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Thread: Change in Weather Patterns

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    Default Low solar activity and COLD.

    as far as i am aware, we are currently going through a period of almost zero solar or solar flare activity.
    this has been going for over a year and has caused a uniform global and solar system cooling trend, one piece of evidence is an increase in size of the north pole ice cap.

    my observation of corresponding personal and perhaps social phenomenon over the last year or so has been the surfacing and even some resolution of issues pertaining to the shadow self. another way to put it would be simply the deepest and darkest aspects of life, perhaps the coldest parts of life. in my case it has involved issues with my family and my upbringing and has culminated in my father dying in the midst of the upheaval and others seeming to want to choose very "negative" paths and cutting off contact.

    i don't mean to allude to vague personal detail but more to try to represent a phenomenon that may be similar to what others are experiencing or observing.

    so i am aware that the gaining energetic momentum we were seeing in the sun went down to almost nothing, at the same time on a personal level much was coming to the surface and it seems many have subsequently split of into different pathways into the future.
    some have already chosen one of three directions, conscious evolution, conscious service to negativity or perhaps more time to work on oneself/can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    i feel i have seen this all go down among my immediate family, unfortunately i seem to be the only one on the first path and sadly the latter path meant the death of a physically healthy but energetically torn person to pass away in his sleep via spontaneous instant heart failure free of any negative symptoms in life (physically).

    i could say that in a way i have already seen the split of 2012 already occur in my life.

    sorry to be partially off topic here, but is anyone aware of this low solar activity and cold trend and has david written or spoken on this at all?

    it makes sense to me and seems like the calm before the final storm we may soon be embarking on.

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    Default Ocean Temp Decline

    Quote Originally Posted by angiem View Post
    am in canberra, in the great land of aus we are experiencing snow on our mountains, when at this time of year, the weather is bordering "just tolerable" we are supposed to be hitting summer and summer here usual ranges around the 30-35 degree mark, not the minuses, we have major storms and flooding in the top end, we are getting loads of rain in the middle of aus, in the alice, when it doesnt generally rain a lot there, as its a desert!!!
    this message is confirmation to something i have been seeing for a while and will share it here.

    for the past few year's i have been paying attention to this map of ocean temperatures:
    weather underground sea surface temp

    draw your attention to the black colored water on top and bottom of the world map. in the past year i have noticed this region of cold 45 deg and below water expanding fast. on the north in the gulf of alaska the water was pink (a 10+ deg difference). you can see how the cold water is pooling against north and south amercia and heading for the equator.

    this is my observation of this map. i encourage anybody to watch this map and report if you notice change.
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    Default weather

    Quote Originally Posted by djonne View Post
    i'm not too sure and we cannot really tell anything, but here where i live, in quebec, southeast of st-laurent, this year everything seems normal but happily our 2008 summer has been smoother than 5-6 last years. we had one very hot week and that was it. not too many thunderstorms in summer.

    our fall is almost finished and still no snow, and can't wait to see some.
    i m in british columbia canada. on the west coast near vancouver. we had three feet snow christmas week whish is more snow than weve had here in 50 years. so i would agree in alot places weather is changing.

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    Default Divide and conquer

    Quote Originally Posted by angiem View Post
    i think, on one forum, they had the over forties blaming the under forties, and the under 30's were blaming all those over 30. but when you try to tell them that they were all apart of this whole shamozle, again your ignored, and they carry on laying the blame on anyone they can, still with the blinkers on!!. no one wants to really stand up and say, hey i was a part of this and we should all get together to fix it... its a case of: its you done it you fix it.. its all your fault!! rather sad really!
    divide and conquer right? the thing of it is, i believe anyways is that its no ones fault its all part of the natural earth changes cycle we are heading towards rapidly and it will soon become undeniable, from what i have found in my own circles and on the net is some statistic that say's humans are only responsible for about 3% of global warming, remember that our galaxy is spinning towards a major galactic event with lots of gamma radiation involved, the closer we get the hotter and stranger the weather will be, all those out there pointing theyer fingers at each other are all just buying into this al-gore-ism and making him a rich man off of something he knows is not the fault of humans, he is just making some good cash selling carbon credits and lecturing his scare tactics. sorry, did i just perform hypocrisy? i'm sure i upset a few people, seems you cant talk bad about ol al g but what i am trying to say is, all it takes is some people of power or scientific standing to upset the population into pointing fingers at those who would be at fault while it is just something we have to accept and adapt to.
    remember... love, accept, forgive.

    peace y'all
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    Default A new kind of cloud?

    the cloud appreciation society says that a new type of cloud has been recognised, and has been name the 'asperatus formation'.

    i personally witnessed such a cloud the other day, so this information is very useful. it's a shame they didn't call it 'jasperatus' !!!

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    norther michigan - last winter/this spring are cold and wet, the kind of weather we experienced in the 1970's and early 1980's. i think it is nice, hopefully not just the calm before the storm.
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    Default Northern Europe

    where i live, the weather has behaved quite well so far; nothing so much outside of the usual.

    some winters have been a bit warmer maybe (there used to be more snow some 20 ys ago as far as i remember), but otherwise nothing weird here.

    personally i could use two more months of nice weather but that has always been the same concern in my area

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    there seems to have been a major change in weather patterns during summers in my area. the last 3 summers have been unusually wet with very little warm and sunny weather. what settled weather we get has tended to be in short spells followed by weeks of cool conditions with heavy showers. britain historically has been known for light and persistent rain followed by some sunny days and some showery days. the rainfall statistics for the past 3 summers have been simply astonishing, with rain far heavier and thunderstorms far more frequent than in the past. it's hard to do any outdoor activity without the risk of getting drenched. the abundant clouds are often of the large towering variety, even when there are breaks. i can barely think of a day in the past few weeks when the sky was clear, or when there were only fair weather clouds in the sky. i must admit i do find it depressing at times- it's difficult to get the many benefits of the sun even in the middle of summer and after weeks and weeks of continuous cloudy and cool weather it does get to me a little bit.

    meteorologists tell us it's because the jet stream has been tracking much further south than usual, so that it is right over northern europe, whereas traditionally it is further north during the summer months. the thing is, this is the 3rd summer in a row where this has happened. there has been some speculation on the weather forums i visit that the tendency for the jet to move south is related to the current solar minimum. whatever it is, it has been testing for me as i am generally much happier when the sun is shining. i have been trying to accept that this is where i chose to be born and so this is where i probaby need to be, even though thoughts of emigrating to warmer climes cross my mind constantly.

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    Default Mysterious Tubular Clouds Defy Explanation

    these long, crazy-looking clouds can grow to be 600 miles long and can move at up to 35 miles per hour, causing problems for aircraft even on windless days.

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    Default Liam

    hi liam,

    i agree with everything you say about the weather here in the uk - our summer weather is pants!

    you may remember several months ago we were promised a much better summer this year and were told it would be warmer than usual.

    my colleagues friend works for the met office and she said that the government told the met office to say it was going to be a good summer because they wanted as many people to stay here in the uk as possible. people going abroad does nothing/very little to help our economy.

    so there you are, blame the government!!

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