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Thread: Regarding 2012 - What should i do?

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    Default Regarding 2012 - What should i do?


    i had alot of time in the last year and was able to get alot of information about 2012 and other topics. after watching and listening to david wilcock, i became totally sure that 2012 is real. i also read about the maya calendar, i kinda got every information there is about 2012 and david wilcock greatly summed it up. now to my problem, it looks like after 2012 nothing will be the same, life will totally change. to alot of people this 2012 stuff would sound totally crazy, since they are still trapped in the "normal" life, because nobody offers them these information or they dont have the time for this things, or they are simply not interested in it and if somebody tells them about it they will block or something like that.
    lets start with my friends, they are open minded and i told them alot of my new information already. i found a very nice book which sort of explains the meaning of life very well, which i shared with some of them and will share with more of my friends. if you are interested i will put the link at the end of the post. this book also includes information about 2012 at the end and i wonder how they will react to it. i know that it will kinda stun them aslong as they believe it, but i feel it to be my purpose to spread this information and not withhold it. if one person in my life wouldnt have cared about me and wouldnt have shared it with me, i would have never woken up. but i believe it wasnt coincidence.
    now the more difficult part of it, my parents. they really love me and gave me alot of free room to do my research and they realized that i changed alot to the better. i shared almost everything i know with them, but i dunno what they remember of it because it was pretty much information. i believe at the beginning i even shared something about 2012 with them, but at that point i wasn`t yet sure about it and i believe they just didnt care that much.
    i am 20 years old now and at the beginning of my life. my parents want me study, whatever i want to and become able to live on my own after that. it is kinda weird because as far as i read on these forums its actually the adults that know about this stuff. well they want me to have a good life, the normal stuff. of course that would be the right goal aslong as nothing changes with the society and if life would go on normally. but it simply looks like alot of things wont matter anymore.
    the standard reactions of people could be like, that i am not able to handle and accept my life and should get on the ground again and work hard for sucess. and i am kinda afraid that my parents would react in the same way.
    and for a person that is trapped in the daily life there is not really any change going on and since most people think that way, they likely wont believe anyone who talks about such crazy stuff.

    so indirectly i told my friends about it by handing them the ebook, but i just dunno how to tell my parents. should i go on with life like normal and go study and so on and after 2012 i realize that alot of these things dont matter anymore and the only thing that mattered was to spread my love and light to everyone, to care for other people and help them to realize their full potential. i hope you know what i mean.

    please give me some advice about what to do, regarding my friends and my parents. if one of my friends responds to this stuff and asks me if i believe in this 2012 stuff what should i answer him? it could have a huge impact, i really have great friends and they love me, but this 2012 stuff just sounds far to crazy for a person that doesnt know anything about any of the real things about this world. i dont want to sound superior in any way, i would have went on with life the same way if i wouldnt have woken up and now i believe it to me responsibility to share my knowledge.

    regarding the maya calendar which is also supposed to tell the purpose of life for each individual, one part of it told me "disclosure of truth". just as a side fact^^

    i really hope you can help me.

    best regards rico

    heres the link to the book, while the first one is just a foreword:
    [please pm rico for urls]
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    Smile Regarding 2012 - What should i do?

    hi rico,

    my advice to you which is also advice to myself is stay present and be in the present moment. when we do this so many synchronicities happen and our higher selves are able to lead us through our heart centre to our true destiny in these amazing times.

    with regard to friends, family and loved ones, it may be their path that they either experience ascension to 4d positive, 4d negative or after this transition period further 3d experiences, to this it is hard to tell. if you have a strong resonance with passing on a particular message then that is what you should do, but be aware it could be an infringement on some peoples free will as they may not be ready to hear such a message as this has happened to me in the past.

    from my perspective we incarnate in this life to learn certain lessons of love and what is certain it will be an intense and fast track learning experience for us all and in this regard it is a wonderful time to be incarnate. when we can find the peace and love within that will help manifest the peace and love without. "as is in the microcosm so is in the macrocosm" for sure we are seeing a distilling of souls during this ascension process and you will find yourself being attracted to like souls as like attracts like, hence you being attracted to this website, loo material etc...

    i hope this helps in some way

    love & light


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    Red face

    hey rico,

    look, most of my friends and certainly my family often think i'm just out there/paranoid or my favourite "you know sometimes, i think its not good for you to know soo much", lets not even get started on the illogical reasoning behind that. i'm 29 years old and just last week i applied for a 3 year online distance learning course in freelance journalism. there is no point living your life from the perspective of whats going to happen (or what you believe will happen) in 2012. that wouldn't be living, it would be thinking about living !!! live within the moment but remain "aware" of the future and its possibilities. as for telling all your friends about 2012, be careful with that one, i've spent along time trying to wake up family and friends only to be met with alot of anger, ignorance and ridicule, and to be fair, i have been pretty guilty of prosthelisetizing(sorry i actually forget how to spell that word) preaching lets say..anyway, hope this helped somewhat.

    free to be, so be free..

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    Default What if the Emperor is Really wearing clothes???


    that is the phrase i kick around every once in a while. you are not alone in your wonderings... many of us, as we went through the same transition, had the same questions and concerns. i personally have been without a paycheck for over 4 years now after being laid off. i say that not out of pity, or as a boast, but a reality i chose. i knew i was going to be let go (spiritual pronouncement), and had asked myself if i wanted to keep doing the same thing (tell me if this sounds familiar? study hard, pick a field that is worthy and respectable, get a career, climb the ladder, beat out the other guy...), and the internal answer was no.

    i had the chance to consider alternatives years before i was let go, which i am eternally grateful for. during that time, i had the opportunity to express and experience some of my new beliefs while still getting a paycheck. one of the key points i believed in was 'never do anything simply for the money', as that is a conscious intention of experiencing 'not enough'. one of my last roles in the working world was to lead a team in a consulting business that was somewhat divergent from the type of business my company normally pursued. i knew we had a huge capability to be of service in this business, and was more focused on the leadership aspect, such as why are we here, what do we do, how do we do it, how do i wish to attract people to assist in this effort? i kept telling my management not to worry about the money, it will take care of itself. that was somewhat of a hard sell, but they also realized that this business had a huge potential upside, so, amazingly they did not bother me too much. what amazed me was that i was able to pull together a team of people that bought into this concept, and i had people understanding the overall vision and mission, what their role was, and had them determine how they were going to complete it. this was the most amazing fun i had in my working life. i absolutely looked forward to getting up before 6 am every monday morning to head to the airport, even though i did 100% travel for over 1 1/2 years. oh, and by the way, the money was phenomenal. our team made more profit than the rest of the business made in revenues!

    so, i guess what i am saying is two things: just because you have now awakened to a deeper purpose in life does not mean that you should sit in solitude and meditate under a tree. take your newfound freedom, and find an avenue to express your new passions, your new desired experiences. if that takes the form of a job, what great luck! you even get paid for doing what you love (what an amazing concept!!). secondly, if your parents are as open and unconditional as they appear to sound, i would say they would have no issues with you telling them your truth. it sounds as if that is what they are encouraging you to do. if, however, it turns out that they give you that 'crazy aunt sally' look, do not pull away from them. understand that they are obviously concerned for you, and wish you the best, but may not understand how your current freedom is equivalent to your 'safety and security'. i know, because i have gone through similar issues with my parents. they still cling to the notion that i will have to, one day, 'pull my head out of the clouds and get a job'. i understand completely why they say it, and what they are really expressing, and am grateful for their concern. but, i can not see how my spirit would tolerate chasing a career now, day in and day out dreading what i am doing, but happy in that i am earning a meager paycheck... my soul has been pretty adamant about it, since i have occaisonally applied for jobs when i felt a little tense, and have received very few responses (over 100 applications submitted over 4 year period, only 3 responded).

    by the way, i am a white male, and was 43 years old when i was laid off. i am now 47, and also believe i am not alone in this predicament, that there are many folks like myself going through the same experiences. i do, however, know that this experience is just what i wished so that i can explain to those other folks how to understand the changes, and how to make the transition from the hell of the uncertainty to a wonderous peace in living a life with purpose and passion.

    i hope that helps!

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    Default its much deeper then 2012

    dear rico,

    hello to you-sounds like you are experiencing what alot of others are or already have been. im in middle ground i like to say, still learning alot about myself and the world around me. ive always been a seeker, searcher, wonderer in the back of my mind and always felt a little crazy for this because those around me seemed to be content with the mainstream religions and ideas.

    i cant tell you what i think is right, all i can do is tell you how i deal with my love ones and friends. it can be lonely at times in the real world when you are surrounded by others who just dont seem to care to want to seek out truth of their(our) purpose.

    my father is a lover of science, so with him, i tend to send him any cool info. along the lines of science. he thinks the ideas are cool about stargates, he likes to hear about ancient findings, he enjoys following anything that has a little of a foundation of proof so to say. so with him, i send him things i know he is comfortable with. if i sent him a email saying that we have 5 more yrs on this planet, i dont think he would look into that any farther. now, the cosmic clock is showing alot of amazing things-i think him learning about this will allow him to seek the truth for himself then.
    my mother, she is so different. she doesnt put much into science. she is a bible thumper alll the way. oh the debates her and i have had in the past. but, ive stopped debating with her. its been very hard for me to find a way with her that i can tap into her mind opening up a little. let me say-my mom is very very sick. she has been ill for over 10 yrs now. for the last 2 years she has been totally bed ridden. i care for her, i am her main care giver. i honestly think she thinks that god is just going to reach out and cure her one day. the sad thing is, its not the disease(sarcoidosis) that is keeping her disabled. it has gone from the disease being the problem to her weight. sadly, i have watched her turn a blind eye to caring for her physical body. she almost seems content laying in her bed all day and all night. if i could reach out to anyone, it would be my mother. she debunks things such as karma. i remember telling her one day she was going to die if she didnt start doing something to help herself. she simply told me god wasnt going to let her die. so ya see, no matter how much we want, some people just arent ready to open their mind.
    btw-anyone who would like to mabey say a pray or meditate a thought for my mother, her name is pam. send her vibes of light and love. i feel she is running out of time.

    interestingly enough, i had a neat experience the other day at work. i work with many close minded people that just worry about their selves. i was sitting there on a brake and a co worker that i didnt know very well sat down beside me. she seemed anxious in a way, like there was someone in a way pushing words out of her(i know, sounds crazy)-but she just blurts out how she cant help but to feel as if she is one with everything and she can feel the pain in the world and how much it hurts her to feel this. "you must think im crazy" she says to me. i smiled, told her i felt the same way. she asked if i go to church or if i was a certain religion. i thought for a minute, and decided this was a safe place for me to turn someone on to something. i told her i was not a certain religion, and i felt my church was within me, and i told her about this forum. she seemed very excited. i told her it might not all be for her, but she would find like minded people here. so now, mabey, she can find some answers to questions she is obviously seeking.

    every decision we make should have a vibe to it when you ponder on it. some people will give you a vibe of not being interested. ive had some friends who see my interests in these kind of things through my myspace page. its interesting that some say im *too deep* or *ill never really find the truth*-this does not bother me. i think that them seeing my interests still shines a glimpse of light to them that mabey one day they will allow to come aglow so to say. they have remained my friends because i still show them that we can have different opinions and still love eachother. i dont push it on any of them. if i did, i would defiantly loose some people in my life that i love.

    its so much deeper then the date of 2012. it is the soul actually awakening to its origins. each soul can awaken with its own seeking of ones true self. but we can defiantly help others along if the interests of this awakening shows! those are the ones that will be more accepting of this kind of stuff. i find that some people in this world almost seems soulless i dare to say. they just seem robotic or something. you say you have many open minded friends. so, this could get exciting for you to have others around you in the real world who show interest in this awakening. but prepare yourself, in case they arent ready for it. they might even seem to be excited and interested in it all, for a moment, and not show any more actual actions to learn more. just keep your light shining bright, i guarantee it will shine on someone.

    i try not to focus on the worry 2012 can bring. i try to continue to be amazed at the universe becoming one with me, as i become one with it, again.

    peace to you,

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    Default What to do about friends and family

    your problem with friends and family not being able to wake up and take ascension seriously is one that everybody experiences. the only thing you can take responsibility for is to open the doors of perception for them. they must take responsibility for walking through those doors. it is not easy to see family and friends want to remain asleep.
    as a personal suggestion i would like to remind you to stay away from acting like you have to save them from something. i have tried that and it doesn't work. it's called playing the missionary game.
    i will be publishing a new book soon and that might help to get them awake. its called hidden agenda. it's nice to see that my free e-books have started to go viral.
    have a nice day

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    hi rico,

    i definately can relate to how you feel, as i have had the desire to share this information on 2012 with my friends as well and have received some interesting results. when i first discovered this material about 4 years ago, i was so excited about it that i soon after began to fervently point out some of the fascinating things i was reading in dw's convergence books to my friend - while i was reading it in the school's library before class started.

    that last part is key to what i'm getting at. again, that was about 4 years ago, we were both only halfway through highschool, and i hardly knew crap about the whole thing (though everything i read seemed to ring a bell inside me as...familiar). on top of that, he was a strict athiest, which i did not know at the time. though he was very knowledgeable and very open minded, he was and is still very skeptical.

    so, over that time, to the present, i've had times where i so deeply wanted to show him all this stuff, and though he'd be interested, it never caught on. somehow, through his openmindedness and other things, he's no longer athiest and we're both starting college and studying theology. but i've learned much from this.

    i could never try forcing any information, since i knew it wouldn't work. i feel that the only way to 'get the message across', if you will, is to simply offer the information - make it available to them - and perhaps briefly explain what it is through a bit of conversation. beyond that, if they do not want to come back for more, it may be best to let it be. perhaps once in awhile give them another taste of it to remind them.

    i have found through experience with this friend that, since this material is so deep and layered and profound, if you go into some crazy detailed explanation it, it may just pass in one ear and out the other, or it may turn them away from it.

    whew, that was a lot, lol! just remember, when it comes to others and what they may think of you, as the saying goes - those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

    peace and love,

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    wow mike its nice to see you here, i already wrote you an email because im looking forward to read your new book. and also thanks for the lot of other replys. [moderator: please remember this is a private forum developed by david wilcock, not promotion for others, thanks]

    well this book is mainly about meaning of life and i know that one of my friend is more open to this stuff than the others, because his grandmother was very spiritual he said. but i kinda felt it unfair to only share it with him, i mean it has great insights about the life we lead and why things happen. it is of great importance to understand the reason and mechanism in order for growth.

    i also thought about skipping the 2012 part for them, but i couldnt do that either, because i feel like i would withhold important information from them and i feel that they are great souls, they just didnt have the possibility like me to wake up yet. even though i believe that my wake up call was planned before and i sort of feel like i just remember these things, because all these information i gained about the loo and so on and especially mike`s book totally resonated with me.

    so i shared this book with all my best friends and told them that they should read it if they want to and i told them that its about the meaning of life. that was all i did. but i believe unfortunately if they ask me about this 2012 stuff i will have to say that i dunno much about this yet, so i wont penetrate their free will, but atleast they will have heard about it. i dont like to lie to my friends but in this case i have to, but i really felt the surge to share this book with them, in order to understand their life better. and to tell them what they really are and what huge potential they carry in themselfes.
    we can just hope for changes to occur in the real world, so that other people also begin to seek for the truth.

    i see so much people where i can feel that they are thinking to much about life and kinda feel alone and helpless from time to time. if everyone would know about this stuff, not even talking about 2012, they could really lead a better life. and that was the reason why i shared it with my friends and i believe i have done the right thing, because my intuition told me to share this great information with my friends. i also shared it with my parents but since they cant speak english so good i explained it to them, but i never know what they really keep in mind.

    now regarding my parents, they are open to this stuff, my father more than my mother, but they are also very restricted in a way life has to be led.
    so they really want me to study or something like that and get a good job, so i can live on my own. i understand their view of course and i believe even if i tell them about 2012 they wouldnt believe me and they would be worried and so on... from their point of view i can even understand that...
    now i am 20 years old and when i begin to study or whatsoever i would be 21, because at the moment i have to do a 1 year laboratory. so in 5 years from now i would just be finished with my basic studying. i`m not really interested in alot of subjects, because of the conspiracys regarding alot technologies. for example i dont see the point in studying something regarded to energy, while there is already the perfect energy source available and there were even machines build that can tap into this infinite source, it would be wasted time in my point of view. i`m interested in spirituality but i cant study that, i`m interested in psychology, but i can say without sounding arrogant that by my knowledge i would be more able to cure people than a person who has just studied psychology basics, which i believe doesnt involve anything of these spiritual teachings.
    and before im finished with studying, we will have reached the end of 2012.
    it is really difficult and i dont really know any subject that i would be so interested in to just gain this "normal" knowledge from. maybe you have any ideas?

    it`s really sad that only so less people know about this stuff and i wonder if other souls that were at our point maybe even celebrated the last years before the change, well i`m just dreaming

    i wrote alot now and i think i also repeated myself sometimes, but i think you get my viewpoint.

    best regards rico

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    i had a vision a few years back.... an experience. like watching a movie on a big screen, but it was in my mind. not something i conjured up via imagination, but seemingly coming out of no where. maybe the story contained within the image will help you understand. (i hope this will be coherent, as i've not had coffee yet this morning! lol)

    a large mountain with zig zagging pathways for walking. the path was rocky in a few places and not always easy to move forward (especially people with bad knees like me! lol). zooming out, i could see a whole scene. countless numbers of people were walking up this mountain, everyone carrying their own load. some had a light load while others were carrying heavy loads.

    whenever the progression up the mountain became congested, those in front would turn around and help those behind.

    no one told the people carrying heavy loads to get rid of their stuff, but helped them move forward with the heavy load. after a while, those with heavy loads finally got rid of it themselves. no one told, suggested, or preached about the dangers of carrying heavy loads up the mountain. experience was the best teacher of all.

    huh... thinking now that kinda reminds me of the mythological story of sisyphus, rolling his rock forever up a hill, only to have it roll back down. seems easier to just hack up the rock and get rid of it altogether. *shrug*

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    leave the complexity, be simple
    follow the life and yourt heart in sincronicty with your mind, grow your spirituality, be equilibrated, control yourself.

    you dance with the life

    most of people dance against the life, if you remain patient and calm, io will do the best choice,be patient and grow your spirituality with mind and heart, you are a part of the one, of god


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