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Thread: Help for preventing/reversing pineal gland calcification

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    i'm on a cleansing cure taking [brand name] before each meal, drinking blond grapefruitjuice and lime to reduce acids and get rid of beginning calcification of my veines and i measure the level in my connective tissue via my urine each morning. it never reached the highest basic level before, but after the bath with epsom salt the paper was totally blue!!!


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    ^^ measure your saliva too!

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    Default great

    what a great thread! i just read the whole thing, so here are a few comments:
    sun staring is great! you can do it when the sun is higher if you can stand it. you close your eyes to look straight at it (never with them open). its easier for me to do in winter, i can't stand the brightness in summer because my eyes are light. after, probably less than a minute, you'll start to see the strobe light you may recognize, i think this strobe might have to do with the pineal, as i mostly only see it when meditating - see below.

    for the person who asked what was good for thyroid, i heard eleuthero was good for thyroid. you can find it in tea (sometimes its also called siberian ginseng, but its not really a ginseng). you don't want to take it if you're on a decongestant or a beta blocker (it'll make your beta blocker not work). i'm not sure about asthma meds but fast acting ones usually counteract beta blockers too, so you might want to look that up if you take those before you buy any to see if anything might happen there.

    about magnesium: if you've got restless legs, you don't want to go upping your dosage of magnesium. (i know, restless legs is a stupid problem, but it can be a pain for your spouse when you kick him all night and it can make it hard to sleep). i've found that if i eat magnesium foods (black beans, spinach, peanuts, or bananas being the only ones i really eat), i have to drink 2 glasses of milk to get enough calcium to counteract all the magnesium so my legs don't jump around. better to try the other tricks for the pineal gland if you're in the same boat as me.

    as for crystals: moldavite definitely does something to the pineal. when i wear it for a couple of days i start to get the strobe light when i'm going to sleep. (this also happens with a large amethyst.) i don't know if its good for you, sometimes i worry it might be radioactive or something since it was the result of a meteor strike. mostly i worry because it seems to affect my mood too. (if somebody works in a lab with a geiger counter and can check and tell me, i'd really appreciate knowing if it was or not!). but for sure, its doing something.

    about the conversation about the cracking or thump in the head: i had that too after an astral projection once. the room was silent and i was floating backward, then 'thump' as i crashed back home, it sounded like a door slamming.

    animals must also have a pineal if it is what we are using to see our dreams. my dogs and cats dream.

    to those who don't want to use storebought flouride mouthwash: you can make your own. get herb tea that has a lot of hibiscus in it. make a cup of it, when its cool, add essential oils (a few drops of mint is a good choice, probably best to avoid citrus ones as they can wear away teeth). add a few drops of colloidal silver to stop things from growing in it. i made some and it actually kept for months.

    flouride being good for teeth really is a crock. we had that in the water when i was growing up and i have huge fillings in every single large tooth. sure didn't work for me.

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    Question A question about calcification


    i have a question: if our eyes & pineal glands are so similar why do our pineal glands calcify but our eyes do not?


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    Default use msm and dmso for decalcification

    hi all,

    check out david wolfe's videos on calcium, very enlightened ways of using msm and dmso to alchemically "burn off" calcium deposits from the body

    [please pm for link]
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    thanks, good post. makes me want to take a bath

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    Default Pineal Gland

    dear friends, does anyone know of an in depth publicationtbook or info pages about systematically strengthening the pineal gland, e.g. via nutrition, vitamins/minerals, exercises and other measures? love roman

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    you can thank alcoa in tennessee for all the push for fluoride being put into water and such. it is a chemical by-product of creating aluminum and they tried to find a useful way to use this in everyday life. 2 side effects were found. it calmed people who took it and also hardened teeth and in some cases bones.

    my teeth are permanently stained a yellowish color from the fluoride treatments i received as a kid and the fact that the state adds fluoride to its water. being as i have always lived in tennessee its a lose-lose situation.

    im trying whole-heartedly to stop my intake by drinking spring water or reverse osmosis filtered water, brushing with organic toothpaste w/ no fluoride, along with taking zinc and magnesium supplements.

    i need to look into an iodine supplement as well. i have never really thought about sungazing, but i do love to sit on the back deck and watch the sunset over the lake.

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    Smile choline bitartrate and the third eye

    there is a group on youtube interested in lucid dreaming and they report using choline bitartrate and b-100 vitamin to increase neurotransmission for better dream recall and lucid dreams.

    lecithine from soya is the best source of choline and very cheap in wall mart. 20% of 1200 mg lecithine is choline so you get 200 mg for 5 or 7 cent, this is incredibly cheap

    compare to more complex and expensive way to get choline like alpha-agp which is a mix of essentials amino-acid.

    choline bitartrate is easy to find in health store specialized in sport like gnc in canada.

    5-htp is serotonin, a powerful neurotransmitter and this molecule is the closest legal molecule you can find in any drugstore or pharmacy, to the real thing which is dmt.

    dmt is a natural molecule produce by the pineal gland and is responsible for dreams and visual experience induce by dreams, astral projection and soul travel.

    you have to train your mind to produce this natural molecule by practising meditation and dream recall.
    if you take it externaly, you decrease your capacity to
    produce this in your brain so this is working against you

    basically, lecithine will feed the pineal gland and the pineal gland will produce melatonine for sleep and dmt for dreams.

    the pineal gland contains many crystal cone in some way similar to the cone in the eyes. these crystal work under the principle of piezo-electricity which is the transformation of electromagnetic wave in electricity which is transmitted to the brain by nerve, not electron in a wire but ion in cells from cell to cell this is why its slower than ordinary electricity.

    around the 13th hour local sideral time, this natural radiation coming from the center of the galaxy is 400% higher than normal. in montreal, its around 3h00 am in the spring. i took 2 bug capsule of lecithin with b-100 this evening and i can hear a little buzzing sound in my ear right now. its not annoying, just comforting because this is a natural manifestation of holy spirit. this is the basic energy to use for meditation and soul travel. its been more
    than 30 years i can listen to this holy sound.

    this sound does not come from the ears but from the pineal gland little piezoelectric cone. the next step is to
    program or train the brain to convert these electrical impulsion into color light and picture like he does in a dream. this is true meditation also called contemplation.


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    Default Lecithin Rocks

    that is a very interesting post, denisfor.

    i have had some experience in the past with taking lecithin to increase recall. since i had read somewhere that lecithin passes quickly through the blood/brain barrier to strengthen and quicken the firing of synapses, i took lots of it when i was in school studying for exams. and, i'm convinced that it did help.

    although i was not aware of the connection between lecithin and choline, i'm not surprised to see that it has a positive effect on the pineal so i have added it back to my list of things to supplement with.

    thanks for sharing that information.

    love and light,
    All souls were created in the beginning and are spiraling their way back to whence they came.Edgar Cayce ~ All human progress is in a circle, or to be more accurate, in a beautiful ascending spiral curve.
    ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne ~

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