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Thread: The trillion dollar Dragon Family law suit

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    Default The Black Swan Event Is Here! Pt 1/2 The Black Swan Event Is Here! Pt 1/2 The Blac

    This article, now that I've got enough data to make some conclusions, is a two parter. The thesis of it is the continuation of my original thesis, "Why the Dragon Family Lawsuit is the CheckMate Piece to Finish the Game."

    What we're seeing now, after two months of data collection, is the Global reaction to China's/Asia's Check Mate Move.

    What's that you say, China just initiated Checkmate?
    Yes, China just initiated CHECKMATE. First, consider the following information. This first article is related to the mass resignations worldwide of CEO's and Bankers. This is from Bangladesh, and it's really symbolic on a localised level of what's happening on a Global level.

    "33 insurance directors quit simultaneous directorship of banks, NBFIs, insurers

    by Jasim Uddin Haroon

    The insurance regulator Wednesday said a total of 33 insurance company directors have resigned from the board of directors of banks, non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) and their own companies."

    The key words are Insurance - What did we say the bulk of derivatives essentially are? Insurance aka Bets... and the other key words are Banks and Insurers - Who issues derivatives? Financial Institutions.

    Now ask this question. Do you really think the lawsuit has any kind of legal jurisdiction in Bangladesh? Obviously not. However, Market Forces are a far, far, far more powerful judge and jury then anything a legal system can come up with. I will get to that in a moment.

    Add this:

    "Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed - Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks Outright Starting Today

    We were speechless when we read this from Bloomberg.

    'The Bank of Israel will begin today a pilot program to invest a portion of its foreign currency reserves in U.S. equities.

    The investment, which in the initial phase will amount to 2 percent of the $77 billion reserves, or about $1.5 billion, will be made through UBS AG and BlackRock Inc. (BLK), Bank of Israel spokesman Yossi Saadon said in a telephone interview today. At a later stage, the investment is expected to increase to 10 percent of the reserves.

    A small number of central banks have started investing part of their reserves in equities. About 9 percent of the foreign- exchange reserves of Switzerland’s central bank were invested in shares at the end of the third quarter, the Swiss bank said on its website.

    The investment will be made in equity index trackers and will include between 1,500 to 2,000 shares, among them stocks like Apple Inc. (AAPL), Saadon said.'"

    Now, The main reason why the stock market is above 13,000 isn't because the economy somehow got better. All of us can see the conditions around us, and we all know the economy is far worse. What we also know is that when the dollar devalues, you need more of them for the same amount of value. Loads of Fed Reserve QE3 ended up in the stock market.

    Also notice that the article said they were putting it into an INDEX. If any of you know what Index funds are, those are funds that spread across the entire Stock Market.

    Contd. in Part 2

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    Default The Black Swan Event Is Here! Pt 2/2


    Now, why would WESTERN Central Banks, invest their "Hardearned" (snicker) money, into an economy (USA) whose fundamentals appear more like a third world country? Before I answer that question, there's the next two datapoints regarding the recent Saudi Pipeline bombing.

    Hmmm, most convenient for this to happen. Oil is in an oversupply situation, Demand for it is lower than in 2008, and continuously dropping, Chinese and Indian demand cannot account for the current price. Course, QE3 hyperinflation is the main driver for it's current price, but man! To bomb a pipeline in a Shia controlled area of Saudi Arabia? Golly gee willikers, I wonder who would do such a thing, especially with all the drum beating to bomb Iran?

    Talk about two birds one stone, oil prices go up for the Cabal, AND they get a possible false flag to bomb Iran.

    And Finally, the datapoint you've all been waiting for, the CHECKMATE MOVE.

    "China Dumps $100+ Billion In USTs In December Per Revised TIC Data; UK Is Now Russia's Shadow Buyer"

    We're very close to the magic 150 billion dollar dump mark. And it's only March 1st!

    The West is countering Asia as best they can by raising the equities market via the Western Central Banks and QE3. Anyone notice its primarily the Western Central Banks that are doing this?

    That's cause the Western Financial Cabal is scared to death of the record number of PUTS on the stock market. Puts are another form of derivative on stocks, when someone is shorting them. A clear explanation of it is here.

    The gist of it is when a stock drops, short traders make money shorting a stock by declaring where they want to sell the stock when it drops. They bet that it will drop a certain amount. That bet, is the PUT.

    And there's a TON of PUTS out there. To round out the Derivatives bubble, you've got insurance on loans, insurance on interest rates, PUTS, which are BETS that a stock will drop, and CALLS, which are bets that a stock will rise.

    So, here's the problem. How does the overall market react when a massive Black Swan event happens? A Black swan event is the financial equivalent of an Earthquake+Tsunami+Nuclear Bomb explosion. Well, the answer is easy.

    It drops.

    So, let's add it all together.

    China has initiated CHECKMATE. I talked about it a couple months ago, and now it's happening. Predictably, that will nail CDS's in Treasuries, IRS's (Interest Rate Swaps) on Treasuries and Sovereign Debt. People who bet on the WRONG side have to pay up. We'll know which institutions are in hock with bad bets cause that's where the resignations are coming from! Greece's deadline on ITS debt comes up in a few days. People who bet on the WRONG side of that debt have to pay up. And that also includes Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and now France.

    So, they liquidate everything and anything to do so. That means Stocks (Equities) and Oil. Now you know why the Saudi pipeline got bombed. They need a crap ton of cash to cover all their bad bets, and the only way they're gonna get that in this environment of low demand and oversupply, is to artificially inflate it, and sell it as high as possible.

    THEN, they're going to liquidate stocks, and THAT scares the crap out of EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY the companies that owe money from all of the PUTS in the market! Problem is, for the entire stock market out there, there's at least, Oh, 20-50 trillion in PUTS on the market. I'm just guessing that figure, but given the fundamentals of the economy, there's a $hitload of bets that the stock market is going to drop. And guess what happens when THOSE bets get called?

    Waves of resignations from Institutions who bet on the WRONG side of those PUTS! Hence the panicky and head scratching move by Western Central Banks, and Zero Hedge's reaction of, "WTF, they're putting their money into the Stock Market?!! With these kinds of fundamentals?! What are they smoking?! I want some of that!" Basically, the Central Banks are going to pump the Stock Market as HIGH as possible so that when the inevitable fall happens, it won't reach the PUTS level, cause at PUTS level, THEY OWE MONEY.

    I say, Good F--king Luck!
    Soon, we all can start singing, "Ding Dong, the witch is dead, broke it's head, Lost it's bread, Ding Dong, the financial witch is dead!"

    That's why I said that the Market is a ruthless Judge and Jury.

    All da Best!
    Da Asian Brutha.

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    Da Asian Brutha,
    Well thought through about the way this works, and paints the problems in the marketplace, (stock markets), where the problem is centralized. The sign of crisis (end of Bush admin) needing the money was it not to pay Goldman Sachs on their insurance claims against AIG, with that causing a huge problem with all other banks etc?

    It also seems clear to me that their is a trust issue being settled about many aspects of these markets. I also see perhaps a merger with Asia/US markets as a solution in the near future. And from that East meeting West, it will solidify a one world unity for the marketplace and allow dollar and Chinese currencies to be traded together side by side. It will be good for China as its currency will rise to its real value (in marketplace terms). I do not see a collapse of the entire system, just more a re-shuffling and re-balancing.

    I do not believe that China, the Dragon family lawsuit, or anyone in the world marketplace wants a total collapse. What this may signal short term is that the % on all that mess with insurances and derivatives will soon reverse-in the stock markets) And the rates for US inflation will rise, not extremely though. In real worldl terms this has already occurred with everything already costing more & it will soon show up in the stock markets.

    I also think this is tied into all the symbolism - but I view it from a totally different perspective. If the Dragon families are to help the world be a better place, and this is their move, could it not be to just reverse the market trend? Albeit it temporarily? If this takes down the whole system as U and David propose, how does that benefit the majority of just common folks who would have no means to function? I just don't believe the "checkmate" scenario is the real reason for all that is happening! I believe the Fed & the entire money folks see the problems that have evolved. It is insurance fraud - agreed. Goldman has already faced the courts & barely got their hands slapped, maybe because it exposed the real & tremendous problems that have occurred from all the greed it created. They have also been "allowed" to collect! On the fraud. Perhaps these derivatives and insurances are being retired behind the scenes, but it will take some time to sort it all through. Markets also move in cycles. I am not alarmed by China not continuing to buy our treasuries. They have done that to reverse the mkt trend, for the future being our rates will reverse and trend higher and that 2% will change.

    Could this gold be returned to help the Dragon Family establish a combined US/Chinese marketplace? As the marketplace has been merging for the last 10 years with many stock markets and countries - my view on it all is not that sinister. And that is what I see as the intention behind it all. I could be totally in error, but it would finalize the NYSE/Duetsch market/Chinese (Hong Kong) - mkts together allowing the Euro/Dollar/Chinese monies to float together in a new market that would be set up to trade 24/7. I think the BIS would view this as a solution because the problems at the end of each day's settlements would be instrumental in preventing any further large firms in finance from collapsing from that being the necessary evil at the end of each day and mkt closings. Then the fraud will be sorted through and cleared out.

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    You are a very wise and well spoken lot. The implications that will arise from these proceedings will eventually rattle mankind to the very core of its being. Its not just a case of bringing in new management to clean out the old. We are talking about the Catholic Church, The Rothchilds, The Royal Family, 911 etc. I don't know about you but I live in a country where 2/3 of the native leaders were tricked in to signing a fraudulent treaty in 1840 by the English and have been fighting for their rights ever since. We then became a minority and were almost wiped out, much similar to what has happened in a lot of small countries around the world. History pages are full of these types of events and this court action is more ammo to use in court. It is no wonder that the government here has been scrambling desperately to try to resolve these issues in the past decade or so. And I won't even begin to digress into how the world will react when they finally except the FACT that the Government of the USA blatantly murdered 3000+ of its own people in a falsified act of terrorism in order to gain leveradge and support them in their bid to further murder millions of innocent people in the Middle East.

    To the average Joe, sitting in his cumfy chair, or to your neighbours Bill and Marge out in the garden on Sunday arvo, this at first may seem uninteresting, maybe a little fascinating, maybe a little unnerving, some of us will even be dead against it. But to some this will be astronomically important to the cause that they believe in and the repercussions will be irrepressible.

    The effects of these events and the momentum they gain is subject to a third party in this whole affair, us!!! We made this mess...what are we going to do about it?

    Haven't we all learned and grown so much!!

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    Hello again. Please allow me to reiterate on a few points in my previous post.

    1-The Vatican: This may be a bit presumptuous of me but... I believe that the scientific scrutiny, the official acceptance and public release of material/treasure
    that remains captive against its will within the Vatican is enough on its own to blow the roof off of mainstream western cultures views on the
    situation and the times too come. Our soul speaks too stars and stone, our mind speaks to pen and paper!

    2-911 : If the truth were to air on prime tv, go viral on the net be pinned on the pin-up board at the local salvation army (bless). The world would
    stop. This would be the single most shocking event witnessed by the largest collective group of all time! A record set previously by non-other
    than its predecessor the actual tragic event which unfolded on that morning September 11 2001. Tears of sorrow, tears of joy, tears of
    remembrance, tears of anger will flow. The energy from this event alone will be phenomenal and the implications far reaching rendering no person
    in modern society if not no person on earth unaffected by its countenance. We who have already accepted such truths sometimes
    shield ourselves and forget the feeling of utter betrayal. For some naive dogged minded loyalists it will seem like the end of the free world when
    could be just the opposite.

    3-Learned & I try but struggle to believe in a future economy and stock market based on the status quo when all the companies listed only gained their
    Grown: stature through illegal or at best immoral practices conducive of the current economic design. This design is flawed and has no place in a
    modern, educated progressive society also who would stand to gain from these switchovers. The only realistic way for business to survive
    would be for the world Governments to acquire these so called companies and divide them evenly. The Governments and the companies could
    then be run in a similar way in an Open Book Economy totally transparent in every facet by anyone with access to a computer, which would be
    anyone! Anyone that wants to of course.
    We now have the tools with the WEB, some pretty clever economists, state of the art Data Mining Technology which becomes more accurate
    and efficient everyday and we have the LOVE. What will we do?

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    One more notion for the day...Some may argue an Open Book Economy will lack competitive stimulants but I believe it will remain very competitive through creativity and marketing with government offered incentives for R & D and similar areas working towards humanitarian and planetary improvements. Local governing bodies should remain as representatives to an elected group of world leaders buy order of meritocracy not blood lineage, inheritance or any act of favouritism. All voting and monetary matters should be made public domain rendering an abomination such as the so called 'stock market' (killing floor) obsolete and worthless in an educated progressive society. Also all earnings business and personal should be capped because we don't really need half the crap we have today do we? But in saying that, when suppressed knowledge becomes available in technology, medicine etc. we will have more than we ever dreamed possible under the control of the OWO. The possibilities will be endless! It can't be that hard can it? I mean to be honest I know next to nothing about economics and can hardly manage my own chequeing account. Surely some experts can come up with a working plan (like my 5 year old daughter lol). I do not have a passion for dealing with numbers like some people do and these people will be of great benefit to us in times to come. Every person and every skill will have a place in the shaping of our future and all education and training cheap if not free!!
    If then some choose to do very little or next to nothing, (very unlikely) then they will be more welcome than ever and even cherished to dwell in loving appreciation of the gift we receive and to enjoy the brilliance of our magnanimous reflection of creation.
    If any one here still believes that the only way to do 'good' business is through fundamentally 'not so good' practices such as secrecy and might like to take another look at yourself for you will reflect these attributes in all facets of your life.
    And anyone who relies on the stock market for their good self and well being 'beware' it could be well going!!!

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    Man 'bfam4t6 and Daven' you guys are hilarious, hahahahahaha.....!!!!! Just being reading the very long post (new here...and rather enjoying myself) and can't help but laugh out loud at your expressions! Cheers!

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    Just in case those of you here, or those of you reading about the Global Resignations think this might be normal, here's a graphic of SEC filings since the 2008 crisis with the term "resignation" in form 8-K, section 5.02.

    You'll notice the hyperbolic trajectory starting from late 2011, and hmmm! How interesting! How is it that during the WORSE of the 2008 crisis, resignations in form 8-K's were stable, and tepid at best? Gee, do you really think that this is just "Financial Musical Chairs", which is what the disinformation media is proposing, or that this is somehow... Normal?

    Only people in severe denial and with a terribly ability to do basic analysis and read charts can make that claim. Face it. This is unprecedented.

    Oh, and by the way, it's 320 resignations now, world wide, and you gotta love these two other canaries in the coal mine.

    "Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
    Published: March 14, 2012

    TODAY is my last day at Goldman Sachs. After almost 12 years at the firm — first as a summer intern while at Stanford, then in New York for 10 years, and now in London — I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it."

    The key words to get from this op-ed? DERIVATIVES. Which is what I've been talking about since day one.

    Here's your next signal clue that relates to my two parter about the Black Swan Event.

    "March 12, 2012 11:24 AM

    CEOs selling stock -- sign of a downturn?
    By Dan Burrows

    "Since corporate insiders typically receive stock as part of their compensation, it is normal for insiders to sell about two shares on the open market for every share they purchase outright," Hussman says in a new note to clients. "Recently, however, insider sales have been running at a pace of more than 8-to-1."

    Hmm, insider sales at a ratio of 8-to-1.

    EIGHT TO FREAKIN ONE. Ya think they might be seeing something? And don't you find it HILARIOUS, as per my previous post about Central Banks pumping up the stock market above PUTS exercise level, that now those insiders are selling? I do. It's called pump and dump. Oldest trick in the book.

    By the way folks, I got a little inside tip for ya. When I posted that two parter a couple of weeks ago, that was to put the more astute of you at least a month ahead of the game. Like I said before, my talent is in dissecting very complex systems into their base components, and then putting them all back again. That's how I can I do that. But with the way everything is accelerating now, the best I can do is put you two weeks ahead of everyone else. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be three. Either way, if you've read my posts, and it's helped you out, I'm glad.

    StarOne, I've got a response written up for you, but it's long, as in more than 2 pages, and I'm trying to edit it down to size for the forum. Most likely I'll just have to ask the mods or put it up in two separate sections.

    All Da Best! And F--k yeah, Financial Crisis Entertainment's getting good! Anyone want some caramel popcorn by the way? I stocked up for the weekend "Read the Economic Crash Crapper Entertainment Hour"...

    Da Asian Brutha

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    Default "Is Goldman Resignation Part of an Elite Plot?" ~ The DailyBell

    I am new here so yell at me if it is needed.
    The Austrian economics oriented newsletter, The Daily Bell, has this as the post for today:

    "Is Goldman Resignation Part of an Elite Plot?"

    The thrust of the article is that what, on the surface, appears to be the 'good stuff' of comeuppance for the evil central banker, bankster, NWO crowd is actually an orchestrated "play" put on by the elite and will turn out in their "long-think" favor; and as just the opposite of what we might all want.

    I found it to be a cogent, intelligent and worthwhile read.

    I hope this is of some good use to the community here.

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