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  • Everyone's energies will increase and they will vibrate out of 3D existence

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  • The Sun will rise, it will set and nothing remarkable will happen

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  • It's a marker in time for the harvest to begin in earnest

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  • Something totally different and unforeseeable

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Thread: Do you honestly believe that something big will happen in 2012?

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    Default Do you honestly believe that something big will happen in 2012?

    dear friends
    kind regards
    i am typing this thread to bring up my views on the 2012 event.
    i have listened to david wilcock's radio blogs/shows and have read some of his material.
    now i must be honest, the things that wilcock says about the 2012 ascension are wonderful, but there is something to consider.
    if you recall, people predicted that the world would end (or change) in 1984 and 2000 respectively, but nothing happened.
    could 2012 just be another date that is hyped to death only to go by with no ascension?
    what are your thoughts and how sure are you of the 2012 ascension?
    if you could get back to me a.s.a.p i'd appreciate it.
    yours thankfully

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    Default To 2012 or not to 2012 ?

    hi, moralman.

    do you know about edgar cayce ?
    if so, do you trust his sayings or readings ?

    if so, ! ! then, read "the law of one" ! !

    if not, stop reading. . . b-)

    it's a little tough to read, but persevere. it's worth it !
    that's another reliable source of infos about 2012, when you'll find it.
    it was a similar source of infos, as edgar cayce had :
    a loving/compassionate entity from a superior density.

    blue skies.
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    Enjoy the marvelous
    which got me to "The Ra material" and this forum.

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    Default Could be, or not

    the ascension happening in 2012 may occur or may not. or it may come about outside my awareness. the idea of ascension is intriguing so i keep reading and listening.

    awareness that it might happen hasn't changed my day to day life. it's just added a bit of depth and mystery.

    nancy in oregon

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    i think a lot of people think something is going to happen automatically. this is not the case. something will happen only because of the artists, technicians and scientists, working to make it happen!

    i wish i could explain more, but i am still so afraid of typing a long post only to have it moderated, i will leave it at this.

    take care friend
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    i do believe there will be something very important in 2012, but none of us can be 100% sure. but many things seems to prove something will happen at that time.

    and even if 2012 is nothing but another day,
    david's messages and words, even if not true, are so good to hear, and made me become a better person.

    anyway, i do believe in 2012. it is up to you to believe or not. i just hope that in *death* we can still play guitar, as well as sign without screwing up notes

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    most of law of one felt intuitively right to me, it was a homecoming it sorts, all i ever hoped for and things i didn't think i hoped for. it has brought me much personal revelation and growth.

    now, i am a very sceptical person (that's using your free will =) ) yet i cannot find any contradictions to all this information how much i ever look.
    the more i research the more certain i get: yes, it will happen.

    indeed the world has "ended" 2000, 1984, etc, but that's the creation of a small number of people's imagination.
    for 2012 we have proof everywhere and it's ancient and independent of eachother <- credibility if you ask me.

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    Default Yes I do!

    yes i honestly believe something will happen in 2012. ( or could be a slightly different date) and it's not just because david says something is going to happen it's because i have read it from countless other sources as well. i also have kind of a personal knowing that something glorious will happen.

    and the fact that it potentially will happen has completely changed my day to day life. it has inspired me to put a lot more effort into my spiritual growth. i now look at events and circumstances more as an opportunity for growth than an obstacle. i try to be grateful for everything.

    i'm not sure if i am feeling really positive and happy (most of the time) because i think it's going to happen or if i think it's going to happen because i feel really positive and happy!

    just my thoughts.



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    i do believe a very dramatic event will occur on decemeber 21, 2012. now, from what i have read, this won't be a calm ride up to dec. 21. there going to be major events occuring up to dec. 21. so don't think you will just sit home and wait for dec. 21. world will be in (possible) termoil. but, on the day of dec. 21, all comes to halt. there are infinite amount of timelines that are possible in linear time (3rd density) but all converge on dec. 21, 2012. these were experiments carried out in the american secret bases. not to mention, all ancient cultures (maya, hoppi, i ching) all state the date of december 21, 2012, not 1984 or 2000. no matter what, there will always be room for mystery. so it's not a good idea to be fixed on a certain view. it is fun to wonder, which everyone should do, but with a bit of humor.

    love and light to all.

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    i have days where i think no! not possible, but then i see something (ie illuminati mentioned in news articles, the government stuff ups and the like) then go, hey we are on our way. be really honest with myself... to look deep down, i would say yes, as i have dreamt about this!
    to me i feel an urgency and have been feeling this for a time now, i feel like things are moving so fast, that i cant keep track of what is and what isnt. time is speeding up!

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    in all honesty, i knew something big was going to happen to this planet ever since i was 6 years old, i can remember thinking to myself "this is the last life on planet earth, the world will end in my lifetime", i then had dreams and downloadings begin in 1999, i had never heard of 2012 when this began (preinternet days for me), and did not even believe in a god, well, that all changed in 1999 .... if i can change from a die hard aetheist anyone can change as far as i'm concerned. i'm changing, you are changing, so is the planet and so is the universe we live in. x x x

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