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Thread: Surgery tomorrow for David

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    David Wilcock Guest

    Default Surgery tomorrow for David


    i would ask that you hold me in prayer tomorrow from 7-12noon est. will be
    undergoing nerve reattachment surgery for right pinky finger, under general
    anaesthesia. it's the nerve for the outside edge, attached to a superficial
    artery that also needs reattachment. the wound is 1.5 cm wide at main area
    and 7mm deep - below pinky on right hand. it was caused by a broken drinking
    glass that i was about to fill.

    yesterday the plastic surgeon removed my pressure bandage and now i am in
    much less pain. the wound really doesn't even hurt since it is very
    symmetrical and straight. if all goes well then i should meet or exceed the
    average 80% recovery of feeling. total cost now appears to exceed $5g. when
    i said i would "work the list" in my last email, i meant the wait list of
    reading requests, not this list. i just wanted to make sure that my
    statement was not misunderstood or misconstrued in any way.

    i definitely can see how this is telling me to finish the external so that
    the internal can be duly prepared for ascension in peace and tranquility.

    peace be with you -

    - david

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    Trevor Jack Guest

    Default Re: Surgery tomorrow for David


    good luck tomorrow on your surgery. i will hold you in my thoughts.
    i recall being able to watch with fascination as the surgeon reattached
    a number of nerves and arteries under a local anaesthesia to the inside
    of my elbow. whatever amount of feeling you get back will be enough.



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