hello group,

just a few short notes this evening for everyone. first, i would like to ask
that any of you who do not have a virus/spyware program, to please do so and
check your computers as soon as possible. there are many free virus programs on
the internet also. the reason for this is that recently, asc2k and my personal
email has been spammed big time by these spam stock messages. since my email is
a secondary address on my verizon account, it never got any spam at all, but now
i am receiving 5 of these stock spams a day. this is happening also to the asc2k
site, but yahoo has been catching them.

my thoughts here are that someone in the group who has emailed me and
asc2k-owner, and has those two addresses in their address book, has had their
computer infected by spyware that farms email addresses. so, please please, if
you haven't installed a virus program do so immediately. and, if you haven't
updated your installed virus program in a while, do that as soon as possible.

now, for our posts...i just want to give a gentle nudge and ask that when you
post, please clean up all old ads at the end and summarize the other person's
post on which you are commenting. this shows consideration for our other members
and we don't have to re-read the same thing over and over again. if you are
commenting on paragraphs, be certain you make it clear who is saying what by
including the person's name or initial in front of what is being said.

and, finally, please read our rules that are located in the files section and
feel free to email me if you aren't certain something is on topic or not. take
care, chris

[non-text portions of this message have been removed]