am in canberra, in the great land of aus just wondering, whom out there have experienced big changes in the normal weather patterns. its very strange here at the moment. but what is also strange, is no one wants to talk about it. its like they are ignoring it!
we are experiencing snow on our mountains, when at this time of year, the weather is bordering "just tolerable" we are supposed to be hitting summer and summer here usual ranges around the 30-35 degree mark, not the minuses, we have major storms and flooding in the top end, we are getting loads of rain in the middle of aus, in the alice, when it doesnt generally rain a lot there, as its a desert!!!
we recently finished a lot of planting in our garden, as it was a new place and very thread bare on the old plants, we now, even though a lot of these plants are only young, seem to continually have flowers.... even during winter! we have a tree that looks like its heading into autum right now, and this tree has always been very healthy, jeez there is just so much.
is there anyone else out there that seems to be experiencing this type of thing!