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Thread: We Are Responsible.

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    Lightbulb notes on our Gordian knot

    boy! and wow!

    some real different takes on spiritual life being expressed in this thread!

    i can only offer a couple of little nibbles around the edges.

    first, according to the loo, this third dimension is not one of understanding.
    in fact it is pointed out that understanding this limiting feature of the third is absolutely essential for one's graduation to a higher density.

    we are advised not to unilaterally judge the life of others -- or even ourselves -- as we are not in a position to fully understand what is taking place in spiritual levels outside/beyond the conscious mind. of course this does not mean that we are to blandly ignore obvious injustices.

    evil -- as negative polarity vs positive -- is a necessary catalytic component added to this particular spot in the 3rd density cosmos. (the idea of an original sin as presented in the christian theology does not apply) note: evil is not synonymous with the concept of sin... evil is disorder, sin is rebellion against god. (since all is one, god cannot logically rebel against itself)

    free will...a much misleading/misunderstood term! ( search the archives for some in-depth discussion of what it is -- and what it is not) a more accurate term is that of self-determinism. the point of distinction is that one remains self-determined even if deprived of physical freedom.

    our job description ... to explore all potentialities. the cosmic plan is to gain wisdom through information gained by the experience of diversity within unity. (you, me, diversity; humankind, unity)

    end result: all is finally reconciled ...the all cannot throw any of its parts away. ( there is no trash can in creator/creation.)

    getting help from et's: this world is a do-it-yourself-project. we do get limited mentoring through such as the ra material. the idea of sitting down with et entities and picking their brains ad librium seems eventually counterproductive to what i pick up from the ra. if one has his/her yellow brick roadwork gratuitously done by another it doesn't last. one has to come back later to put the needed bricks in place a second time. and this would also hold true for civilizations and planetary socio-memory complexes also. (look what went wrong following the help provided in the ancient past by the ra. seems a cosmic law that "no good deed goes unpunished")

    ok. that is my two yen-bits contribution to the thread. please keep in mind that even though i serve as a moderator (jr. class) my thinking is often flawed and sometimes in need of moderation itself, so to speak... just throw away what doesn't resonate, bbb :d
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    first let me say that no one is required to believe as i do. if anything i say does not resonate with you, then feel free to disagree and be happy with your own point of view! i would not want to in any way influence your free will by requiring that you accept and believe the same as i do. that is not my intention. as i post, i explore my own position on the subject and entertaining the is as much an intellectual excessive as it is a statement of my personal beliefs.

    that being said, i cannot tell you what to think about the situation with your neighbor. i can however explore the option by putting myself in your shoes and explaining it from my own perspective.

    as the neighbor ignored the cats, i might wonder at myself "what have i ignored? what is it that i've often said to myself 'leave it for some one else' when i knew i had the power to do something and make a difference?"

    i would also think to myself, what opportunities are being offered here? one of my mantra's is 'there are no obstacles, only opportunities' or as the law of one put it, these are catalysts for growth. so, i could use this lady to help expand my understanding of patience and how we are all part of the whole. i would try to look at the necessity of feeding the felines as a opportunity for service.

    as the neighbor went away and took their cats with them, i would wonder why they are no longer needed in my own life. where one door closes, another opens. perhaps a greater chance of service some where down the line, or perhaps it is a chance to sit back and reflect and grow from the experience, a time of needed rest.

    as the woman would call me names and accuse me of some irrational sin, i would wonder to myself 'who have i falsely accused in the past? has there been judgment in my thoughts of other people. who can i see myself calling evil, sly and a thief? often these thoughts come without knowing it, we pass them along thought forms as we go through the day. some one cuts us off in traffic, or says something unkind and we respond, not in external words but internal ones. have i called myself a thief, evil, sly? where is the judgment coming from? when the woman took the cats and dogs, did i think the same thing, that she was evil, sly and a thief of my good will and effort? maybe she stole the time i took to care for the cat, maybe i thought her sly by claiming ownership only after it was all said and done, maybe i thought her evil because she did those things when obviously the cat would be better in my own care and took it because of selfish reasons.

    i would use this as an opportunity to learn and forgive myself, even if i don't understand it fully how she is a reflection of my own inner self. as bbb put it, this dimension isn't about understanding, we don't even get to get that until the 5th dimension and we are barely going into the 4th of unconditional love. in the end, these are just experiences. it's when we give them emotional weight that we try to resolve them by trying to find who is to blame. i remember when i point my finger at any one, the old adage is that there are always four pointed back at myself.


    thank you for reminding me of that little fact. that we are not required to understand our circumstances just yet, but rather simply accept and love ourselves in stead. the third density is one of society, learning and growing together and yet separately. the forth density into which we are going is one of unconditional love, so all we are required to do is to learn to accept and love ourselves where that will be refined in the experiences of the coming years in fourth density. only until 5th density will we begin to understand the lesons we gleaned from this lifetime, and by that time it will be a social memory complex that we glean our lessons from. so, hypothetically speaking, since we still see ourselves as individuals and not as single social entity, there would simply be no way to comprehend all the issue surrounding this personal experience. all we can do is love.

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    ahh billybob,

    looks as though you have been working quite a bit with the loo since i last heard from you. it is pleasant to see. you have a very keen understanding of the work, in as far as "understanding" can take place of course. ; )

    the concept that we cannot understand what is actually taking place on a spiritual level, based on the physical events in the lives of others (i.e. starving children ) poses an interesting quandary for one to approach.

    if this lifeplan (physical trauma) was to be used as an important tool with which to evolve and educate on a soul level, then "ending hunger" would be detrimental to the spiritual growth of a number of entities.

    unless, of course, it was part of another individuals spiritual growth, and an agreed upon contract./contact, for them to intervene in the lives of the starving thus, altering their situations, thus teaching a different but also sought after lesson.

    to know when it is/is not ones place to "interfere" in the life and lesson of another is a difficult concept and one that is not easily (or at all) understood from within this physical manifestation.

    so many unanswered questions. the depth of which can actually make my brain fall out of my head from time to time...

    in the end, as you mentioned:

    questioner: i am assuming that it is not necessary for an individual to
    understand the law of one to go from the third to the fourth density. is
    this correct?

    ra: i am ra. it is absolutely necessary that an entity consciously realize it
    does not understand in order for it to be harvestable. understanding is not
    of this density.

    the law of one, book i, session 16, pg 164

    keep it up my friend.
    Continue Spiraling Ever Upwards

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    Default Being too responsible

    thank you "ewhaz" for replying.

    intellectual discussion is always most refreshing.

    i do agree with you that what ever happens to you can offer a needed
    "catalysts for growth."

    trust me that i have done a lot of soul searching asking myself, "am i evil" "am i sly",
    " am i thief" ?.

    i could become " a thief" if i would go and " steal " the cats back, as we know where they moved...
    i might be " sly" and "evil", as i have learned in this country, wales uk, to bite my sharp tongue, hide my thoughts, and not be that brutally honest that i have been, and all that is eating me inside, making me to avoid contact with other people.
    so, as i have that weakness of being most responsible people, i cannot stand weak, lousy, shallow, ignorant people, who act stupid way, and raise another generation of "loosers".

    yes, i had many inner judgement against my neigbour, her way of living, using people, having double face, raising her children. i kept her on the other side of the fence. (as my children begged me never to invide her or her children in our house, as then we would not get rid of them. my children know me too well. i care too much, i take other people 's problems my own, the healer in me.)

    but, i am happy that she attacked me in the end, as i am sure that she saw her own "irresponsibility", and she was ashamed of her own behaviour.

    so, i have that funny way, that whatever happens in my inner world, has its counterpart in the physical world. this time there were "a blockage" in the bathroom. when the neighbour finally left, i had to be the plumber and clean the blockage in our bathroom, and now the water is running...(when i divorced ten years ago, and we were fighting, speaking our minds out, our both toilets were flooding because of the blockages, all the time!)

    you wrote: ". where one door closes, another opens. perhaps a greater chance of service some where down the line,"

    yes, last sunday evening 9pm, three days ago, there was a knock on our front door.
    there was a man with a kitten, our ex neigbour had told him that we love cats, and that night his girlfriend, partner had left him, leaving him alone with a baby and nine week old kitten, and he was going to throw the kitten out on her own.
    so, now we have a kitten, and i am not happy about that, but i let my children to keep her/the kitten as my daughter is going to have her birthday in two week...

    anne cat

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    i am sorry but i skipped the threads, i only respond to the first post.

    i truly agree that we are responsible. we've created this, so we can know ourselfes as the one infinite creator. this universe is the one infinite creator.

    when you truly work - you make progress towards - equal rights for all. that includes helping the poor people being born poor.

    the paradoxal thing about us and our higher selfes and other et's (inside and outside) is that we all co-exist. and as david says, we're part of the grand plan of the universe. that is to make us into a universe. for me the last call is to end the life for all who won't change from egoism to love. they are cancer, and we must remove thoose part. for an analogy compare to over indulging in food. or drinking to much water, that will result in death. anything can kill you. even the idea that we're all separate. that is the endgame for the most negative and it will become a source of inspiration instead. not real but still real. that's what i would like to call fantasy.

    if we take a look at the mathematics we can see that our creation is based on harmony and what is harmony if not love. we are god and we are the devil.

    we need balance between egoism and love. i do my best to seek ways of helping other people. my main goal is getting a new idea about money into peoples minds, and its spreading.

    i know about 2012 and what will happen. but i still live in the now and do what i feel is best right now. and right now we're seeing worldwide financial crashes. thoose crashes are opportunitys to reform the economic system.

    david wilcock is doing what he needs to do, but we all have the same influence as him. annyone who reads this is here to help. cause we're all responsible for our lifes. don't mind what people think of the future, mind what they think of the now. help people see the positivity in the moment.

    the positivte side for me is that its so obvious that governments can create money out of air like the banks do, and help the people. todays money is created when someone is indebted. if money instead was made to represent work, then it would be a whole other game.

    its that simple, contemplate it and your mind will expand.

    lots of love!
    - enivid

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    spreading the word of self suffiecent energy is a great idea, i brought up the idea to a few people and it is interesting the response you get. they don't believe its even possible. but it is and gave them a link on youtube of a self running generator that runs on 900 watts that could run a house. they are still in disblief, but the question that ponders the mind is why are we ruining this planet when there is so much better ways to save the planet. it is such a waste and its all based on greed. this whole economy was built to fail, because of greed and hoarding. people who only think of themselves are bound to fail in the end.

    also would like to ad that i may not have the right words all the time for many of you guys to not understand, but that doesn't matter i don't think. but this still ain't going to stop posting if thats ok. :d

    love and light

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    Default Instant Karma

    i had an interesting thing happen to me this morning and i figured it might be worthy to share.

    recently i relocated from arizona to california in order to be closer to my wife's part of the family. my father in law was gracious enough to let us stay in his old home rent free for the time being as he relocated with his new wife in her home.

    with me, i brought my cat and my wife's cat. the house itself already had 3 other cats there as well bringing the total to 5 in the house. they are not restricted and can roam freely, but they do come inside for food and comfort.

    my cat was a gentle cat and very peaceable, misbehaving only in small but predictable ways.

    recently after moving in, i caught her 'marking' or spraying in my office. this wasn't a squat and diddle, it was a tail raised 'this is my territory' activity. she has also taken to chasing the other cats out of the house on occasion. now keep in mind that she never did this before, even with 2 other cats in the house in our previous location.

    i was flustered and angry, the heavy scent was polluting my room and i worked diligently to keep it clean of any offensive odors. on one level i was angry at my cat, on another i began thinking about what this was reflecting back at me.

    i read a lot about the new world agenda and try to stay abreast of their plans. my patriotic side was trying to wake up and demand that i do something, anything to stop 'them'. i was becoming angry and fearful, feeding into the energy paradigm that brought them about in the first place. it was very much a 'me vs them' situation.

    getting back to my feline, the same situation was going on, she felt threatened by the other cats in the house and felt she had to 'step it up' in order to protect her comfort zone. she tried to mark her territory in order to protect herself from feeling crowded by these other cats.

    so i began to work on my 'me vs them' situation, telling myself 'there is nothing to fight against'. truly there isn't. all the external drama is part of our internal disharmony, so in order to change the world, be the change you wish to see, change your mind.

    my cat had been improving and i hadn't seen any evidence of marking or the offensive odor any more. i was happy and began to allow my feline back into my office, even watching her co exist with other felines in the room at the same time.

    everything was fine until this morning. on face book there are applications/games you can be a part of. unfortunately a few of them encourage fighting amongst your friends and strangers, the whole survival of the fittest and mob mentality. i chose to play a few dealing with vampire themes. good fun and all and it gave me an avenue to explore my desire to fight back, get revenge and protect myself. this morning, i logged on to check my messages only to find that some one had attacked me not once, not three or five times but some 20 times over the last couple days. every time they attack you, they take a portion of your 'money' with them. it occurred to me that i was being 'farmed' for money and this angered me. where as i had been letting multiple attacks go without reciprocating, this was above and over the top so i instantly wandered over to the hit list and put them up for the maximum amount allowed. there, that'll learn'em!

    a few minuets later, my cat promptly walks in, turns tail and sprays my book case and runs out. some lessons are hard to learn i guess. where as i was angry with her before, i am now grateful for helping me to see the truth behind it all.

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    letting go of conflict and my desire to see justice done has been a challenge for me, but i feel i am making progress in this regard. there are three methods that are very helpful to me.

    first is incorporating intentional, directed love into my meditation. this was introduced to me as metta meditation, though i've since seen the concept incorporated into different kinds of practices. simply put: love thy enemy. for example, focus on love in your heart and then apply it directly a specific person who angers you. this is very cleansing and liberating for me.

    second, i was introduced to the turn around technique. take a statement: "this person is trying to hurt me." then turn it around: "this person is trying to help me." then feel with your heart which feels true and truer. go further and apply the statements to yourself: "i am trying to hurt myself." and "i am trying to help myself." reflect on all the statements and feel which are true and truer. i feel constriction in my heart ease when i exercise this technique.

    finally, when faced with deep conflict, i focus on the light alternative instead of the dark aspect of the current situation. for example, when i think about financial control and our government, i used to focus my energy on what was being covered up and lied about. then, i focused on proactive investigation of the fed. eventually, i moved my focus to how much better life will be when we finally live in a society without money. i learned this technique by listening to bucky fuller. he said (i'm paraphrasing), "if you want to replace a system, don't engage with the old one. instead, focus on the new one that makes the old obsolete."

    this is where i am now. i'm learning to let go of the dark, focus on the light, and move into new being. i still have a lot of work to do to connect what i believe and know with what i actually do.

    from here, i progress.

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    Default Responsibility vs Guilt vs Punishment

    i had been continuing the idea of responsibility.

    in my own life, i've spoken of the issue i had of feeling responsible and thus feeling bad because i had contributed to the wrongs in the world through my own negative feelings/thoughts/actions etc.

    however, that i figured out is guilt. guilt is feeling as if you've done wrong and thus are going to be punished for it. guilt and regret both lead to feeling powerless in life and we cannot move if we feel guilty. it also leads to us wanting to appease the wronged party, to pay for the wrongdoing through some act of punishment or penance. however, guilt and punishment do not address the issue at hand. they do not fix what's wrong, they only supposedly pay for the wrong doing.. and in actuality it doesn't really pay to the wronged party does it?

    a man robs a house. he gets caught and goes to jail. the insurance pays for the broken doors and windows and anything that goes missing or damaged. the owner of the house pays insurance in order to protect is property and goods from losses. now who's paying the man for his losses? do you see the thread? its only him who pays! after the insurance covers his losses, he gets a bump in his rates. the insurance company comes out the winner despite having to pay out a small sum in order to replace the damaged goods.

    the local crime rate goes up so any new insuree's end up in a quandary, they end up paying higher rates too. the insurance company seems to profit from crime rather than to prevent it. what if the criminal was held responsible for the damage that he's done? now, due to the law of one we cannot force him to do it, but what if we gave him the option? now instead of being punished, he's able to choose to be put through a system that helps repair the damage that he's done. maybe he helps the owner by telling him what he can do to prevent further thefts.. or maybe help the neighborhood improve by cleaning/rebuilding. what if the insurance company only got paid if they helped prevent crime instead of paying for it. responsibility is about being proactive instead of reactive.

    guilt and punishment never solve the problem, they simply create a system where we feel we must pay to some higher power for the wrongs we've done to the people when in fact if we take responsibility instead, we correct the problem where it starts.

    think of the healing that could take place if a murderer helped a family heal from their loss. what would he learn by seeing the grief he's caused and taking responsibility for it. now instead of the punishment taking him away from the problem and simply being removed from society, he's instead put in a position where he can nolonger hurt any one but must face his own demons and help fix the problem.

    obviously there are issues with this idea, but i think everyone can get the jist of what i mean. we need to stop feeling guilty and start being responsible. if you break something, fix it. if you hurt some one, help heal them. don't go overboard and say swear yourself to serve them for the rest of their lives, no.. that's guilt speaking, that's punishment for wrong doing. its about taking responsibility rather than being guilty and heaping shame and judgment upon yourself.

    just my two cents.


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