bruce beach news rattled some old paths of my thinking. it made me realize
ideas and materials almost lost in the pages of the not quite published me

many years ago i read a 1984 book, the lapdog role of the media. it was
published and distributed out of denver co. i do not remember the author's

it presented, using a free enterprise market model, how the output of the
media could be controlled. it was fascinating to see the monetary leashes
that are attached to the collar of the media by multinational corporations
and governments. a wonderful motif of how powerful news information systems
are conditioned to heal. has anyone else seen that book?

in that same period of time i wrote a book, an exploration of apocalypse. i
described it briefly in my response to rhonda's posting. one scenario
covered was a covert strategy between fundamental muslim interests in the
near east and the soviet forces of russia. the scenario described and
predicted the fall of lebanon, the covert reasons behind the russian
european pipe line, the freedom of the eastern block, the underlying covert
reasons for the iraqi iran war, the stockpiling of arms in several muslim
nations, the final buildup of arms supplied by both russia and china, the
mode and time of launching the conflict and tangential interests of china
and north korea.

within the theme of the book all of the phases of apocalypse were
orchestrated by prophecy, both biblical, sectarian and psychic, particularly
by nostradamas and edgar cayce. those orchestrations described the eventual
assassination of pope john in lyon france, the fall of the roman catholic
church, diverse earth changes and the rise of the anti-christ.

there is an interesting twist to the second anti-christ in that he will be a
good guy who will fall under the narrow minded force of conservative
christianity who will give to him the anti-christ title. his role and
idenity publicly unfolds as i write. his goodness will be eventually
publicly realized. traditional christianity will be come obscure and several
of the new-wave religions will dominate the third density philosophical

the final chapter deals with the purposes of the celestials of distant
worlds who put our gene pools on this earth in the first place. it becomes
the final crescendo of the council and war in heaven spoken of in
revelations and the old apocryphal gospels, where the life and fate of our
second and third density soul work was established.

i set aside this work to do my scientific treatise on the sequential
perspective, a matrix phase alternative to quantum mechanics. the material i
now share with david will become the completion of that work.

life is a dance we all do separately together, but a worthy suggestion to
withdraw is a wonder time to sit down with god and watch the dance.

may peace and service be your wonder.

rod deebokonon