> dear conscious folks,
> a friend forwarded the following info to me yesterday. i did as the
> directions suggested, and haven't had any repercussions, so will forward
> to you to do with as you choose. we are strong when our voice is
> i just had a friend visiting, who said that when the gov't wanted to pass
> more lax rules about organic farming, the popular protest was greater than
> anything heard before. it's time again. no politician can stay in office
> no one votes for him/her, no matter what special interests pay him/her.
> let's be heard this millennium. gentle anarchy if that isn't an oxymoron.
> peace
> *****************************
> a bill to be considered by congress has been drawn up which will be
> to a complicated hmo bill which will not be controversial. both sides of
> aisle want to reign in some of the abuses of the hmos. so far, so good. if
> this bill slips through the f.d.a. will be empowered to regulate natural
> (herbal) products. yes, you will need a prescription to get your
> etc. it would devastate the health food industry while lining the pockets
> physicians.
> we have the email addresses of all of the senators and congressmen.
> we wrote some unique software which can send an email to each legislator.
> email appears to have come from you. it is tempting to just do it but,
> without your permission, that would be deceptive and downright unethical.
> with our large subscriber base we can probably stop this outrage in its
> tracks. imagine a legislator receiving 30+ thousand emails, demanding
> this nefarious appendage be removed from what is otherwise a good bill.
> will you spend 30 seconds to have your voice heard?
> if you share our conviction that herbs remain unregulated then all you
> do is :
> 1. send and e-mail to jon5454@...
> 2. type "herbs - a prescription item? in the subject box
> 3. type ok in the text box
> (the ok will give jon your permission for him to send an e-mail to
> senators and congressmen asking them to remove the clause in the new bill
> that will require us to have a prescription to buy herbs.)
> if you will take a few minutes and forward this to your friends, or post
on a
> news/discussion group we will gain thousands of new voices. in unity there
> inner strength and we will be victorious. thank you in advance for taking
> time to be counted on this most serious matter.
> please pass this on to all your friends if you feel so inclined.
> blessings to you!