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Thread: 2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock

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    Default 2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock

    dear friends,

    this is a 4 part video.

    be well, be love.


    in this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 enigma, (#1 most viewed on google, 12/1/08), david wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a golden age are not myth or superstition. our dna has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a natural galactic process which is also creating climate change throughout our entire solar system. if the prophecies are correct, psychic abilities and powers such as telekinesis, levitation, spiritual healing and telepathy may soon become as common as breathing.

    the mayan calendar, the timeline in the great pyramid of giza, the story of jesus christ in the bible and many other ancient mystery schools and spiritual teachings all speak of a great tribulation that transforms earth into a utopian age. many misunderstand these prophecies as predicting pole shift, asteroid collisions, supervolcano eruptions or armageddon thanks to planet x, alien invasion, illuminati/government takeover, or a solar event.

    russian physics reveals that anti-gravity, free energy and time travel technology arise from a source field that is the energy of mind, spirit and consciousness. life emerges from nonliving material by intelligent design and evolution occurs in sudden bursts that repeat in 26 and 62 million year cycles, apparently the result of energy waves gradually rippling out from the center of the galaxy and transforming our dna.

    for at least 1200 years, crop circles have presented symbolic messages of dna transformation and even ascension on or around december 21, 2012. easter island, stonehenge and some 4000 ancient sites are built on a global grid of energy that creates portals in space and time, such as the bermuda triangle. rapture may indeed occur but in a very different way than most believe.

    project camelot whistleblowers reveal that extraterrestrials look human like us and may even be time travelers from our future! edgar cayce and the law of one reveal we have a higher self leading us through reincarnation and graduation.

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    Default Fantastic

    i loved the video david, the video production fitted it perfectly and the information flowed in such a clear precise manner. is definetly a video i will be showing to few relatives of mine to help them, as i to got awoken from your first video 2012 enigma when it was first released and then i think me and my partner have re-watched every single one of your tapes about 6 or more times...hahahah

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    Default LightEye - Your post is outstanding

    david: just when i think it can't get any better, it always does.

    thank you for posting this. i loved every one of the videos
    and the explanations given by david wilcock. i am so grateful i
    didn't give up until i found the concluding video, and grateful to david
    for making all of this information public.

    it was a little tricky for me to find part 4 of these videos, and then i noticed
    the little box to the right next to david's name as listed below:

    davidwilcock333 4 videos

    thank you david and david

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    nice job david! very proffessional and i'll see you at the party.

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    very well done david.

    i found your use of humor has advanced considerably, as has your directness. confidence and self-forgiveness look good on you brother

    i am a little confused though; was not a majority of this material already general knowledge? or have we been researching the same materials? hehe (rhetorical question, no need for a reply)

    i found in a few parts that you jumped to the conclusion of ideas prior to giving the evidence, or complete evidence, though i presume this is because this is a shortened version of a lecture, and as such is understandable. this might make the video less convincing for those new to the reality of what is taking place, but then again, if they are not ready, their path is that which they have chosen and their disbelief is just as valid.

    your discussion of dreams and the higher self... perfect. i had to chuckle at the one part in part 2? about many being those that give liberty, for the day before watching this video, i awoke from a dream where a man who was psychic put his head against mine, and then told me, "you are here to provide liberation". i decipher all my dreams and sign posts from my higher self, and understood the truth behind it. i have broken free of the constraints of "the norm", and choose my destiny.

    i especially liked the part towards the ending, when you have the "heart to heart" talk with your fans. this was well said, and was something i think many needed to hear.

    production and audio are becoming very professional.

    again, very well done, and... thank you
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    I am evolving. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator.

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    Question Can anyone help

    i watched the 4 videos a few days ago when the total views were under 300, and indeed,
    it was a pleasure to see some of david's best work...especially, videos 3 and 4.

    after going back to view again today, there has been over 31,000 views in the past 48 hours.

    the vulgar and profane comments left by some readers have no place being associated with this outstanding work.

    is there anyway they can be deleted and the person blocked that made them?

    many of the posters have made repeat comments several times with their vulgarities.

    can the comments section be removed completely on youtube?

    this note does not have to be posted on dc board. i know a moderator will read it and can delete it for me.

    please, please.....can someone go to youtube and handle the ugly comments written there?

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    please, please.....can someone go to youtube and handle the ugly comments written there?
    like water off'a duck's back.

    -"forgiveness" ..was the message(?)

    incidentally- what's the significance of 333?

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    Smile Hi Chris:

    i think 333 is the person who posted the videos to youtube ?
    don't really know. i'll leave that to the mods to explain.

    davidwilcock333 4 videos

    the above appears to the left of the block to click that opens all 4 of the videos when you are on the youtube site.

    you nailed it - water on a duck's back:d

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    hey david,
    thanks for the videos.:-)
    i'm always amazed by your knowledge in so many subjects, your memory and communications skills and your spontaneous/relaxed manner during the presentation.
    also the presentation itself is very well put together.(the illustrations, graphics, etc).
    congratulation for all your hard work in sharing it w/ us.
    also my compliments to the person(s) in charge of filming and editing the video.(the audio and video quality is great).
    best wishes,

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    Default 333 significance

    you can google "333 numerology" and find lots on how this relates to oneness, the divine, and being in tune with the masters. i am having a crisis now, so cannot elaborate.


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