hey folks,

good news! some of you have been asking for this for years, and we're now
putting the finishing touches on a new discussion forum that will actually
be divided into categories. there shouldn't be much of a learning curve and
we'll probably just auto-subscribe everyone so you can start using it right
away. it will be much better than yahoo and also prevent us from ever being
"deleted" as some people say has happened to their groups...

we were afraid that importing the old text would not be possible, but now it
looks like it will be. then it looked like we could import it but there
would be no names attached, just an archive, but as of this morning it
appears that the names will survive as well. we are going to need to do some
database management on it because, once again, there are funky characters
that will show up badly in html that need editing to their simpler
elements... but hopefully this won't take long.

peace be with you -

- david