hi jeremy and group,

nice to see a resurrection of sorts that comes with a sense of humor:-)
great advertisement for that fresh alaskan air!! btw does this mean that i
am becoming clairvoyant because i predicted you thought my last post would
be weird? lol

on a more serious note you have raised some great issues which i feel
inclined to address:
1. are we not all interacting with otherselves all the time?
mawk's thoughts: absolutely, the real question though is what is the
entities real level of awareness of this process and what increases or
decreases this awareness? for my own understanding i find the metaphor of
the tree of life exquisite in expressing this phenomena. i believe that in
this metaphor i represent the little leaf that tenuously holds on to its
branch. i have had a glimpse of the branch and entertain the possibility
that it is connected to the tree trunk. i am well aware that other leaves
have fallen to the ground to wither and die. again i entertain that these so
called dead leaves may also provide valuable nutrients for the tree. in a
sense each aspect of the tree is dependant on the other and therefore has
equal significance in sustaining the tree.

2. so what interests me is why the how that psychic differentiates another
"you" from a normal other "you". :-)
mawk's thoughts: by entertaining the law of one you are in essence
entertaining the tree. at some level, maybe the branch in our tree metaphor,
lies the soul. the branch sits at a certain density and is aware of those
below it being part of it. each leaf therefore represents a life experience
that sits outside of time from the branches perspective but some twigs may
represent various epochs of time (past, present and future). the branch in
choosing to produce a new leaf may provide some design from other leaves.
this creates the residual memory, though limited from the leafs perspective.
in drawing on the idea of a tulku having multiple incarnations run
concurrently in essence this is just a twig in our metaphor with 4 or 5
leaves. so to my way of thinking it makes sense that in an epoch of
increasing light the branch (soul) would want more leaves (incarnation
experiences) open to the light. further i would suggest that all the
branches would avail themselves to this opportunity. needless to say a tree
that needs a bit of pruning to bring it back to health may even attract the
attention of a gardener (ra) during such a fortuitous time:-)

3. btw, i wanted to thank you, lesley, and others for bringing the
discussion back on topic. just as a reminder to everybody: ***nibiru is
off-topic***. there's too much hype and distortion surrounding it to lend it
any legitimacy on this list.

mawk's thoughts: nxxxxx should be off topic in the context of creating fear
and apocalyptic predictions such as the may 03 zr prophecy. like orion,
arcturus, saturn, venus, mars and other celestial objects it may be of some
significance for various other reasons (e.g.. such as shift of the ages).
having remote viewed nxxxxx it is my view that it does exist and i would
also suggest that like orion you should think twice before you venture in
that direction. as an rv target my session data suggests it has strong
energy but it didn't come across as very positive!! like stitchen and david
though, in terms of 3d physicality it doesn't hold much relevance for now. i
also think that it is way out on a highly elliptical orbit and not due for
close to a thousand years based on stitchen's research of the sumerian
texts. i might also add, that as it is an unverifiable target, my data
should be taken with a pitch of salt:-)



ps helen if you read this thanks for your suggestion of hank wesselman's
books. it might intrigue you to know that the another bizarre part to my one
and only reading by a clairvoyant was that i had incarnated from the future.
the clairvoyant had never had that in a reading before along with the idea
of multiple incarnation. the tree metaphor was a useful tool for me for
entertaining this possibility. it becomes just a case of sensing the other
leaves and this is assisted by where you place your intent and focus. i
still have lots of work to do on the intent and focus though:-)

pps taking a quantum perspective rather than the linear "seeing is
believing" newtonian approach is fundamental for entertaining the above.
since einstein, heisenberg, bohr and others we have known that we don't live
in a linear world but what this means for consciousness has been curiously
avoided by mainstream science.