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Thread: 2012 & Zero Point Consiousness

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    dear friends,

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    2012 & zero point consiousness

    chaos, conciousness, 2012a journey into fundamental reality

    in the field of 2012 research, a common territory to encounter is the idea of transformation, or evolution, of consciousness. that our very base consciousness might be somehow changing is of course quite extraordinary to consider. problematic though is setting the initial scene for this; after all, in many areas of mainstream physical science consciousness isn’t understood. rarely is it even given a meaningful and informative description. what then is it that we call consciousness, and how might it evolve?

    the best description i have heard for this ethereal element within all living is the one it is given by a group of advanced research scientists.

    “consciousness, at its most basic, is coherent light.”

    to take a step toward this amazing arena of knowledge, let us first consider the physical human being. one of the challenges for us is to think about non-physical forces when we are geared up to think about, and interact with, a very physical world. correct?

    well the problem with this supposition is the fact that we are ourselves made up of physical building blocks named, ‘atoms’. under scientific investigation, it was found that over 99% of an atom is actually empty space. therefore, as you are yourself over 99% empty space, non-physical, it rather flies in the face of the idea that we are primarily physical beings who benefit by focussing on that element exclusively. what of the other 99%, surely that must be important to look at.

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    hi david,
    you sound like you know what your talking about, and i want some advice.
    what are your thoughts on the next four years, do you think there are going to be places we should avoid.
    also do you think that all people will make the transition into the new reality or that some might be left behind, if this is so then what kind of things can we do to prepare for it.
    i wouldn't be worried if it wasn't for the fact i have two young children and i am very worried that i will be seperated in some way from them its the stuff of nightmares.
    also i'm surrounded by sceptics that all think i'm a bit mad so that doesn't help i would be very grateful for any feed back thanks venus10


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