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Thread: Types of meditation and how to perform them...

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    well yeah, you are right. but i was saying more like when during a meditation you can't stop thinking so you start thinking the thought: "i gotta stop thinking." he-he. so i wasn't really talking about expression for no thought. o god, did you ever write a lot up there! i'll see what i can come up with for a reply, and if i fail to do so, thanks for all the info you provided!

    Quote Originally Posted by spiralcycle View Post
    that osho video is exactly the definition of what i believe was the original concept of meditation itself. p.s. no not thinking has nothing to do with thinking and again if there was not a difference between no thought and thought there would not be an expression for no thought. just as there isn't an expression for an earth that doesn't exist. but i understand what you mean and think we have cleared it up.
    and ecyac,
    Remember that no matter how correct information is, at the bottom line it all exists and will exist in all variation and form.

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    when i first started meditation over a decade ago, my particular spiritual tradition advocated for silent meditation--reaching the "still point" where one could connect to the creative life force of the universe. after spending some time in japan and after commencing a study of kundalini yoga, i've recently begun to introduce more chant into my meditations, and i find that i have a preference for this type of meditation. i've always loved to sing (i'm a chorus teacher!), and there's something about the way the voice creates vibration and resonance in and around the body that eases and facilitates my transition from my "monkey mind" into my "mountain mind."

    one of my favorites is the gayatri mantra:

    om bhur bhuvah suvaha
    tat savitur varenyam
    bhargo devasaya dihmahi
    diyo yo naha prachodayat

    here's a youtube link for one of several versions that i like:
    i mainly use this one for activating and feeling the flow of energy through the chakras. if you google it you'll find an overflowing abundance of information from the scientific to the spiritual on the benefits of this particular mantra. from personal experience, when i use this chant, i get lost in the flow of the energy, the vibration of the sounds, and my mind truly disconnects from the mundane.

    another chant i've taken to using lately is the very simple om mani peme hum, sometimes called the compassion mantra. i tend to want to chant this one when i have the need to forgive myself or others, or when i feel i need to understand others from the heart. i have literally gotten blissfully lost in not-time with this one, and i tend to chant it silently at random times throughout my day.

    in love and light,

    (also known as fatima al zahra)

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    for the past two years i have resonated with the teachings of john makranski, of the foundation for active compassion the meditation practice is a western adaptation of the tibetan dzogchen practice, emphasizing that the first step in the road to developing a deep compassion for, and connection to others, is to learn to receive love into one's self. there are helpful guided meditation audio recordings on the website http://foundationforactivecompassion...s-videos-texts - go to the audio section and start at the top one, identifying benefactors. there are many levels to the practice, and i find myself periodically going back to the beginning step, and gaining more and more depth.

    the practice involves awareness of the body, visualization, acceptance of thoughts and feelings, and release into what is termed natural wisdom. from this perspective, what one experiences is a natural state: senses wide open, mind unconfined, unrestricted, totally open. the concept of benefactor is very powerful, and is used to open up perception to the deep worth of each and every living being - including those who we would characterize as our foes. buddhists see a foe or enemy as a special opportunity to develop compassion. but this is a very small part of the dzogchen tradition. i encourage you to investigate john makranski's meditation teachings!

    there are several chants which i use to help clear the mind before a meditation, or afterwards:

    om mani peme hung


    tayata on muni muni maha munaye soha

    a very helpful thing to do at the end of a sit is to offer a dedication, dedicating the effort of meditation to all beings. one of these is the bodhicitta dedication:

    by the power of this spiritual practice
    may we swiftly realize and fully embody
    the natural great perfection
    and thereby bring all, without exception, to its complete realization

    may the pure, brilliant sun of deepest enlightenment
    dawn in each and every heart and mind
    dispelling the darkness of suffering and confusion
    unstoppably, until all are illumined and awakened


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    Lightbulb Sound Frequencies

    This is my first post and made through my own research, so please be nice!

    I've got a few articles on interest I thought I'd post:


    Frequencies shake viruses to death

    And then there's these reports I've found about an underground scientist's work with sound frequency technology from [please PM for link]

    "I started listening to the mp3 version standing, but within a minute or two the otherwordly sound of it reached me inside and I HAD to lie down. I was trying to 'pay attention' to the effects, but found myself feeling like I was going through a worm-hole in outer space or going into a deep water space under the ocean somewhere. I dozed off or went 'out there' for a few minutes. But about 6-7 minutes in my eyes suddenly flipped open and I felt refreshed.

    Now I am noticing a tingling and light feeling at the sides of my neck and my shoulders. Kudos!

    These are great.


    "Wonder frequencies.

    I listened last night for awhile not the complete hour and felt the energy enter my crown. …… While I was listening
    I noticed a blue light and someone was there with me, not sure who, but someone.

    And then like fireworks in the distance in the Universe.

    The blue light was swirling and then expanded to bigger and then the presence was with me. It definietely brought up stuff for clearing.

    …..a fade to black with red orange colored spiking like lava shooting up and down.


    ""This is how I felt through frequency session and after;

    I think that I have passed through an invisible mirror of reality.

    perception of physical reality is shifting. I was traveling through energetic tunnels within this reality. But all the time there was that great sense of being at the other side.

    Emotionally I felt fine. I was not disturbed or afraid. I was simply amazed. Ride through tunnels was giving me joyfully sensations. Near the beginning of the session I was feeling and seeing in my mind huge cloudy waves coming out of me, and coming back. Soon I have dived in them, and found myself 'at the other side' looking at them. … Colors that I have seen where in a scale of black towards the shades of gray, and occasionally the circular shape of metallic blue color appeared. The circle has ability to morph and change. To go inside and outside self."

    "I have the impression that I am floating in the space between the stars, like a space traveller without a spaceship.


    I've got my own story I can tell too. Something that seemed to be an accidental remote viewing.

    Let me know what you think of these links and excerpts!

    I'd love if you could share your stories too.

    With love,

    MaroonedMoon <3
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    Default Remote viewing experience by request

    Upon request through a PM I am sharing my own personal experience with the frequencies:

    (This is the earliest written version that I could find of my experience. The good Doc logged it for me)

    This is what my experience was like... the very first time I listened!!

    I had a new friend chatting with me online at the time, so I asked him to wait for me to share my experience.
    I also noticed that my thoughts strayed slightly toward thinking about this new friend of mine, so that I made myself lightly pushed the thoughts away to stay clear.

    I got into a calm meditave state with dim candle-lighting.

    I made sure that I would only have the sound of the frequencies playing with no other
    sounds or distractions.

    I used headphones because it was around 4 am...(even though apparently the experience is better with the music played loudly with speakers).

    As I listened I felt calmly like i was being lifted up out of my body... and I slowly began to lose sense of it...

    It was like instant deep meditation.

    I could kind of feel my bed if I tried hard enough, but I didn't want to so I started to drift in deeper to a comfortable, warm fuzzy place... like my body was submerged in a dark distance, like deep space.

    I could FEEL the sounds moving through my body like i have never felt a sound before...My eyelids were moving rapidly and I couldn't stop them from doing so... I just decided to ignored them.

    The sounds seemed like they were dancing about the room and rippling and making multiples of colorful flashes....soon my body seemed gone..It felt like I could have been standing straight up.

    In my minds eye and all around this new dark and comfortable space I started to see shades of a blue and black shifting in front of me, coming through the blackness.

    A dark blue ball formed and started playfully moving around in the darkness. It was morphing and bending.

    I calmly watched the ball and just felt the sounds while keeping my mind

    Then a tall, tall blue muscular man slowly rose and appeared out of a black and blueish to lighter blue space....

    He was so immense.. though i had no real perception of how large my body was supposed to be at that point...

    i could have a been a mere point of perspective for all i knew...

    He was as tall as a 4 story building, smooth and very muscular, and he was a shiny light blue on the raised parts of his muscles.. with a deeper blue to black within the dips lines of his bare abdomen, chest and arms...

    I saw him from the bellybutton up..untill just above his nose.

    I couldn't see his eyes ot the top of his head..*his arms i think were reaching out to his sides.

    His eyes i couldnt see because it's like there was a flat plane of glowing white, like light, extending out from just above his nose, obscuring anything above it.

    This 'plane' was..translucent, smooth, foggy light..extending out from the same height of his eyes...and as far as i could see above and behind me...

    I don't remember,how this morphed into what I saw next.. it all happened so quick and smoothly.. without much time for me to comprehend..but I felt calm.

    So.. I started to see, (something i found strange and what I thought to be somewhat silly for me to recall to the scientist who asked to hear what I saw and felt.

    I saw a bunch of fairies playing around.

    I was kinda floating in a nowhere space after seeing the giant blue man when I suddenly found myself aying on a forest an open patch of grass with trees on either side of me..

    I could suddenly smell a strange alien smell that i have never smelt before..sweet and bitter? Like Alien Sweat?

    I was laying on my back....then suddenly my body dissapeared and I could see
    the very spot that I had been laying in, empty with just grass.

    A fairy in a funky little outfit appeared doing some sort of dance or running jigg in the spot in the grass..she had a very trixy presence to her... I think it seemed like there were other fairies flying past and all around me very quickly too.

    Then some sort of transition happened....she dissapeared and so did the scene and the giggling.

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    Default 'Upon request' continued...

    I saw then the dark nowhere space...and then faces of elves would appear and dissapear into others...

    There were elf and troll faces that looked pretty and kind then there were others that look really kinda mean and ugly...

    ...and then I saw a female's face.. she had light skin and brown wavey hair, she looked beautiful and surrounded by pastel colors pinks, golds and green colors of light...

    I am not sure what happened after this as this was a few months back but when the track ended without did the images...

    I felt slightly dizzy but not in an unpleasant way. I felt tingly like my insides were buzzing and I felt like I was lighter.. as If there was less gravity suddenly.

    Also.. my bedroom seemed alien to me..I just plain felt tripped out! Like I had definatly 'gone' somewhere...and it was weird to be back in the room I had forgotten."

    When the sound file finished I explained the experience to my friend online. He was surprised by the imagery at the end because, as he was thinking about me, he had been watching youtube videos with the intention to send me one in particular. This one had clips from a movie i'd never seen. The movie Legend. He sent a clip right away and I realized that the female I saw was Lily and the other characters in the film were just as I saw..

    Hope you liked it. It's one of the most amazing experiences I've had to date, and I am quite young still.

    - MaroonedMoon

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    Wow MaroonedMoon that is quite a story and journey!

    I am wondering if maybe meditating to nothing but the sound of a frequency would be a better way to go for me, I feel as though I get more out of and its easier to lose myself in music and my thoughts can become quite deep when I do this. I have a very hard time trying to quiet my mind enough to reach any sort of meditative state, and as there is no best way to meditate I can only imagine that implies that its different for everyone and we can all get to a deep meditative state but finding the way to get there is the hard part

    Could I possibly request some links to try this out for myself? I don't want to come across the "wrong" frequency if that even exists. But I would very much like to be able to meditate comfortably and am keen to give this a try. Guidance would be appreciated

    Love and Light to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninyth View Post
    Wow MaroonedMoon that is quite a story and journey!

    I am wondering if maybe meditating to nothing but the sound of a frequency would be a better way to go for me, I feel as though I get more out of and its easier to lose myself in music and my thoughts can become quite deep when I do this. I have a very hard time trying to quiet my mind enough to reach any sort of meditative state, and as there is no best way to meditate I can only imagine that implies that its different for everyone and we can all get to a deep meditative state but finding the way to get there is the hard part

    Could I possibly request some links to try this out for myself? I don't want to come across the "wrong" frequency if that even exists. But I would very much like to be able to meditate comfortably and am keen to give this a try. Guidance would be appreciated

    Love and Light to all!
    I think that practicing meditation with and without frequencies to help would be beneficial. I hope that these can be as useful to others as much as they have been for myself.

    Your own bodies frequencies might just need this sort of outer frequency stimulus to help it get used to forming it's own vibrational state. We get bombarded by so many other forms of frequency stimulous in our daily lives, I think it's momentous to have such a powerful took to battle these daily interrputions such as negative thought patterns, overly 'catchy' music, the planets etc.

    Let me know what you think of the tracks on you tube channel I linked to you. (The demos and full tracks, as the two are very different.)

    I warn you, they are very different from your typical meditation tracks, they can be pretty intense to meditate with. Actually, they aren't even considered strictly mediation tracks at all, and don't require meditation for effects to occur.

    Though it is suggested that one does meditate for them to work faster, and to be able to view the inner eye visuals that come about from them. (I had been using a salvia divinorum emulated track, and one called 'open other side' so I can see now why I got such powerful imagery.)

    I don't always get such intense images while meditating with all of these kinds of tracks. Not all of them are made for peeping into different dimensions and are made for healing and the like.. those I tend to only see sweeping lines and patterns in meditation.

    I'd suggest to try to focus on the sounds only when experimenting with them, I noticed that was how I continually saw the images. Whenever I thought of something of my own accord, the images would dissapear.

    Hope you find the links I sent useful.
    Thanks for such a lovely response.


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    My thanks for this too, MMoon! So much to think about here. It's all quite amazing.

    Do you focus on some health need when using the healing ones? Have you noticed any healing? (I'm very much oriented that way, really, rather than toward remote viewing unless it has some purpose.)

    Are you noticing changes in your life or general consciousness as a result of using these sounds?
    listen enjoy remember

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    I've been a professional writer, TV and radio producer, and music composer for most of my working life (I'm 60 years of age). If you use audio tones or music to meditate or for chakra work, you need to be aware of this:

    Prior to the late 1930s, standard orchestral tuning in most European countries was hugely variable, but mainly in the range of A=430Hz-435Hz. Lizst, Wagner, and other Romantic composers, however, used a tuning of A-440Hz. Mozart composed in A=432Hz.

    In 1910, the American Federation of Musicians received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to introduce A=440Hz. This initial introduction attempt failed, but in 1925, the US music industry finally adopted A=440Hz as the standard tuning.

    In 1939, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister for Propaganda, together with the Rockefeller Foundation, tried to persuade the rest of the world's standards bodies and musical production and education authorities to change to A=440Hz.

    Why is this important?

    All life begins with a single cell. In a process called mitosis, this cell splits in two, and thereafter continues splitting, so you end up with a sequence of cell division and creation that looks like this:

    1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc.

    If you enter these numbers into a tone generator, you will see that this sequence is composed of octaves of the note C. A=432Hz is the sixth note of the C=256Hz octave.

    The Stradivarius violin was designed to resonate at A=432Hz.

    Eastern mystics (and many musicians) say that human intuition - our sixth sense - vibrates at A=432Hz. Indonesia's 9th century Borobodur monument has 432 statues of Buddha at the Rupadhatu level.

    The mathematician Fibonacci discovered another number sequence present in the growth and development processes of all living things. The Fibonacci sequence is also present in musical scales, and its ratios are also to be seen in the architecture of sacred temples, including Europe's Gothic cathedrals.

    Music is pure mathematics and, according to Tolstoy, is a direct route to the emotions, bypassing all conscious filters.

    Frequency and music researchers believe the reason for the introduction of A=440Hz was to spread misdirection, fear, and sickness prior to the launch of a new World War. Note (sorry!) that A=440Hz conforms with neither the mitotic or the Fibonacci sequences.

    According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the frequencies produced by A=440Hz directly cause disunity, disruption, and disharmony, while suppressing spirituality, intuition, and creativity. They also have a negative physical effect on body chemistry and the human immune system.

    The website was set up to convert music from the A=440Hz tuning into the supposedly more human-friendly frequency of C=528Hz. This makes the A note equal to 444Hz.

    However, Jamie Buturff claims that Horowitz's frequency tuning is designed to damage human DNA and spread disharmony.

    In a YouTube video, he demonstrates that both the A=440Hz and the A=444Hz tunings are present in the US telephone dial tone.

    Buturff has made seven chakra healing audio files all conforming to the mitotic tuning of A=432Hz available for sale (99 cents each) on his website.

    I'm presently in the process of changing the tuning of all my own compositions to A=432Hz.

    Perhaps the moderator might consider passing this information to David Wilcock for consideration in his own musical projects? Meantime, I suggest you take care if you listen to A=440Hz or A=444Hz music, especially for meditation or healing purposes.

    Kind regards.


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