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    Brian Sanchez Guest

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    greatings everyone! =) i know i rarely post but it's
    only because lately i've been a busy bee... but i'm
    always with you all in spirit. =)

    anyway, i just wanted to inform you all that has graciously added "law of one" to
    their list of categories under their religion/spirituality
    meetups section. what this means is now individuals
    from around the world who resonate with our similar
    spiritual understandings of oneness can join or
    organize their own law of one or oneness-inspired
    meetup groups. because the law of one is such a
    broad topic that encompasses a multitude of aspects
    from spirituality to even practical day-to-day living,
    all aspects and manifestations of the law of one can
    be equally represented. anyone can create any law
    of one-related meetup group, whether it be a law of
    one/ra material study group, a law of one society
    group, or what have you.

    i encourage you all to take full advantage of's services to better connect with
    oneness-minded folks in your area. this is our
    chance to better realize our spiritual awareness
    within and throughout our local communities by
    establishing our own independent meetup groups that
    best reflect our understanding and exemplification of
    oneness. so please, i invite you to at least visit our
    law of one meetup site at:

    thank you my friends, and all is one.

    one love,
    brian c. sanchez
    law of one society

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    Chris Hamilton Guest

    Default Re: Law of One @

    i let brian's post thru because i have known brian for a few years now and
    he is truly a proponent of unity. he is owner of another site on yahoo, a
    designer of a website dedicated to unity, and he really lives the loo in his
    heart. after all, that is what this is all about isn't it? all of us coming
    together with a common purpose of love and compassion. brian is one
    individual who exemplifies this, as does the entire ll crew chris


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