i appreciate that there is a boatload of new information of late that has distracted most everyone from the story that was paramount not too long ago, but for me, the long overdue third installment of the article about the disabled dumbs is the story i am waiting for with the keenest anticipation.

it seems to me to be the most important story of the year, since it indicates, if true, that the benevolent ets are taking a very active role in helping us through the shift, and goddess knows, we need it...

please, if possible, the third installment will be most appreciated, especially if you have something that is really credible, not just reports of unusual earthquakes and strange sounds. there doesn't seem to be much on the net about this story, which makes me think it couldn't have been true, because if there was really good evidence, the whole net would be buzzing with it by now, from many different sources, i would think.

but i would love to be proven wrong on that!