View Full Version : Cop Circle Opportunity

11-12-2001, 06:49 PM
here's a little comic relief.
please see "mickey.bmp" in the files section.
this is an attempt at a crop circle opportunity.
it is a color image. this is not to make things
difficult for the extraterrestrials. they are
clever and they'll figure something out. the color
is to help you resonate this into the cosmos.

please gaze at this image, try to feel vibrations
of goodwill and love, and hold these feelings
while you clear your mind of all thoughts, all
while gazing (it's okay to smile and giggle.)

try to sustain this vibration as long as possible,
in efforts to convey this crop circle opportunity.
don't force it, and don't expect anything.
it may never manifest as a crop circle,
but there is no waste in trying to help out.
maybe next spring we will be blessed with flowers.