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    Tiffany Amato Guest

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    this is a picture of my aunt and cousins during
    christmas, no one was smoking, so i suppose someone
    eles got in the picture. you can clearly see the nose,
    open mouth, and eyes.

    this a picture of me and my matty lee (oh the love)

    do you yahoo!?
    yahoo! tax center - online filing with turbotax

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    doomstars Guest

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    i haven't read everything yet, but i've read some of it so far.
    thinking about ra, and the law of one, one question i comes to mind.
    how does the devil or the antichrist fit into the picture? cause
    reading stuff from nostradamus and such, like from, it seems that there is a
    son of the devil spirit, and since everything is basically one, how
    does that work out? i'm not sure if i explained this correctly, but
    i'm sure this what i've said is understandable.

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    doomstars Guest

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    ra: yes, but the number is small. a few have penetrated the 8th level
    (while in 3rd density).

    question: what are some specific examples? (b1, 117)

    ra: taras bulba, genghis khan and rasputin. they were aware, through
    memory of atlantean understandings involving use of the various
    centers of mind/body/spirit complex energy influx in attaining the
    gateway to intelligent infinity. (b1, 118)


    regarding the above.
    i find it incrediably ironic that the site but more specifically metions of how they think
    president putin of russia is supposively the 3rd anti-christ. being a
    person to appear as an angel of light but is really evil. evil, being
    in the sense discussed on asc2k of being negative polarity. now, it
    says on the site the below. i apologize if this is a lot i am putting
    in here, but i find this so ironic. if you agree with me, i'd
    appreciate a reply of sorts confirming this, but hopefully not many
    will reply as i'd personally in my opinion like to keep things not
    being posted a whole lot so people have time to just read the
    overview. i wish yahoo! would thread the results so more could be
    posted without losing info in searching for replies as is.

    -- note the similarity of "putin" to "rasputin", rasputin being the
    strange prophet-healer who put the last russian czar's wife under his
    spell, and therefore contributed to the public unrest that eventually
    resulted in the fall of the russian monarchy and the communists
    coming to power. rasputin could symbolically stand for "ra put in",
    ra being the egyptian sun god who was thought by them to be the
    creator of light and of the world, and who was represented by the
    pharoah. note on this page below where i show how st. petersburg
    where putin is from is directly north of the egyptian pyramids,
    geographically, with a diamond shape formed. this could relate to
    putin becoming a pharoah-like dictator of russia, and worshipped as a
    deity there. remember, "satan comes as an angel of light". also, ra
    was sometimes depicted as having the sun as his eye, this could
    relate to putin being said to have very menacing eyes, similar to
    hitler being able to hypnotize people with his strange eyes (in
    hitler's case his eyes were almost white). also note that "peten"
    (similar to putin) in hebrew means "cobra", and ra was depicted as
    having a falcon head, with the sun disk and a cobra.

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    doomstars Guest

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    the fact that ra has made a mistake in the past with the atlateans or
    whatever. the fact that knowledge given was twisted. i'd would have
    asked a question like the below and hope it would be correct.

    if given the chance, you wouldn't have changed the past of all the
    mistakes you may have done, correct?

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    bCM :\ Guest

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    to all.

    it has been channeled many times of the reasons for whales and dolphins the
    dolphins are the custodians of wisdom and the whales are the libraries of
    knowledge. the dolphins have been waitng eons for us to reclaim our spirituality
    and rejoin them in the woeld of peace and love. we are on the horizon and the
    sun is rising we need merely to cross into the dimension awaiting us.

    chris m
    oo0 (_) 0oo
    (-------) _crossrhoades____i____i____i___i
    i__ "if you have wisdom be thankful is a gift beyond price"___ i

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    bCM :\ Guest

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    i am new to this club. i can see already there are many searchers of truth out
    there. david has a good grasp of things and should be read before asking about
    that he covers. we all have the answers before we ask the questions, all that is
    required is to acquire the answers through consciousness. a thing to consider is
    the notion of prophesy, it is noticed that many refer back to past prophesies
    and tend to put tremedous credence in those words. again remember all things can
    be changed by our collective consciousness that can void any prior prophesy, and
    change anything.

    oo0 (_) 0oo
    (-------) _crossrhoades____i____i____i___i
    i__ "if you have wisdom be thankful is a gift beyond price"___ i

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    laureli4487 Guest

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    the article i found here concerns the date range and the astronomy
    associated with the end-date of the mayan calendar (and the projected
    time of ascension.)

    the true alignment zone

    when does the solstice-galaxy alignment occur most precisely?
    can we really nail it down to a day?
    these are important questions, and we must identify the parameters of
    the alignment zone and the most important factors involved in the
    in my book the center of mayan time (february 1995), i discussed the
    astronomical fact that the alignment of the sosltice meridian with
    the galactic equator - the alignment the maya were trying to indicate
    with their 2012 end-date - in fact occurs sometime between 1997 and
    1999. this was an estimate based upon my careful analysis of sky
    charts. later, information from an article by james roylance came to
    my attention that calculated, using norton's 2000.0 star atlas, that
    this "solstice-galaxy" alignment would be most precise between
    february 1998 and november 1999. i published this estimate in my book
    maya cosmogenesis 2012 (1998). as my book was going to press, an
    article by daniel giamario pointed out that european astronomer jean
    meeus calculated and puiblished in his book mathematical astronomy
    morsels, the date of may 1998 for the alignment. later on in '98, i
    was told that the nautical observatory calculated - with
    overconfident precision in my opinion - october 27, 1998.
    in thinking this through carefully, i feel that the parameters and
    features involved in this question allow for at least a plus or minus
    one year for even the most precise scientific calculation. more
    generally, any calculation could easily be "off" by some five to ten
    years. why? the precise calculation of the solstice galaxy alignment
    is predicated upon identifying the precise location of the solstice
    meridian and the galactic equator. of these two abstract locations,
    the galactic equator is subject to variation depending on whether you
    chose to identify with gravitational, visual, or electromagnetic
    criteria. if the currently accepted astrophysical location for either
    the solstice meridian or the galactic equator is inaccurate by as
    little as 1/60th of a degree (1 minute of arc), the calculation of
    the precession-caused alignment of the solstice meridian with the
    galactice equator would be subject to a &#43;/- variable of five months.
    and how big is 1/60th of a degree? well, the full moon is about 1/2 a
    degree, or 30 minutes of arc in diameter. so, imagine slicing the
    full moon into thirty parts - one of those parts is 1/60th of a
    degree. it would seem reasonable that variations in the currently
    accepted locations of either of the solstice meridian or the galactic
    equatorcoulkd be at least this much. the other consideration involves
    acknowledging that we are not dealing here with abstract lines and
    meridians, we are dealing with astrophysical bodies that have size
    and shape. when can we expect that the solstice meridian will have
    effectively moved to "the other side" of the galactic equator? an
    analogy we can use is the earth's equator. field effects in the
    northern hemisphere compared to field effects in the southern
    hemisphere include the directional rotation of hurricanes and
    tornadoes, or more locally, water spinning down a drain. so, which
    way does water spin down the drain when you are right on the equator?
    and how far do you need to move north or south to get a definitive
    directional spin? i suspect that there is an orb of ambiguity, or a
    zone in which effects are at their peak. if we include the size of
    the solstice sun (1/2 a degree wide) then, as i pointed out in my
    book maya cosmogenesis 2012, the solstice sun will not have precessed
    clear of the galactic equator until roughly a.d. 2018 (a.d. 2016 if
    you want to get technical). perhaps the most important consider in
    trying to identify the true "moment" of transformation comes from
    straight social history. in mesoamerica, major socio-political
    changes have always taken place very close to a period ending in the
    indigenous calendar. the best example of this is the revolution that
    culminated around 1820, leading to many countried in latin america
    declaring their independence from the tyranny of spain. this period,
    as dennis tedlock pointed out, was five calendar rounds after the
    calendar round ending of 1554. around 1554, quiche maya leaders
    decided that the end to "the world as they knew it" had come, and set
    to recording the popol vuh. we might expect, for purely sociological
    reasons, that 2012 will be a rally cry for repressed indigenous
    people throughout the americas to revolt.

    for historical reasons, i explained in a lecture given in denver on
    december 13, 1998, that december 22 of 1998 might be called day one
    of the next 26,000-year precessional cycle. and thus 1999 would be
    year 1. however, i leave this debate to those who find it important.
    perhaps the true transition will only be identifiable in hindsight.
    maybe it's a function of how dense we are. maybe we will only be able
    to speak about it in turns of a period of years.

    recent information (june 1999):

    the winter-solstice sun is closest to the galactic equator in 1998.
    this presumably corresponds to the meeus/usno calculation. the
    distance from the sun to the galactic centre at that time is 6.4396
    degrees (measured in apparent place).

    the winter-solstice sun has cleared the galactic equator by 2021.

    the winter-solstice sun is closest to the galactic centre in 2219,
    with a couple of years either side also candidates for this epoch
    because of nutation. the distance to the galactic centre at the 2219
    solstice is 5.6367 degrees, 0.8029 degrees closer than in 1998.

    the winter-solstice sun and galactic center share the same apparent-
    place meridian in 2225.

    patrick wallace
    starlink project manager
    rutherford appleton laboratory
    chilton, didcot, oxon ox11 0qx, uk

    thank you patrick wallace for these calculations. this valuable
    information fine-tunes the galactic alignment dynamic. the 2021
    calculation i think is very important because the question of when
    the shift "to the other side" might begin to actually be felt
    (following the earth-equator metaphor described above) will be most
    critical to understand, at least for those who plan on being alive
    for the next forty or so years. clearly, the alignment window needs
    to incorporate the entire process, including the solstice sun's
    closest approach to the galactic center (in 2219). this is roughly
    208 years, or two venus rounds, after 2012! and so long-range
    prognosticators may look to the year 2220 for other
    astronomical/astrological phenomenon.

    another significant piece of information here is the difference in
    distance between 1998 and 2219 - .8029 degrees. this is 1 and 2/3rds
    sun diameters, fairly significant in terms of possible
    intensification of effects as we move from 1998 toward 2219. looks
    like we might have more time than we thought...
    jmj 6-99

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    retlaw144 Guest

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    interesting, is it not, how similar the proposed maitreya of benjamin
    creme looks to osama bin laden.

    osama bin laden, titled the king of terror (sponsored by the new
    world order i might add).

    i am terah
    i am terror

    interesting don't you think.

    creme reports that maitreya appeared in kenya and took up residence
    in london.

    funny, i could have sworn that osama bin laden was schooled in london
    and has journeyed through much of the middle eastern and african
    muslim countries.

    the similarities become more and more astounding the further you look
    into it.

    how sad yet laughable, all these would-be light-workers fooled by
    this network of satanism.

    i would hate to be in their shoes when people find out just how
    awefully they have been misled.

    the so-called ascended masters popularized by madame blavatsky
    through the theosophical society (whose disciples included adolph
    hitler and anton levay {acolyte of aleister crowley and high priest
    of the church of satan), are in fact the fallen masters of lucifer.

    they are not the genuine christed host of 144,000.

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    thedruid2012 Guest

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    dear group,

    after digesting david's last posting, went over to to
    listen to some music, here's what was written on the playlist.

    circular ruins - evening of inocence - n/a
    james reynolds - mind's eye - the mind's eye
    kevin keller trio - across the sky, part 2 - across the sky
    remanence - 1st wave - apparitions
    ryan farish - daydreamer - daydreamer

    not working today - gonna take the day off - see where it leads.

    welcome back karen :-) (hug)



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    neochook Guest

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    a new group for users and prospective users of market analyst charting
    software has been created. the reason this has been done is that the
    "official" group is censored by ma management, as i found out today.
    i believe this to be totally unsatisfactory. i believe this cavalier
    attitude to their paying customers will not serve them well in the
    long run and it definitely does not serve their customers. the new
    group will be a venue where people can raise and share their concerns
    and questions freely. i also welcome participation by ma management
    and staff. i hope this will be for the benefit of all. the group will
    also of course be a place to hear about the good things about ma!

    the new group can be accessed at:

    check it out. look forward to seeing you there. spread the word.


    henry rech.


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