 3 inner directions that i describe as
love, truth and peace.

here's how to do the meditation:

before i start, i always ask for protection and the presence and
guidance of my higher self. i affirm that i ask for the highest
good for all, and place no attachment to a specific outcome.

i begin by placing my hands on my solar plexus and then i do 5 deep
breaths. i bring my hands up into prayer position. then i separate
my palms about the width of my shoulders and a diamond shape pops in
my 3rd eye. this is a 2d version of an octahedron (3d). because of
the pairs of polarities in your hands, they line up magnetically and
criss-cross from one palm to the other, weaving back and forth. the
magnetic field between the palms of your hands forms the shape of an

at this point i tone the sacred names for the 4 directions 4 times,
as taught by the hathors in tom kenyon's book with that title, which
are el(earth) ka(fire) leem(water) ohm (air). this creates a base
or a foundation which the energies from 5d build upon. the hathors
is a great book, by the way, if you like to read about mystery
school teachings.

then i put my hands back in prayer position again, and the next
sacred direction i recognize is above, so i hold my hands up over my
head and form a magnetic connection to the masculine aspect of god,
represented by father sky and the golden ray. then i put my hands
back in prayer position again, and a golden inverted pyramid is
formed with its apex at my heart chakra.

the next sacred direction i recognize is below, so i hold my hands
down towards the ground and form a magnetic connection to the
feminine aspect of god, represented by earth mother and the silver
ray. then i put my hands back in prayer position again, and an
upright silver pyramid is formed with its apex at my heart chakra,
touching the inverted golden pyramid. at this point, a distinctive
x is visible in my 3rd eye.

then i separate my palms once again and at this point the pyramids
merge and the shape i see is a diamond. i have arrived again at the
octahedron, but now it is in perfect balance of masculine and
feminine energies. this is the space where the 3 inner directions
are acknowledged, being love, truth and peace. if you can physically
feel energies, this is powerfeeling when the two pyramids merge.

at this point, i put whatever i want to in the vortex; my family, my
relationships, my pets, worldly things i am concerned with, etc. i
do this by saying, "i place (person, place, thing) in the vortex."

when you're done with the meditation, you close your palms together
and ground your energies. if you can get a group together to form a
group vortex, it's very powerful. after you separate your palms for
the within, everybody in the circle turns their palms towards the
center of the circle and the power is magnified exponentially.

i meet every week with a group of my friends to do this meditation.
it sounds complicated, but after you do it a couple of times, it's
really very simple. tom kenyon has a couple of very interesting
articles where the octahedron is mentioned. here are the links in
case you're interested:


this has turned into quite a lengthy eletter, hope it hasn't
confused or bored you too much.
healing love,