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  • Everyone's energies will increase and they will vibrate out of 3D existence

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  • The Sun will rise, it will set and nothing remarkable will happen

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Thread: Do you honestly believe that something big will happen in 2012?

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    Default now NOW now

    Quote Originally Posted by kassandraloves View Post
    the great change is happening every single day, right now! cant you feel it?

    2012 isnt happening all at once, its happening as we speak and accelerating every day we wake and even as we sleep.

    i know you feel it!
    the internet is speeding things up ... compressing things that would have previously taken weeks or months, and piling on the experiences .... a huge bundle of catalysts for each of us to consume each day.

    spiritual unfoldings ... a massive influx of knowledge, memory, and truth.

    this is happening each hour! forget the day units. we live in a constantly on 24/7 light-switch society ... the internet brings us short digestible video clips - little snippets into potential worlds.

    we laugh, we text, we trade messages ... we are living in the shared space of digital reality.

    a foreshadowing of the 4d societal complex that awaits post 2012.

    the changes are ripping through the solar system; infusing the very space and air that we exist in. it is magic. wonder. units of fire.

    ideas are tangible. we are living it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by babyblue View Post
    in all honesty, i knew something big was going to happen to this planet ever since i was 6 years old, i can remember thinking to myself "this is the last life on planet earth, the world will end in my lifetime", i then had dreams and downloadings begin in 1999, i had never heard of 2012 when this began (preinternet days for me), and did not even believe in a god, well, that all changed in 1999 .... if i can change from a die hard aetheist anyone can change as far as i'm concerned. i'm changing, you are changing, so is the planet and so is the universe we live in. x x x
    i alway's had a feeling of life as we know it, being chaged; i've had this feeling since being a kid.

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    Default 2009 - 2012 Important Message

    dear friends,

    i'm not sure if this should be in the 2012 discussion so i'll let the mods decide.

    be well, be love.


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    Lightbulb putting the puzzle of 2012 together

    hi all,

    i have been researching, for a very long time now, and after watching all the project camelot videos on youtube, in relation to dan burisch, bob dean, indigo children, mr x, leo zagami the list is endles, but one important thing i picked up on from all this information is that bob & dan & others have i feel dug and dug and dug, but i feel they cant reveal whats going to happen in 2012, to the point of if we knew it would change the timeline and thus this effect may cause us to miss what will be happening as its happening now and building up to 2012, so they want to tell us but i feel they cant.

    now across all the information, there seem to be different scenarios from different people toward the event of 2012, now linking back to what is happening and the key word i hear from bill & kerry in these intervies is "consciousness", so am feeling that if there sources are correct and they seem to be why all the different scenarios, could it possibly be that are own consciousness of the globe, manifests what we believe in, so if we all believe in the positive toward spiritual growth toward love and light, & not being afriad of one another, then will this be the result toward a point of ascension, as we know by now that certain hidden groups have obtained knowledge that we are all supposed to have, if we had this knowledge we would not be in the mess we are in now.

    so its crunch time, where its said we have a choice to make, so surley if we have a choice to make we are going to make this choice for the better and not for the worse in our consciousness, to manifest this choice into being as in this 3d world.

    so am getting through my sensetivity, that its up to us, so soon there is going to be a film out about 2012, go look at the trailers, but if you come away and believe in this your manifesting this, which is why hidden groups use our emotion to manifest, mainly being fear they cant do anything unless you believe in them, thus giving your will to them. so if this stops and we all become self aware through doing your research, like me i think most people are finally spreading this information like a wild fire, so this has happened and may be because we refuse what these hidden groups agendas are, they have fallen, thus proving our human ability, to manifest our own life through consciousness, so in effect the law of one, when we as a whole being populus of the earth stand up and say "i dont like this this is wrong, i am telling everyone", thus we all stand for the same reason as millions of people, but standing for the same cause, but all the millions of people are as one due to the topic they are addressing.

    so people, what are your thoughts, what do you manifest for 2012, i know people know i can feel it, but they are not allowed to say due to timeline cause and effect.

    so are we going into the pinnacle of 2012 as a choice of what we want, which is attributed to one of the so many different event horizons, or is purley the event of 2012 1 event and this event set in stone, i feel we are going to choose the event through our choice, so personally am up for davids explanation, through sto, but we are all a part of making this event happen through our actions.

    erm so to wrap this up its almost a multiple choice of different endings to a dvd, but i sense its one of the many events from a parallel universe, so if were in control lets make the right decision, lets get what we have missed out on for sooo long, its not that were thick, its the fact that these now fallen hidden groups have lost there agenda they have failed, its time for us to reclaim the stolen knowledge, and maybe this is the reason for the planetary perfect alignment, like a clock reseting the second hand minute hand hour hand all points to 12 on a clock, as the planets align in a straight line its reset time, zero time.

    please please add to this information lets start putting this puzzle into place, lets see the picture forming gang, i know we can do this.

    lets brain storm all of us together to figure this out, if the people who know cant say anything thats fine, i understand your reasons. but i feel in my whole being the more of us that join together, we are finding the answers with a picture that others can follow for the perfect manifestation into a 2012 event, for the better for every man woman and child, & i hope & feel & manifest with all my being its going to be ascension, the locks come off & were free, to learn as much as we want go where we want, just pure unlimited love & life of happyness.

    may love & light be with you forever, & i hope you find the divine path.

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    hi, deepblue.

    good post. i agree we should proactively manifest. i'm longing for a group/circle similar to ll reasearch group chanelling ra/quo. but so far i'm operating alone.
    still my 2012 is a painless peaceful transformation. as i was posting somewhere, my transformation is literally waking up one morning into the new reality. boy, is it beautiful!

    but even now, as i observe the external world, i do notice things, and they are nothing special, it seems, like i notice birds are singing... how should i say it, more sheerfuly, or maybe more loud, or it's just more of them. but i literally quitre often wake up because of the bird cheer outside my windows. i think i started noticing this only a year ago.
    also other simple things, like the grass is sort of greener and the sky is bluer on a good sunny day. i don't know maybe it's my imagination. i asked a couple of people and one agreed with me (about birds), the other didn't.
    i think nobody, even the higher level entities like quo, can say 100% how this will happen, as it's indicated, we are changing it everyday. but i do want it to be peaceful and beautiful.
    there is a firethegrid ii invite to ww meditation on july 28, 2009, at 6:20 pm edt.

    that's one of those events that supposed to raise vibration level to new hights.

    love and peace


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    i think the best thing we can do is get out there in person no matter where were at and spread as much love/light as possible. meeting new and different people is a good thing to. during these times when people will have all guards down i think will be more open also. is there not going to be a point where people start to wonder what is going on. so its coming and what we can do is just keep doing what were doing.

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    yes, i totally agree....i think the point is that we always just need to do our best to be the best people we are always and not to become fearful of change... and it is nice to reply to another truth


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    Red face Habit4ming

    i think the planet is going to change by 2012, though i'm not yet convinced it'll be an actual ascension like some people perceive. at the very least, i think we are entering a new "golden age", whereby wars will cease, technology will be given to the masses, money won't be needed, people will love and respect one another, suppressed cures will be released, et cetera...sorta like heaven on earth.
    i feel it, i feel it in my bones and have for awhile now...

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    Default I am

    to wait for something is to stop experiencing / evolving. when you wait you trap yourself into the playfulness of time concepts.

    do not hope or wait. be!
    be whatever you want to be in the now.
    Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift! That is why it is called the present. ~Kung fu panda

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    i believe something big will happen in 2012. the thing we need to realize that there's nothing new on what 2012 represent which is a shift in our consciousness. and that this has already happened before and we are going through it right now.

    the other thing to realize is that this event is connected to us consciously, and we all control our destiny. so if you want something big to happen in 2012 it will happen.

    love & light, man.

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