in appreciating the wonder of context among many sources
classic and sacred, like the bible, qur'an, and gitas, as well as
recently channeled, like kryon, ra, and abraham hicks, and
new inspired texts, such as neale's cwg or echart tolle's now,
or films like the sith, i have found a consistent theme of great
import and clarity. it is clear in david's work as a theme. it is
frequently obscured by the exuberance, fealty, and zeal for a
narrow focus. this is not a leaf, branch, or tree. it is the forest.
all choices create benefits: gracious choices invite blessings,
ungracious choices invite instructive consequences. in this way
we benefit from all experience we regard with awareness. much
of the sadness and confusion in life follows from the
consequences from missed aligning of good and evil
as opposites. they are not. the opposite of good is bad: these
terms are best used as assessments about one's own choices.
we've been frequently warned about the consequences of
ungraciously using these as judgments. the opposite of evil is
gracious. this awareness comes of digesting and appreciating
the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. clarity
about this inspires one to avoid ungracious choices in response
to perceived ungracious choices by others in order to be 'good'.
it may just be that clarity about these terms might clear
confusion and obfuscation for human potential we see all about
us. as ra has reminded us, it all serves the one creator that we
all are. it is one graciously organized design all about us that
begins within our awareness. i believe that it was always
intended that one day we would unfold more understanding and
appreciation of the one creator by seeing 'g-o-d' as the
acronym for graciously organized design within and without
religion. these themes resonates with me as i regard the many
gracious sharings in the realm of concepts. it also reminds us
why ra and q'uo are deliberately vague in some responses.
information that clearly advises is gracious. information that
clearly impels is ungracious. the difference lies in a respect for
informed choices and the benefits that spring from them. we
are all one.