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07-17-2007, 03:10 PM
hello everybody,

i was just wondering what the next bifurication point was in the new auric time scale developped by jan wicherink and smelyakov?
in the old one there was 2003 and then 2008 would be the last big bifurication point before 2012 but in the new one 2006 was included and i don't remember anything they wrote about 2008 anymore.
i didn't find a clear text about the major bif. points in the new scale, only a lot of background information....

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07-24-2007, 08:10 AM
hi Unknown,

you can calculate the main bifurcation points with the on-line calculator yourself on this page:


the last main bifurcation date was bp 14 = november 22, 2006

the next main bifurcation date will be bp 15 = march 20, 2009

just continue increasing the first order bifurcation number in the calculator and you will find the rest of the main bifurcation points until december 21 2012 but remember the new ats theory now contains an infinite number of bifurcation points towards 2012, it's truely imploding now.


07-25-2007, 11:53 AM
tnx jan
leuk om nog iemand uit het nedelandstalig europa hier te zien.

07-27-2007, 07:06 AM
ik neem aan dat jij ook nederlander bent?


08-02-2007, 10:08 AM
hey jan,
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02-18-2009, 09:08 AM
the next bifurcation point bp15 of the auric time scale will transpire on march 20 2009.

it will be an interesting bifurcation point that coincides with:

- the vernal equinox
- a resonance of comet hale bopp
- a resonance with the passing of comet lulin

these are professor dr. sergey smelyakov’s (www.astrotheos.com) predictions for the coming bifurcation point:

so, since a potentially effectual comet hb’s yearly resonant point t4 (march, 20) even coincides with the resonant mayan calendar auric spiral critical epoch mt (march, 20, 2009), and both of them fit a transformation period of the gcc, we may presume that relative to the specified factors of influence the march foci of the comet hb may manifest themselves to a full scope. namely, that a series of very important force-major events pertaining to the comet hb factors of influence can take place in the vicinity of march, 20, 2009, but this time – with a greater orb.

moreover, the climatic effects, most probably, would continue to surprise us with new records, especially when solar activity will start to grow in this cycle, since the situation in this sphere may still be worsening due to the increasing income of the space dust [4, 5] which even esoterically [6, 7] intensifies electromagnetic interactions in earth’s atmosphere thus stimulating natural calamities.




jan wicherink

02-20-2009, 11:18 AM
dear friends,

more interesting info from sergey smelyakov...


here's an additional article concerning comet lulin will energize the foci of hale-bopp.


be well, be love.


the comet hale-bopp foci as the resonance points of the chronicle of world disasters
© sergey smelyakov, january 27, 2009

1. preface

the world evolves in cycles of different length which develop in parallel, and if there is a cycle, there exists a critical point, and if two or more critical points fit the same epoch the respective cycles come to resonance thus causing an intensification of their manifestations.

therefore, if we know some of these cycles, that is their factors of influence and critical points, we may ex-pect that at the epoch of resonance they will manifest themselves to a greater scale.

imagine a “monitor” of world cycles which is provided with the dial plates with critical points and a hand for each cycle. among them, three are important for the current age:

1. the dial plate of the great celestial conjunctions (gcc) has four marks for the epochs of gcc [1].
now, its hand points to a duo-decade 1998 – 2017 of great transformations.

2. the dial plate of the mayan calendar is provided with both the critical years of the conventional (or har-monic) cycles (baktuns, etc.), and the critical time points of the infinite golden section spiral of time [2].

now, its hand approaches a critical point of this spiral: mt = march 20, 2009.
besides, from a protracted perspective, among the predicted key points of the current period of bifurcation associated with the mayan calendar the bifurcation interval = 2008 ± 2 was specified [3]; although it includes the point mt, this interval being centred on the year of 2008 is important for understanding of the prolonged world trends. *t4

3. the dial plate of the comet hale-bopp’s (hb) displays the annual dates of hb’s time foci (see appendix 1).

for the moment of hosting of this article the last passed one is t2 (viz. january 3); the forthcoming ones are t3 (march 3), t8 (march 13), and t4 (march 20).

these foci – are not the only points where the events take place, but rather the calendar dates around which the extremal events concentrate, and the orb of this concentration makes about 5 days.

this is a theory, but what the facts tell us?

03-14-2009, 04:35 PM
i get the feeling i'm supposed to do something this coming equinox. i was born 3/20 and after reading david's blog about 3/20/09 as being significant according to phi & the mayan calendar - i've been asking for signs.

the signs are there but no guidance. if anyone has any insight how to tap into this energy/feeling/intuition for clarification (besides meditation) which i do - let me know.

blessings and gratitude to those who read this...:)

03-15-2009, 01:37 PM
does anyone else know if there were significant happenings on some of the other dates like nov 22 2006, feb 19 2003 etc?

03-15-2009, 05:55 PM
i can't remember exactly where i read this or if it is an accumulation of things i have read but...

march 20 - with the current state of the magnetic field around the earth opening up, it is understood at this moment that a mass of energy will enter the earth not unlike the energy that use to enter the earth around the atlantean times.

this is said to be alot more energy then we are current use to and this energy will shift our consciousness and should manifest itself physically in our current 3d world.

love and light


11-01-2009, 08:21 AM
anyone know the next bifurcation point? march 20, 2009 was the last.

i found this link from a past post that is supposed to be a calculator but i can't seem to figure out how it works.



thanks :)


11-01-2009, 11:45 PM
bifurcation point (1st order), date, time (as points become closer)

1155 bc (ramesses iii)
1) apr 28

55 (roman emperor nero )
2) apr 5

803 (completion of leshan giant buddha)
3) jan 15

4) mar 11

5) oct 27 (the peace of boulogne)

6) may 27 (the last execution for witchcraft is carried out in scotland.)

7) jun 12

8) nov 16 (the russian social democratic labor party splits into two groups; the bolsheviks (russian for "majority") and mensheviks (russian for "minority").

9) jul 19 (july 21 – ww ii: president harry s. truman approves the order for atomic bombs to be used against japan.)

10) apr 20 (april 24 – five hundred thousand people in washington, dc and 125,000 in san francisco march in protest against the vietnam war.)

11) mar 21

12) jan 20

13) feb 19

14) nov 22

15) mar 20 01:36:04

16) aug 26 06:57:00

17) jul 16 06:39:04

18) feb 12 12:17:55
19) jun 4 06:21:08
20) aug 6 17:56:47
21) oct 6 00:24:21
22) nov 4 05:32:25
23) nov 22 06:51:55
24) dec 3 10:40:30
25) dec 10 08:11:25
26) dec 14 14:29:04
27) dec 17 05:42:21
28) dec 18 20:46:43
29) dec 19 20:55:37
30) dec 20 11:51:05
31) dec 20 21:04:31
32) dec 21 02:46:34
33) dec 21 06:17:57
34) dec 21 08:28:36
35) dec 21 09:49:21
36) dec 21 10:39:15
37) dec 21 11:10:05
38) dec 21 11:29:09
39) dec 21 11:40:56
40) dec 21 11:48:13
50) dec 21 11:59:54
51) dec 21 11:59:56
52) dec 21 11:59:57
53) dec 21 11:59:58
54) dec 21 11:59:59
55) dec 21 11:59:59
60) dec 21 11:59:59
74) dec 21 11:59:59
75) dec 21 12:00:00
100) dec 21 12:00:00
1,000) dec 21 12:00:00
10,000) dec 21 12:00:00

since the winter solstice is actually at 11:11, i would suggest that the final increases may come before we can even tell they are happening.

11-02-2009, 01:49 AM
hi meganarline,

if i've doen it correctly the next bifurcation date is 26.08.2010. you just have to type 15,16,17,18 and 19 in the auric time scale section click calculate and then the date come up. if you type 16,17,18,19 and 20 in the section and click calculate you'll find the next date after 26.08.2010.

be well.


11-02-2009, 12:23 PM
thanks. i appreciate the whole breakdown evolving.

check out 2012. wow, that is going to be some year.:) especially december.

Ali Quadir
11-02-2009, 03:23 PM
is it possible to state exactly what such a bifurcation point is? i seem to understand it's some point at which a kind of "pent-up" change is released. the connection to world events isn't as clear as i'd like and is especially lacking in the more recent dates. according to theory, how does such a bp influence the world?

11-02-2009, 04:36 PM
excuse my "novice" to this particular area of quantum ontology, but wouldn't it make sense for the numbers to act or have "humanistic" value in attribute and numbers being "stars" or "supranovas" have a great deal to do with the motion of numbers and the directions they give in their simplest ordinance? if this is true than this can explain the concepts of "harmonious degree" and "inharmonious", after which a more disciplined form of reading numerology and cosmosbiology can be better applied. for instance in the equation it shows the direction clearly of x' function as an absolute in relativity to its lowest common attribute. we call this ground zero, or in astrology "full circle" whatever the "pi" of the circle may be.

11-02-2009, 05:45 PM
is it possible to state exactly what such a bifurcation point is? i seem to understand it's some point at which a kind of "pent-up" change is released. the connection to world events isn't as clear as i'd like and is especially lacking in the more recent dates. according to theory, how does such a bp influence the world?

one analogy i have heard is that it is like time being folded in two around us, so the process of thought seems twice as fast and the day seems 1/2 as long.

05-23-2010, 11:18 AM
dear friends,


be well, be love.


spiral of time and comets in the era of a great celestial conjunction
by segey smelyakov and jan wicherink

1. comet hale-bopp (hb) and its siblings. in 1997 a forecast was published in which the influence of this comet was predicted on the basis of analysis of its conjunctions with the sun and their aspects and associated eclipses [1-3] with the use of conventional astrological concepts. the qualitative description of effects which could be produced at these conjunctions was presented by (1) factors of influence that were divided into three groups: natural, technogeneous, and socio-political; in their turn, in each group a series of directions was specified. for example, for the first group these are seismicity and volcanism, floods, fires, etc. for these factors of influence a concentration of events and/or appearing of record (rare or extremal) events of respective direction was forecasted. by their nature, these events exert a negative influence (catastrophes, conflicts, etc.), although in the third group a favourable events may occur.

the moments of these conjunctions specify the (2) time foci of influence which, due to their mundane (viz. world-wide) nature, are defined as calendar dates with the effective orb of 5 days which corresponds to 5° orb for ecliptic conjunctions.
with the use of astrocartography, the moments of these conjunctions were also used to obtain the (3) geographical foci of influence – the meridians with the respective orb corresponding to 5° orb for ecliptic conjunctions, along which the most pronounced manifestations of the events were expected. in particular, they pass through definite regions of the usa, russia, ukraine, israel, china, middle asia.

it turned out [2,3] that in 1997 the forecasted concentration of events pertaining to the specified factors of influence had actually taken place around the defined time and geographical foci, and many of them were manifested as records; due to the nature of these factor of influence the most part of the events present inauspicious kind of events. after then, for several years the time foci had reiteratively marked themselves while continuing the trends (in countries and types of events) that were firstly marked in 1997 [4-11].

among these trends those are very important which mark the beginning of military operations and confrontations at the time foci of the comet hale-bopp, both local (e.g. between israel and palestinians, n. and s. koreas) and global; thus, the beginning of the most world-important operations almost exactly fit these foci: the bombardments of yugoslavia had started on march 24, 1999 (viz. exactly at Т5, march 24), military invasion in afghanistan – on march 1, 2002, with a full swing on march 2 – 6 (viz. exactly at Т3, march 3), the war in iraq – on march 20, 2003 (viz. exactly at Т4, march 20), etc.

not less significant are the trends in acts of terrorism ; the most infamous of them is the 911 attack that took place within a 5° orb of the focus t7, september 16; note to this end that the problems of this kind in the usa were predicted [5, 6] namely on the basis of continued manifestation of these trends over the time and geographical foci.
it is also astonishing that the preceding (hyakutake) and subsequent comet trajectories are closely associated with that of the comet hale-bopp [14].

after some “lull” in the manifestations of events pertaining to other factors of influence, since the middle of the first decade of the xxi century the intensity of manifestations around the time foci had started to grow once again, as well as the number of record events. the most significant example – is the starting of the “explosive” stage of the world financial crisis on september 15, 2008 (viz. exactly at Т7, september 16) [4].

so, the specified time foci being defined as calendar dates still continue to manifest themselves, well over the time of the pass-by of the comet hale-bopp [6 – 10] – up to the current spring. at this, as it is seen from the supplied summary, at these foci a stable trend relative to the specified countries and types of events is seen, but the magnitude of manifestations varies not only from year to year, but from focus to focus as well; this spring the most sound was the focus tb (april 7-11) which, by aspects, is associated with algol, saturn and moon [3, 14] (see item(i) of the forecast, below).