there is little doubt that this thread does examine some negative, dark issues and identify aspects that can sabotage our best interests....stuff needed to be recognize and acknowledged but not overly dwelt upon.

it needs to be brightened up some!

this morning, when i staggered into into the bathroom and confronted a bleary image, the natural thought came rushing to the fore...who the h..l could love that?

not the best thought to start the new day.....but then this came along, cheered me up immensely... and set a new input imprint for my particular biology of belief.

please keep in mind that the mere act of smiling or laughing has a profoundly beneficial effect on our mind body spirit whatever....exotic monitoring instruments don't lie in this particular case!

my new resolution is to give this a daily view as i sip away at my economy green tea concoction! i invite you to set aside your "bad girl" side and with open heart soak this in! really! then take a deep breath --soak in the prana and go run a marathon...or perhaps walk up a gentle hill and soak up the sunshine?

smiles! remember, at some level we all know each other and i confess, "i love you"!!

billybobbutterball (:>))