there may be times in the future i accidentally mislable the subject
such as if i put oct 29th instead of oct 30th.
and perhaps i posted that on the 31st at 12:01am.
so i could have really meant it for the 30th, posted it on the 31st,
and accidentally labled it the 29th.
just wanted to clear that up since i don't want to double post in the
and if no one minds, please let me know if the above sounds
negative/rude/arrogant/self-centered or whatever, if you don't mind
telling me.
cause my thought patterns are widely different than others (at least
when i'm awake), meaning i have a different perspective on life than
others and thus my speach is vastly affected. (and i hope this
sentence didn't sound egotistical.)

i noticed when i'm alert in dreams, lucid dreaming, i get a better
quality of sleep than otherwise.

first, i'd like to state that the following isn't meant to sound
demanding in any way if it does. sorry if it does.
you still have the free will to just ignore it or not read it,
whether you know the answer or not.
can someone relieve themselves of some bad karma by doing good deeds
that aren't related to the action that caused the bad karma?
or would the good deed need to be related to how the bad karma was
example: if a stole from b, could a make it up by doing charity work
without the repayment to b for example?

when ra talks about the delay being from like 100 to 700 years in
session #40, it kind of makes sense how like predictions go up to
past the year 3000 for 3rd density beings on earth.
by the way, it talks about 45 years ago, from 1981, meaning 1936, was
when the vibratory increase began in session #40. timewave zero graph
kind of matches i think. but it went for the worse in that time,
since it hit a peak.
i hope it's okay i'm posting that information, but at least i'm not
copying it, but rather putting it into my own words. i'm doing my
best to respect copyrights, but i feel people should know the basic
part of the information.
2012 - 1936 is 76. now go to and
search for 77 years.

knowledge is the antidote to fear. but what happens when knowledge
creates fear?
(not a question, just phrased the comment that way.)

meditation shouldn't cause mental pain ever, or can it?
i think it could be done by breathing. unimportant facts: in sitting
position, like in a chair for example.
this is going to sound stupid repeating myself, but i want to make
clear i'm not forcing or demanding anyone to answer my questions.

just a comment on money.
rhetorical question, or i at least assume that's it's true in my
present understanding.
didn't something bad happen, well, not bad, but didn't karma problems
occur when trade went from bartering to a monetary system?
i forget when this happened, but i think i've read it in the ra
material, or something similar to what i said above.

higher self
i've read the section on the higher self on
and so far to my understanding, it's what your future self will be.
but i am confused on the details.
do you become that same entity when you've evolved to that point, and
if so, does that mean you will be helping yourself who you are right
now get there?
is that the job of the higher self, or is the higher self something
maybe it's because i'm tired while thinking about this, but i'm
having problems comprehending this.
if anyone doesn't mind giving insite on this, feel free to if you
choose to, by either posting your comments or a site that explains it
in a detailed easier to understand way.
i don't mean to sound demanding on that request, and i respect people
whether they reply or not.
and i bet for the first few minutes after i wake up, provided i get
enough r.e.m. this time, i will have a lax feeling that will probably
change my mind on this topic in this voice. (this should be
one last comment, i read some of the ra material from the book, and i
still don't comprehend it.
i have a suggestion for david wilcock: if there isn't already a
f.a.q.s. section on the site, make one involving the details about
how the higher self works.
i don't mean to sound demanding on that, it's just a suggestion. if
there is something on that somewhere out of the ra study guide
sections, let me know. i come up with like 41/42 hits when using to search the site.
i may sound lazy, and maybe i am, but i'll probably end up
looking/searching the site for more information if no one has a quick
link to which one may be right.
if you feel i'm lazy, and think i should just look it up myself, i
respect that. sorry if my speech is off and running on and on, i'm
pretty tired while finishing this oct 20th post.

i do realize i'm kind of greatly confused on such matters, and
rereading may not help.
but i'll probably figure it out in time like other things. just a
statement from myself.