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>hello all;
>i have been busy with research; discovering some wonderful things about the nature of blood, and the solar christ presence . i do believe that the ascension is happening now, this year, to everyone on this planet.we are integrating on a cellular level and each month of this year our chakras are being stimulated to vibrate at a higher level. according to the www.childrenoflight.com the heart chakra is being opened through april and may. on may 2nd there will be a worldwide meditation for the ascension of the world soul. as well, www.spirit.comtalks of the new technology of the violet flame.
>i am sharing this information because i know that you are going to be important in the coming months. the right brain doesnt want to accept this information readily. but readily is what we must be.
>i know in my heart that gaia needs us more than ever now; its a wild ride on the wheels of time.
>you know, christ held this vibration in his blood, by channeliing melchezedik , as did all the ascended masters. your blood being mostly water is a crystalline record activated by solar light. and on this cycles peak again, all in this dimension based on a hydrogen pattern,are being asked to change their vibrations to a new frequency. we are coded.
>i was activatedto this "flame" before some others; and it is part of my soul purpose to help support anyothers who would accept this frequency.
>it is through our selfmastery and the speed at which we can achieve selfempowerment. know that it is through our intention( whether we are asleep or awake) that we create our reality and use that knowledge to choose harmony and peace.
>in llight and love, cathy